Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer

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VIVEK KUMAR SINGH - 36 minutes ago
When I saw toy story 3 it was just incredible and emotional with thrill and suspense. And when I saw last sense of toy story 3 it was very emotional and i thought this great story of toys was ended but now it comes back so much exited for toy story 4
Jr ThaGoat
Jr ThaGoat - 43 minutes ago
the whole time he tries to save the spork and the gabby girl wants his sound box and at the end woody leaves the rest of the toys to be with Bo and the gabby girl ends up getting a child
Unofficial Siege
Unofficial Siege - 55 minutes ago
At least I know what’s going on unlike frozen
Arief A
Arief A - 56 minutes ago
Can't wait!!1!1!!
Darren Christian
Darren Christian - Hour ago
i like the trailer
Jasmine Moustafa
Jasmine Moustafa - Hour ago
so many ethical dilemmas in the trailer
saikat samanta
saikat samanta - Hour ago
I am sure this movie will be the best movie of pixar .
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Don't forget to reply me
Twisted Chan
Twisted Chan - Hour ago
My nickname is Gabi uhh
Omg its Me
Omg its Me - Hour ago
drtrongamers team
drtrongamers team - 2 hours ago
1:59 for what I remember, this is not what andy looks like when he was a kid😂
He looks like a mannequin until he was in college😃
Beat childhood ever👊❤️
Kenn Miral PH
Kenn Miral PH - 2 hours ago
can't wait to watch this tomorrow here in PH, this great film an another story to tell from generation to generation
Marcela Mendez
Marcela Mendez - 3 hours ago
Oh my god!! I'm so excited!!!! Wait... was that a nod to Tin Toy at 1:37!? :O
ilove Cookies
ilove Cookies - 3 hours ago
Funfact that only true Disney fans know the first toy story movie was released in 1995 imagine that! It’s 2019 it’s been 24 years!!! A lot of people going to the cinemas could be teens or adults watching Im a big fan I know you are too!
Pingu Noot Noot
Pingu Noot Noot - 4 hours ago
Spoiler Alert

Chucky thanos everyone and all toys die
Wanderley Cunha
Wanderley Cunha - 4 hours ago
Gamer999THE_BEST - 4 hours ago
Milla Pule
Milla Pule - 4 hours ago
Gillderoy The Mouse Prince
in AUS it comes out on the 19th and im seeing it and i wont tell anyone what happens bc im not ready to be sent to hell
Gillderoy The Mouse Prince
also who dislked this
Gillderoy The Mouse Prince
im seeing it tonight and im stressing out at school
Adrian Miranda
Adrian Miranda - 5 hours ago
2:10 I haven't even seen the movie yet and that part hit me hard
w d y m?
w d y m? - 5 hours ago
Who else misses Andy?
B3T0 - 5 hours ago
Owen: SuperBot
Owen: SuperBot - 5 hours ago
Toy Story 1: Fantastic
Toy Story 2: Amazing
Toy Story 3: Emotional
Toy Story 4: Looks good so probably good
Reaper 007
Reaper 007 - 8 hours ago
or, you know, instead of risking basically everything, you could *make a new spork toy for her*

and then continue the storyline
Marc S.
Marc S. - 8 hours ago
WHY??? Toy Story 3 was such a perfect ending...
Joseph Gaming
Joseph Gaming - 8 hours ago
I am not mentally prepared for this movie I am going to cry my eyes out
Ben Lines
Ben Lines - 9 hours ago
Wait Forky is a Spork, shouldnt he be called 'Sporky'

Dad: why is the FBI here?
Geoff 1993
Geoff 1993 - 9 hours ago
basically just watched the whole film from the advert. thanks pixar im just gunna wait for it to be free on tv instead of going cinema to watch it
Ben Lines
Ben Lines - 9 hours ago
David Ahmed
David Ahmed - 9 hours ago
Love the Toy Story films - they're so inventive. Will definitely make the trip to the cinema for this entry. Now that Disney owns Lucasfilm, I only wish Pixar had added some vintage Kenner Star Wars toys as characters. How about "Patrol Dewback" and Stormtrooper in his back to hang out with the dinosaurs?
The Youtube Critic
The Youtube Critic - 9 hours ago
I feel like Bo is going to be the antagonist
Dana Cam
Dana Cam - 10 hours ago
Meh, they should’ve just let you story three be the perfect ending
Gabe Salinas
Gabe Salinas - 11 hours ago
Woody is bisexual in this one for sure
laura lee
laura lee - 12 hours ago
I’m gonna see toy story 4
Roland Murray
Roland Murray - 12 hours ago
Hmm screen is wider
Human Seouls
Human Seouls - 12 hours ago
0:04 is that boo at the right side omg
Antonella Henriquez Sandoval
No cambien la felicidad de esta historia 😥
Daniel Osorio
Daniel Osorio - 12 hours ago
Pixar, the best animators, more than Disney, his owner.
Eddy mmm
Eddy mmm - 12 hours ago
Family guy messed the whole image up for me 😂😂😂
United Bank Of MONEY
United Bank Of MONEY - 12 hours ago
Tony *Spork*
Seham —
Seham — - 13 hours ago
I am so excited .
Alan O Connor
Alan O Connor - 13 hours ago
Starting to get a lump in my throat already!!
K.G. Donathan
K.G. Donathan - 14 hours ago
It's only the trailer and I'm already crying.
Bryan Mcwhite
Bryan Mcwhite - 14 hours ago
2019 rules forever I'm the rock forever Steve Fikes Roman reigns forever I'm Roy Clark and all the singers they play on Kbek forever promise to god Steve Fikes Steve Perry of journey and all the singers they play on Kool 108 forever promise to god. Go twins go Rockies I'm Brian Wilson of the beach boys forever I'm Bryan Adams forever my girlfriend s Jennifer Lopez forever I'm Ray Benson of asleep at the wheel forever Steve Fikes christiopher cross forever bye now
Gino Siskel Reviews
Gino Siskel Reviews - 15 hours ago
Toy story 4 was frangtastic. It has it all. Action, drama, laughs, thrills, chills, felching, and more family fun for all ages.
Calllegend - 15 hours ago
I’m so happy my childhoods coming back🎉😁
Hydro - 15 hours ago
This is the tenth time I've watched and I still get goosebumps
RareSox - 15 hours ago
Anyone up for making this a meme?
Hamish Wilson
Hamish Wilson - 15 hours ago
I was wondering what happened to Bo in toy story 3, now I know
André Luiz de Moura Jr
André Luiz de Moura Jr - 16 hours ago
Did I just hear Keanu Reeves at 2:04?
ToyBoxFun - 16 hours ago
Very nice! love Toy Story
Ash Ole
Ash Ole - 16 hours ago
WoW Ray tracing here too.
Zechariah Cameron
Zechariah Cameron - 17 hours ago
I hate to see Bonnie so sad that she can’t find the toys.
Kawaii Potato
Kawaii Potato - 18 hours ago
I miss Andy 😭😭😭😭
afik fik53
afik fik53 - 19 hours ago
Im waiteng
Queen Pheen
Queen Pheen - 19 hours ago
Andy better be more than a memory in this
Bjørn Vind Abildtrup
Bjørn Vind Abildtrup - 20 hours ago
anything can be emotional with god only knows
CuteX Wulffy
CuteX Wulffy - 20 hours ago
It's that slappy the dummy?!
Tobias Gerrits
Tobias Gerrits - 20 hours ago
0:57 Jezus 😂 toy story somehow can make toys scary
Steven Manuel
Steven Manuel - 20 hours ago
If you thought endgame was it , just wait for this ending
Zechariah Cameron
Zechariah Cameron - 21 hour ago
Didn’t trailers use to come out like a year before the film was released?
Varman - 21 hour ago
We need more Finding Nemo sequels than Toy Story
Julianna Ochoa
Julianna Ochoa - 22 hours ago
UwU I’m just excited for Bonnie and Woody




grundle munch
grundle munch - 22 hours ago
Ratzenberger sounds like hes 2000 years old
Doodie - 23 hours ago
so cool to see andy remade looking
LOLAISYOU Plays - 23 hours ago
Nah nah nah HTTYD already made me cry during the ending, but toy story is gonna make me screach i know that much
TopMovieScene - 23 hours ago
You've got a friend in me.. 🎶
Hamza Farid
Hamza Farid - 23 hours ago
i think and my friends and family say disney pixar macking the A Bugs Life 2 because Toy Story And Bugs Life Is Most Beautiful Cartoons
Joshiegreat MC
Joshiegreat MC - 23 hours ago
this is breath taking
ilbapc - Day ago
I've already piced together this whole movie by this trailer🤦‍♀️
Makeupby J
Makeupby J - Day ago
my perants: your toys can’t just walk up and leave...

me: yea ocay..
Alexander Vasquez
Alexander Vasquez - Day ago
Why does the toy look like slappy
Shadowq8 - Day ago
Lourdes - Day ago
I just came back from watching the premier and It was amazing I totally recommend watching the movie.
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse - Day ago
Rip woody
Kaio_K!d - Day ago
Can we get a Buzz Lightyear Video Game or bring back the Star Command Series?
TerrificMarioBros - Day ago
1:58 is that Andy?
Runt - 12 hours ago
No. It's lil pump
K F - Day ago
Ryuga - Day ago
Hey i am waiting for the octopus movie from finding dory and for the cars4
Ryuga - 10 hours ago
@Runt hope they think about it soon
Runt - 11 hours ago
@Ryuga 3 years for isn't long enough. Around at least 6 years is good enough.
Ryuga - 11 hours ago
@Runt thanks for his name They should have think about another finding movie its already been 3 years.i didn't like the cars3 ending i wanted to see McQueen defeating storm
Runt - 12 hours ago
1. The octopus is called Hank 2. It's too early for a cars 4 and the series cars 3 had an excellent ending. 3. Too early for a new "Finding" movie.
Spartan 9949
Spartan 9949 - Day ago
Why is there no reference to the new adidas x toy story 4 shoes
Tex - Day ago
Fellow teens and adults, let’s brace ourselves for this emotional rollercoaster
Runt - 12 hours ago
I'll be sure to do so.
Chloe Moon Cake Pop
Is that Slappy????
Ashal Malik
Ashal Malik - Day ago
It took This movie almost a decade to be made
MrMarvel 3000
MrMarvel 3000 - Day ago
So i wated 9 yrs for a *SPORK* ??
Fizzex Dan
Fizzex Dan - Day ago
Toy story 4 is about a suicidal fork
Hector Gonzalez
Hector Gonzalez - Day ago
Tony Hale is just a perfect cast as a fork having an existential crisis.
Usmaan Ilyas
Usmaan Ilyas - Day ago
Who has been counting down the days?
Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee - Day ago
The Flash12380
The Flash12380 - Day ago
Can someone sub because i do gamimg plz and i love the TS franchise plus i miss andy.
Justin Deblois
Justin Deblois - Day ago
What Happend To Mr And Mrs. Potatoe Head And The Dog Slinky Also Those Aliens
Mr. Tintin
Mr. Tintin - Day ago
How To Train Your Dragon: I will have the saddest ending in any animated franchise.
Toy Story: I'm about to end this Viking's whole career.
Cicera Costa
Cicera Costa - Day ago
0:04 On Boonie's right, we can see a kid who looks a lot like Boo from Monsters INC.
Lilianna Hardt
Lilianna Hardt - Day ago
This looks so good.
Juana 1704
Juana 1704 - Day ago
Who is watching the movie on thursday??
Anaiza Devellard
Anaiza Devellard - Day ago
Moonsong - Day ago
Can't wait!!
krisdawson37 - Day ago
And theres the first step too far for this franchise. Why does it always happen to the good ones?
Cornel Family
Cornel Family - Day ago
*Who else cried in the ending of Toy Story 3?*
Gillderoy The Mouse Prince
who didn't?
Rebel Alliance
Rebel Alliance - Day ago
" I was made to help a child, I don't remember it being this hard.... "
zaSlider - Day ago
I can't wait for this.. 😔 the only pixar movies I care for..EVER cared for.
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