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Matthew Cisneros
Matthew Cisneros - 7 hours ago
This feels like a threat. Like I can be like
Me: why do they look like that
Yasya Yanevskyy
Yasya Yanevskyy - 9 hours ago
Why are there hard metal bits in it tho?
Charlsie Smith
Charlsie Smith - 14 hours ago
Wow, Jaclyn how did you find a new lab to get this new product ready so fast. Lmao
The Leah Show
The Leah Show - 15 hours ago
She did not even talk about the glass and Metal in her lipsticks girl bye🤡🤦🏽‍♀️
Frank Cruse
Frank Cruse - 17 hours ago
Jaclyn: Let's talk about my lipstick how they are getting black bubbles, cutting people's lips, have hair in them and are melting and breaking.
Also Jaclyn: My lipsticks are safe to you and they will not harm you.
places of india
places of india - 20 hours ago
People she manufactured her lipsticks in 2017....but she was stuck in divorce n stuff and she did not want her husband to get the profit so the lipsticks sat in the warehouse for quite some time...the ingredients she used reacted n is the story
Demir Betsa
Demir Betsa - Day ago
Jaclyn makes excuses for another product she released that failed or had issues for 14 minutes
Bluuivyyx Does it
Bluuivyyx Does it - Day ago
Lawrence - Day ago
why are Jeffree's Lipsticks not having any of these issues? hmmm
Margarita Rodriguez
I really thought it was sincere I’m confused. No tears, solutions honestly she must be embarrassed I’m rooting for her
Scrubs Only
Scrubs Only - 2 days ago
she can kiss her cosmetic career goodbye. a few bad experiences are warranted but the fact that she had to post a whole video about it just shows how many bad reviews she got. allllll set girl 🙅🏻‍♀️
Hails520 ##
Hails520 ## - 3 days ago
It blows my mind that she is the only person who has to sign off on the samples and make sure the product is perfect and that she is happy with it before it goes off to production in mass sale. And all she is doing is blaming the lab.... - 3 days ago
Ariel Mabelle
Ariel Mabelle - 3 days ago
Jessica - 3 days ago
geez she talks fast, slow tf down with your lies hun
Temi - 4 days ago
why should i have to "wait for the lipsticks to cool down" to use them. Are you for real, its LIPSTICK NOT A BOWL OF SOUP WTH.

5 months later and i still outraged. lol
Keene Yong
Keene Yong - 5 days ago
I’m sad it didn’t turn out well but I hope it doesn’t happen to you again and that the business will be better as time goes on
Keene Yong
Keene Yong - 5 days ago
And I know I’m late but...
Kayleigh Bacon
Kayleigh Bacon - 5 days ago
I can't believe she left this video up.
uhuh yeah
uhuh yeah - 6 days ago
get fucked
irene santacruz
irene santacruz - 6 days ago
Félicia Cayer-Caron
Félicia Cayer-Caron - 6 days ago
J'ai jamais vu autant de dislike 😱🤣
Cheree Henagan
Cheree Henagan - 6 days ago
Girrrrrrrrl, why the need to sound soooo pissed, like this is your fuckup, NOT the customers!!!!
Tabitha K.
Tabitha K. - 3 days ago
Wouldn't you be upset if your makeup brand got fucked up like this? If she was calm you'd be whining that she doesn't care.
Elyca Moreno
Elyca Moreno - 7 days ago
99% the hairs
0.4% holes
0.4% grittyness
0.2% melting issue
Let’s be clear Jaclyn
Rachel Riot
Rachel Riot - 7 days ago
I’m not sure what’s worse.. Jaclyns lipsticks or this video??
Leslie Dryden
Leslie Dryden - 7 days ago
That glove shit makes so much sense I hate you had to go through that shit girl. You didn't deserve that shit
Dannia Mendoza
Dannia Mendoza - 7 days ago
Check out the body language video on this!!!!!
N1 A
N1 A - 8 days ago
Oh my God, no more excuses please. But how the heck did that happen though?!
Kawaii Vlogs Gaming
Kawaii Vlogs Gaming - 8 days ago
3:30 3:59 : iT IS OcoGENe
Morgan Eldridge
Morgan Eldridge - 8 days ago
Her tone... Yikes. Lol
Alexia Pearl
Alexia Pearl - 8 days ago
I remember seeing a video a long time ago about how people were endlessly waiting for her supposed “brand” and her excuses for it were like “i dont want to release my makeup just yet because i’m such a perfectionist and everything needs to be perfect” now I learn that she released her brand finally and it had hair and mold and metal shards in it 😂 yeah girl, youre definitely a perfectionist
Just Guessing
Just Guessing - 8 days ago
After all the hype, I wanted to listen to the “REASON” for the lipstick issue. I didn’t buy it personally, but whatever. Here’s the thing, I taught 2nd grade for 23 years and they came up with better excuses/lies than this. Please don’t insult other’s intelligence, own your mistake and you will be a lot better off!
Hannah McWhorter
Hannah McWhorter - 9 days ago
If you put it on .75x speed its about the same speed that a normal person would speak when explaining such an issue like this. Calm the fuck down Jaclyn 😂😂
Carrie Boyer
Carrie Boyer - 9 days ago
So many excuses just admit you fucked up ..
SeaweedCat - 10 days ago
Just Google "lipstick fungus" and there's your answer
lisa mokry
lisa mokry - 10 days ago
Did you pay their dr bills or did they have to sue you.
lisa mokry
lisa mokry - 10 days ago
You have already ran away. Your excuses are lame. Your voice is trembling which is a sign of lying.
Layla Kim
Layla Kim - 10 days ago
Funny how these problems with her lipsticks only happen to her. Like the oxygen bubbles lmao
Samantha Butler
Samantha Butler - 10 days ago
What you don't understand Jaclyn, is that people don't care WHY their product is crappy, they care that it IS crappy. You want happy and satisfied customers? Send them their unblemished replacement lipstick, don't ever sell crap products again, and stop talking about it.
Squidward’s nose
Squidward’s nose - 11 days ago
Well at least she didn’t cry...
Jo Anna
Jo Anna - 11 days ago
*plays with the playback speed*
to be honest tho, idk how i got here
xian quadros
xian quadros - 12 days ago
Am I the only one who counted how many times she actually breathed between her bouts of yelling?
S M - 12 days ago
Soooo...about the lipsticks.
Joshua Hamilton
Joshua Hamilton - 12 days ago
I haven't seen the story and timeline change so much since back to the future.
fluffbunny 21
fluffbunny 21 - 13 days ago
2:37 WHY IS THE DATE 2017?!
Meighan singh
Meighan singh - 13 days ago
If this was a product by any other MUA you would be dragging them down! If a product is shitty- no amount of excuses or bullshit explanation will change this...
Germaine Tan
Germaine Tan - 14 days ago
dood I live in Singapore. ON THE FUCKING EQUATOR but I've never seen lipsticks melt here, even when I bring my lipstick out and touch up in an open field. I've never SEEN LIPSTICKS MELT.
Tommy-Boi - 14 days ago
Well, this is a one way to destroy your growing career... Greedy much?
Jocef Jose
Jocef Jose - 14 days ago
*My Shrapnels* sounds more apt.
Natasha Lowther
Natasha Lowther - 15 days ago
Wow...I cant even...GURRRLL...
I TRIED TO COVER MY TRACKS. effed up BIG TIME. the lab was clearly one said anything about about the INGREDIENTS! it's the fibers the hair and the bubbles....your body language is giving your worry and guilt away big time...
Alice Olsson
Alice Olsson - 16 days ago
I just wanna know how tf a girl got cut from her lipsticks cause it was a metal bit in it
Alexa Cabading
Alexa Cabading - 16 days ago
I think you should name one of your shades "it sucks"
Alexa Cabading
Alexa Cabading - 16 days ago
Your cosmetics sucks so stop! Cuz your not gonna be like kylie jenner you know that.
XPOZA - 16 days ago
I’ve had $20 lipstick from Mac, Fenty and Melted. I’ve had $2 lipstick from the BEAUTY SUPPLY store. There is no excuse for this. 😭 I want a refund and I didn’t even buy the damn lipstick 😂
Noha Ramsey Official
Noha Ramsey Official - 16 days ago
Who think she says it all so as not to lose her community? Because her lipsticks are... weird🙄👌🏻
sienna garcia
sienna garcia - 17 days ago
If u don't like her lipsticks just don't buy them ...stop breaking this woman!
Jacky Mendoza
Jacky Mendoza - 17 days ago
Well I’m just here for the comments , btw subscribe to my channel !!
Peach - 17 days ago
i thought my playback speed was on 1.75
varvara dani 15
varvara dani 15 - 17 days ago
Makeup lab person: how lazy can we be.
Jaclyn hill: yes
Lizzy_419 x
Lizzy_419 x - 18 days ago
I'm so sorry you had to go thru this... it all makes sense it takes a team to make this happen and unfortunately like you said moving so quick to make all this these accidents does happen. You couldnt have explained this any better girl. You owned up these mistakes for sure. I wish you much success and hope this new lab meets up to everyone's standards. We all learn from mistakes I hope people can fully understand that s* does happen and stop with all the unnecessary comments.
Kaidence Molina
Kaidence Molina - 19 days ago
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