NO EXCUSES - Best Motivational Video

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Ben Lionel Scott
Ben Lionel Scott - Year ago
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Amdila Harinda
Amdila Harinda - 2 days ago
Thank you so much and thank you so much for this videos I need this videos motivational thank you so much sir... I believe I can success later for me and my big family....
Shankar.s Swarna
Shankar.s Swarna - 18 days ago
@Karan Jain Indian's 😍😍😍
Kadir Aydemir
Kadir Aydemir - Hour ago
Türkçe çeviri istiyoruz
Daemon - 2 hours ago
I want someone to talk with him or her English-language cuz I want to practice .
Is there any one from the united States?
Aησηүмσυs - 6 hours ago
The world ,
The world wants you ,
The world wants you to change ,
So change ,
Just change ,
I know it's Difficult ,
But Please Take a change ,
For the world ,
Because the world Wants you...
2kspooks - 7 hours ago
I’m soo high !!!!!!!
sapps sapps
sapps sapps - 10 hours ago
Rise and grind
Krimzin Art
Krimzin Art - 17 hours ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥YES! Going to get I deserve.
sefa s.
sefa s. - 18 hours ago
Hakan Dümbük Remember my name, i m going to be the new prime minister of Turkey! Wish me luck....
Jessica Gray
Jessica Gray - 18 hours ago
Pray and Give to God he will bless me
Jessica Gray
Jessica Gray - 18 hours ago
Love this 👏
Samina Akter
Samina Akter - 21 hour ago
I have been studying for 80+ hours a week for getting into a reputable university. Tomorrow is my examination. Please pray for me everyone
TRL Motivation
TRL Motivation - Day ago
Great dear brother i am Indian
reality of facts
reality of facts - Day ago
Superb motivation sir thank you very much 😇😇😇😇
Th3Lukosius - Day ago
*"You can only die once, make it sure it's worth it"*
Shadows Die Twice...
FrostPlaysz - Day ago
Motivational Video
*Most of it show sports*
Adrian Ambroszkiewicz
It’s grind season homie, ain’t such thing as tomorrow.
Gabriel Loya
Gabriel Loya - Day ago
The person that made excuses,
didn’t want to deal with their problems
Daddy-Kun - Day ago
filmed on a nokia365
David Persson
David Persson - Day ago
Remember me: David Persson
I will be one of the greatest natural bodybuilders
With hard work
Charlotte vs
Charlotte vs - Day ago
I am going to be the person who does the world to a better place without any suffer of animals because of us, without any suffer of the environment because of us and without any suffer of people because of other people. That is my dream and my opportunity.
Mobile Legend gameplay
i will pass my big exam call bac2
Lukas Gudelis Gudelevicius
Good !!!
Ilakkiya Sathish
Ilakkiya Sathish - Day ago
I'm not going to feel sorry for myself anymore.
TheMonkeyBusiness - Day ago
Motivational videos kept me through the hard times in 1st year of medicine college(studying was easy) - getting up at 6am,going to college to 12pm,studying to 9pm,working out to 10pm,taking a shower to 10:45pm,and texting my gf to 12pm,and going to sleep.Repeat.Until weekend,weekends were easier,only studying,working out,and being with girlfriend.
5 more years.Keep it up,if not me,who? If not now,when ?
Kennythekobefan - 2 days ago
I watch this ever morning
mantech vlogs
mantech vlogs - 2 days ago
Thanks bro the voice and words are true.start today
I Rfan
I Rfan - 2 days ago
I showed this to my cat . Now it is a lion
Menxi - 2 days ago
Am I the only one that didn't get a bit of motivation?
Tu Ping Ping
Tu Ping Ping - 2 days ago
Listening to this while working out. can't stop smiling ♥️
NOTHING : Sounds With Feelings
Linkin Park- In the end (background music)
Mr. Vikky Rampurwala
Mr. Vikky Rampurwala - 2 days ago
Snapchatwalo ki mkc
the rush 27
the rush 27 - 2 days ago
Well I graduated and now I'm focusing on body building myself now
Erik Škovran
Erik Škovran - 2 days ago
I literarly had tears coming out at beginning because its just so True
Space Face
Space Face - 2 days ago
life is like a bicycle, you need to go forward to maintain the balance
Hello. How you do.
Hello. How you do. - 2 days ago
Thank you I needed this to find the remote ..
Charu Thelion
Charu Thelion - 2 days ago
I will say it..... After I achieve it 🔥
CroixFrozy - 2 days ago
Stop scrolling. Get the job done.
JayRaj Fab
JayRaj Fab - 2 days ago
No excuse no excuse no excuse
Adam Snodgrass
Adam Snodgrass - 2 days ago
My motivation is to be the best person I can be without destroying someone in the process. If I have to destroy someone than that’s not something someone with Jesus in them would do.
Spoonerism Official
Spoonerism Official - 3 days ago
Remember my name - Nafets Nafti
I will be one of the heavyest human of all time in the world. Im only 13 but I have 169kg and a dream
Lucida An
Lucida An - 3 days ago
I literally watch this every morning
ZarkeoZ _
ZarkeoZ _ - 3 days ago
Remember Sinners guys. It will be my band and everyone will know us!
Rahul CR
Rahul CR - 3 days ago
Iam going to be one the best football player in the world
wish me luck👍
swholapatimico crnba
swholapatimico crnba - 3 days ago
I'm 14 and I'm spanish and I'm gonna join NBA, I'm gonna be a professional basketball player. Remember me, Francisco Escalante, Spain
vivek chaudhary
vivek chaudhary - 3 days ago
In the end
Ham Dan
Ham Dan - 4 days ago
I Am Gonna Be A PILOT !!!
irfan qureshi
irfan qureshi - 4 days ago
This Video played in our meeting for motivation ...
Mark Sam mccoy
Mark Sam mccoy - 4 days ago
Thank you so much for this video.. Its really Amazing how its with a simle things that no can EXCUSE.. BUT HOW HARD IT IS IF UOU WANT face it then you hav to go for it and do it...this video is verry helpful to its other it can also motivate some people..keep up the good work thank you...
Jam pati
Jam pati - 4 days ago
I need hug 😭
ABC AUTOTUBE - 4 days ago
ujjwal limboo
ujjwal limboo - 4 days ago
I just got goosebumps.... It's game on its go season.
FBI - 4 days ago
You want to know what's stopping me?
Hm well do you?
Okay, I'll tell you
I'll tell you what's stopping me.
Utkarsh Acharya
Utkarsh Acharya - 4 days ago
It’s grind season homie
Bubblegum - 4 days ago
in six years i’ll be accepted to ucla. remember me Outi from finland
Paagl Loo
Paagl Loo - 4 days ago
Iss video ko dekhnewale log... Sab ek jaise h.. Including me.
Why we need motivation?
Abe khud ko motivat kro... Khud ke kaam se baaton se... Agr dusro ko sun kr he log badalte to sayd aaj... 23M log badal chuke hote.
Jhaat frk padta h.. Videos ka
Frk padta h.. Tmhare khud ke sochne se... Dusro ke sochwane se nhi.
Hm kabhi nhi badal skte jbtk iss motivation wale dos ko na chore.
Bhai majak kr rhe the... Wo sb line video dekhte dekhte likhi hai... Video khtm.
Ab me normal hu😂
Kanita Rydwana
Kanita Rydwana - 4 days ago
I'm gonna get world highest on my courses. I'm gonna apply for scholarships in the best universities, get selected in almost all of them and graduate from my dream uni in first division. Wish me luck :D
A Trillion Views
A Trillion Views - 4 days ago
You can Do it
Sarath Unnikrishnan
Sarath Unnikrishnan - 5 days ago
SheGotGame 6
SheGotGame 6 - 5 days ago
This is so true humans give themselves excuses on why they do not do the things that they want to do but the real problem is always us we stop ourselves from doing the things that we want fear is my number one burden
Osto Kyoto
Osto Kyoto - 5 days ago
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