Light and Shadow (ft. Hiroyuki Sawano) | Star Guardian Animated Trailer - League of Legends

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Rosie Lisa
Rosie Lisa - 11 hours ago
So in love with this ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤪🤪🤪🤪 this is much better than before ❤️❤️oh my goodd this is so excited 🤪🤪❤️❤️❤️
Wheeller Wallace
Wheeller Wallace - 15 hours ago
Eu amo
Tori Alex Dimaculangan
Tori Alex Dimaculangan - 15 hours ago
The music give me attack on titan vibes
Johnlloyd Alfaro
Johnlloyd Alfaro - 18 hours ago
Highly respect for all support main out there!
Alexis S.
Alexis S. - 18 hours ago
It's been 39 days since this song came out and I'm still waiting for it to be released on iTunes... LET ME BUY THIS SONG PLEASE! I WANT TO SUPPORT HIROYUKI SAWANO AND GEMIE PLEASE!!!
ღ Anime Valley ღ
ღ Anime Valley ღ - 20 hours ago
The moment neeko uses her ult and Hiroyuki sings I just get chills and goosebumps every time.
Fellowsiren - 23 hours ago
where have i seen this vefore 2:32
The New Baris Berat Balci
1:56 deceiving neeko
k cadeira
k cadeira - Day ago
E esse titulo ai?
lousi - Day ago
então, então
lucca quintans
lucca quintans - Day ago
vc que tá procurando o br
Becky Poppe
Becky Poppe - Day ago
yo queria a urgot guardiana estelar ;
tuan huynh
tuan huynh - Day ago
Sawano !!!!!!!!!
Тупа Чмо
Тупа Чмо - Day ago
Killed Niko pleeeeeease.
1:40 what riot sees zoe
2:28 what we see zoe
Hide on bush
Hide on bush - Day ago
Tội rakan quá
Danny Duong
Danny Duong - Day ago
Did anyone else get aldnoah zero vibes from the soundtrack?
Vislark_ - 15 hours ago
aldnoah zero, guilty crown, re creators and more
Mẫn Phạm Phùng
David Morales
David Morales - Day ago
We need this soundtrack on spotify please riot
Oscar Quishpe
Oscar Quishpe - Day ago
Mira ese adc noob como vende al Sopporte lo cual no es ninguna novedad :v
こんす - Day ago
I've always liked Hiroyuki Sawano.
Like Aldnoah Zero's second ending.
And Owari no Seraph's opening
Ruprect Kroenen
Ruprect Kroenen - Day ago
Am I the only one here because of hiroyuki sawano?
Grace Gadiano
Grace Gadiano - Day ago
Why Ahri it supposedly Lux right??
P E A C H Y ' O S
P E A C H Y ' O S - Day ago
is it just me or is this giving Madoka vibes?
Klein O'Neil
Klein O'Neil - Day ago
0:46 always hits me right where it should hit.
Klein O'Neil
Klein O'Neil - Day ago
0:46 always hits me right where it should hit.
Klein O'Neil
Klein O'Neil - Day ago
Anything that God Sawano touches becomes heavenly.
Klein O'Neil
Klein O'Neil - Day ago
God Sawano. 👌
Enna Izily
Enna Izily - Day ago
Best musical part
Mason Johnson
Mason Johnson - Day ago
this isn't a music video though wtf
Natsu sevillano
Natsu sevillano - 2 days ago
Them: sad for rakan
Me: crying for neeko because she's so brave 🙃
danville zebra
danville zebra - 2 days ago
Give this song Aimer vocal
Erro 404
Erro 404 - 2 days ago
Kharis Ramadhan
Kharis Ramadhan - 2 days ago
I'm even doesn't play this game, why i click this video?
Nhung Trần Thị Thu
Nhung Trần Thị Thu - 2 days ago
E L Catli
E L Catli - 2 days ago
Attack on Legends!
indexvirus - 2 days ago
I have no idea what is going on and at this point I'm afraid to ask
Thay Muniz
Thay Muniz - 2 days ago
Por que não tem no spotify ainda ??????
Hantai- San
Hantai- San - 2 days ago
The animation is great but the game 🌚🌚
Ionian Warrior
Ionian Warrior - 2 days ago
Star Guardian universe i my favourite! My gosh this is smth beautiful! Riot please, do star guardian movie or anime ❤️❤️❤️
Teafy - 2 days ago
I have the feeling of deadly seven sins
Tatiana Ballen
Tatiana Ballen - 2 days ago
so when will the movie come out?
Lester Xess
Lester Xess - 2 days ago
When you combine attack on Titan like ost and league of legends, u get a dope video
Tyler Caffry
Tyler Caffry - 2 days ago
Júnior Yeahhh
Júnior Yeahhh - 2 days ago
Sawano God music artist!!!
Андрей Данилов
Ничего не понял,.. но очень интересно!))
Xillia 《NAI》
Xillia 《NAI》 - 3 days ago
Awww... But i love rakan and xayah so much :"((((
Mystic Flamer
Mystic Flamer - 3 days ago
Is anyone else just now realizing that you can see Zoe's control over Xayah and Rakan in her eyes? 3:03-3:04 Look at the color of each of her eyes then literally the next second Xayah and Rakan are shown in the same color and the same position as her eyes.
Van D C Gerónimo
Van D C Gerónimo - 3 days ago
This is after "A new horizon" when Ari minds their mates are in troubles
What He Likes
What He Likes - 3 days ago
Immortal Mgtow
Immortal Mgtow - 3 days ago
What happend to league
Shawn Han
Shawn Han - 3 days ago
OMG riot spent 10 years making a game for their animie
Alexandra Vorotilina
Alexandra Vorotilina - 3 days ago
Why this song remembers me the theme "you see big girl" from attack on titan
Alexandra Vorotilina
Alexandra Vorotilina - 3 days ago
@松本佐々木 I know but this song is the same with you see big girl. The same melody.
松本佐々木 - 3 days ago
Same composer Sawano Hiroyuki
Vlad Mioc
Vlad Mioc - 3 days ago
Thanks for reminding me I still need to watch the latest Attack on Titan
Akame Ackerman
Akame Ackerman - 3 days ago
My 2fav champions rakan n xayah 😍
Gloria The Animator
Gloria The Animator - 3 days ago
This is such wasted potential why is this not a real anime
你還沒暖宅好! - 3 days ago
the style is prefect, i love it
Mia Blossom
Mia Blossom - 3 days ago
UrbanKumaKage - 3 days ago
There is enough content for at least 25 different anime, with 13 different art styles. . . Give the ppl what the GD want ! ! !
Hail The Lord
Hail The Lord - 3 days ago
1:49 Top 10 Anime fights
Theron - 3 days ago
I wish their anime was with this art style and music composer :(
Inazuma Bōkyaku-Shinigod Seishin
Yeah Sawano Hiroyuki has written my favorite song and some of my songs.
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