Dragon Ball Super: Broly Trailer #3 - (English Sub)

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TheReal MJ
TheReal MJ - 38 минут назад
Detective conan > dragon Ball
Rainier Lozano
Rainier Lozano - 41 минуту назад
Finally mah man broly is Canon
This movie looks sick
Mr. Pervert
Mr. Pervert - Час назад
Is this cannon or non-cannon?
Liam King
Liam King - Час назад
Akash Das
Akash Das - 2 часа назад
The animation at 1.02 looks like a game...😅😅
cricket forum
cricket forum - 2 часа назад
If it's broly then it has no interest in watching the movie 😒
Speedy Gee
Speedy Gee - 2 часа назад
"Broly" Bardocks Long Lost Son...
iFrostHD - 3 часа назад
Can beerus use hakai on him?
Mohammad Mahdi
Mohammad Mahdi - 4 часа назад
How can see this film?
Game Time
Game Time - 4 часа назад
Normie db fans don’t even realize this is the first canon Broly appearance.
Normies probably don’t even know what canon means, lul.
Jayant Patra
Jayant Patra - 5 часов назад
Awsome 👏 👌 love from India
Jerky921 - 7 часов назад
I just woke up from a coma when the hell did Dragonball come back
advait - 7 часов назад
I want to see Broly vs Jiren.
Cartoon Editor
Cartoon Editor - 7 часов назад
Dee C
Dee C - 8 часов назад
When this comes out
DaSheepKiller - 8 часов назад
0:20 When you see spoilers for the movie.
Hiranmay Barman
Hiranmay Barman - 9 часов назад
I'm not satisfied with this trailer. Very short it should be 5-10 minutes.
NicksShoeGame - 9 часов назад
Just want Jiren vs Broly please...
awsomeSG - 9 часов назад
I may Rest In Peace now
Jonathan Larrabee
Jonathan Larrabee - 9 часов назад
Betting Broly was the Saiyin from Beerus's vision.
ya boi
ya boi - 10 часов назад
How is trailer 2 have like 12 mil views but this one the most beautiful trailer ever only have 4.9 mil views
MisterPotatoBag - 10 часов назад
Jiren still stronger than Broly...
obvies - 10 часов назад
What happened to Goku black?
Tendo - 5 часов назад
KANG KOOPA - 11 часов назад
Still waiting for the dub version.
Eduardo Menezes
Eduardo Menezes - 12 часов назад
Está em chines não é nem um pouco chines da pra perceber pela fala e voz
Hello - 12 часов назад
Did anyone notice 0:28 when vegeta punches broly, Broly gets pushed back a little bit (use 0.25 speed)
Shekhar Gurung
Shekhar Gurung - 12 часов назад
We want gogeta in this movie i beg
chrome king
chrome king - 12 часов назад
The trailer is so hype like if you thing it is🖒and it will save goku
Mr - 13 часов назад
Dbz just don't make sense anymore I suppose I can still enjoy the animation
xsythe - 13 часов назад
Graize - 13 часов назад
0:07 SSJG Vegeta
resa resi
resa resi - 13 часов назад
yes .... come back
CHEETAH - 14 часов назад
Is there going to be ultra instinct? I really want to see how Goku goes from Blue to UI without eating a spirit bomb.
CocaC - 14 часов назад
why do I want Broly to win... lol
Random_Z - 14 часов назад
Why is it kinda green?
isaiah resendez
isaiah resendez - 14 часов назад
FBI - 15 часов назад
We cannot stop him
Andrea Riona Reyzu
Andrea Riona Reyzu - 15 часов назад
One of the best DBZ movie-exclusive character. I'm so glad they make new movie about him after decades!
Slendy Namemie
Slendy Namemie - 15 часов назад
Juana Aragon
Juana Aragon - 15 часов назад
Everybody go check out Yair Sasson Art's new video of him drawing Broly it looks freakin sick. Also just subscribe because he deserves more subscribers and views.
Ghaniya Batool
Ghaniya Batool - 15 часов назад
mynambrae -
mynambrae - - 16 часов назад
the best thing about this movie is that broly is finally canon
Kaiden Brown
Kaiden Brown - 16 часов назад
Who else already LOVES the soundtrack?
Eagle Music Video Station
Eagle Music Video Station - 16 часов назад
Overlord X
Overlord X - 16 часов назад
Anyone else who keeps replaying the last part of the trailer at 1:09?
Ryder - 17 часов назад
vegeta and goku best fighting bro story ever
Morgan Gaspard
Morgan Gaspard - 17 часов назад
I have a feeling vegeta and goku are using the stronger, perfected version of ssb due to them not using ssbk or ssbe
Ultimate Destroyer
Ultimate Destroyer - 17 часов назад
omg broly is fighting whis play in slow mo and go to 0:40
اسيل AB
اسيل AB - 18 часов назад
أعجبني كثيرا
RAVEN FANATICZ - 18 часов назад
Well there goes my NO NUT NOVEMBER ...
Hans Klaus
Hans Klaus - 18 часов назад
ist this movie coming out on 14.12.18 or 16.1.19 ?
SMP Gaming
SMP Gaming - 14 часов назад
alex rololando martinez perez
alex rololando martinez perez - 15 часов назад
16.1.19 all world 14.12.18 only japon
LittleBuddyEddie YT
LittleBuddyEddie YT - 19 часов назад
I could have sworn i just saw goku in the final trailer scene with a super saiyan blue 2!
Full Power Goku
Full Power Goku - 19 часов назад
Almost forgot to nut to this today
C- Dog
C- Dog - 19 часов назад
Please put more disturbed and Pantera in the English version funimation.
Archie B
Archie B - 19 часов назад
0:59 = the best looking ki blast in dragon ball history
Rakuno Akande
Rakuno Akande - 20 часов назад
can't wait to watch the english dub and hear all the godly screams from sean and chris and the person that voices broly i forgot who
Daniel Marin
Daniel Marin - 20 часов назад
Jiren > Broly
jjDub331 - 21 час назад
Gonna be pissed if it's not cannon
Shadow001995 - 22 часа назад
If saiyans are monkeys to frieza is he going to call broly a gorilla?
Nicholas Ball
Nicholas Ball - 22 часа назад
Movie looks awesome but don't like the cgi
The Real Black Saiyan
The Real Black Saiyan - 22 часа назад
We need the Gogeta theme when they fuse
LuciaRoyal GuiltyAvengers
LuciaRoyal GuiltyAvengers - 22 часа назад
i was thinking if goku would go mastered ultra instinct again ;) that would be supa epic♥!
achika mohombi
achika mohombi - 23 часа назад
Ok cool bro
Ok cool bro - 23 часа назад
Will this be in theaters around the us or strait to dvd?
NLGameWorld khan
NLGameWorld khan - 23 часа назад
Can't wait to see whis San his real power
PV RC - День назад
Still waiting for the eng dub...
Marriam Umer
Marriam Umer - День назад
Sivalanka Bhanu Prakash
Sivalanka Bhanu Prakash - День назад
After watching it feeling much energise like them......iiiiiyaaahhhhhhh
Mitsuo GraalTuber
Mitsuo GraalTuber - День назад
This movie ain’t the best Dragon Ball movie..

It’s the best anime movie of all time, I’d be waiting for them to get a prize than the movie
Alexis G
Alexis G - День назад
Yay the broly movie comes out one day after my birthday because my birthday is January 25 and the movie comes out the 26
Werpang Lodiz
Werpang Lodiz - День назад
1:13 (Going to Attack Broly) New form or UI?
Kazuto Yakushi
Kazuto Yakushi - День назад
Spoilers this aint the Dbs anime that we know this is Dbs from the manga where super saiyam Blue kaioken didnt exist but Mastered Super Saiyan Blue exist...
joxxx20 - День назад
I'm gonna camp in front of the cinemas...
Vince Cabais
Vince Cabais - День назад
MXKKXVIIX - День назад
Broly’s Revenge🖤, i wish XXXTENTACiON was alive to see this day. May peace be upon him!💯✨
finna Bust
finna Bust - 2 часа назад
Damn I forgot he liked anime so much.
Deophite18 - День назад
Bottom left SSB Gogeta at 0:59
thedeliverypeson123 - День назад
That's definitely Goku.
jayknight139 - День назад
I think I just peed a lil.
endertwelve - День назад
Please bring Cooler back.
Prateek Vats
Prateek Vats - День назад
I love it
SomeOneLigmaMaBallz Yee
SomeOneLigmaMaBallz Yee - День назад
Mr.Gentlemac - 23 часа назад
CANNON wait...
Citizen Bias
Citizen Bias - День назад
Is no one gonna talk about how amazing this art style is, compared to anything else in DBS?
Majestik 4runner 343
Majestik 4runner 343 - День назад
Eso si gritan de la berga los kuleanos
Hiromi Yoshioka
Hiromi Yoshioka - День назад
those computer graphics take you off I can assure I think that’s the only bad things I have seen so far too sad they decided to do them
FlaSH Blue
FlaSH Blue - День назад
Epicwin0311 - День назад
And then goku goes mui and destroys him
AlvariuxGaming - День назад
There better be some Blue Evolution for Vegeta and UI for Goku.
jefhbler bero
jefhbler bero - День назад
unfortunately Its not Maybe they are going to fusion Gogeta.
Green Tea is Green
Green Tea is Green - День назад
I wonder...
Jiren vs Broly
No More
No More - День назад
Δ Em1N
Δ Em1N - День назад
is this cannon?
Bijan Adhikari
Bijan Adhikari - День назад
VergilTheDevil666 - День назад
About time now we will see what actually means when they say "Legendary Super Saiyan".
Seth Michaels
Seth Michaels - День назад
Where's an English dub for this trailer
sai the depressed asian
sai the depressed asian - День назад
To understand Rick and Morty, you must have a high IQ to understand the suttle jokes and nods at scie- wait wrong meme ohhh wait

Raven - День назад
The animation is a bit different almost similar to that of a game
Xzity Anims
Xzity Anims - День назад
Bruh Vegeta ssjg red :/
Jxson - День назад
do you guys think that there is going to be blood?
Daniel Sturino
Daniel Sturino - День назад
Did u received the diamond play button yet?
CaptainShadowGaming - День назад
Who is more roided up Broly Or Jiren 🤔
Suleiman Robbins
Suleiman Robbins - День назад
Looks like Broly is about to some DAMAGE.
Blade Max
Blade Max - День назад
I want to see mui but at the same time I don't want to lol
Johnathan Priest
Johnathan Priest - День назад
Umm spoiler alert
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