[Debut Stage] SOMI - BIRTHDAY, 전소미 - BIRTHDAY Show Music core 20190615

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Tiessya amoy
Tiessya amoy - 2 hours ago
Ngikutin koreonya gabisa. Ngikutin goyang versi jeni juga gabisaa
Tiessya amoy
Tiessya amoy - 2 hours ago
Euyy digoyang.. Asiquee 😂
Huy Dinh
Huy Dinh - 21 hour ago
Amazing song with great voice, but the presentation doesn't really impress me (yet). I'll wait to see how she will improve
Tony Fernandez
Tony Fernandez - 22 hours ago
I think if Black pink want to add a 5th member than Somi is the best option, just saying
Laila Zakia
Laila Zakia - Day ago
yaampon ngakak subtitle indo : lo gak diundang cuk :")
yettie rasyid
yettie rasyid - Day ago
Ngakak demii subtitlenya
123 ImOne
123 ImOne - Day ago
cesar oviedo
cesar oviedo - 2 days ago
A need a song between Jennie (blackpink too) and Somi, NOW
rAviOLi - 4 days ago
These clothes are hiding her figure
This girl should promote a new stylist
Phúc Nguyễn Hoàng
Phúc Nguyễn Hoàng - 4 days ago
Can anyone give me the name of the girl having silver hair?
Camille Idone
Camille Idone - 5 days ago
i search jennie no stage prescence moments and this vid pop at the top like wtf
Aurell Dea
Aurell Dea - 5 days ago
Somi : ‘Everyday Its my birthday’

Ooo mm geee
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams - 7 days ago
Wtf is she wearing? Like why?
김희 Kim Hee
김희 Kim Hee - 7 days ago
Somi has improved so much since her debut!
random me
random me - 7 days ago
Somi is so amazin
brainless idiot
brainless idiot - 7 days ago
does anyone have a problem about her gloves?
jl osh
jl osh - 8 days ago
"ey goyang gais"
wkwk bgst
yoo lee
yoo lee - 8 days ago
Yang bikin translet indo kenapa sehhhhh
pancaindera dilautbiru
pancaindera dilautbiru - 8 days ago
Jennie solo debut stylist much better than this. But why the stylist in somi mv look so much better and elegent than when she do live?
Jefri Eduardo
Jefri Eduardo - 9 days ago
subtitle ngakak cok😂
Devit tng
Devit tng - 9 days ago
Lo ga diundang cok 🤣
prettyxx daisly
prettyxx daisly - 10 days ago
"eyy digoyang" "digoyang mujaer"🤦 ANJIR SIAPA YG ISI SUB INDONYAAA 🤣SIAPAAA??
Nia s
Nia s - 10 days ago
Yah, you not invited
Indonesian translate:
Ya, lo ngk di undang COK!!!
Me be like 😅 why someone use the bad word?
NADIA GACHA - 11 days ago
Itu subtitle nya ngegas banget + kocak wkwkwkwkwkw makin cantik yah somi
colorful mustache
colorful mustache - 12 days ago
me: "so how old are you?"

somi: " i'm 6,552 years old."

I did the math
Muthiara C
Muthiara C - 12 days ago
Hayo ngaku yang nonton nya sambil ketawa ketawa mana nih:v
Muthiara C
Muthiara C - 12 days ago
Hayo ngaku yang nonton nya sambil ketawa ketawa mana nih:v
Shannen Dale
Shannen Dale - 12 days ago
lol for her first solo stage considering she was being inactive and she came like this is actually 🔥
Romel Perez
Romel Perez - 13 days ago
Guys whatcha talking about? She’s more confident here than I am singing in the tub hahahahha she looks amazing and makes me want for more songs and an album 💙🎉💙
Jungkook's Banana milk
Jungkook's Banana milk - 13 days ago
Look how she starts smilling when she hears the fanchants :(
CharlySE - 13 days ago
Is one of the dancers Sara from J Dance Center?
Zona_ kpopid
Zona_ kpopid - 13 days ago
Yg ngesub indo serasa komen
jungkook's world
jungkook's world - 14 days ago
She did a great job 💘 nervous or not idc, the important is that I love it ❤️💕❤️
Md yuo diy
Md yuo diy - 14 days ago
I love that part OOPS YOU NOT INVITED 😂
Spade One
Spade One - 15 days ago
I like it
namjoon withluv
namjoon withluv - 15 days ago
Finally Live! And not lip sync
Vanny Putri
Vanny Putri - 16 days ago
Eyyy asique😂
Şeymanur Pak
Şeymanur Pak - 16 days ago
jennie den kopya
anas tca
anas tca - 16 days ago
sub indo nya anjir wkwkwk
LAY _ - 16 days ago
Indonesian sub its so funny🤣🤣🤣
Mohammad Dzaky Raihan Aushaf
Translate indonya aowkwkwk 😂👍
Nisreina Aura
Nisreina Aura - 17 days ago
Sri Nurfitriyani
Sri Nurfitriyani - 17 days ago
Sub indo ngapasih😂😂😂😅
KoreanTV Entertainment
KoreanTV Entertainment - 17 days ago
Ziape yg kesini gegara mebiw?
Trisha Virrey
Trisha Virrey - 17 days ago
Jennie and lisa's vocals
shausan sharifah
shausan sharifah - 18 days ago
eyyy digoyang gais
•ɴтнѕу• - 18 days ago
jaesense _
jaesense _ - 18 days ago
Woe ah anjerr lah humor anjloq sialan emang kelen😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Muhammad Fauzan
Muhammad Fauzan - 18 days ago
Ey digebor gebor mujaer 🤣🤣
iyung akbar
iyung akbar - 19 days ago
Music nya asik,, buat hepi2 ini alasan saya buat drum covernya
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