The Greatest Celebrity Throwbacks On The Graham Norton Show

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Bean List
Bean List - 12 hours ago
Liberty Chalker
Liberty Chalker - 2 days ago
ryan was good at dancing i- 😭
chemeli LM
chemeli LM - 2 days ago
i like that they dont censor the swears on this show
Fear the fury
Fear the fury - 2 days ago
Let's stick to that story🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
kuleeeeee - 2 days ago
Chris Pratt sounds just like Kelso here 😂😂😂 (from That 70' show)
Fenrir Gaming
Fenrir Gaming - 3 days ago
Graham norton type of host shows his own old pictures to guests
Tenishag2009 - 4 days ago
Lmao Jamie’s “UGH” when they put his pic up has me deaaaaddddd
Espen S
Espen S - 6 days ago
Best pants ever btw
dennismaryanski - 6 days ago
Andrew Garfield must’ve had very strong willpower to let Emma Stone dance and act with Ryan Gosling. Jeez. Probably had nightmares of Ryan swooping in and stealing her
Nilly K
Nilly K - 8 days ago
Her face is so expressionless
Sathu - 9 days ago
Luiza Apriashvili
Luiza Apriashvili - 10 days ago
Dam 6:42 yea she definitely can't
IAmVeruca - 12 days ago
Steve - 13 days ago
Steve Carrel aged too well, he really got blessed
allrequiredfields - 14 days ago
02:38 That's some Oscar Wilde-tier wit right there.
solomon flores
solomon flores - 16 days ago
5:05 does any body else think he looks love Freddie mercury
jared leto
jared leto - 17 days ago
All conversation is "Like"
elaine mcdonald
elaine mcdonald - 17 days ago
Every time I click on a Graham Norton compilation that’s where I’m at for the whole evening🇮🇪😆 love it
Son Van
Son Van - 17 days ago
0:11 lol that oh no tho 😂
Cyclops Was Right
Cyclops Was Right - 17 days ago
6:26 made me realize just how badly we need a shot-for-shot remake of the Tim Burton Batman movies, but with little kids in every part.
Shaye Koha
Shaye Koha - 17 days ago
It’s sad how all the comedians and best actors of this world are getting old😣
Carnage Fusion
Carnage Fusion - 17 days ago
What age are you here
Jamie: UHHH
Mugen - 17 days ago
wow Lady gaga, *What A Fake person ! smh*
Nicola MacPherson
Nicola MacPherson - 18 days ago
Ryan Gosling is lovely
Haydee Aguero
Haydee Aguero - 18 days ago
Porque no subtitulan en español? Sería genial ! Gracias !veo por cable el show !
ytdlder - 18 days ago
Graham Norton Show clips cannot be long enough!
Oscar Foard
Oscar Foard - 19 days ago
Never heard Graham swear!
035G OGMOFO - 19 days ago
The 18 years old Jamie Foxx got the face of Mike Tyson.
Rakesh Kanna
Rakesh Kanna - 19 days ago
I'm a simple man. I see Steve Carell, I click.
Ali - 20 days ago
Conan is still the best
Cecilia Barry
Cecilia Barry - 20 days ago
And first up we have;
*the rock on how to man spread **_like a boss_*
Nari Blane
Nari Blane - 20 days ago
Wow Ryan! so you think you can dance here I come
Lukass - 21 day ago
This and Hot Ones is the best thing
Kaian凯安 - 21 day ago
Patrick Stewart was absolutely ripped
josee trahan
josee trahan - 16 days ago
Patrick Stewart is my crush the older he gets the yummyer he is.
Its Fitz
Its Fitz - 21 day ago
Conan & Graham the best talk show host in the world!!
Willjane' opinion
Willjane' opinion - 21 day ago
Lady Gaga is so NOT! Beautiful.
Shi Thead
Shi Thead - 22 days ago
4:06 sounds like the migos ad-libs 😂
callesierra - 22 days ago
And he was like.....and I was like ......and he was like ..........and I was like .........and he was like ........and I was like .......what kind Of a moron talks this CALIFORNIA. FOR SURE.
Heather Hillman
Heather Hillman - 22 days ago
I wish we could get this show in th US. Alas, BBC America thinks we are all just a bunch of rabid Dr Who fans. Thank God for YouTube!
Who Dunnit
Who Dunnit - 22 days ago
I guess that answers the question..."Has Jamie Foxx ever had cosmetic surgery?"
Luis Contreras
Luis Contreras - 23 days ago
Sad Affleck at 7:27.
Anvar Yusupov
Anvar Yusupov - 23 days ago
4:48 He looks like Italian plumber who's name is Mario. That's interesting because Steve Carell has Italian ancestors
Brittboss - 23 days ago
Young Graham Norton looks like James Moriarty from the Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes movies 😂😂
Pace Child
Pace Child - 23 days ago
these transitions are so confusing lmao they are really good tho lol
Shelley Handler
Shelley Handler - 24 days ago
Graham was adorable as a young man.
innosanto - 24 days ago
graham norton is great
Fabian Henrich
Fabian Henrich - 24 days ago
The young Graham Norton looks exactly like Jared Harris from Sherlock Holmes as Moriati.
glitterbaby00 - 21 day ago
Fabian Henrich Yes!! I thought I recognised him 😄
Shivaji - 24 days ago
I'm here just to see the love of my life Micheal Scott, Steve Carell I love you.....
Layla xx
Layla xx - 25 days ago
*why does jamie fox age backwards?*
WolfsbaneFilms - 24 days ago
Layla xx He’s like a good whiskey. Just gets more mellow and beautiful with age.
Sniper 2000
Sniper 2000 - 25 days ago
Dude Patrick Stewart looked so ripped.
Sniper 2000
Sniper 2000 - 25 days ago
Yeah I too would really stick with that story.
ayam rendang
ayam rendang - 25 days ago
Old enough to know better😂😂
Rizzy - 26 days ago
1:39 Glitch in Matrix.
MarcelAusHamburg - 26 days ago
Jamie Foxx could have played a young Mike Tyson.
Satyam Jagat Sundaram Baba
Surprised! Ryan can dance, and that too very cool!
Shannon Gasparatto
Shannon Gasparatto - 27 days ago
Ryan Gosling... not listed as Canadian on a Google search. Born in London Ontario. One of many famous Canadians from here.
Shannon Gasparatto
Shannon Gasparatto - 27 days ago
Prefer Ryan Reynolds... has the great Canadian sense of humour that delights people all around the world.
Barnes466 - 27 days ago
Emma seems a bit uncomfortable with Ryan's hands being so close for some reason
Adithya Sharma
Adithya Sharma - 27 days ago
7:27 Hello darkness my old friend
Alfie Rolfe
Alfie Rolfe - 27 days ago
Can we get Pewdiepie on Graham Norton please?
ξ S L Δ λΛ
ξ S L Δ λΛ - 27 days ago
aww Baby Gaga
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