Jodie Comer and Rebel Wilson reveal their shocking fan experiences! - BBC The Graham Norton Show

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Please Refrain
Please Refrain - Day ago
Nicola Kozera
Nicola Kozera - Day ago
1:24 It's the only time my country is mentioned in Graham's show and it had to be something soo embarassing...
marilyn sinn
marilyn sinn - Day ago
no offense, but i want jodie to strangle me as well
Larion Knight
Larion Knight - 6 days ago
"No. No. Get a life." -Villanelle
Rebel Rabbit
Rebel Rabbit - 5 days ago
"No. Don't be pathetic." -Villanelle to the instagram blogger Hahaha
Nuta Nutka
Nuta Nutka - 9 days ago
Alexandra Dun
Alexandra Dun - 16 days ago
Hahaha love her
Ke ma fav show rn
zippy blessed
zippy blessed - 16 days ago
She's beautiful
Markxist - 20 days ago
Earlier this year I did see Jodie on Hope Street in Liverpool and I utterly froze. I'd just watched the first series of Killing Eve and thought 'God, is she here to kill me?!' I wimped out of saying anything, besides she looked like she had places to be.
Hyoyeons Blondehair
Hyoyeons Blondehair - 21 day ago
Brilliant actress
Aayush S
Aayush S - 22 days ago
Jodie is so winning an Emmy soon.
Aayush S
Aayush S - 15 days ago
+Roshii Seneviratne Yeah her acting as Vilianelle is just too good.
Roshii Seneviratne
Roshii Seneviratne - 19 days ago
She better right!!
Mary The Punk Smith
Mary The Punk Smith - 23 days ago
my daughter Annie watches this
hithereitsleaa - 23 days ago
Graham would have been nice for you to question rebel about her comments about black female comedians and how she went on to block every single black women that questioned her and responded to all the white women who asked the exact Same questions
Derek Gleeson
Derek Gleeson - 26 days ago
mr fuckwit
mr fuckwit - 27 days ago
Keep paying the bbc wages lmao mugs lol
broccolicake - 27 days ago
who's betty
Aleksandra Todorovic
Aleksandra Todorovic - 28 days ago
Arkanos Coffin
Arkanos Coffin - 28 days ago
is that dude beside jodie is peter parker?
Arkanos Coffin
Arkanos Coffin - 27 days ago
+Emily Williams oooh i see
Emily Williams
Emily Williams - 27 days ago
No, played Harry Potter; it's Daniel Radcliffe.
ged man
ged man - Month ago
Lol nice one.
juni a.
juni a. - Month ago
shit i want jodie to strangle me too
stacey 123
stacey 123 - Month ago
Jodie Comer is a future Oscar winner. Her acting, accents etc are incredible. 😀
The Cleopatra
The Cleopatra - 3 days ago
She did ! She won a BAFTA
QueenHaQ - 7 days ago
not only is she a phenomenal actress and incredibly tallented. she's so young!. and this is a very complicated character. i wont be surprised if she wins for this role
stacey 123
stacey 123 - 16 days ago
+Wing Sum Tsui Well she's starting to film a movie with Ryan Reynolds this year called Free Guy, she's staring right opposite Ryan Reynolds how cool is that, think it's quite a main part, as her character has to help him throughout the film.
Wing Sum Tsui
Wing Sum Tsui - 19 days ago
stacey 123 let’s hope she gets the opportunity to star in bigger roles in movies!
Oghenerukevwe Kofi
Oghenerukevwe Kofi - Month ago
I'd like jodie to strangle me too :)
L V C K Y - Month ago
A British, an Australian and an American
Brenda Luna
Brenda Luna - Month ago
She will always be Chloe to me.
Jennifer Christian
Jennifer Christian - Month ago
Honestly same! MMFD is such an amazing series so would highly recommend it. She’s such a talented actress and so glad she’s getting recognised for it! x
temos 99
temos 99 - Month ago
Omg I was wondering where I knew her from
Findecanor - Month ago
The request that Jodie got is not that weird... That is what her character does, right?
Other actors known for being "bad guys" oblige their fans by posing in various ways.
Just google images of Robert Englund for instance, and you will find him "strangling" a lot of people.
Chloe Huggins
Chloe Huggins - Month ago
Ok so we have an American, and Australian, and two British people but they are a scouser and and a pommy! What a great mix!
Maryam7862010 - Month ago
I love Jodie man😭 she’s such a good actor, wish I could meet her and get a pic with her
Maryam7862010 - 21 day ago
Summer Skull hahah I’ll try not too
Summer Skull
Summer Skull - 21 day ago
Just don't ask her to strangle you
Ali Awais Farhat
Ali Awais Farhat - Month ago
I want to be strangled by Jodie or Ann or both i don’t really mind
Anna Regina
Anna Regina - 25 days ago
hell yeah
D M - Month ago
Proud of Jodie!
AthenaSaints - Month ago
0:26, sure, strangle where?
boxcatorce - Month ago
Anna mentioned someone called "Betty" at the end of Jodie's anecdote? Who is Betty???
elle19ism - Month ago
There's no Betty. Anne was just joking.
CutiePie MSP
CutiePie MSP - Month ago
Anyone wants 4th season of My Mad Fat Diary?
Jennifer Christian
Jennifer Christian - Month ago
Honestly my favourite tv series, such a shame it was underrated.
Brenda Luna
Brenda Luna - Month ago
Yes! You can't even call three episodes a season. It ended too fast and I wasn't ready
Steph Piano
Steph Piano - Month ago
That woman represents all wlw tbh, god I wish that were me
Jay C
Jay C - Month ago
I'd probably faint if I met Jodie in person. She's so gorgeous and talented!
jajceboy - Month ago
Amy always steals the show whenever she appeares on these shows. Not even Graham can keep up!
abi reeve-jones
abi reeve-jones - Month ago
Jodie is so pretty
Ray Hesher
Ray Hesher - Month ago
if this gets 1k likes I'll get jodie's face tattooed on me
Elijah Last
Elijah Last - Month ago
This has got to be the best guests ever
Anto Nella
Anto Nella - Month ago
I haven't watched the Clip completely yet but I JUST LOVE THIS COUCH OMG
Miss Friday
Miss Friday - Month ago
She's the heart of the show! Amazing!!! 😍🤗
Miss Friday
Miss Friday - Month ago
I mean, Jodie
Isabelle Cadman
Isabelle Cadman - Month ago
Dude this is an identical video to another posted 25 mins later
Ben Leach
Ben Leach - Month ago
Isabelle Cadman probs on BBC america
SmallAndAwesome - Month ago
Who does Jodie say she was with at the time? I’m British but even I struggle with her accent😂
Jerome Rashad
Jerome Rashad - 18 days ago
Im American a feel left out.
That Bookish Girl
That Bookish Girl - Month ago
Seriously ? I can understand everything she's saying.
Clexa Memori
Clexa Memori - Month ago
Ohhhh. I'm from London, and o listened to that bit like 5 times and couldn't understand 😂
Daniel Maguire
Daniel Maguire - Month ago
“I’m British” 😂😂😂 ok mate
S L Y M E Z O N E - Month ago
When I watch videos on the RT YouTube channnel there is a note under the video which states "RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government." Why isn't there a similar note on BBC videos saying "BBC is funded in whole or in part by the UK government"?
S L Y M E Z O N E - 29 days ago
Anthony D ABC videos state “ABC is an Australian public broadcasting company”. Why not similar on BBC videos?
S L Y M E Z O N E - Month ago
keirfree senior the sheep cannot see for they have eyes but they cannot see through the mask will they?
S L Y M E Z O N E - Month ago
+Anthony D wrong
Anthony D
Anthony D - Month ago
well, technically BBC is not state-owned. It is funded by a direct license fee and commercial activity overseas. The government has no official editorial input and the BBC purports to be impartial. As we have seen with Brexit though, this is clearly not the case (see Radio 4 Today program, for example). The BBC, like the UK itself really, has no definitive status. Basically it doesn't know what it is or what its role is. The same can be said of the UK as a whole, hence, the shit it's in.
Nazareth Caine
Nazareth Caine - Month ago
They talk funny!!!
Connor McCartney
Connor McCartney - Month ago
+s mcb shit normal accent though
s mcb
s mcb - Month ago
No, she's from Liverpool so has a scouse accent... she's also a banging actress who is versatile and underrated!
Nazareth Caine
Nazareth Caine - Month ago
+FilmsTo Enjoy I know I was being sarcastic!!!
FilmsTo Enjoy
FilmsTo Enjoy - Month ago
Lol, she's from Liverpool, so Scouse. I'm British 😃
Almerinda Maria
Almerinda Maria - Month ago
Nepali Vedo
Nepali Vedo - Month ago
#nice video
David Lance
David Lance - Month ago
Can we all agree Villainelle would totally win a fight against Harry Potter
Jerome Rashad
Jerome Rashad - 18 days ago
Summer Skull 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Summer Skull
Summer Skull - 21 day ago
+Money Mitch Harry "You're not supposed to get out of your hospital bed." Villanelle "Yeah? Well your parents are dead."
Tiger Chu
Tiger Chu - Month ago
Fat Amy would destroy both of them
Eline Verstraeten
Eline Verstraeten - Month ago
Only because Harry doesn't go around killing people.
Money Mitch
Money Mitch - Month ago
a fight without magic she would toy with him until she got bored and break his neck like the kid in the 1st episode of the 2nd season
kartik pathak
kartik pathak - Month ago
Can i send this Video to NASA bcuz you are STAR 💛💙💛
Jack Austin
Jack Austin - Month ago
A Virdee
A Virdee - Month ago
kartik pathak ... Dude.. 🤦‍♂️
Papa Zoolou
Papa Zoolou - Month ago
She’s fine
GDI - Month ago
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