Raw Alignment & Rawvana Are Still Profiting Off Of Garbage Content

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Unnatural Vegan
Unnatural Vegan - 7 months ago
Enjoy my toddler's amazing artwork. And yes, our house is covered in stickers.
Dar Candelaria
Dar Candelaria - 2 months ago
😂 I can so relate and I appreciate your realness 👏👍💕😊😀
J Bagger
J Bagger - 7 months ago
Ah, it's the articles of faith argument, the catholic church already uses that, fare thee well.
Purpletearsdryblue - 7 months ago
Tel Jordan Because what scientific research and study supports your claim that we need to eat animal flesh and secretions to live a healthy life because that’s completely false. a plant-based diet is very beneficial and sustainable for all stages of life.
JB JG - 7 months ago
JustaBabsy That is a no true Scotsman fallacy. Moral Veganism is not the definition of what makes a vegan. Instead of trying to make veganism so exclusive we should try to support people who make the choice to stop using animal products whether it be clothing or only food. Every bit helps.
JustaBabsy - 7 months ago
Please stop saying most vegans quit because most vegans don't quit that's not how morals work. If you're vegan for anything but the animals and you're not really vegan, you're plant-based and that's absolutely fine but let's not miss label people in their actions. If I'm eating a plant-based diet for my health or the environment it's easy to step back from that and say well this little bit isn't going to impact the environment or I'm going to have a Cheesesteak today because I just really want it. I could never look at a cheesesteak the same as I did before I understood exactly what was on my plate and I will never go back to that again. I would no sooner eat an animal again than I would eat a person. In the same circumstance. Ethically I am against eating animals and because of that I won't just fall off the vegan wagon and have a steak, again that's not how morals work.
Short Sweet Foodi
Short Sweet Foodi - 2 days ago
A plant based diet is balanced..I'm all for eating healthy but thier channel was taken to extremes!!
Mas Bejo
Mas Bejo - 9 days ago
i'm not vegan. i'm nocturnal. i'm invincible.
giorgi fracassi
giorgi fracassi - 9 days ago
Literally could’ve just increased their amount of processed foods instead of jumping straight into animal products omllll
Until it Sleeps
Until it Sleeps - 13 days ago
Veganism is like Scientology; if you turn your back on it all the others start hounding you and will never stop doing so.
Anika Morrison
Anika Morrison - 28 days ago
It’s so refreshing to listen to adults talk logically online. I used to watch all the crappy vegan channels you talk about and I was anorexic and weighed 120 pounds. Listening to you talk makes me feel so much better about how I live/eat.
D S - Month ago
Your bangs are not good
wildrose39 - Month ago
Alyse is delusional, I genuinely think she has real issues and sadly thinks she’s okay, shame she’s a so called influencer
Karissa Lenee
Karissa Lenee - Month ago
Wait..... but.. you are a fake vegan. You have garbage content.
bethany luna
bethany luna - Month ago
You’re monetizing this video and all it is is bashing others.. tf. Why don’t you just focus on whatever content you do and let others share whatever they want. You said “don’t go and harass them” this video alone is literally bs
Can - 2 months ago
I enjoyed the video, thank you for your realistic content! And also, I like the hair :3
Morgan Green
Morgan Green - 2 months ago
So many of these girls have eating disorders disguised as “Raw Veganism”
The Soft Glow of Brightly Burning Hope
Thank you for pointing out that saying "it's my journey" is not an excuse to still be promoting shitty things. I use to really like Raw Alignment but I just got so fed up with the fact that she just makes shit up and calls it her truth? It's really hard to a be vegan with people like Alise who are like the face of veganism promoting this crap. Also she freely admits that she doesnt do research on anything she doesnt like doing research and she REALLY doesnt like being called out for not doing her research because "she just liked to dive right in because it feels right" one it's just annoying because it definitely comes from a place of privilege which I can get over but also because being that hedonistic is bad for your health and makes you unlikable.
7iLeto - 2 months ago
People who don’t vaccinate kids doing this for you so you can double up on your baby by using vaccines they save, or maybe just for better protection make your doctor to triple on every dose, just to make sure your baby don’t get sick. And they totally safe anyway, right?
7iLeto - 2 months ago
I feel really sorry for you. Maybe next lifetime you will get something better.
Green Snail
Green Snail - 2 months ago
Yes, mind you, not being Vegan anymore IS, by far, THE very worst thing they've done!!

It's one matter when they merely subject themselves to a bad diet (or, at most, showing it to other people = ABSOLUTELY NONE of which should just follow blindly, like a mindless robotic fashion-victim automaton, without checking stuff more deeply...).

It's a WHOLLY DIFFERENT MATTER, when they go back actively supporting mass murder!!!!


It's weird you do not at all seem to take that one into account, ESPECIALLY as an Ethical, "for-the-Animals" Vegan yourself.

So: that bitch malice (raw-malignment) IS bad, predominantly for not caring, at all, about the poor Animals being tortured and then murdered, for the sole purpose of becoming her meal.
Alexandra Coleman
Alexandra Coleman - 2 months ago
I like your hair like that. Cute ♥️
Briana Gomez
Briana Gomez - 3 months ago
Thank you for your work. Your videos opened my eyes to the poor health practices being promoted by influencers. I followed these ladies with confidence and never felt good enough because I didn't look like or feel like them. I thought I wasn't doing something right or something was wrong with my body. I appreciate what you do so much and hope other people find your information too.
Pascal Altena
Pascal Altena - 3 months ago
I think it's always funny that some people want to "heal in a natural way" (meaning they avoid modern medical treatments and medicines) and then continue wearing synthetic clothes, drive cars, live in air conditioned houses, etc.
Kelsey Lynn
Kelsey Lynn - 3 months ago
I’m not vegan but I admire you so much
TARAdaycatal or Tara if your normal
Mold can cause major issues. Black mold is very common where she was. Trying to be a doctor when you are not is rude. To her and people like me. (I trust my allergist)
Antibiotics if you use them every time you do you make it harder to treat the next time. Id rather not and use when i need it to live. Again you are not a doctor.
And every vegan i know thats how they eat. Most do to lose weight first.
Sonia Khansa
Sonia Khansa - 3 months ago
They clearly didn't learn from booty gurus about monetizing your "apology" video
Sonia Khansa
Sonia Khansa - 3 months ago
I'm cackling at the "nearly died on 25 days fasting video". I'm muslim and we do 16 hours of fasting for 30 days every year and it's waaaay healthier than what these influencers do, yet so many ignorants love to shit on it
Tyler Mathews
Tyler Mathews - 3 months ago
You should make a podcast
Jenny Benners
Jenny Benners - 3 months ago
Not to mention if they admitted to being wrong in the past to such an extent, it would hurt their credibility going forward. Their followers would think they’re full of crap.
Indigo Rose
Indigo Rose - 3 months ago
Great videos!! THANK YOU for addressing this. It is a lack of education and not thinking about the consequences of not taking care of yourself, calling it veganism, & positing it online.
Beeby - 3 months ago
i love the description box 😂 “bc they’re on a JJJOOOUUURRRNNNEEEEYYY” 😭
SwordLily - 3 months ago
the only way a 25 day fast is not worse than a raw diet is that it will give you warnings that it is shitty for your body a lot quicker and less gradually kind of ignorabe for some time

these raw people have less diversity in their diet than my guinea- and there are some fruits and vegetables that will kill him
Buppo - 4 months ago
i remember when i was 11 and tried to be vegan i would watch a lot of stuff like that were they just gave out bullshit information about food and followed theyre diets for some part but i didnt have a clue on how to get the right minerals and vitamins all i was worried about was getting enough protein and even then i dont think i got enough i quit after a few months and now im 16 and much more educated on nutrition im constantly trying out more nutritious foods that are easy for me to make and help me meet my daily needs i also take some supplements to help out and i feel so much better also youre videos have definitely helped educate me more on my nutritional needs so thanks for that :)
Penge P
Penge P - 4 months ago
You are talking about other vegans as bad influencers...how about you?? You are a such terrible influencer!! You just want make money on YouTube and Patreon by using other YouTube’s names and bashing them...Have some shame lady!!
Shane Dennis
Shane Dennis - 4 months ago
Umm so if they make garbage content and you make content about their garbage content.....what does that make your content exactly? I'll answer that for you!
Dom Trussardi
Dom Trussardi - 4 months ago
ahahha these poor fools think they "intuitively eat" better than MILLENNIA of humans learned to over time lol. DELUSIONAL. The traditional diet is pretty close to ideal for what people had around. Now with supplements and science, we can do better, but to think you can just cut out major food groups like fat and protein is INSANE.
nikkiforever07 - 4 months ago
True, antibiotics don’t get to the root of the problem... they just stop the replication of bacteria and kill it to make you healthy again😂
Kadesher - 4 months ago
Your hair is so shiny!!
mel bel
mel bel - 4 months ago
the admission of fault in promoting a restrictive diet is exactly why i respect kate flowers so much after her "i regret being fruitarian" video where she acknowledged her own potentially negative influence on people
Dr. Officer
Dr. Officer - 4 months ago
Generating content whichever way. Most times diets were temporary & to lose weight. Lifestyle change though?
hersupreme - 4 months ago
Your humor is everything!
VioleGrace - 4 months ago
I absolutely loved your style and video. *One thing I disagree with you* they ARE evil sociopaths for sure, there isn't anything inocent about them, believing that they make honest mistakes with their videos/diets *is just plain naive* Sure there is essentially nothing wrong with making money, however if you are a lying unethical person in order to make that money, then yes there is everything wrong with it. Rawvana just saw veganism as a business venture without giving a single cent about peoples health, which is just cruel. Her sociopathic lying traits can be plainly seen when you watch the videos she uploads and later deletes because her recent manipulation tecniques aren't working as well as they used to.
Red taehyung hixtape
Red taehyung hixtape - 4 months ago
This is so hypocritical
Red taehyung hixtape
Red taehyung hixtape - 4 months ago
I'm disappointed in this video most of your videos are not as disgusting and rude
pretty bullet
pretty bullet - 4 months ago
I'm not surprised that they finally fell off the wagon and started eating meat again. They ate a very limited raw vegan diet and were malnourished. Had they tried eating a more varied vegan diet that included cooked foods along with raw foods their health would have been much better. A body can't sustain day after day on a limited diet of smoothies, raw salads and fruit which is pretty much what they ate.
Beautiful Rose
Beautiful Rose - 4 months ago
Do you plan on making a podcast anytime? I just love listening to your videos to be honest😂
twinklybones - 4 months ago
I hate people knocking antibiotics. They SAVE LIVES. Even for things like strep that seem like they’re not dangerous even though they can turn into scary (deadly) things. Sorry, moving on 😂
Jennifer Kilbourn
Jennifer Kilbourn - 5 months ago
i wish i found you sooooooooooner
Sophia Neilsson
Sophia Neilsson - 5 months ago
Wasn't raw alignment also supposed to be an "extreme minimalist" too 🤔
Lore Godinez
Lore Godinez - 5 months ago
Why commercials!!
Presley Madison
Presley Madison - 5 months ago
funny how you said they are financially benifiting, and then u throw an add in there ;)
Alex Pereira
Alex Pereira - 5 months ago
You are awesome, i really like your videos
Sofia Sejopoles
Sofia Sejopoles - 5 months ago
You're so calm and concise!
aubrey - 5 months ago
You look great. I was thinking the whole time your hair looks so nice here then all the sudden at the end you started talking about it. You look lovely really... beautiful 💜 you remind me of the girl from paramour/paramore idk
aubrey - 5 months ago
I like you.
I went vegan like 51 days ago not really on purpose but yea now I eat more than I did before. But I'm still barely eating. And there is no way I can eat meat or dairy now. Not sure what I'm going to do or if I can do anything. It scares me
Rachel Taylor
Rachel Taylor - 5 months ago
I’m getting ads for the Atkins diet while watching your videos lmao I don’t know what they think they’re doing
shicalista - 5 months ago
I used to watch raw alignment until I saw a video on why she didn’t go to the doctor and the dentist and I was like nope I’m out
Eugenio - 5 months ago
Alyse mentioned a long time ago that she had dealt with eating issues(it sounded like an eating disorder), and I really think that is why she choose to go vegan.
Shmooley - 5 months ago
I love your new haircut!! It’s super cute! 😊
bros before orange chicken
I think certain types of ppl who start vegan channels are on a spectrum of narcissism. Who cares about health, look how perfect my life and body is 🙄
Cecime Street
Cecime Street - 5 months ago
What do you eat?
REDISCOVERING ME - 5 months ago
"Wack-a-do advice" = 🤣🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥🔥🔥🤣🤣🤣🤣
REDISCOVERING ME - 5 months ago
HAAAAAA "avacado and lettuce diet" You're awesome...
Aggrobiscuit - 5 months ago
I don't know anything about any of you, but you're deathly pale and they aren't.
mara brewster
mara brewster - 5 months ago
I started being vegan my sophomore year of high school and raw alignment was who I looked to. Now that I am a college I connect the most with your videos and you inspire to be a better more careful vegan.
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