Kevin Durant Sweats It Out Over Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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fegasd - 2 hours ago
Here is Curt Smith...
Judah Mourn
Judah Mourn - 8 hours ago
KD got a studio in his house you kno he burns
K M - 19 hours ago
Gotta love Crystal and Louisiana!
machngunjoe - Day ago
KD wearing a Rob Zombie short and a flannel. You know you rich when you don’t have to flash it
Veldis V
Veldis V - Day ago
Who the fuck could say that KD can’t shoot?:D
N. Carrera
N. Carrera - Day ago
"Nothin to sneeze at"
Benji Cohen
Benji Cohen - Day ago
The dramatic sound effects are weird as shit
Marc A Outar
Marc A Outar - 2 days ago
Tyrone lue asked the last question??
Johannes Vespucci 772
Johannes Vespucci 772 - 2 days ago
Do James Harden next
Matthew Arbucci
Matthew Arbucci - 2 days ago
THIS DUDE IS SO CRINGE. So white it hurts
Megan Schleben
Megan Schleben - 3 days ago
I love how well rounded he is and how he views players as individuals instead of comparing. 🐐
I Can't Think of a Name
3:11 Durant: "Yeah, I'm a huge Magic fan."

Well, there it folks. KD to Orlando
Jesse Barrera
Jesse Barrera - 2 days ago
I Can't Think of a Name that's a joke right
Rooster.retsooR _
Rooster.retsooR _ - 3 days ago
"Let me look at my phone or Sssssssomething firSssssst"
Braden Schell
Braden Schell - 4 days ago
I love Kobe but that was funny Kevin Durant- every time you touch the ball shoot it
LiL CJ - 4 days ago
I did not know snakes can sweat
I love Hispy
I love Hispy - 4 days ago
Jack Black
Kyle sevilla
Kyle sevilla - 4 days ago
hot ones can we get kawhi leonard? or lebron james.
Popa Smurf
Popa Smurf - 5 days ago
KD- “It was lit, sooo much fun!”
Sean- “What do you remember?”
KD- “Nothin”
Me- 😑
MysteriousOklahoma - 5 days ago
kingkash is life
kingkash is life - 5 days ago
I'm still sad he left okc but I still love u KD
TheGuitaronfire76 - 5 days ago
My favorite part is 13:03 where KD’s face transforms into Mike Tyson’s
Sagatuppercut SF2
Sagatuppercut SF2 - 5 days ago
He ate those wings w/o sipping milk. Man, I'd be crying and drinking a gallon of milk halfway through!
James Garcia
James Garcia - 5 days ago
I don’t know why y’all be hatin on kd he one my fav players even tho I like okc
Ben Jones
Ben Jones - 5 days ago
The best thing is knowing you are a champion and what it takes to get there......... - yep join a 73-9 team
jason robbins
jason robbins - 6 days ago
look at the back of his head....
Santana Malone
Santana Malone - 6 days ago
Do Damian lillard next please !!!
Sean Favor
Sean Favor - 6 days ago
kd u alright man, when u went to the gsw I was big mad but you cool people hope to be up there in the hall of fame like you are going to be. and when I make it to the nab my name is Sean Micheal favor
Triston Vera
Triston Vera - 6 days ago
Wowww"tell steph"
zuar bonito
zuar bonito - 6 days ago
The Bomb Always gets them
Dante Frigerio
Dante Frigerio - 7 days ago
Sssssssssssssssoooper cool. Ya snake
DIAMOND WOLF545 - 7 days ago
Shawn: “When you won the championship who did you call first?”
KD: “Westbrook”
Sagatuppercut SF2
Sagatuppercut SF2 - 5 days ago
Ha ha ha!
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar - 7 days ago
What an amazing player
John Smith
John Smith - 7 days ago
Talking about rap shoutouts, did KD forget about his rap shoutout from Lil B?
Samed K
Samed K - 7 days ago
That's a nice Rob Zombie shirt
Fat raccoon
Fat raccoon - 8 days ago
Genius Realist
Genius Realist - 8 days ago
Kd don’t let they kill u with that chicken 🍗 don’t worry I am nurse 👩‍⚕️ I got you 😉 omg stop eating that chicken Kevin 😂
Genius Realist
Genius Realist - 8 days ago
Hi kd 💃
iiCookiezz - 8 days ago
get Donald Trump on here and make him suffer with flame!
Cap Glo
Cap Glo - 9 days ago
16:46 😭
The Chef
The Chef - 9 days ago
CBIYAGI - 9 days ago
15:51 face expression & sound effects 🤣🤣
Seth Sloan
Seth Sloan - 9 days ago
James harden has better style than Wussel Restbrook
Triston Vera
Triston Vera - 6 days ago
Boi sit down
DaTruthzBoy - 9 days ago
LOL whats been the best thing about off season? Being a champion xD When you go to golden state just to win a ring what a sad life never gonna be a legend in my books neither is cousins
Andrew Macias
Andrew Macias - 9 days ago
I seen Post Malone drink beer. And seen others drink water or milk in between the segment. KD didn't take a sip . ( On film at least)
T3MP3R clan
T3MP3R clan - 9 days ago
Vagelis Stefanopoulos
Vagelis Stefanopoulos - 9 days ago
"Every time you touch the ball, shoot it!"
Tsunami - 10 days ago
kd play a golf video game w/ steph
Allan Ren
Allan Ren - 10 days ago
the reason the KD draymond beef happend was cause of this interview, KD wouldnt take style tips from draymond
Vendicative - 10 days ago
15:57 funny ' find it my man' he already did at 14:14 shoulder shake, and again. Ready to shoot. Even tho you left the City your still beyond legend. Damn
C. Smith
C. Smith - 10 days ago
KD is not only one of our exceptional players on the Warriors but the guy can actually eat wings. Very classy responses to Sean's questions. A true team player and we're proud to have him on our Warriors.
Jason W
Jason W - 10 days ago
How does he not break character after eating 'Da Bomb' lol. Only person ever on this show that's acted normal after eating that sauce. That's impressive on like a weird level.
rob black
rob black - 11 days ago
Kyle Logan
Kyle Logan - 11 days ago
Fuck K.D man much love from NZ bro your a legend to bad couldnt meet ya would be awesome as. Love ya man keep up the good work bro
Kyle Logan
Kyle Logan - 11 days ago
at 11:35 that speech about his story, thats something people should pay attention to. A big name saying he goes to youtube cause he cant tell his real story. NBA is just another buisness they dont really care about their players they just want $
ZZ Lai
ZZ Lai - 11 days ago
Still waiting for the Steph episode
Penguins Business
Penguins Business - 11 days ago
Yo soy como durant, yo las cojo y van pal aro
Bigotes Bigotes
Bigotes Bigotes - 11 days ago
Si, pendejo. En tus sueños jajaja
Boban Kotevski
Boban Kotevski - 11 days ago
Didn’t know snakes have a sense for hot sauces
Bahumet Burst
Bahumet Burst - 11 days ago
I want to see Lebrone
FB I - 11 days ago
Colin Wagner
Colin Wagner - 12 days ago
Pete Davidson
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever - 12 days ago
Bro was dying on how spicy it is, but then says that he likes it lol His reaction on the last dab was hilarious lmao
MsImperfectDiva - 12 days ago
Drink Kevin, Drink the water... He sweating sooo much
keke gege
keke gege - 12 days ago
Fucking snake
The More You Know
The More You Know - 12 days ago
And the award for the most sensitive man over 7 ft. goes to
Roh sethi
Roh sethi - 12 days ago
Get Kobe in here
Javier Ramos
Javier Ramos - 12 days ago
KD is honestly a very respectable person...... (you decide if that’s sarcasm or not)
Bahrain Super Tune Up Basketball League
please get lebron on this...
Bahrain Super Tune Up Basketball League
please get lebron on this...
GamerGeek Tv
GamerGeek Tv - 12 days ago
I would have drank a gallon of milk on the 3rd one probably
Edit:I am
very sensitive to spicy food
Jayceon G
Jayceon G - 13 days ago
Get Curry
Justin Nelson
Justin Nelson - 13 days ago
At 3:55 why is tyronn lue sending in questions for KD on this show. Weird
Brian Bustamante
Brian Bustamante - 13 days ago
He didn’t shout out Dave east :/ love KD tho hate GSW thooo
Timothy Whitcomb
Timothy Whitcomb - 13 days ago
If it wasn't for people like Lebron James then we wouldn't have to compare people. It was his arrogance calling himself the G.O.A.T. in a league that has become so soft of the Defensive it is like all are wearing panties grow a pair ladies damn.
Typical Ghost7
Typical Ghost7 - 13 days ago
I love how Kevin gets a much faster pace of speech and he also get much more intense.
Sly Guy
Sly Guy - 13 days ago
A snake burning
yale sylvestre
yale sylvestre - 13 days ago
Y’all gotta get steph on this lol
Thegame Gas
Thegame Gas - 13 days ago
Need to get marshawn and kevin hart on here
King Manic
King Manic - 14 days ago
I did not know 🐍 could sweat
Steve Love
Steve Love - 14 days ago
When future said "fall back shooting like KD" on that DRACO track my favorite KD lyric 🔥
Paulette Goddard
Paulette Goddard - 14 days ago
"nothing to sneeze at" love it
HanZy F
HanZy F - 14 days ago
*Vegan entered the chat*
smokin Oaktree420
smokin Oaktree420 - 14 days ago
He's bitch so
Ethan !!!
Ethan !!! - 14 days ago
Kawhi and durant’s contract are over next year. Like for them to join lakers with LeBron.
Neil - 14 days ago
Dang, KD needs to shave that pubic hair beard of his
Your Desire Your Deliverer
Of course he is sweating. Ya'll have that hot ass light shining on him.
ShefMaster Flex
ShefMaster Flex - 14 days ago
A snake eating wings .... interesting 🤔
lonesome cowboy
lonesome cowboy - 14 days ago
Look a snake
Joseph Y
Joseph Y - 14 days ago
Cant slither out of this one
Dylan Foreman
Dylan Foreman - 14 days ago
That’s Kevin Durant y’all ain’t got no napkins for him🤦🏿‍♂️
g1o2h3a4n - 14 days ago
2019 I just watched it and yea h he didn't drink anything but since its edited without taking this from him in any way, mad respect but its debatable. peace out!!!!!
Victor P
Victor P - 15 days ago
Pussy Ring needs Steph and Klay to finish those wings, he couldn't do it himself.
August Bøje Ilkjær
August Bøje Ilkjær - 15 days ago
That Music gives Me a Big heart beat
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis - 15 days ago
No Westbrook questions??
Heart Breaker
Heart Breaker - 15 days ago
Cheat allert
Rhett Perkins
Rhett Perkins - 15 days ago
He said the best thing about the offseason was winning a championship and knowing what it takes to get there but this dude dont know the first thing about working for a championship and he doesn’t know what it takes to win a championship
cogmaster23 - 15 days ago
Kevin Durant with the rob zombie shirt 🤘
Lil Neki
Lil Neki - 15 days ago
Didn’t know that snakes sweat
ARodgers12 Fan
ARodgers12 Fan - 15 days ago
KD kinda looks like Jamie Foxx, I'm not gonna lie tho!!!!!! 😂
Jacob Walker
Jacob Walker - 16 days ago
You gotta respect KD!
He didn't just nibble on the big dogs, he took two bites.
Lunar Vania
Lunar Vania - 16 days ago
I wasnt liking this dude....UNTIL I saw his Rob Zombie shirt! Ive never seen a black guy rocking anything Rob Zombie!
Oscar villanueva
Oscar villanueva - 9 days ago
+Myles london London how is that racist ?
Myles london London
Myles london London - 12 days ago
Lunar Vania that’s some rascist shit ya know that.
Lunar Vania
Lunar Vania - 14 days ago
+Myles london London Hahaha what?!?!?
Myles london London
Myles london London - 14 days ago
Lunar Vania bruh
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