"In The Land of Black & White" (Narrated by Jon Avner)

UNIT #522
UNIT #522 - Year ago
*Today, we have the honor of hearing Jon Avner (best known for portraying "Void of the Godhand" in the Berserk anime) narrate a classic creepypasta written by Stephen D. Harris. This video is dedicated to the fans of Berserk & Creepypasta
* *ALSO, a big thanks to MrBlackPasta for helping me out w/ the production of this video!*
Ellie Saint
Ellie Saint - Year ago
UNIT #522 Nice 😀, I'm an anime fan so for me this is cool as hell
oliverrex - 2 months ago
i wouldn't mind the noise in the background tbh, it is a little distracting to hear it everytime something is narrated
Anthony M
Anthony M - Year ago
In this world,
Is the destiny of mankind controlled
By some transcedental entity
Or law?
Is it like the hand of God
Hovering above?
At least it is true
That man has no control
Even over his own will
Shane Hutchinson
Shane Hutchinson - Year ago
I've heard that voice.. don't know where.. I want more. Any other creepypasta readings by him??
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon - Year ago
Shane Hutchinson he’s most well known for the voice of Void from Berserk. Good anime. Really good manga.
Natincq - Year ago
This is sad and not scary but I like it tho
Henry Goop Taylor
Henry Goop Taylor - Year ago
this made me cry damn
Ryan David
Ryan David - Year ago
Optimus prime is doing creepypasta now?? Let me find out
Demir Dzaferovic
Demir Dzaferovic - Year ago
4:44 damn getting eclipse flashbacks here
Qtp2t - Year ago
*Narrated by Void
Elemento 05
Elemento 05 - Year ago
Berserk n creepy pasta smashed that thumb up button...!!!
Travis S
Travis S - Year ago
wow that guys voice chilling i love it
Iwabadyah Ban Yasharahla
Lazarus and the beggar was a parable wasn’t a real person lol
SuperLuigi Land
SuperLuigi Land - Year ago
This is a great creepypasta I've never heard this one. The narrater did a good job.
Chris 40N180
Chris 40N180 - Year ago
This was depressing and not particularly scary.
Anniina Tuomi
Anniina Tuomi - Year ago
emotions emotions :'( so sad but Thank You Kindly! :)
Ivonne Fabian
Ivonne Fabian - Year ago
Such a great video really gave me the feels!
Bee Hay
Bee Hay - Year ago
This was cool, and the narrator used to read the story was awesome! More of these please.....
Luchagore 4 Life
Luchagore 4 Life - Year ago
How did you get Void himself to read for this?? You are both legends. Love you Unit! Amazing job Jon
Teresa Jones
Teresa Jones - Year ago
I wasn’t expecting this. I like the narration for this particular story. I’ve listened three times consecutively. Excellent and bittersweet. Thank you
EST Titan
EST Titan - Year ago
He sounds like Stan Lee 😂
Rachel Nunez
Rachel Nunez - Year ago
Loved it!!!
JCGaming - Year ago
It's awesome you have a professional voice actor narrating a story for this channel.
Nefertiti_goddess - Year ago
This began like a touching fairytale by the fire then morphed into horror perfect transition
👍❤But its a little triggering cause its so tragic.
Daisy Blueeyedboy
Daisy Blueeyedboy - Year ago
This guys voice was just perfect for this beautiful story. I thought I was gonna tear up 💞 kudos
cmtosh - Year ago
The way he annunciates C’s and S’s reminds me of Sean Connery
Goatbugs - Year ago
"More crows had appeared-"
* crows caw outside my home *
BabyGirl Montgomery
BabyGirl Montgomery - Year ago
Absolutely love this narration!!! \(^_^)/
EinieN J
EinieN J - Year ago
Awesome video! Thank You Everyone! :)
Jamie Tucker
Jamie Tucker - Year ago
a grand video guys, I really enjoyed the choice of story. I still don't understand why sad stories?
Lilnaomi3 - Year ago
Love this pasta and his voice was a perfect fit. His tone and pacing give it a sense of warmth and knowing. The editing and imagery really brought this together. You guys are great.
Sam Chappell
Sam Chappell - Year ago
Dear narrator,
Please can you be my grandad?
Best wishes,
Raturagutulei Moses
Raturagutulei Moses - Year ago
I remember reading this story some time ago, it crushed my heart. Beautiful story.
Doug_T. - Year ago
this is the type of video i would binge watch
Ms. A
Ms. A - Year ago
Terrific, moving, and impressive narration work. Thank you for this talented guest on your channel, Unit #522!
Wryyymoved -
Wryyymoved - - Year ago
Holy shit i never expected a Berserk video from you lmao
CrowBlood666 - Year ago
Nizzy Nick92
Nizzy Nick92 - Year ago
Holy Sh*t luv the berserk anime nice👍👍👍
Invisus - Year ago
ARTIC WOLF - Year ago
I felt myself unconsciously crying i nkew from the start crows are a sign of death but she was happy im glad she went the way she did she wasnt afraid to die she went peacefully and somehow im here weeping the soft wisp of a tree hits the window almost calming
Arianne Wingard
Arianne Wingard - Year ago
Man, do I love this creepypasta. No matter how often I hear it or by who narrates it. Its like part feelspasta and part Creepypasta . I love creepypasta like this.
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