Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer

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MarvelnMore Cyclops294
MarvelnMore Cyclops294 - 39 минут назад
Keven Santos
Keven Santos - 40 минут назад
Cadê os brasileiros?!
MarvelnMore Cyclops294
MarvelnMore Cyclops294 - 40 минут назад
Berries 20
Berries 20 - 40 минут назад
I know a lot of people feel the third movie was the perfect place to end it, and i thought so too, but the 4th and final movie feels like an extended closure. I'm happy about this.
skyounkin - 40 минут назад
This is 95% the first movie....
BrandoManiac - 40 минут назад
MarvelnMore Cyclops294
MarvelnMore Cyclops294 - 40 минут назад
Yo yo yo
Yo yo yo - 40 минут назад
This is how many inches your peen is
Josélia Coelho
Josélia Coelho - 40 минут назад
*Puta que pariu mano, agora vou concluir minha infância depois de burra velha kkjsjkksjshk* só amoo
SmartGamerDude - 40 минут назад
Woody is going to die. Along with some others. DO NOT LET THE TRAILER FOOL YOU!
Harshi N
Harshi N - 40 минут назад
Basically its a story about a suicidal spork?
St ay
St ay - 40 минут назад
This trailers is so precious~
OjaruFan - 40 минут назад
This is gonna be great!
Brenden Marks
Brenden Marks - 40 минут назад
Looks like a cute movie but Toy Story 3 had one of the best ending is Disney history. They should have ended it on that high note.
M J - 40 минут назад
This is the epitome of unnecessary. The trilogy had a great ending. They seriously sat there & thought a story about a plastic utensil was enough to make a 4th movie? Boycott this cash grab.
Moran José
Moran José - 40 минут назад
Yo yo yo
Yo yo yo - 41 минуту назад
Looks decent.
Bryan Escalante
Bryan Escalante - 41 минуту назад
Well 2 things .... One why the number it 4??? Second ... Andy looks different in the flash back then he did in the first 2 movies .... Way to different
dominicraider - 41 минуту назад
It is really happening....
Yo yo yo
Yo yo yo - 41 минуту назад
Was that slappie?
Cdiwins1 - 41 минуту назад
Which toy story is the one where they rescue bonnie from John Podesta?
Ludmila - 41 минуту назад
I’m so sad, I thought Andy and the toys would reunite in this one🥺💔
Axel Ortega
Axel Ortega - 41 минуту назад
Wait.... did that spork try to commit soup of side?
Your Son
Your Son - 41 минуту назад
Toy Story already had an ending.
So why does this exist?
Abigail Abraham
Abigail Abraham - 41 минуту назад
Cars 3: Madagascar 2
100 Subscribers with no vids
100 Subscribers with no vids - 41 минуту назад
Do you know who the best person is?
Read the second word
Not begging but I’d appreciate a sub I’m aiming towards 100 subs
-Scotch- - 41 минуту назад
Let’s be honest we’re all just waiting for one of the Theorizing channels to decode this for us
PanosGreekGamer 9000
PanosGreekGamer 9000 - 42 минуты назад
And here I am, at 4:38 at midnight watching this not after two hours upon its release.
Worth it not worth it
Ludmila - 42 минуты назад
So no Andy?
npc 117
npc 117 - 42 минуты назад
This better not be ruined with modern she bull shyt I've had it up to here with they're non sense and want to see something nostalgic mind easing just pure good
Yo yo yo
Yo yo yo - 42 минуты назад
Plot twist:
It’s a porno
homelessricegum - 42 минуты назад
so its literally about a depressed fork
yuwin! - 42 минуты назад
I'll give the trailer a bit of respect for using God Only Knows by the Beach Boys. A like for that alone. Honestly didn't hear that coming.
Caged - 42 минуты назад
Cancelling all my plans for June 21st.
Milan Singh
Milan Singh - 42 минуты назад
This seems unnecessary and repetitive. Again its woody literally making stupid choices and buzz saving him *yawn
Ya boy Roy
Ya boy Roy - 42 минуты назад
Has anyone forgotten that this movie is going to have the most emotional ending?
Ala Mondello
Ala Mondello - 42 минуты назад
Holy fucking
Araceli Sanchez
Araceli Sanchez - 42 минуты назад
BO PEEP!!!! OMG!!!
Andrea Calderon
Andrea Calderon - 42 минуты назад
Me looking at the thumbnail: UM WHERE IS JESSIE
Kina Mims
Kina Mims - 42 минуты назад
Oh that's the story 😂
PK Lucas
PK Lucas - 42 минуты назад
1999: You are a toy!
2019: I am not a toy! 0:25
Panda alexaa
Panda alexaa - 42 минуты назад
Oh my gosh I remember that from iSpy
sillyhorse 'o2
sillyhorse 'o2 - 42 минуты назад
It ain't a real toy story movie unless buzz forgets he's not a real space ranger
ZeroFox75 - 42 минуты назад
Again with the ventriloquist dolls. Why just why?
Gabbie 19
Gabbie 19 - 42 минуты назад
*Oh Pixar Not Another One..*
I haven't recovered from The 3rd movie's ending!!
Swagedy Fox
Swagedy Fox - 43 минуты назад
are air pods a toy
Sh00k - 43 минуты назад
I’m literally so emotional and I feel nostalgic right now😭😭😢
FP - 43 минуты назад
Any word yet on who is voicing Mr Potato Head?
CheshireCat Smile
CheshireCat Smile - 43 минуты назад
I when I saw bo I knew it would be great
Yoooshi - 43 минуты назад
Woody went through years of being in boxes and not being played with only for her favorite toy to be a fork
Septisss Nul'
Septisss Nul' - 43 минуты назад
Is nobody gonna mention the fact, that bo peep sounds like the antagonist in this trailer?
pipy snipy Ag4
pipy snipy Ag4 - 43 минуты назад
I thought the spork thing was going to be like a special needs person
opɹᴉǝʍoʞɐǝɹℲ umopapisdn
opɹᴉǝʍoʞɐǝɹℲ umopapisdn - 43 минуты назад
I know half of humanity and i is not waiting for this unnecessary spin off/sequel but im going to watch it anyway
Eden Rockwell
Eden Rockwell - 43 минуты назад
kinda creepy, but whateva
The daring Golden girls
The daring Golden girls - 43 минуты назад
I had a dream 4 years ago on the trailer of Toy Story 4, it was a horror movie with a mix of Toy Story 3, Finding Nemo, and Coraline.
montse - 43 минуты назад
Ya la quiero ver 😭😞
Lady Shira
Lady Shira - 43 минуты назад
And now I’m crying 😭😭😭
Shawn Frederick
Shawn Frederick - 43 минуты назад
gabby gabby is the main antagonist in toy story 4 the real villain and bo peep and forky are not villain. coments you guys are wrong. it was gabby the real villain.
Gamingsusl0l - 43 минуты назад
this is lit af
Veressy - 43 минуты назад
I’m crying
Tgr Wolf
Tgr Wolf - 43 минуты назад
Woah yes yes yes
escotg GAMING
escotg GAMING - 44 минуты назад
*in the office thinking of new toy story ideas*
“How about we make a movie about a suicidal spork?”
ROKMC Rec. - 44 минуты назад
Toy Story 3 felt like the perfect way to end it.
Nathan Benjamin
Nathan Benjamin - 44 минуты назад
Is it just me or does Tom Hanks sound SO much more like Tom Hanks, or maybe its that i've grown up since I watched the last one... who knows.
Comm Unist
Comm Unist - 44 минуты назад
He finna *yeet* his last *haw*
Max B
Max B - 44 минуты назад
This looks stupid a movie about a spork
Noibah_ - 44 минуты назад
Jajaja no mames no entendi nada nose ingles xdd
sangton terria
sangton terria - 44 минуты назад
Is this real?
PhillipG34 - 44 минуты назад
Sporky really? They're running out of ideas. Should've stopped with 3
ryan hawk
ryan hawk - 44 минуты назад
Absolutely worth waiting a decade
jordan chaske
jordan chaske - 44 минуты назад
This is gonna great thanks pixar
Park :v야이르
Park :v야이르 - 45 минут назад
Comentario en español :v
INJUN_SAVAGE - 45 минут назад
Rip Mr Potato head, Slinky. & Evil Dr Pork Chop.
Sergio Valadez
Sergio Valadez - 45 минут назад
Que pdo con los del títere
Albanise Dos Santos Pires
Albanise Dos Santos Pires - 45 минут назад
Very good!
Niggles The taco
Niggles The taco - 45 минут назад
Gabbie 19
Gabbie 19 - 45 минут назад
*Toy Story 3:* Finally Young kids who are now adults got the closure and be satisfied with our toys now living with Bonnie. Now that Andy is now grown up and moved on so will we.
*Toy Story 4:* Hold Mah Beer..
Half-Life Scientist
Half-Life Scientist - 45 минут назад
"I don't remember it being this hard"
Do you not remember the events of the previous toy story films?
HoodieN Balaclava
HoodieN Balaclava - 45 минут назад
Now this, this is good
Every Other Tuesday
Every Other Tuesday - 45 минут назад
Literally this again
Suns The Limit
Suns The Limit - 45 минут назад
Honestly more hyped for this than end game
luzma cr
luzma cr - 45 минут назад
Si por fin
Anonymous Nyan Cat
Anonymous Nyan Cat - 45 минут назад
This actually doesn’t look that bad
Platinum Gamer
Platinum Gamer - 45 минут назад
I’m putting my trust in this movie.
Wilman Aurelio Quevedo Celis
Wilman Aurelio Quevedo Celis - 45 минут назад
Pixar a great company has not failed in almost all your movies and I would be more nostalgic for the toy story Thank you for leaving us valuable teachings in all your movies
DJ BIRDZ - 45 минут назад
Been a Toy Story fan my whole life and the fourth movie is based on a plastic fork... Sometimes it’s better off where it ends. For example, Toy Story 3.
The Polanco Fam
The Polanco Fam - 46 минут назад
Crying all over again
Amlan kumar acharya
Amlan kumar acharya - 46 минут назад
Milking the toystory movie again 😞
Irving Eduardo
Irving Eduardo - 46 минут назад
Y la Bonnie adolescente???
Luana Yuzuru
Luana Yuzuru - 46 минут назад
Valen Gamer
Valen Gamer - 46 минут назад
Soy el único que habla español
Athan El cuervo con sombrero
Athan El cuervo con sombrero - 46 минут назад
Esto envés de un trailer parece un resumen(?
PUBGM BULLETS - 46 минут назад
Someone just read this comment...
KateDraws Kawaii
KateDraws Kawaii - 46 минут назад
Ratatouille deserves a sequel
Shadowgamer 2667
Shadowgamer 2667 - 46 минут назад
So where Andy
Sanu Kumar
Sanu Kumar - 47 минут назад
Family friendly saga but boring & unfunny story
Isaih Johnson
Isaih Johnson - 47 минут назад
I watch no1 on vcr
Abraham Banda Varela
Abraham Banda Varela - 47 минут назад
Esta en español xd
Amy Sanchez
Amy Sanchez - 47 минут назад
I feel like there is going to be more teens and adults than there are of kids😂
Thomas Goodman
Thomas Goodman - 47 минут назад
Like for Pixar!
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