NO EXCUSES - Best Motivational Video

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Ben Lionel Scott
Ben Lionel Scott - Year ago
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Ay-dee AM
Ay-dee AM - 18 hours ago
Ben Lionel Scott so you’re charging people for sound bites that aren’t even yours?
pixy dust
pixy dust - 8 days ago
Only came here, cuz I saw someone shirtless
As Edits
As Edits - 3 hours ago
Excuses sound best to the person who is making them up....
Ibrokhim Bakhtiyorov
Ibrokhim Bakhtiyorov - 17 hours ago
Very motivative video. I liked the quote " Awaken the beast inside you" very much. Thanks for the video dude. Keep rockin ↑
Vishwajit Pal
Vishwajit Pal - 17 hours ago
Thanks for your speech man
Nada Adnani
Nada Adnani - 19 hours ago
and thats on periodt
Fun With #Puzzles
Fun With #Puzzles - Day ago
Such a motivation video. Thanks for it.
Ellie Carson
Ellie Carson - Day ago
Remember me
I’m ellie Carson
I’m 15 but that ain’t stoppin me
And I WILL BE the best I can be
I WILL change the world
Mjb Mjb
Mjb Mjb - Day ago
I kno Tyrese not trying to motivate talking pity party I seen him crying
Valerio Rossi
Valerio Rossi - Day ago
This kind of people know exactly what they want from life. Once you know it you can apply discipline, self confidence, courage and all that motivational stuff. But If you don't know it, you look yourself in the mirror and don't even know who you are... What then? Currently I only know my name and that I'm keeping my body alive. But I don't know if I'm really alive. I'd like to have a purpose in this lifespan. Otherwise I'm not sure to deserve this life.
H.S.I Tirmizi
H.S.I Tirmizi - Day ago
Can anyone tell me about the background music
Aroonavo Gaming
Aroonavo Gaming - 17 hours ago
In the end remix
Sacrilege Gaming
Sacrilege Gaming - Day ago
Best video in ytube for motivation
Dennis Greason
Dennis Greason - 2 days ago
This take a long time to get a movie to play
Stephen Bolton
Stephen Bolton - 2 days ago
2:29 who is the man speaking I cant find the video of him speaking fast and motivational
Sumi akter
Sumi akter - 2 days ago
Just awesome..
Rahima Akhi
Rahima Akhi - 2 days ago
From Bangladesh? ?
Zoheb Shaikh
Zoheb Shaikh - 2 days ago
I always use to skip leg Day but after watching this video I will do it 2time in a week
Bored Bitch77
Bored Bitch77 - 2 days ago
Remember me know I’m Victoria and I’m going to be a singer and I’m not joking around just wait
Agrhonak - 2 days ago
This and Legends never die ft Alan walker saved my life back when I ha d depressions. Now I'm more than I've ever dreamed as a kid
Maverick lg
Maverick lg - 3 days ago
Remember my name Ayub Shaikh
One day I'm gonna ba great vlogger
Isara Ketmanee
Isara Ketmanee - 3 days ago
Hey Ben!
Love your work man.
Can I use this song on my workout video on Instagram?
Would love to let people know who you are and will definitely you give you credits.
Thank you!
Aastha Thakur
Aastha Thakur - 3 days ago
This is the best motivational video I've ever seen
Kyle Seymour
Kyle Seymour - 3 days ago
Well the problem is me and the other problem is I literally don’t care about anything.
apex No1re
apex No1re - 3 days ago
0:44 - 0:56
Mono Pantelos! P.q.
Mono Pantelos! P.q. - 3 days ago
This video gives me always motivation to reach my goals. Coming from a foreign country, learning a new language and now I am studying in the university to reach my goals and become a successful person with a good education. Every time I am watching it, it makes me cry. That’s the moment when I awaken the beast inside me. Never give up my friend! You can reach everything you put your mind to!
Natan Ray
Natan Ray - 3 days ago
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Amo Mouad
Amo Mouad - 3 days ago
Best part 2:29
RkayFootball - 3 days ago
"Ain't no such thing as tomorrow we only got today."
All about everything
All about everything - 4 days ago
I played it on my iPhone it turned into a android
All about everything
All about everything - 4 days ago
Best best best!!!!!
**DesTinY** 7
**DesTinY** 7 - 4 days ago
This hit me......
Sara Bal
Sara Bal - 4 days ago
Im going to be the best teacher in the world remember this name SARA BAL 😊🌍🌍❤️🥰
Music kiwi
Music kiwi - 4 days ago
I didn't get placed on this planet to be a nobody.
Life !! I'm Fighting back, and I'm not stoping untill I win !
Kotnito GAMING
Kotnito GAMING - 4 days ago
My name is Stanimir my dream is to become the best goalkeeper
I started training before 1 year and now everyone from my friends and team is telling me I'm very good and goalkeeping😏and telling me to go for bigger challenge and team
Make your dreams real😏
YEDDU TONY - 4 days ago
Beauty Vibes
Beauty Vibes - 4 days ago
Play 1:46 in 1.25 speed just try it 😍😍
Jake Payne
Jake Payne - 5 days ago
Any video that has linkin park instrumental (be it a remix) behind it has my vote
Akash Chandra Das
Akash Chandra Das - 5 days ago
I'm going to be the best version of me. Thanks
Varvatos Vax
Varvatos Vax - 5 days ago
I wish I could again...
snxwrose - 5 days ago
ok my aim, my wish, my dream can sound childish. but i want to not regret, never ever in my life, never cry about missed opportunities, chances. never wanna pitty myself & do the same mistakes over & over again, when i look back i want to smile & be able to say, that i was good, that i worked hard, that i am now there where i wanted to be & I am proud of myself, most importantly happy. i don't wanna regret anything.
Geek Networking
Geek Networking - 5 days ago
Better than Preworkout😅😅
Ashley Kleinford
Ashley Kleinford - 6 days ago
I remember listening to this when I needed motivation to study for my university entrance exam.
"If you want it, you got to go get it." Those words were my motivation, whenever I feel like I cannot study anymore, whenever I feel tired, I always say those words and it keeps me going. It was thanks to this video that I was able to make it to my dream university, thank you!
Uni-D - 6 days ago
Came here cause my 3 hour tryouts were giving me second thoughts.
Harshad Harshu
Harshad Harshu - 6 days ago
this real truth
Rising Gr8ness
Rising Gr8ness - 6 days ago
"Excuses are monuments of nothing.....they build bridges to nowhere"
Anders Spencer
Anders Spencer - 6 days ago
Anders Spencer vs Everyone
Huy Tan
Huy Tan - 7 days ago
Thanks for give me more motivation to go on the way try to be a human properly !!!!
BC 324
BC 324 - 7 days ago
_"Kono Giorno Giovanna niwa yume ga aru"_
Anamjongya Miriam
Anamjongya Miriam - 7 days ago
Watch out for Blessing Anams! 😇🙏
daniel geheim
daniel geheim - 7 days ago
I'm so motivated in my bed
Dean Rocco Sterling
Dean Rocco Sterling - 4 days ago
daniel geheim hahahahaha same im just reading these people saying remember my name and laughing at them lol
The Rough Rider
The Rough Rider - 7 days ago
"You don't know that you will live the next minute. So make every minute worthy"

Please like this comment and always try to make the time of your life,WORTHY!!!
Bearded Wolf
Bearded Wolf - 7 days ago
All I want is ONE motivational video that isn't voiced by an n-word
Mask musician
Mask musician - 7 days ago
I showed this to a hen now it's flying
Muhammad Khalid
Muhammad Khalid - 7 days ago
I find running very boring but this clips make it easy for me..
Wolfiest - 8 days ago
Shark Mentality Move Forward Never Stop MOVING NEVER GO BACKWARDS
Amith Fernando
Amith Fernando - 8 days ago
I am gonna get the best results on my IGCSE exams in my school. I have 6 months more but I will do it. Wish me luck : )
Jayhn - 8 days ago
I'm going to be a successful artist. Remember me brothers and sisters.
Prasad k s Pacchu
Prasad k s Pacchu - 8 days ago
So nice voice and video
Lhouvi solo
Lhouvi solo - 8 days ago
Best motivation video 💕💕😊
Fong Jun Yang
Fong Jun Yang - 8 days ago
Do anyone have the BGM of this video?
Patrick Lettieri
Patrick Lettieri - 9 days ago
What song is the piano music
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