Charlie Puth - I Warned Myself [Official Video]

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Charlie Puth
Charlie Puth - 29 days ago
“I Warned Myself” is about a vicious cycle of going back to someone continuously, knowing deep down that they aren’t any good for you.
Lilyrosé - 3 days ago
All of my relationships and friendships be like:
Saraspadi Murday
Saraspadi Murday - 17 days ago
My that i realize that i should remove all toxic people in my this guy
leleh santiago
leleh santiago - 29 days ago
my God, perfect!
Nagendra Chaudhary
Nagendra Chaudhary - 29 days ago
really appreciative....
WildStorm - 29 days ago
Mohammad Abdullah
Mohammad Abdullah - 2 hours ago
4 weeks 16M views ! Seriously ??! This song deserves much more
Le Phuong
Le Phuong - 3 hours ago
Love sometimes poison us
Esa Grey
Esa Grey - 3 hours ago
Who come back to listen to this song after watching "how I warned myself was made " video he posted
KAMIL - 4 hours ago
I warned Myself that if I keep listening to this song I won't be able to study
hedi ayedi
hedi ayedi - 4 hours ago
All the love from tunisia body🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳
Night Maki Mare
Night Maki Mare - 4 hours ago
nice song
Tuen sari
Tuen sari - 4 hours ago
I love u
K D - 5 hours ago
I’ve watched this video so many times . Put it on speed 1.25x !
Mr. Dude
Mr. Dude - 5 hours ago
If Charlie on the cars top, Then who is pressing the escalator? 😕
Srushti Kalbhor
Srushti Kalbhor - 5 hours ago
Lets take this video to 1B likes
French Fries Gaming
French Fries Gaming - 6 hours ago
Okay i not play with fire at my house..I play at the park
Kushager Dogra
Kushager Dogra - 6 hours ago
This song reminds me of my relation with my food😂
Akhom Chanthavong
Akhom Chanthavong - 6 hours ago
He look better with this haircut n new look but is this really him with this eyebrow slit or an image created by the industry to look more urban n attractive
Kilyon - 6 hours ago
Yay Charlie Puth is making songs again! 👍🏼
Kenneth McQueen
Kenneth McQueen - 7 hours ago
You guys saying the video ain't getting views. In three years time,it will be like billion. Hahah
Axmed dawlo
Axmed dawlo - 8 hours ago
Love and life
Ashok Pandey
Ashok Pandey - 9 hours ago
Love you charlir puth..💕💕💕💕
rohan kapoor
rohan kapoor - 9 hours ago
It deserves 100M plus views :/
Pərviz Rəcəbli
Pərviz Rəcəbli - 9 hours ago
Charlie puth♡
Pew Pie
Pew Pie - 10 hours ago
1:34 turns out the bell delphine is in this video..
Rinat Harari
Rinat Harari - 10 hours ago
The troat scene was the best 🤣
akshiv gulati
akshiv gulati - 10 hours ago
Dude, I don't even know If I have to say this but you're a real musical genius. I saw the video for the production of this song and my god bro! How the fuck do you instinctually know that Bees Buzzing is a sample you want for a song? That's crazy and awesome as hell. Keep doing your thing man!
T3stando Games
T3stando Games - 10 hours ago
You noticed what the letter song's If look Very Very with the of camila,kinda "the phosphor","you remember when i told me","don't worry"....
Atiqah Halim
Atiqah Halim - 10 hours ago
I watch this again after I watch "how I made I Warned Myself"
Kim Byun
Kim Byun - 10 hours ago
This song is basically me when Im saving money and I see food in the streets.
superflash Shazam
superflash Shazam - 10 hours ago
My life in this lyrics
YASSINE *&* - 11 hours ago
Charlie puth ♡♡♡
Destina Cai
Destina Cai - 11 hours ago
How many come back here after basketball & bees?😂
danny wilson
danny wilson - 12 hours ago
Anyone after how I made I warned myself
Night Rider
Night Rider - 12 hours ago
Y r all really good songs so short 😭
sword of gaming
sword of gaming - 12 hours ago
charlie is good
Predict Anything Software
Predict Anything Software - 12 hours ago
I thought Chester Bennington is in the thumbnail... I miss chester and his songs...
TheReal FoxxyFox
TheReal FoxxyFox - 12 hours ago
sounds like k pop
biLAWL - 12 hours ago
is this song about him sleeping with a military man's girlfriend?
An Vz
An Vz - 12 hours ago
love this song, the sounds remind me Michael Jackson, am I the only one?
Shae Owen
Shae Owen - 12 hours ago
Love this song
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Geovanna Arantes
Geovanna Arantes - 13 hours ago
Navdeep Sandhu
Navdeep Sandhu - 13 hours ago
On repeat🎶🎶♥️
Pastel colors Float
Pastel colors Float - 13 hours ago
1:35 😂😂
Xyri Chan
Xyri Chan - 14 hours ago
I love this song so much
I warned myself that i shouldn't play with 🔥🔥

Dariani Amazing
Dariani Amazing - 14 hours ago
1:26 favorite part yourwelcome
Rosebert Discipulo
Rosebert Discipulo - 14 hours ago
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Anjali Goomer
Anjali Goomer - 14 hours ago
Anyone here from his video about how he made this song?
Bri Ght
Bri Ght - 13 hours ago
Yees so fricking good
Shadow_Master - 15 hours ago
Me and staying up late. I tell myself that “I’m going to sleep after this video”, 3 videos later, “just one more”
Leonardo Rios
Leonardo Rios - 15 hours ago
I warned myself that I should play with fire
But I can tell that I’ll do it one more time
junnune rahaman
junnune rahaman - 16 hours ago
Video could have been better bt the song couldn’t get any better 😍😍😍
faiza khurshid
faiza khurshid - 16 hours ago
I guess when Charlie was standing at the rooftop of the car, bhutto jani must be driving the car...only Pakistanis will understand this.
Junaid Khan
Junaid Khan - 16 hours ago
This tune is banging don’t know how it only has 16 million views should have 10x more
Rania Ranini
Rania Ranini - 16 hours ago
so I'm listening to bees singing ...
Anjali Goomer
Anjali Goomer - 12 hours ago
Rania Ranini thoughtful comment! You from THAT video.....!
يوسف الملكي
يوسف الملكي - 16 hours ago
Who are here after Charlie video 🙃
Records,Tallental and Battles Tube You
Why such a beautiful song is underrated i dont know what people are interested in if they are not listening this beautiful masterpiece
Ragini Sarkar
Ragini Sarkar - 16 hours ago
This song just blew my mind when I heard it for the first time... One of the best.. I love your voice and your lyrics.. And I like the cute version of you than the version of you in this video.. The cute Charlie Puth is the best... 😄 (you're looking like Eminem )
I like the cute Charlie Puth I've known for years....
Emily Lynne
Emily Lynne - 16 hours ago
whose from davids vlog?
America yaneth Delgado Briceño
I pay you if you let me out in one of your videos 😅
Tamar Cohen
Tamar Cohen - 17 hours ago
are you crazy 😍
Emma Cookson
Emma Cookson - 17 hours ago
This whole song is based on my life 😂
KITTY KAT - 17 hours ago
Agustina Esco
Agustina Esco - 17 hours ago
afa afa afaertee charlie clavel , necesito una reaccion del rey coscuu
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