Taking My Dog To Meet Santa

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royalkaibaby - 3 hours ago
Kermit = Baby
fréddy greén.
fréddy greén. - 4 hours ago
TaylorAmelia - 4 hours ago
Omg that kid is so cute 😂😍❤️
T A - 8 hours ago
Euww!! Creepy handsy Santa! Lol
docmarties - 10 hours ago
happy 2 year anniversary of julien getting cucked by santa
Creepy Crepsley
Creepy Crepsley - 11 hours ago
That kid doesn’t realize he’s talking to Julien and Jenna Marbles.
Leafy - 12 hours ago
it was exactly two years ago.

BeepDoo BopLop
BeepDoo BopLop - 16 hours ago
Somewhere that kids friends are texting him “ Yo! I saw you in Jenna Marbles’ channel!!!” And that warms my heart
Rebecca h
Rebecca h - 16 hours ago
Omg 0 comments from Joey vlogs. Someone needs to tell him! It's been two years
First Name Wāll
First Name Wāll - Day ago
I like that Peach is the one who gets in trouble for making him make that sound instead of Kermit for _actually making it._
Reagan Seymour
Reagan Seymour - Day ago
This should be re-named as “Julien and Jenna make a boys Christmas wish come true and they are the real Santa’s”
Sneacky Pie
Sneacky Pie - 2 days ago
I hope Bunny meets Santa this year
Audrey Perez
Audrey Perez - 2 days ago
*shows picture at end*
Me: “Pan into Kermit!”
*pans into Kermit*
Me: “Fuck yeah”
... it’s the little things
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher - 2 days ago
Jenna, I haven't even watched this yet and I already know that it's what I wanted for Christmas.
Kiera O connor
Kiera O connor - 2 days ago
It's just heartbreaking how it's normal to have to wear masks outside because of poor air quality 😭😭
Ashli Le Blanc
Ashli Le Blanc - 2 days ago
Seeing this in my subscription feed made my heart melt.
Helena Cohen
Helena Cohen - 2 days ago
Joey blogs has 75k subscribers now
Katee J
Katee J - 3 days ago
Joey vlogz now has 75.5K followers 😭💚
Black Coffee & Chill
Black Coffee & Chill - 3 days ago
Joey Vlogz lol 😂 MVP
Recovered Chaos
Recovered Chaos - 3 days ago
In the spirit of Christmas can we all remember the time Jenna was cucked by santa
Maddy E
Maddy E - 3 days ago
I will never get over how sweet and humble Julien (and Jenna) is, Joey looked up Julie and came back and was so sweet and surprised and he's like "you have a million!!!" And Julien is all chill and humble like "I dooooo" after being like yeah I have a couple, I'm working on it.
silea :l
silea :l - 3 days ago
Ft JoeyVlogz
Alessy Madero
Alessy Madero - 3 days ago
The air is so bad we need masks,
Let's bring the dog that breathes 20× the normal dog! 😂
Marieke van Moorsel
Marieke van Moorsel - 4 days ago
Where did Jenna get that onesie omfg
Takara - 4 days ago
Santa looked so uncomfortable lmao
Yuka Mochida
Yuka Mochida - 4 days ago
kermit: **wishes for sister to go away**
kermit: **gets another sister**
Dana Blaze
Dana Blaze - 5 days ago
soo uncomfortable watching this cuz of creepy santa
Taichi Yagami
Taichi Yagami - 5 days ago
Kermit's eyes are so innocent
Christina Rose
Christina Rose - 5 days ago
It says this came out one year ago...
SarahTheSassy71 - 5 days ago
Someone tell Joey I love him
tallulaheatsleaves - 6 days ago
how doesnt he know who Jenna marbles is tho ahaha
Carmen C
Carmen C - 6 days ago
I love you Jenna I’ve been watching you since 2012😭😭😭this year is so emotional seeing you and Kermit and Julienne during Christmas 🎄 🎄 🎄
toast - 7 days ago
“i’m talking to professional youtubers! i’m sorry i don’t wanna bother you guys,” joey don’t apologize for anything ever
toast - 7 days ago
joeyvlogz i fucking love you
Peachy Productions
Peachy Productions - 7 days ago
“You don’t breath too much air either.”
Kermit doesn’t get to breath
Linda - 7 days ago
The way Santa touched Jennas thigh had the same energy as Toby putting his hand on Pam's knee in the office
Shelby Taylor
Shelby Taylor - 4 days ago
Linda “Im moving to Costa Rica”
Jennifer Thistlethwaite
woman: he’s so cuteeeeee
kermit: •______•
Sierra Davenport-Vinje
Sierra Davenport-Vinje - 7 days ago
Joey Vlogz as of November 28th, 2019 has 75k subs. Congrats bro
Susan Robinet
Susan Robinet - 8 days ago
Kermit is the best dog name.
Ashleigh K
Ashleigh K - 8 days ago
Idk why, but it just hit me that Kermit looks incredibly similar to Dobby from Harry Potter.
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