Inside Hailey Bieber’s Wedding Dress Fitting | Vogue

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AnssHD - 5 hours ago
Lmao hailey ugly
Jocelyn Diaz
Jocelyn Diaz - 11 hours ago
I’m truly sorry but I don’t really like the dress. And yes I know this isn’t my wedding, nor is my comment relevant but I just don’t like the design 🥺
Daniele Shallow
Daniele Shallow - 11 hours ago
Dress design is beautiful and seems very well made. I would raise the bodice personally though. too much chest on display seems kinda unclassy imo.
Rochelle Douglas
Rochelle Douglas - 12 hours ago
Did she not see what he did to selena....?
Andrea Zurita
Andrea Zurita - 20 hours ago
She is gorgeous✨
Alex Arrizon
Alex Arrizon - Day ago
She's so gorgeous
Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish - Day ago
here to see the full dress to see how Selena would look like in it!
Belieber - 2 days ago
❤❤❤Jailey Forever❤❤❤
Belieber - 2 days ago
❤❤❤Jailey Forever❤❤❤
Christina St. Jean
Christina St. Jean - 2 days ago
Hailey Rhode bieber to the bank .Quickly
an empty cookie jar
an empty cookie jar - 2 days ago
So they get married...... Oh god Selena is dying right now
The Slime-Einstein
The Slime-Einstein - 3 days ago
Hailey is a dumb head😈
Selena is forever beautiful ❤️
The Slime-Einstein
The Slime-Einstein - 21 hour ago
@Sunny Sandra Well, Well, roasting a dumbass proves I'm childish? Lol ... Now, get lost you nut, lmao
Sunny Sandra
Sunny Sandra - 21 hour ago
The Slime-Einstein you just prove with that behavior how childish you are. I really hope you are just a little kid course if not than you are clearly a pathetic lost case. You clearly ain't worth the time serious just grow up. Good luck in life with that attitude ✌🏽
The Slime-Einstein
The Slime-Einstein - Day ago
@Sunny Sandra you act like you are 3.. replying to hateful comments, lol I won't let anyone change my opinion So, RIP!!
Sunny Sandra
Sunny Sandra - Day ago
The Slime-Einstein you act like you are 12 serious...if you hate her so much than don't watch how she puts her wedding dress on 🙄
Jairene Sereno
Jairene Sereno - 3 days ago
That gown is amazing on her!
Imaniushindi Fanga
Imaniushindi Fanga - 3 days ago
Is that a dove ? Hey 🕊
Gina Innocent
Gina Innocent - 4 days ago
She's beautiful like the dress
Surreal ART
Surreal ART - 4 days ago
So many jealous people in this comment section. Just accept it, she looks hella pretty!
Karol Villa
Karol Villa - 4 days ago
Selena es mejor
Stephanie Arvelo
Stephanie Arvelo - 4 days ago
This woman is gorgeous and she is a vision in this dress. She also gives me good vibes, she seems very kind
Andrea Zurita
Andrea Zurita - 20 hours ago
I think the same♥️♥️
N E - 3 days ago
Yes she's so cute and seems like a genuinely nice person!
MOLLIKA GOGOI - 4 days ago
And my dream of becoming Justin's wife broke that day
Amrutha .P Kumar Amrutha
Nothing matters if they divorce.
Laura White
Laura White - 5 days ago
haneen hani
haneen hani - 5 days ago
haneen hani
haneen hani - 5 days ago
Ewwwww🤢🤢 she look ugly selena Gomez is more beautiful than her🥰🥰🥰
its time to fucking party
Tbh she looked soo good
Vanessa Marquez
Vanessa Marquez - 6 days ago
She’s so pretty. Definitely deserves to be more than a rebound. She deserves a man not a little boy who still uses drugs and tweaks out in public .
Alex Yalatai
Alex Yalatai - 2 days ago
Vanessa Marquez Justin stoped doing drugs months before they got married , don’t be so cruel
𝘒𝘦𝘭𝘴 - 6 days ago
That dress is stunning
Hrihne Vemai
Hrihne Vemai - 6 days ago
I wish this is not Hailey
If you know what I mean.
Nestor Daniel Aguilar Blacio
Rona Lyn
Rona Lyn - 7 days ago
selena gomez in wedding not you
sarah lyons
sarah lyons - 7 days ago
Literally my dream dress, minus the super long train and the marketing of “wedding dress” on the back lol
I thought they already got married last 2018
Andrea Zurita
Andrea Zurita - 20 hours ago
DALAGANG PILIPINA yes but now they did the ceremony and party
Dark Daze
Dark Daze - 8 days ago
SOS - Sick Of Selena
Vittoria Savonitto
Vittoria Savonitto - 8 days ago
Ragazze è arrivato il velo
Mini minimints
Mini minimints - 8 days ago
literally the most gorgeous thing ever
Ellie Anthony
Ellie Anthony - 8 days ago
Gorgeous! You are gorgeous Hailey. Good choice Justin ❤ All the best to u both
Preeti maity
Preeti maity - 8 days ago
selena is very beautiful
Judy Kim
Judy Kim - 8 days ago
2:39 "you need to practice your walk"
fireheart - 9 days ago
Daniela Silva López
Daniela Silva López - 9 days ago
She is so pretty
Psalm91 - 9 days ago
The body of the dress is lovely, but it's so low and the back of it all far too exposed. Bieber is supposed to be a Christian (hangs out with false teachers and heretics). No true Christian woman would expose herself that way. I'd feel so uncomfortable and embarrassed.
Inès Castellano
Inès Castellano - 9 days ago
Selena Gomez will always be more beautiful than her. No matter how many people say otherwise..
Sabrine Sidki
Sabrine Sidki - 9 days ago
É bellissimo il vestito 😍
SILICON VALLEY - 9 days ago
OK the dress looks beautiful on her but #did she have to go this far???????!! Hailey should really think at times when ###posting on the internet.
Anna Roblox
Anna Roblox - 9 days ago
She is uglier than the dress🤭
Narvi Gagariin
Narvi Gagariin - 9 days ago
Novia ordinaria, vestido ordinario
ge boo
ge boo - 10 days ago
Follow me
Marckradja Radja
Marckradja Radja - 10 days ago
She is looking so beautiful...speechless
oohhair - 10 days ago
That dress tho
lala lele
lala lele - 10 days ago
Shes so preety like tanginaka kabet kalang dati but now you are the wife 💕 loveyaaaa 💜
Lee Everett
Lee Everett - 10 days ago
It looks like my grandmas curtains
kim gomez
kim gomez - 10 days ago
de lo que se libro selena
mimi fifi
mimi fifi - 11 days ago
She broke justin and selena reatioship.took advantage of his depression and married him and broke selena's heart.Hailey is opportunist snake
just random potato who lost the way back home
He's not a baby he can make choices i also love jelena but it's their lives leave the woman alone
Jeny Martin
Jeny Martin - 11 days ago
Rith Bun
Rith Bun - 11 days ago
Bad girl
Asma Health And Beauty
Asma Health And Beauty - 11 days ago
dresses are so pretty
Valeri Grillo
Valeri Grillo - 11 days ago
Shes showing way too much skin
Hawwa - 9 days ago
are you dumb?😂
Julia Jastrzębska
Julia Jastrzębska - 11 days ago
Giane alfaro .C
Giane alfaro .C - 12 days ago
Fea no era q te metas con el novio de otra pendeja
Lucy Longti
Lucy Longti - 12 days ago
sorry.but when i look at this.i get the feeling of.more model in a dress.and not bride in the wedding dress.she looks beautiful no doubt.but did not give me the feels.
Berrak Mendes
Berrak Mendes - 12 days ago
Justin just married her without thinking and now he is listening lose you to love me and crying secretly
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