Jacksonville Man Gets His House Raided On Facebook Live

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mrrabx 47
mrrabx 47 - 15 hours ago
The actual video is even funnier 😭😭😂😂😂
stuffandotherstuff - 7 days ago
Dudes eyes are two different heights on his face..
V. Scott
V. Scott - 8 days ago
So it does stop over there.
Mauro Hernandez
Mauro Hernandez - 16 days ago
We should just cut off Florida and let it flow into the ocean to disappear.
Vegas Mendoza'
Vegas Mendoza' - 24 days ago
The news station put "Suspected Drug Dealer" under his name.. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂😂😖😖
Stephanie Bell
Stephanie Bell - 25 days ago
(1-MAN - ARMY)
(1-MAN - ARMY) - 25 days ago
When ever a news article starts off with this statement ➡ a Florida man etc you know its gonna be about something bizzare or crazy lolllll
Tonio Music
Tonio Music - 28 days ago
The po po be trolling
black guy
black guy - 28 days ago
When trying to flip that income tax goes wrong. 😂
Alberto Rodriguez
Alberto Rodriguez - 28 days ago
I'm not defending hollins
Because he was stupid for doing that when he could have been planning for a raid someday
But damn Charlemagne just bashes people dirty like a motha daily
I wonder if his daddy is proud of him for doing b stuff like that
Alina - Month ago
I use to think I was the only person who thinks Florida have some of the most bizarre stories. I don’t know what’s wrong with that state lol lol
Ricky Fontaine
Ricky Fontaine - Month ago
Florida Florida Florida 😂😂😂
purp k
purp k - Month ago
nerrej - Month ago
That officer is the real mvp for stopping the feed but still choosing the option to save and post it to his page for us all to see and laugh at
Peyton Bell
Peyton Bell - Month ago
He looks retarded
Mich S
Mich S - Month ago
I laughed so much! 😂😂🤣🤣😊 At work 😂😂🤣🤣
Niki Edmonds
Niki Edmonds - Month ago
This generation bruh smfh
Mo Betta Den U
Mo Betta Den U - Month ago
vk0 8
vk0 8 - Month ago
Moral of the story: Selling drugs is bad for your freedom, kids.
Karen A
Karen A - Month ago
He lucky it was cops and not some stone cold killers! Mr. Dumas!
wayne taylor
wayne taylor - Month ago
He's smarter than me cuz I would have never thought about doing that is a freaking idiot
Angel91316 - Month ago
The Bronx always gets a BAD rap...lol Blame it on stupid young kids like this and stupid young rappers they live ALL OVER the world!, BTW, the guy sitting all the way to the left with the hoodie, isn't he one of the Nigerian guys that beat up Jussie Smollett??..lol
Kristina Washington
Kristina Washington - Month ago
I liked this. 😇
boy White
boy White - Month ago
kia golphin
kia golphin - Month ago
That is one Dumbass!!! He deserved to be Jackass of the day!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤔🤔😜😜🤣🤣🤣
Norton Muto
Norton Muto - Month ago
AK-47 tattoo on hia neck ❓❗
Daaayumn homie, ease up 😖
Orlando Coombs
Orlando Coombs - 5 months ago
There is a difference between a black man and a nigga. I don't hang out with any niggas, I hang with brothers. I don't do daffy duck nigga shit. Niggas make all the wrong choices and do all the wrong shit and want the world to feel sorry for them, but I can care a shit for them. I love black people, but I can't stand niggas.. It's niggas like him that give a bad name to black men like me.
Orlando Coombs
Orlando Coombs - 5 months ago
Florida is full of retarded ass people. They do the craziest shit. I got no sympathy for pure stupidity. Florida got the dumbest and the brokest people on earth. They always begging. They stay begging and I don't like beggars. And I don't like criminals and I have no sympathy. I lived in that shit box state for 18 years and I know live in Arizona for 8 months now. Never going back. I may visit years later, but live He'll No. It's full of fucked up people. The vibe is all fucked up down there.
Tatea - 5 months ago
He looks slow...
666ofdoom - 6 months ago
Lmao fking waste of life
Ash Wolf
Ash Wolf - 6 months ago
So it's okay to wear a shirt that says black power and black privilege?
PersonaG31 - 7 months ago
This almost as dumb as people posting beating they kids on Facebook lol
Marcus Barton-Sconiers
Marcus Barton-Sconiers - 7 months ago
Jacksonville is basically Georgia
KYLOLO LEWIS - 7 months ago
what a jack ass
Garvin Benjamin -G LION
Garvin Benjamin -G LION - 7 months ago
BigBwoyTing - 7 months ago
Stupid is as stupid does
Bath Water
Bath Water - 7 months ago
Finally a worthy Donkey of the Day.
Trigg508 E/C
Trigg508 E/C - 7 months ago
His name is Brianna?
Fateara Mines
Fateara Mines - 8 months ago
He sounds sooooo freaking ignorant and dumb
fredo310 - 9 months ago
"Real G's move in silence like lasagna"
Ryan Stills
Ryan Stills - 10 months ago
“ It don’t stop man It don’t stop man”
Two seconds later, it stopped
His dumb ass shouldn’t have even started, but clearly he didn’t
You got what you asked for
Youngthrift King
Youngthrift King - 10 months ago
트럼프도널드 - 11 months ago
when flexing flexes on you lmao smh
Winndell Johnson
Winndell Johnson - 11 months ago
Breon got busted big time for selling drugs.
Illx Nati
Illx Nati - Year ago
If it wasn't the swat, he would have been shot
JaVaughn McGregor
JaVaughn McGregor - Year ago
That video was funny as shit too. I remember that shit, lmfao. As soon as he started bragging about how the money don't stop..... the money stopped abruptly... due to a fucking RAID !!! 😆🤣😂😂😂👉🏾 Talk about instant karma😁
RailGun Gaming
RailGun Gaming - Year ago
There’s always at least one snitch watching your livestream, be careful
George Toney
George Toney - Year ago
the 50cent song I hustle in the background 😂😂😂😂
aeromedical67 - Year ago
Nice to see his Stanford education paid off.
Jon Boll
Jon Boll - Year ago
A dude from round the cut went to jail Friday night because he stuck his damn cell phone in his pocket and went about doing his business at the Waffle House, and damn butt dialed the 9-1-1. His attorney say they triangulate or some such BS on the signal and was able to track dum ass dude up in the Waffle House, still sitting up in there like a fish in a barrel.
Jon Boll
Jon Boll - Year ago
He look like them Somali pirates that be coming over here on our damn dime.
ProjectAKO17 - Year ago
Hahaha this made my day!😂
Asha Black
Asha Black - Year ago
I don't even get out the car in Jacksonville and if I get lost I pull the cops over.
G Balla
G Balla - 5 months ago
Asha Black lmfao
Michael Perry Batts
Michael Perry Batts - Year ago
When Flexin' and Flashin' go wrong in every way possible!
J491 - Year ago
That guy looks legitimately retarded.. Not like "Hahaha you're so retarded" retarded.. Like Autistic retarded.
Glenn Quagmire
Glenn Quagmire - Year ago
Mr. Avery
Mr. Avery - Year ago
it can't stop, it won't stop, BOOM, PLEASE OCCIFER I'M A CHILD OF GOD!
Young Vet OG
Young Vet OG - Year ago
Dumb ass nigga! 😂 😂 😂
PiKaHsSo allen Poe
PiKaHsSo allen Poe - Year ago
lol he looks like a slow rickey smiley lol
Tyrone Washington
Tyrone Washington - Year ago
Chico Dust-E
Chico Dust-E - Year ago
hahahahaha where's his Facebook I wanna laugh at him so he can see it himself
joseph siefke
joseph siefke - Year ago
charlamagne is donkey of the day....everyday
Brieon K
Brieon K - Year ago
Lmfaooooo this dude got my name and we the same age 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Stolo - Year ago
jackass of the month
Hitman - Year ago
You Ol Diddy's son lookin Boy
Bob Hope
Bob Hope - Year ago
ok Charlemagne the streamed video did not get him caught, also flashing money isn't a crime...you better than this. Find a better donkey of the day
Stephen Scott
Stephen Scott - Year ago
while on Facebook Live? lol
Adrian Blade
Adrian Blade - Year ago
he was caught b4 that video
Young Jit
Young Jit - Year ago
I live in jacksonville, someone always doing some stupid shit
James Edmonson
James Edmonson - Year ago
oh he matters if so you wouldn't give him donky-of-the-day.
Juboktimusprime - Year ago
this the kinda shit you see on boondocks
J - Year ago
Didnt know if it was kids in there or nothing. ....
J - Year ago
Chrissy Hills
Chrissy Hills - Year ago
Florida really has some crazy people
Esther A
Esther A - Year ago
I dieddddddd when Charlamagne started dancing 😂😭😭
Tom storm
Tom storm - Year ago
some hatin ass dude was watching that live scream eating a banana saying "I dont like that shit"
Aariyan096 - Year ago
Charlamagne's joy at the end 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀
staj - Year ago
Charlamagne's pettiness is hilarious lol lol #donkeydance
stkd16z6 - Year ago
Tim Tom
Tim Tom - Year ago
LOL. Can someone please make a meme out of Charlamagne vibing to the Hamiltones singing #unbothered
D - Year ago
he said.......and i think........."yall betta catch up, meh"
five 0 took his advice......and caught up.
Sean Dafny
Sean Dafny - Year ago
Lol charlamagne really been right about Florida. How many donkey of the days is from Florida??
Hittin' Licks
Hittin' Licks - Year ago
Shaunte Chanel
Shaunte Chanel - Year ago
Charlemagne dancing though 😂😂
Edwin Sherman
Edwin Sherman - Year ago
That song though! LOL!!!
A.J. Frey
A.J. Frey - Year ago
Clearly this Donkey has to be the goofiest Jackass of all times. He looks like he gets high on his own supply. Lock his ass up for not taking that money and getting his teeth cleaned, some acne cream, a gym membership, a hair cut and most of all a damn GED. Hee Haw!!!
Ayrissa Wilson
Ayrissa Wilson - Year ago
only duval 😒😔😐
Brian Rose
Brian Rose - Year ago
Humans are a lot dumber than we were just 10 years ago.
Tuna - Year ago
Go figure. Just another dumb brotha.
James Pacheco
James Pacheco - Year ago
florida with a big ass L 😂😂😂
Suavepoos Two Up & Two Down
thats why i dont go live at all
Datsnot Polite
Datsnot Polite - Year ago
boy he had look like J J from good times when. he heard them boy coming lol
Damien Rodriguez
Damien Rodriguez - Year ago
Dude in the thumbnail looks like puff when he was 17 😂
Marck N.
Marck N. - Year ago
All of these live video streaming services are great. If every criminal did this the streets would be a little safer. 😂
OutWestTacticalArms - Year ago
Dumbass dude I wonder 🤔 why they planned on raiding his spot in the first place like that was his first time on live flossing cash I doupt it .... terrible u'hurme?
Sheda Belle
Sheda Belle - Year ago
I'm feelin the Hamiltones Donkey of the Day remix!
BALL WIZ - Year ago
Jax FL is a big city with a lot of crime, ppl just don't know about it
Marcus Barton-Sconiers
Marcus Barton-Sconiers - 7 months ago
BALL WIZ the largest city by land mass in the country
thehigherorder 504
thehigherorder 504 - Year ago
Uh get up uh get get get down/ Facebook live isa joke in your town!!!
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