What's The Best Cheese For Your Burger? (TEST)

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Ashley Rivers
Ashley Rivers - 5 hours ago
Gouda is always the winner!
Konnor Roberts
Konnor Roberts - 13 hours ago
They are literally taking footage away from us that should be from this video and make us pay to see it
Too Many Opinions
Too Many Opinions - 13 hours ago
How DARE you affirm American “Cheese” like this
Fishscale Jones
Fishscale Jones - 2 days ago
10:17 THAT is what the Chevrolet needed
Mikcha212 - 2 days ago
You lost me at “link having to taste anything.” We all know he hates everything and can’t experience anything with joy if he’s never had it before. I always ignore his opinion on foods.
Zez Aye
Zez Aye - 3 days ago
Muenster is my favorite. melts well and good flavor
Barbara Su
Barbara Su - 3 days ago
What, no muenster?!?
Gen Gg
Gen Gg - 4 days ago
Lmao Rhett: uhh let me just confirm
-eats more
Angel Cadena
Angel Cadena - 4 days ago
nope. American is the best.
Melany van Veen
Melany van Veen - 4 days ago
Yay!! I live in Gouda....best cheese ever;)
doterious - 4 days ago
You guys forgot provolone
TJ - 5 days ago
I love you guys but I cant watch Link eat.
Raving Rando
Raving Rando - 5 days ago
Now this! THIS, is American quality! Answer the question that has plagued this cheeseburger lover for the longest time!
french E
french E - 5 days ago
Do the same with croque-monsieur
You'll see how the "croque-chèvre" will win
Gregory White
Gregory White - 6 days ago
American cheese isn’t cheese... it’s cheese product. Shouldn’t be counted in a cheese taste test.
Cybernetic Amoeba
Cybernetic Amoeba - 8 days ago
American cheese isn’t cheese. It’s a chemical based by product
Presentable Cabbage
Presentable Cabbage - 8 days ago
Mozzarella works on the right burger, like with garlic ketchup and onion strings, pizza burger
marissa flower
marissa flower - 9 days ago
best cheese for a gourmet burger is manchego it’s amazing
Ctreefort - 9 days ago
You haven't had cheese until you've had gouda cheese.
Dan akers
Dan akers - 9 days ago
Harvarti needed a chance!
BozalBub !
BozalBub ! - 9 days ago
Hypnosis is a sham!!!
Shikoyaji-Sama - 10 days ago
10:28 This is actually a very accurate way to represent a french speaking English (I'm a French)
Bata Batica
Bata Batica - 10 days ago
Goat cheese and Gouda are two types of perfection.
Dick The Dorkwing
Dick The Dorkwing - 11 days ago
The best cheese for my burger is whatever damn cheese I have conveniently located in my fridge.
beanut butter
beanut butter - 8 days ago
Pizza blend fine shredded cheese... that's all I have right now lol. Made a ham and cheese sandwich with it earlier... I miss my pepperjack.
MC/ TNSS - 11 days ago
Cheddar burgers are the bomb!!!
Mirko Trionfini
Mirko Trionfini - 12 days ago
Speaking as an italian I belive Mozzarella is only good as cold ingredient, its consistency it’s merit
so if you put it on before the assembly it’s going to be a mild taste
Bia Caetano
Bia Caetano - 12 days ago
I LOVE brie 😍
UnknownEquinox - 12 days ago
"I like the cheese to let me know i'm eating it"
Packing Peanut
Packing Peanut - 13 days ago
One word.......

HudsonDoodieMan - 13 days ago
Walt Henard
Walt Henard - 13 days ago
Josh is the best
Ian Alderson
Ian Alderson - 15 days ago
Cold sharp cheddar is the best
Real Talk
Real Talk - 15 days ago
You guys legitimately put American in there over Cheddar?
TheAtarilord - 15 days ago
the fact that american beat swiss and cheddar automatically loses all credibility for this video
nesh o
nesh o - 16 days ago
Aj Brandt
Aj Brandt - 16 days ago
The correct answer is sharp cheddar topped with provolone.
Joshua Fandrich
Joshua Fandrich - 16 days ago
They chose some of the weirdest cheeses ever and didn’t even include provolone???
Nolan Kim
Nolan Kim - 17 days ago
GeminieCricket - 17 days ago
Only Cheddar
Joel Hixon
Joel Hixon - 17 days ago
The fact that Swiss didn't even get to the main round but mozzarella did is infuriating. Who eats mozzarella on a burger? Nobody that's who! That's pizza cheese!
Damien Conrad
Damien Conrad - 17 days ago
Unpopular opinion but I like parmesan
Donavan Cargin
Donavan Cargin - 17 days ago
I wonder why they put tomatoes on links burger, surely it’s on purpose by now
Casey Gregori
Casey Gregori - 17 days ago
Watch how much Link uses his lips to eat. You'll never stop noticing now
jdawg stan
jdawg stan - 17 days ago
0:19 "when u GROW burgers"
zoi 123456
zoi 123456 - 17 days ago
Will it sunscreen
Embis - 17 days ago
whats with the dislikes
Ikke Isaac
Ikke Isaac - 17 days ago
*American "cheese" shouldn't even be there.*
deven graham
deven graham - 18 days ago
this is my favorite video
Colin A
Colin A - 18 days ago
7:32 - I wonder if he's a cottage guy, too.
Hazardous - 18 days ago
Links tiny bites on these burgers is actually making me angry. Not sure why, but it is.
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