What's The Best Cheese For Your Burger? (TEST)

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Rotan - 8 hours ago
Brie on a bbq burger is basically the best... try it
Abigail Way
Abigail Way - Day ago
Link *talking about Mozzarella*: "Its just here to make everyone else happy"
The mozzarella is every enneagram type 9 ever
sa as
sa as - 4 days ago
The way link is biting the burger is so weird
Aubrey Bradford
Aubrey Bradford - 7 days ago
How is such a grown man so picky?
Kenzie H
Kenzie H - 7 days ago
Try chèvre with steak and then tell me you don’t like it
Titus Powers
Titus Powers - 8 days ago
Why was there no provalone?
Dyl - 11 days ago
Muenster is the undisputed best cheese
Aithne Sanders
Aithne Sanders - 11 days ago
Gouda is one of my favourite cheese’s so thanks 🙏
Austracy - 12 days ago
Habanero pepperjack
RiDz wing
RiDz wing - 12 days ago
Wair Is Rhett actually a Ford owner
Healu1102 - 13 days ago
What happened to cheddar! 😂

No seriously 😒
james cude
james cude - 14 days ago
Hold up.. thought yall got link to like maters?
Julia Supernault
Julia Supernault - 14 days ago
literally chevre means goat in french lol. its goat cheese😂
ツPriz - 15 days ago
I commented.
idahoan dude
idahoan dude - 15 days ago
Sharp cheddar is the way to go on everything. Like extra sharp cheddar.
Danny Barks
Danny Barks - 16 days ago
im from the UK and Cheshire cheese is the best here you guys should try its awesome , it's creamy and just awesome on ham sandwich melted or cold (melted is my fave) :D
Jaithra Perera
Jaithra Perera - 16 days ago
Why isn't havarti on this selection
DustInMyBum - 16 days ago
Sorry can't finish this. Need cheddar in the mix.
Thomas Demeurisse
Thomas Demeurisse - 25 days ago
Mmmmm chevre tastes like goatcheese.🤦🤦🤦🤦 Maybe because it is!
Fııe Bloodstorm
Fııe Bloodstorm - 25 days ago
For an austrian its just so funny how americans say "Gouda"😂
matt4796 - 26 days ago
It’s official, the hypnosis effects are NOT long lasting.
Joseph Horrach
Joseph Horrach - 27 days ago
Where was the Munster
Camp Kemp
Camp Kemp - 28 days ago
So the end result was just keep yellow American cheese in the fridge and you'll have a good to great burger...especially if link gave a normal rating on the last burger acting like the last one was trash...just keep the same cheese you always do in your fridge at home lol
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford - 28 days ago
American isn't even real cheese
Broken Wave
Broken Wave - 11 hours ago
Yes it is
helder gaspar
helder gaspar - 29 days ago
American but no Swiss or gruyere, this is stupid.
Jayson Davis
Jayson Davis - 29 days ago
American cheese is an insult to cheeses.
Melanie Buller
Melanie Buller - Month ago
What's the best grilled cheese cheese?
Tyler Saundry
Tyler Saundry - Month ago
Link’s tiny bites make me irrationally upset
NotUrAvgBard - Month ago
ima cheddar man myself with my burgahs!
guiglok - Month ago
really not a fan of the mythical society elite thing
LifeWMeek - Month ago
i hate the way Link bites 😭😭 but I love you guys !!
lugialover09 - Month ago
Rhett: "I'll still give it a three!"
Link: "ONE!"
Rhett: *stunned silence*
Alucard Helsing
Alucard Helsing - Month ago
None cause I'm lactose intolerant :(
NODENS God of the ocean, hunt, healing and hounds.
Cheddar being eliminated is the greatest injustice of this channel. It is a travesty Rhett and link and the crew have utterly lost my respect. This video does not deserve the title of "What's The Best Cheese For Your Burger?" it is a complete and utter farce. This is just another example of how giving control of your show over to your crew is driving it downhill. Good day sirs
Libby Walters
Libby Walters - Month ago
The Goat cheese would be good on a Lamb burger. but can't see it working well on a beef burger
Carvalho Diablo
Carvalho Diablo - Month ago
Tommy Fuller
Tommy Fuller - Month ago
This video is instantly invalid as it didnt even involve Provolone
Mort Mort Mort
Mort Mort Mort - Month ago
American is the only answer. Nothing else works right.
Matthew Spano
Matthew Spano - Month ago
how come no provolone way bigger than a few of those cheeses
Spencer Bounphouansy
Spencer Bounphouansy - Month ago
Surprised that provolone cheese was not listed.
Rachel Enkay
Rachel Enkay - Month ago
Why did i think that at 0:12 link was gonna sing I AM A GOOD BOY? Hahahaha i forreal sang with him 😂😂 if you know you know
scared minds
scared minds - Month ago
American cheese is disgusting.
Rainbeau Coward
Rainbeau Coward - Month ago
pause at 13:00 and see the majestic face of i’ve screwed up by rhett
Mobbu - Month ago
Watching this at .25x speed is an experience.
Zero - Month ago
What about haloumi cheese?
Seba P
Seba P - Month ago
me sitting at home with only oatmeal to eat wishing i could have all those burgers right now.
Ronan Mahaffey
Ronan Mahaffey - Month ago
I used to like this channel but now well now I LOVE IT.
The- Herd11
The- Herd11 - Month ago
The one with with the glasses bite the burger more!!! That’s not enough bite dude!!!
Cole skuxx
Cole skuxx - Month ago
Gouda is my favourite cheese never thought if putting it on a burger though
Sheldon C Edward Thibault
Havarti is another great cheese for a burger!
Mary Ham
Mary Ham - Month ago
Two American dads talking about grilling burgers,
Me: *dude really*
c137 - Month ago
aw the american cheese 🙄🙄🙄
Lauren Wortman
Lauren Wortman - Month ago
Creme Freiche
ll Tezren
ll Tezren - Month ago
Im calling it pepperjack right now
Chad Bruce
Chad Bruce - Month ago
American "cheese" isn't even real cheese, it's a factory processed "cheese" food and shouldn't even be included.
Broken Wave
Broken Wave - 11 hours ago
Its just cheese that is blended with other dairy to make it meltier. If its "not cheese" then Gournay cheese isn't cheese either.
SebMeister - Month ago
Wait isn't American and Cheddar the same cheese?
Lemony pie
Lemony pie - Month ago
Red Leicester...

...on everything!
Ryusei Hayashi
Ryusei Hayashi - Month ago
"Look at that cross section"
*Babish would like to know your location*
Jeff Barron
Jeff Barron - Month ago
American Cheese isn't even cheese!!! It's a grotesque abomination of manufactured chemicals. The packaging can't even say "cheese" on the label.
Bluemoon 831
Bluemoon 831 - Month ago
I just loveeeee Rhett he is so funny.
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