Unboxing $20 FAKE Nintendo Switch LITE?!

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LilPuff420 - 28 days ago
This fake Switch Lite has something the real Switch Lite doesn't

_it switches_
Maryna Varabyova
Maryna Varabyova - 6 days ago
Lil Puff lol
Original switch is better
Gabbr 301
Gabbr 301 - 24 days ago
LilPuff420 - 26 days ago
Dam wasn't expecting a pin
Joe Jordan
Joe Jordan - 27 days ago
Hey what clear case do u have on your switch lite
iPlayzz Roblox シ
iPlayzz Roblox シ - 6 hours ago
I’m in the us and I thought you meant pounds in weight lmaooo
Peter DeMoor
Peter DeMoor - 11 hours ago
Haych dmi
Blade Bros.
Blade Bros. - 16 hours ago
"The kid who likes fake stuff":10 OuT oF TeN WoUlD RECcOmeND
shay the gay
shay the gay - 19 hours ago
stopped after 3 minutes in because it's just so obviously not meant to be a switch,,,, literally a wii u gamepad knockoff
Kirkalicious - 22 hours ago
Bro if you're gonna do a close up of the device with your hands showing. You should probably wash your hands at some point before then. Just saying
JoJo Productions
JoJo Productions - Day ago
U can tell it's fake mainly cuz of the 🔺✖️◽️⭕️
WarioCraft - Day ago
the buttons are stolen from custom ps3/ps4 controllers
レックスRex - 2 days ago
The logo for the opening of mario 3 was missing the "SUPER MARIO BROS." in big ass text and just said "3" on it hmmmm
Adel Alsadi
Adel Alsadi - 2 days ago
i like it, i will buy one to my daughter instead real lite
Adel Alsadi
Adel Alsadi - 2 days ago
know i know how much nintendo steal us $$
Marc Russell
Marc Russell - 2 days ago
Looks more like a Wii-U
Klaus Sperger
Klaus Sperger - 2 days ago
Looks great famiclone. Volume of sound is a bit weak???
logancrafter2 lc2
logancrafter2 lc2 - 3 days ago
It’s just a knock off handheld not a full on fake switch light
Dominick Cruz
Dominick Cruz - 3 days ago
It is the Nintendo switch lite but only play nes games without paying online
IGaMine - 3 days ago
Those 208 games are probably the same 20 games with some minor changes. Growing up in a 3rd World country where these rip-offs are pretty common, I've experienced a lot of those weird games. Good old times
Jason Gooden
Jason Gooden - 3 days ago
Mini Wii U with Switch colors and PlayStation buttons
olinpolis - 3 days ago
ugh is there anything cheaper than $20 i'm kind of on a budget...
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz - 3 days ago
Literally the only thing in common between the two is the color
Queenette Geron
Queenette Geron - 4 days ago
I can see myself buying this
JOKER07211992 - 4 days ago
I found this video on Fundly, showing a website preview with the fastest speedfs I've ever seen. Do you think it's really that fast or is it some kind of digital trickery? if it's real, there must be some pretty cool tech behind it! I say let's donate to find out! https://fundly.com/m2/techwealth-hat-tip/
Julio Lopez
Julio Lopez - 4 days ago
The Fake Nintendo Switch Lite Looks Like The Wii U. But I Did Buy My Wii U 🎮
Shrowd - 6 days ago
Same price as a dumb skin in fortnite, mabye I'll get one just for fun
Michael Corley
Michael Corley - 8 days ago
off your link, i chose a different model that was slightly cheaper, the "GB Station Light", shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7Bv7ttLyxI

then ebay sent me a $ coupon for this one, so now I have both coming to me for $30...crazy how handheld emulators are dropping these days
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden - 8 days ago
are you blind? how does that look like a switch lite? the buttons and d pads? not the same color, not the same amount of buttons, screen isnt the same size, the console isnt the same size. so nothing like switch lite.
DXwolfgamerz - 8 days ago
Wait that's a fake Nintendo..?
Oh man...
Baboon - 11 days ago
China vs Japan
FieldKamek - 11 days ago
2:49 i like how that 3 AA Battery & battery bar like nokia
Red Dan Army YT :D
Red Dan Army YT :D - 11 days ago
That's called Gameboytendo switch lite
COMPUTER LAB - 12 days ago
it kind of looks like a wii u!!
Pthirus Pubis
Pthirus Pubis - 12 days ago
Had to give a thumbs down because of the title... "Switch ripoff" was just a clickbait. The family pocket series dont claim to be more than they are! Why the hate?
独善的なトラップ - 12 days ago
look the virgin male
assassin 241
assassin 241 - 13 days ago
The fake switch looks like a,gamepad In the thumbnail
DrFcku 2350
DrFcku 2350 - 13 days ago
Guys guys my Huawei p30 pro is black.... IPhones can also be black... So that means my Huawei p30 pro is a fake iPhone!!!
DrFcku 2350
DrFcku 2350 - 13 days ago
It's not a fake switch lite...... Something that is fake is pretending that it's the real deal... But this thing just has the same color....... The name of the device isnt similar to switch lite....
The Birb
The Birb - 13 days ago
it kind of looks like wiiu gamepad
Card Collector- Pokémon and Other Games
That is not a Switch Lite that is half of the 3DS with PlayStation buttons and the weirdest looking joysticks.
saad 19
saad 19 - 14 days ago
Honestly that thing looks like it was made in 1975
ImpairedPilot - 14 days ago
Whats annoying me is that he was playing Mario and Tetris with a analog stick and not a d-pad
lime_flavored_gelatin - 15 days ago
The Wii U Lite looks incredible
mhigzyWhigzy Gee
mhigzyWhigzy Gee - 16 days ago
piece of advice people will get tired of this content cause, it's like automatic that rip offs handheld would only play fam com games. if you want more likes do something different, like actually looking for console rip offs that play their actual rip off game
Mauricio Garcia
Mauricio Garcia - 16 days ago
Ur an idiot
el lenguas
el lenguas - 16 days ago
Ok so this is a mix of a wii a play station and a switch xd
Excel Cañete
Excel Cañete - 16 days ago
Yo guys its not fake its just nintendo liter
Colossal7 - 16 days ago
That's a fake Wii U
Solo Nepeon
Solo Nepeon - 17 days ago
LMFAO they ripped you off with the HDMI.
green witch
green witch - 17 days ago
I think it’s cute LOL
SmolBoi - 17 days ago
Introducing the Wii U Lite!
Nation Harris
Nation Harris - 18 days ago
Looks like a wii u gamepad
VanishingTacos - 18 days ago
It looks nothing like the lite...
Burned Water
Burned Water - 19 days ago
Who thought he said the device was 20 pounds as in weight, because I almost called my FBI agent.
Rainbow Ram
Rainbow Ram - 19 days ago
misleading title 20 pounds is 25.72 usd disliked! jk loved the video
shona Coull
shona Coull - 19 days ago
Hahaha the advert at the end was for the switch 😂
Tiago Caspar
Tiago Caspar - 19 days ago
4:27 50Hz games was Always SH*T
Sans Skelebone
Sans Skelebone - 19 days ago
looks like the bottom half of a ds
Toblerone - 19 days ago
Wouldnt even pay 5 bucks for it
Spiky - 19 days ago
‘They’ve clearly tried to copy the design of the Switch Lite’

Key word: *tried to*
alex ojideagu
alex ojideagu - 20 days ago
I'm more amazed how cheap LCD screens have become
lego - 20 days ago
I mean the colour is the only same thing
Oksana V.
Oksana V. - 20 days ago
Its the best WII U game pad copy i have ever seen 😂
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