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Avery The Cuban-American
Moose is a good dog, very helpful assistant
Jazmin tobias
Jazmin tobias - Month ago
Valerie Morales ??
Keira Lee
Keira Lee - Month ago
Avery The Cuban-American Moose is the best boy
Alissa Swetland
Alissa Swetland - Month ago
you are so right
Samara Vazquez
Samara Vazquez - Month ago
Avery The Cuban-American haha so funny
Sunshine hawk
Sunshine hawk - 6 hours ago
Ily 💕❤️
Ashley Hernandez
Ashley Hernandez - 16 hours ago
Please learn the definition of anthropology so you can use it correctly
Sarah Grimaldo
Sarah Grimaldo - Day ago
You looked cute together
Charity Goings
Charity Goings - 2 days ago
I luv your vids oh and Wengie's too😅
Jahari WAshington
Jahari WAshington - 2 days ago
My boyfriend said you look good spraying the trunk i got mad af💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😠😡😠😡😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😓😓
j-hopes hope
j-hopes hope - 2 days ago
Her and Amber Scholl OMG unstoppable
Taleah Mastroianni
Taleah Mastroianni - 4 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks she ruined the box when she added the frilly stuff to it?
Tom K
Tom K - 4 days ago
It's my granddaughters birthday. 🙌 yay
The Bald Unicorn
The Bald Unicorn - 4 days ago
I like watching the painting behind her because sometimes the horns line up with her head
Brittany Scheidt
Brittany Scheidt - 4 days ago
0:26, look there and lauren has demon horns... SO COOL!
Beth Smeragulioulo
Beth Smeragulioulo - 5 days ago
u play roblox i know lauren
Beth Smeragulioulo
Beth Smeragulioulo - 5 days ago
unicorn poop yeah from roblox / lauren is that u
Suhani Sonika
Suhani Sonika - 6 days ago
the trunk is so cuteeee , just like moose
Brenda Medina
Brenda Medina - 6 days ago
Giuliana Montero
Giuliana Montero - 6 days ago
I love your videos and I love when you do DIY‘s and I love moose and I love all your videos and again I love you’re treasure chest DIY oh my goodness you are so awesome at doing DIY‘s peace out girl
Cal Cal
Cal Cal - 7 days ago
Love your hair style at 2:18! ALSO love your channel it has been a huge inspiration to me!!
Layla Alukaby
Layla Alukaby - 8 days ago
You could’ve made the basket a checkered pattern
And I Opp
And I Opp - 9 days ago
Honestly I liked it before the fringe and stuff
Sandra Malalla - Green Glade Sr PS (1308)
I swear your soooo interesting and sooo pretty also moose is sooo cute
Gabi Jones
Gabi Jones - 12 days ago
Lauren’s dog is so adorable. But it looks a little weird, but in a good way.
Cutting Edge Creations
Cutting Edge Creations - 14 days ago
Great tips, I am a furniture builder and just started recording videos, Im excited about this journey!
Julius Schmidt
Julius Schmidt - 14 days ago
Why is the government watching me
Julius Schmidt
Julius Schmidt - 14 days ago
Why is the government watching me
Julius Schmidt
Julius Schmidt - 14 days ago
Why is the government watching me
Me,Myself, and I
Me,Myself, and I - 15 days ago
I literally have the same trunk but in pink. 😂

BTW she’s offended
KawaiCutie #1
KawaiCutie #1 - 17 days ago
You are as beautiful as always 😍❤️
I love you too moose 💕💖
xoxo selina
xoxo selina - 17 days ago
I really want to do crafts rn but I have no supplies 😭
Jenny Lewis
Jenny Lewis - 17 days ago
I ❤️your videos
Carys Alise
Carys Alise - 18 days ago

Oh and btw, Lauren, you should wear a mask when working with spray paint
Vanessa and Vionna
Vanessa and Vionna - 18 days ago
Lauren do u still remember , who bought this dog for u
Katara Ziegler
Katara Ziegler - 21 day ago
I would’ve put a seat cushion on the chest
Brieanna Anliker
Brieanna Anliker - 21 day ago
Make diy school supplies
Heidi Tuttle
Heidi Tuttle - 21 day ago
You should do a part 2 (Also pretty are you) Read that back words
Callie Clark
Callie Clark - 22 days ago
purple is my favorite color, that trunk in my opinion looked fine. No judgement though, you do you.
Amani Mejia
Amani Mejia - 23 days ago
Moose is asistant
Mackenzie Works
Mackenzie Works - 24 days ago
You are soooooo good at these diys!
Amazinglifeaskola - 24 days ago
Laurdiy the glass dish is a crystal dish haha
AZWolf.75 - 24 days ago
The newbies probably all this Lauren is dating Matt. But for all the newbies out there. Matt is dating someone else. He’s just her camera man.
Ben Smith
Ben Smith - 24 days ago
I loved ur video
Bill Janzen
Bill Janzen - 25 days ago
Hey Lauren you were on FBE I watched the video and you were on a wish ad.
Kalilol 25
Kalilol 25 - 25 days ago
I love ur dog❤️❤️❤️🔐🔒
Sangeeta Sindi Y9P
Sangeeta Sindi Y9P - 25 days ago
Sure i am beautiful are you (now read it backwards)
Ellah's World1129
Ellah's World1129 - 26 days ago
My fav is probably the trunk
Xxgacha girlxX XxIzzyxX
Xxgacha girlxX XxIzzyxX - 26 days ago
Is it just me or did Laran got more prettier
MagicAshley_Gacha - 26 days ago
at 0:56 the trunks like i have feelings too
Meghan Flanagan
Meghan Flanagan - 27 days ago
You should do a DIY competition with Matt!
Joan Wright
Joan Wright - 27 days ago
4:20 why was she in a different shirt??
Simone Parker-Taylor
Simone Parker-Taylor - 27 days ago
Can you please redecorate my room ????
naomixox - 28 days ago
I literally got a ad from her watching This video
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