Shane’s Beauty Room Makeover Surprise!

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21 phandoms! At the disco
21 phandoms! At the disco - 18 minutes ago
This is the kinda love and support i’m looking for.
Otisandmurphyrex Cats
Otisandmurphyrex Cats - 34 minutes ago
Kimberly Tucker Moss
Kimberly Tucker Moss - 51 minute ago
Awwww, this was soooo very sweet!!!! I could tell that Shane was really happy with his beauty room!! Wish my husband would do this for me...but, he can't even stand it when anyone brings up anything about makeup. He'd also prefer that I don't wear any, what so ever. Told him that's not going to happen, because I LOVE makeup!! So, I really have to save my money for it because he will not buy it. 🖤💜 Love that beauty space!! You did an awesome job!!!! 🤜🤛😍😘
Chels Marie
Chels Marie - 56 minutes ago
I love Shane and ryland both. Have for a long time. But I don’t get make up. At all. I fell weird when I put it on. Maybe it’s the brand I can’t afford. But I want all women to feel beautiful and powerful with or without make up. Love y’all but make up does not make you beautiful. Y’all are gorgeous and I love you 😘
September J
September J - Hour ago
Shane : Beauty Guru 😘🥰
Ryland : Interior Designer 😜🤩
I'm HERE and LIVING FOR BOTH!!! ❤💜💛💙💖
SimplyZeyma - 2 hours ago
Shane’s reaction to the room was everything 😢❤️
Hannah && Sarah
Hannah && Sarah - 2 hours ago
Ryland is the cutest human EVER
Sophia Bird
Sophia Bird - 2 hours ago
Can you guys react to your daughter on America’s got Talent?!
cheetoh macias
cheetoh macias - 2 hours ago
I love the FIRST WORLD problems Ryland encounters lol
Raeven Denisse
Raeven Denisse - 2 hours ago
Shane : I'm broke
Also Shane: Buys a lot of makeup and gets
FedEx boxes every second
haylee slorach
haylee slorach - 3 hours ago
I know the room is meant to be more masculine, but like I want this when I move out and do my beauty room. OMG!!
Monica Wathen
Monica Wathen - 3 hours ago
Monica wathen
t i f f a
t i f f a - 4 hours ago
i don’t even know who is gayer now?

(okay its just a joke)
saria nicole
saria nicole - 4 hours ago
ryland is such a good designer
Alexia Solano
Alexia Solano - 4 hours ago
Did he really say “Bitch James stop shaking”!?! 4:00
Sonia Z
Sonia Z - 4 hours ago
I loved how Andrew was so happy with the end result 💙
jayvanity13 - 4 hours ago
I want a skin care line from Shane plz
Caitlin Brady
Caitlin Brady - 4 hours ago
Braylin Manley
Braylin Manley - 4 hours ago
They should do 24 hours in Shane's make up room
Gemaa Shirree
Gemaa Shirree - 4 hours ago
Shane should do a give away
darkness Galaxy
darkness Galaxy - 5 hours ago
morgan trying to get attention in the background with uno 2:48
Fia Flora
Fia Flora - 5 hours ago
Love your videos honestly 😂
RyanTheDefiant - 6 hours ago
Brittany Nelson Jones
Brittany Nelson Jones - 6 hours ago
Makeup goals omg ✨ Shane donate to me 😂
Megan Borraga
Megan Borraga - 6 hours ago
Such an amazing boyfriend!! This room looks AMAZING!!
k mh
k mh - 6 hours ago
ryland actually killllllled this! the reveal was so much fun :’)
Asha Khan
Asha Khan - 6 hours ago
Where is garret
leslie huerta
leslie huerta - 6 hours ago
OMFG RYLAND U WENT IN!!!! It’s soooo good!!!!!
Layney Brannon
Layney Brannon - 6 hours ago
shane should do a "i stayed in my beauty room for 24 hours"
favoloso_mama 1
favoloso_mama 1 - 7 hours ago
Roland you are so sweet! That room is fantastic and you can come help my babe do mine now if you want. Or just come and tell him hand over some of the credit cards so you can make me as excited as Shane 😊💗
Josie Royal
Josie Royal - 7 hours ago
I thought Ryland said constipation of the beauty room
Sophie Majcher
Sophie Majcher - 7 hours ago
I have the same avocado blanket 😂🥑
Savannah Keets
Savannah Keets - 7 hours ago
I live for the Jeffree star pillow
Brandon Balcazar
Brandon Balcazar - 7 hours ago
23:40 I bet the censored items are a collab between Shane and Jeffers Star, and I bet that the 7 month series that they are making is them making a pallet of some sort. Just sayin. 😅
val alexander
val alexander - 7 hours ago
is it just me or does shane look weirdly attractive in this video? it is just me??
Isabell Gutierrez sanchez
0:20 why is there a. Jeffree star pillow (OF HIS HEAD)😶😂 and a oop-
savannah delara
savannah delara - 7 hours ago
as soon as ryland said stella , in my mind I was like stila ryland, stila😭😭
Brooke Benjamin
Brooke Benjamin - 7 hours ago
I absolutely love how Shane has so much of Jeffree's concealer
Cassidy’s vlog and softball Softball life
Ciera VanWhy
Ciera VanWhy - 8 hours ago
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Thaliaiztiny05 - 8 hours ago
Shane should make a pallette called "tea time"!!!
Jay's Squad
Jay's Squad - 8 hours ago
Morgan so pretty , funny & relatable i dont get how she single
Amy Jordan Smith
Amy Jordan Smith - 8 hours ago
I can't breathe.. *puts lipgloss on* "oh my god I'm rich"
Logan Mason
Logan Mason - 8 hours ago
those chairs are ugly sorry
Carlover 22
Carlover 22 - 9 hours ago
Omg ryland that room is beautiful!!! Good job!!
Hadassah Davids
Hadassah Davids - 9 hours ago
omg Ryland - this room is sooooo beautiful! Exceptional job!!! You can see the love that went into this!!!
Clay Grigg
Clay Grigg - 9 hours ago
Morgan gained so much weight recently
Luna Cooper
Luna Cooper - 9 hours ago
iweeman123 - 9 hours ago
Shane’s trying to get his share in money in the make up industry
Sandra Guzman
Sandra Guzman - 9 hours ago
Ryland that looks amazing!
arahi galindo
arahi galindo - 9 hours ago
Shane just said" my sponges " meaning he just made beauty blenders ! & I can not wait to spend my money on this project !!!!!!!!
G h o s t . i
G h o s t . i - 9 hours ago
I forgot how much I missed Shane ugh 😩 I love Ryland's squad/family so much it lowkey hurts 😞💖
Sarah - 9 hours ago
Luv the rich lux moment💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💖💖💖💖💖😂😂😂😂😂💖💖😂😂😂💖💖💖😂😂😂😂😂😂💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Sarah - 10 hours ago
So achievable......that's why I luv it!!!!!!!!!!! X UK fan xxx Devon x England xxx
Claire Begani
Claire Begani - 10 hours ago
No one:

Ryland: Ooh I LooOOoOOoovE Tacha

(Disclaimer, I don’t know how to spell it)
Destiny Buchanan
Destiny Buchanan - 10 hours ago
His skin looks amazing!
Epic Kins
Epic Kins - 10 hours ago
I can’t get enough Andrew😍😭
Haneen Hy
Haneen Hy - 10 hours ago
Shane didn't even say thanks :/
Ro'Marie - 11 hours ago
I love you and Shane’s relationship 💖 And so happy Shane has a space to get more inspired 💕☺️
Kaley Gatten
Kaley Gatten - 11 hours ago
Ryland really did that 👌🏻👌🏻😍
Madie T
Madie T - 11 hours ago
Im so poor in crying watching rich people use their money.
Whatsername - 11 hours ago
Imma need for the Not Cool poster to make it to the wall somewhere fam
Alma Iboa -19
Alma Iboa -19 - 12 hours ago
what is that ikea storage unit called? link? lol i rlly like it
Marilu Foshee
Marilu Foshee - 12 hours ago
Come make me one pls
Jennifer Robin
Jennifer Robin - 12 hours ago
@Ryland Adam's do yall have an address I can send some goodies to I'm trying send yall some cute fun stuff
Dabbz_tv - 12 hours ago
Morgan... stop with the face stuff...
Luna San
Luna San - 12 hours ago
I love it!! I love Ryland sense of style. Shane Dawson has literally inspire me to do make-up. It's hard for me to do make-up because I have sensitive skin and my face gets really dry. I'm proud of him and hope to see some make-up videos from him on youtube.
Kiwi yaya
Kiwi yaya - 13 hours ago
I am now motivated to clean my room
Keighly Scally
Keighly Scally - 13 hours ago
Am I just a germaphobe or was anyone else cringing when morgan touched his makeup brushes lmao
hamster chick
hamster chick - 13 hours ago
lmfaoooo the rich lux clip K.O.ed me i am deceased
Olivia Gonzalez
Olivia Gonzalez - 13 hours ago
litterly nobody:
not god but...:
Rosemarie Jones
Rosemarie Jones - 13 hours ago
visit @t for all your hair bundles and beauty needs
Alicia Nicole
Alicia Nicole - 13 hours ago
birdwithabrokenwing - 13 hours ago
Seriously Ryland did such an amazing job! 😍 Also, Shane looks like he’s aging backwards- his skin is literally glowing! Loved this video, thanks for making me smile today 😁
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali - 13 hours ago
Morgan is getting fat and sexy as fuck
Lety Gonzalez
Lety Gonzalez - 13 hours ago
I ♡ you and shane! Very beautiful room! 😍
leyna Gould
leyna Gould - 13 hours ago
I absolutely love the support you give each other! Honestly the best thing ever! Love your family!❤️
랩몬형VN - 13 hours ago
Oh my gosh uno has gotten so big
Clint Dub
Clint Dub - 14 hours ago
But the incomplete stripes accent wall. 🤨
Modesty Wilson
Modesty Wilson - 14 hours ago
Shane’s so humble
Nanni Villa
Nanni Villa - 14 hours ago
When is Shane gonna post
Tina Choiselat
Tina Choiselat - 14 hours ago
I absolutely love following your life. If you and Shane ever want to come to Maui and film, I can get you a discount on a room! Come visit me!!!
Vicky Cloutier
Vicky Cloutier - 14 hours ago
You shouls start your own designing business
Catherine Ives
Catherine Ives - 14 hours ago
the mermaids of rylantis frame really maid the room.
Heather Ball
Heather Ball - 14 hours ago
I didn't know how badly I want a Shane Dawson Line of Candles until now!
Dianna Nolan
Dianna Nolan - 14 hours ago
i want to see you do your whole house like renovation you’re so good at it
Catsnnoodles - 14 hours ago
This was wholesome as fuck
Stephanie Brizuela
Stephanie Brizuela - 15 hours ago
Wow shane's skin looks AMAZINGGG - drop the tea sis
Bitter Gamer
Bitter Gamer - 15 hours ago
The new series on shamed channel is gonna be sum to do with makeup tbh I can already twll
Kay Williams
Kay Williams - 15 hours ago
Okay but why does Shane have more of a makeup problem than I do?😂
Stephanie Ann
Stephanie Ann - 15 hours ago
Shane needs a snap fan
TheCindygg - 15 hours ago
what happened to shane’s diamond play button????
chloe gallivan
chloe gallivan - 15 hours ago
everybody looks so good and healthy, im loving it
Cat - 15 hours ago
Shane has been doing his brows and I love ittt.
Patricia K
Patricia K - 15 hours ago
Looks amazing balls😍
bonapetit - 15 hours ago
Honestly you are so rich... cant you give away some of that makeup? Its literally wasting away in your cupboards....
Hannah Weiss
Hannah Weiss - 16 hours ago
20:33 im fricken dying
Aba Aba
Aba Aba - 16 hours ago
Rich Lux the House!
Kelly Hensley
Kelly Hensley - 16 hours ago
ryland! where did you get your glasses? i love them
Theonne Clea
Theonne Clea - 16 hours ago
Is it just me bc i reaaaalllyy want to organize Shane's make ups...
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