Kevin Durant Sweats It Out Over Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Ethan Sheppard
Ethan Sheppard - 7 часов назад
Impractical jokers on this show would be good.
Shawn Harrison
Shawn Harrison - 17 часов назад
Lmao, KD's response to the question, "What's been the best thing about your offseason?" was actually ridiculous. He said that the best thing is knowing you're a champion and knowing what it takes to get there. LOL, does "knowing what it takes" include joining a team who'd already been to the finals twice back to back without you, in which they don't need you to be successful? lol gtfo
Gen ST
Gen ST - День назад
Championship would of meant more with OKC.
paul kelly
paul kelly - День назад
First We Feast. How do I get on this show, I guarantee I can eat all the wings. I’m from New Mexico, the land of of the hottest Green Chile! I really want to try.
Steven Rice
Steven Rice - День назад
"I can't even think right now." Hahaha
The Rejected Army
The Rejected Army - 2 дня назад
Have bts on here plzz
Keith Barrett
Keith Barrett - 3 дня назад
Kudos to Kevin he never took a drink!!!
John Wall
John Wall - 5 дней назад
Do it without Curry and I’ll respect the man
Patrick Nye
Patrick Nye - 5 дней назад
Get curry🔥😁
Mark Gaye
Mark Gaye - 5 дней назад
Can we get a Hot One's Soundtrack? The intro musics were lit! Pure energy I want for when I eat my wings!
Matt Pierce
Matt Pierce - 5 дней назад
I gotta get that rob zombie shirt
Young Legend
Young Legend - 6 дней назад
Kd the type of dude to pay Sean like 500k just to be on the show to feel special
Jose Colina
Jose Colina - 6 дней назад
Is that a Rob Zombie tee?
DeathlyMoon - 6 дней назад
I get upset they left meat on the wing! That's not the first time kd left something and everyone pisses that off, because it's ugly behavior!
Owen The goat
Owen The goat - 6 дней назад
My goal one day is to get on this show
foster_the_shota_thread - 8 дней назад
this guy basically completely ruined basketball, and created like a bazillion bandwagon fanboys
Lee Smoove
Lee Smoove - 2 дня назад
Haha i love it. He's a beast
Max kim
Max kim - 8 дней назад
nodamnusernames1 - 8 дней назад
kd is chill af
Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar - 8 дней назад
He use to be my favorite NBA player until I found out about the Rick James tattoo... Hella weird
Matthias Horne
Matthias Horne - 8 дней назад
Jeffery  Howdyshell
Jeffery Howdyshell - 9 дней назад
Didn't even touch the milk and water
Jeffery  Howdyshell
Jeffery Howdyshell - 9 дней назад
Good shit Durant!
Garrett Moore
Garrett Moore - 9 дней назад
Damn from the thumbnail I thought Kevin just seen the warriors chances of winning the championship
Petrík - 9 дней назад
I don't think he has heard Rowdy Rebel - Kevin Durant. There can't be any other answer really, nothing against Drake or J Cole.
Edgar Canchola
Edgar Canchola - 10 дней назад
Fuck cupcakes
Payton Mudliar
Payton Mudliar - 10 дней назад
Travis Scott!!!!
Omar ThaGreat
Omar ThaGreat - 10 дней назад
I wish I could just eat wings with famous people all day
Tackett Coffman
Tackett Coffman - 11 дней назад
It's cool you guys got a snake for this episode!
Jonathan Wick
Jonathan Wick - 11 дней назад
This is a gud talk show wuhahhaha do it to gordon ramsay please😂😂😂😂😂😂
Noah Park
Noah Park - 12 дней назад
Kevin Durant still a snake
Liam Farrell
Liam Farrell - 13 дней назад
I don’t get why KD gets so much hate for leaving Westbrook and OKC, when Kyrie did virtually the same exact thing when he begged The Cavs for a trade because he didn’t wanna be in Lebron’s shadow. I’m from Boston, I’m as big of a Celtic fan as they come but it’s ridiculous at this point.
Lee Smoove
Lee Smoove - 2 дня назад
Exactly. He's a grown ass man and can do whatever he wants
Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez - 9 дней назад
Лiл Заглянути
Лiл Заглянути - 14 дней назад
Damn y’all brought a snake on the show.
warriors blew a 3-1 lead
warriors blew a 3-1 lead - 14 дней назад
Jerad Mastrangelo
Jerad Mastrangelo - 14 дней назад
title shouldve been "Keven Durant Switches Teams Over Spicy Wings"
Erkhmee Bumtsend
Erkhmee Bumtsend - 14 дней назад
4:32 what did he say?
Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez - 9 дней назад
Roy McIlroy PGA Tour
Einhander49 - 15 дней назад
I can see dat cupcake batter oozing off his forehead.
Goose Neck
Goose Neck - 15 дней назад
I didn't know snakes chew
Kaleb Feliciano
Kaleb Feliciano - 15 дней назад
This makes me think about kid a lot differently
Soul Lo
Soul Lo - 15 дней назад
Does KD have a rob zombie shirt on? lol awesome 16:02
gopokes gopokes
gopokes gopokes - 16 дней назад
Snakes usually like some heat
Matt Lang
Matt Lang - 17 дней назад
Rob Zombie shirt. Good stuff
Long Dick
Long Dick - 17 дней назад
Kevin Ik yo mama taught u better than to leave chicken on the bone
Axel Paduano
Axel Paduano - 18 дней назад
Here is where the feud started
Jonathan Koshy
Jonathan Koshy - 19 дней назад
Young Troll
Young Troll - 19 дней назад
I'm lovin tht rob zombie shirt
Abhishek Grewal
Abhishek Grewal - 20 дней назад
He is the GOAT!
and he don't even care about the haters that do not appreciate what he did for the team and just giving him shit for leaving, like its his fucking call so c'mon
tyler zak
tyler zak - 22 дня назад
Add hockey players!!
OaksTheMeister - 22 дня назад
Jesus Alvarez
Jesus Alvarez - 24 дня назад
Kevin Duran t never liked Draymond it proves it here (one person I wouldn't go to is dramond)
OPAK COD - 25 дней назад
Snakes don’t like wings
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz - 26 дней назад
Is that a Rob Zombie shirt??
Joe - 26 дней назад
He said Westbrook like they’re complete strangers. You know u call that man Russ
Kristian Corona
Kristian Corona - 26 дней назад
Let’s get Steph Curry on here
Mahmoud Sairafi
Mahmoud Sairafi - 26 дней назад
KD is my man, he is so chill.
Itz Kilo
Itz Kilo - 27 дней назад
I love KD but he got a bean head😂😂
D Rose
D Rose - 28 дней назад
Dude I loved kd so much. I’m not mad that he left okc, I’m mad he went to a team that he could’ve beaten himself
weeb jones
weeb jones - 28 дней назад
wiztrotter0 23
wiztrotter0 23 - 28 дней назад
Snake ass nigga
BearYogie - 28 дней назад
CANDACE RECTOR - 28 дней назад
I Fucking love this channel
Twigg4075 - 29 дней назад
A Rick James tattoo? That has to be one of the dumbest tattoos I've ever heard of. Cool dad? LOL. Also, could be be more uneducated and uncultured? So close to DC and he never visited the monuments? What a horrible guest.
PBM - Месяц назад
Why was the last question asked by Tyronn Lue?
Jake Skidmore
Jake Skidmore - Месяц назад
Hahahahaha bc Kevin is a snake
Gasmilla Suarez
Gasmilla Suarez - Месяц назад
17:47 is that swoozie ?
Gasmilla Suarez
Gasmilla Suarez - Месяц назад
get Steph Curry or Klay
Papa Voltagee
Papa Voltagee - Месяц назад
Is kd wearing a rob zombie shirt
Owen S
Owen S - Месяц назад
When he said I’ll go to westbrook😂
FrankTV - Месяц назад
at 1:30 whats the backround music used?
Cyrocks - Месяц назад
KD ruined hot ones
Deidra Wallace
Deidra Wallace - Месяц назад
He was making me nervous rubbing his eyes!
Sergio - Месяц назад
KushForThought- - Месяц назад
J-Cole isn't just some guy? He's legit the rap version of KD mans just said he went x2 platinum
Jarrod Turner
Jarrod Turner - Месяц назад
Mr sellout in the house
Van Pi’erre
Van Pi’erre - Месяц назад
Trudeau Is Lame
Trudeau Is Lame - Месяц назад
Rocking the Rob Zombie shirt
William Teasdale
William Teasdale - Месяц назад
do kevin hart
Jake Miller
Jake Miller - Месяц назад
🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍 🐍
Cortanis001 - Месяц назад
You know, at the beginning of this I thought Durant was just going to walk all over the sauce line. It's hard to believe that Alton Brown blew them out of the water harder than Durant even came close.
Sunny Gogna
Sunny Gogna - Месяц назад
Call Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sly on the show. It be funny.
Eduardo Navarro
Eduardo Navarro - Месяц назад
Kevin "the snake Durant
Vendrix - Месяц назад
that red light placement behind KD is terrible. Eyesore.
Andie Diana
Andie Diana - Месяц назад
this white guy didn’t even flinch omfg
zarah Whitfield
zarah Whitfield - Месяц назад
Get Jamie Foxx!!
Lil Icey Boat
Lil Icey Boat - Месяц назад
chris paul get chris paul on the show he’s a super nice guy please
howzechris1 - Месяц назад
Hes a freaking trader like a bitch left a team to go to a team to get that easy ring
stuck carrot 79
stuck carrot 79 - Месяц назад
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis - Месяц назад
1:45 He didn't even give Dave East a shoutout? What a 🐍
Rashaan Johnston
Rashaan Johnston - Месяц назад
We Need Odell Beckham Jr on this show
Borjan Aleksovski
Borjan Aleksovski - Месяц назад
Ronak Tripathi
Ronak Tripathi - Месяц назад
I feel if we keep asking for Gordon Ramsay a lot, not only will he appear...but also call us cocksucker for making him do this....also this will probably happen around liquid rage...
Justin Dutton
Justin Dutton - Месяц назад
Durant is such a cupcake snake bitch
Monta P. - TheXj0kst3r
Monta P. - TheXj0kst3r - Месяц назад
"Kobe is a god to me"😂 the way he said it tho.
Matthew Olague
Matthew Olague - Месяц назад
At 3 50 wth was he mad let me look at my phone lol
Vadaski - Месяц назад
KenMagus1600 - Месяц назад
Please get Steph Curry on the show
NlexvegC - Месяц назад
I wanna see if the wings really hot myself.. or if niggas acting
TooMuchFire - Месяц назад
He mentioned Westbrook😱😱😱
Aeioyu - 2 месяца назад
Never thought you'd interview a snake
Its Betah
Its Betah - 2 месяца назад
Am I the only one that’s digging his Rob Zombie shirt?
EisenbergFlavour - 2 месяца назад
he plays golf video games for 8hrs a day??? Man this dude is a beast on the field but lame af in real life
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