Build & Battle: Engines OUT! Rotary vs V8, What's the Fastest Budget Drag Racing Motor? EP.2

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1423 171 - 6 days ago
3.9L rotary VS a 5.3 liter V8
Drifting Roku
Drifting Roku - 17 days ago
why is #4 private??
Spikes five
Spikes five - 19 days ago
Thanks for the idea on the rx7 fuel tank. Mine turned out better though. ;)
Mike - 21 day ago
What is the title of the outro song, it slaps.
Lui Duran
Lui Duran - 21 day ago
MadTripp the Don
MadTripp the Don - 21 day ago
That nigga and Doritos
Greg Rogers
Greg Rogers - 21 day ago
I hope that Brads 5.3 runs ok because that engine looks like it has the active fuel management on it and on those engines the lifters like to collapse and eat up the camshafts. He should’ve went with an older one.
Hoonigan Project Cars
Hoonigan Project Cars - 21 day ago
Not sure if that's the issue, or if Brad spraying gallons of water inside the heads were a bigger issue.
Tyler Wilson
Tyler Wilson - 22 days ago
Dan vs Scotto!!
SpaRkiieeSiLvA - 22 days ago
Vargas brothers need to make their own guide online on how to rebuild and what to watch out for on rotary's. They legit got me looking at Rx-7s now
Racingboom The Pleb
Racingboom The Pleb - 23 days ago
Dude I’m subbed to every hoonigan channel, have watched every series, have notifications turned on for the main channel, and watched every daily transmission, and I STILL DO NOT GET HOMEPAGE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR YALLS VIDS? ARE YOU GUYS BLACKLISTED BY FUCKIN YOUTUBE OR SOMETHING?!
PowerOf One
PowerOf One - 23 days ago
16:51 I want these blokes to give my mother in laws car a touch up. lol
Alexander Kummerer
Alexander Kummerer - 23 days ago
Juancho Biggz
Juancho Biggz - 24 days ago
It's Bluetooth 🤣
Alexis sixela
Alexis sixela - 24 days ago
25:57 Jose casually hitting up some hoes...
Debbie Hipsher
Debbie Hipsher - 25 days ago
Weres all the videos at guy s
Jacob Jasso
Jacob Jasso - 26 days ago
Sooo can I get part numbers for the holley system/ intake/ throttle body please?
Debbie Hipsher
Debbie Hipsher - 26 days ago
Thank you for everyone who help do this show yall are great. Building a average person car
vbsurferr - 28 days ago
Angel Motorsports FTW! 👍
Scuba Bro
Scuba Bro - 29 days ago
Don-Pierre is proving himself to be an awesome OG Shop Dog.
Poore Choices
Poore Choices - 29 days ago
Ive learned that in not a huge Brad fan. I get it, im an LS fan too, but damn is he a pusher. hahahaha The Dorito machine is gonna rip....
M. vdW.
M. vdW. - 29 days ago
14:16 He is a dentist now.
shoominati23 - 29 days ago
I thought some guy would be trying to sell them some dodgy home entertainment system out of that van .. all we get is a lousy diff .. oh well
Cody Hooper
Cody Hooper - 29 days ago
Brad is screwed 😂
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez - 29 days ago
Two rotary master builders vs brad. Completely fair.
Robert Nugent
Robert Nugent - 29 days ago
Might want to let people know not to cut or weld on a gas tank without back purging it when you show this stuff.
Mr GMC631
Mr GMC631 - 29 days ago
Use the headers ... put the drive shaft between the middle of the header ....streach bend add whatever with similar tube and use them that flat stock you had there look embarrassing for a real builder .... im sorry but i could have done better
Kyle Bisson
Kyle Bisson - Month ago
Brad the type of dood to eat cereal with his hands
Coldoh86 - Month ago
Some how Brad seems like the kinda guy who gets injured a lot at work....
David Williams
David Williams - Month ago
Why is Vargas putting slicks on the front of his drag car🤣 just run pizza cutters
Hellspeaker - Month ago
I am usually a v8 guy, but Vargas bros? Come on now, no one does rotaries like these boys. They bout to shut Brad down.
slik T.
slik T. - Month ago
wouldn't taking layers off of the clutch rendering it thinner actually require more travel before it grabs making LESS grip? am i over thinking this? lol
This Is Merica
This Is Merica - Month ago
I wouldnt touch that blazer with a 10 foot rod. That just doesnt look safe at all. And I'm the type of person to not give a shit about safety.
Merlin Lebeau
Merlin Lebeau - Month ago
Can you guys do the same thing but with a drift car?
la colora gonz
la colora gonz - Month ago
The continueee
POORAGAIN - Month ago
I hope Brad really does not believe he is the reason the price of LS motors went up. Only Matt Happel can claim that.
Nick Crawford
Nick Crawford - Month ago
I think brad finally lost it.
Hoonigan Project Cars
Hoonigan Project Cars - Month ago
That’s Brad just getting warmed up! Give it some time, you will see Brad work some magic here soon.
Corky Floyd
Corky Floyd - Month ago
Hoonigan Project Cars
Hoonigan Project Cars - Month ago
Ha! Brads tool box only has a hammer and duct tape in it. We’re pretty sure Brad wings everything.
Blake Pinette
Blake Pinette - Month ago
I don’t know why they bothered with headers on the S10. LS manifolds are known for flowing extremely well.
lyle tennant
lyle tennant - Month ago
I'm torn on this cause I love rotaries and own an rx8 but I also own an s10 so I'm rooting for both teams
lyle tennant
lyle tennant - Month ago
@Hoonigan Project Cars this is difficult to answer but I wanted to rew swap my rx8 but at the same time I always wanted a ls swapped s10 but I'm gonna have to go with team dorito because v8s are much more simple and more user friendly
Hoonigan Project Cars
Hoonigan Project Cars - Month ago
You have to pick one side man! Which way are you leaning more?!
Tim Querengesser
Tim Querengesser - Month ago
Lone Wanderer
Lone Wanderer - Month ago
i vote for the Chevy s10 and i am a new sub i just vote for the chevy s10 be cuz i growed up with the chevy s10 it had over drive in it i mean what ever it was in dat truck will make you fly no joke but now its siting in the junk yard i still wish i keeped it
MrReklaw28 - Month ago
I'd love to see dan vs hert in a drift build off
Hoonigan Project Cars
Hoonigan Project Cars - Month ago
We could tell you the winner right now... Dan wins by default. But Hert would win the best wheels.
deeshotta 707
deeshotta 707 - Month ago
I wanna see scotto vs hert in the next season they both dont work on there cars 😂😂😂
deeshotta 707
deeshotta 707 - Month ago
Hoonigan Project Cars hahah 😂😂and cleaning rusty bolts
Hoonigan Project Cars
Hoonigan Project Cars - Month ago
It would be 3 weeks of choosing wheels, and removing bolts...
Wave F Chan
Wave F Chan - Month ago
Who's stupid enough to power wash a motor with no intake. Getting water and stuff down the heads and into the cycinders. I wouldn't these clown near my car
DirtMcGurt15 - Month ago
HAHAHA..the S10 chassis sucks with that steering shaft. Could have grabbed a steering shaft from a Cherokee and moved it over and would have been fine though.
pbandjwrx - Month ago
i believe all chicano's agree, fuck braddy daddy
jwobbles07 - Month ago
Should have just dented the damn header. It won't suck any power. Engine Masters proved it.
dawson gamblin
dawson gamblin - Month ago
they made the wiring harness simple so water heads who think ls engines are the shit can work on them
dawson gamblin
dawson gamblin - Month ago
nah man leave that rust on there man, more friction for the horse power
st. brownlee
st. brownlee - Month ago
Someone go knock on Brad's camper and tell him the Dana 70 and tbe Corporate 14Bolt are not at all the same thing.
The Intro Gives it all away😪
faygo - Month ago
Bad braddy daddy
Andy M
Andy M - Month ago
Best show EVERRRRR!
Andrew Michael
Andrew Michael - Month ago
LineLock ?!?
CarburetorCulture - Month ago
Dudeeee 5:49 that was ridiculous 😆
stephen cuthbertson
stephen cuthbertson - Month ago
Someone need to do a build where they get the car and the part to rebuild of craigslist and facebook market place
javymazda - Month ago
Cant wait for the next show
james dalton
james dalton - Month ago
5 video's in 5 days your full of SHITE
Benjamin Jackson
Benjamin Jackson - Month ago
I had to take a lap when the Bear Grylls meme came up!
Michael Umhoefer
Michael Umhoefer - Month ago
It's Bluetooth!!!
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