Can This $20.00 Foundation Cover My Sadness? Let's Find Out...

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Briana Bonilla
Briana Bonilla - 10 hours ago
I’m doing awful honestly. Life is testing me too and it’s getting worse. But I got this foundation yesterday and haven’t tried it yet. Really excited. It’s looks great.
MuthaVape - Day ago
I doubt Jeffree Star will ever see this, but I love how real he is about life, love and mental health. I know he had to have an edge in his Myspace days, but he is the kind of person I look for in a friend. Money and materials can be lost but time friends last forever... or hopefully at least longer than your foundation lol. But for reals, that's the the reason I envy Shane right now: Seeing Jeffrees love and support for him. Thank you for being REAL and keeping it REAL.
Samantha Gambill
Samantha Gambill - Day ago
I work at Ulta and would straight up pass out, bleeding on the floor. Hi! How the fuck are ya?!
Britt V
Britt V - 2 days ago
IDK how people just walk by you without wanting to tell you their entire life stories and then offer to smoke you up. . . . no? just me? ok. ok.
Darkened Pixi
Darkened Pixi - 2 days ago
I have depression, anxiety, n panic disorder it really sux sometimes. I hate it so much b/c it just really gets to me in my head n sometimes nobody gets it n says "stfu chill out" "ure crazy" etc. Its not somethin we can control half the time.
Isis Blackfeather
Isis Blackfeather - 4 days ago
I love Jeffree and this was sad but very humbling. We got to see a very human side of him. The beauty gods really stepped up.
Isis Blackfeather
Isis Blackfeather - 4 days ago
I feel like every store that carries makeup and skincare ,around that town,makes sure they stay stocked and have new products when they first come out, just in case.
Nora Lee Perez
Nora Lee Perez - 4 days ago
Love the Bobbi Brown face base... Thank you for introducing my curious mind to that product. Love the way my skin feels with this product
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Happy B-day Davinchi
Moriah Lightner
Moriah Lightner - 7 days ago
i felt the pain in this video
Shelly Hyde
Shelly Hyde - 7 days ago
I love you....I love Nate more though 😍 LOL JK You both ROCK 😘
Shelly Hyde
Shelly Hyde - 7 days ago
Thank you for talking about Mental Health. Those who have never experienced these issues have a hard time understanding, so it means a lot that you talk about it with such a wide audience to hear. Thank you 🙏 🙏🙏 P.S.-I’m so sorry about Diamond 😔
Gladgirl - 7 days ago
I just bought this foundation and concealer last night I am wearing it today and love it. Skin looks flawless. And on another note with the mental health thing a few years ago I had to go away for five months to get myself better and healthy and I’m sure some people thought that was selfish because I have children but if I would not have done that I would not be here for them now as a healthy whole person
MA - 8 days ago
Lost my princess Anna, cat and best friend for last 15 years first of October. It's still hard over a month later. Luckily have my now 16 month old son Nathan (we picked out name in 2003 but had him in 2018) who is a huge distraction keeping me busy.
Sorry for your losses.
Love watching all your videos.
我最爱忘羡 - 9 days ago
Omg,the way Nate looks at Jeffree in 1:18 is so sweet😍😍
LOU2U2 - 9 days ago
Sorry for your loss Jeffrey, me growing up in the mid 70s in greenwich village allowed me a rare privilege to grow in the same sex community.. God bless you and ur work bro
Cool Beans
Cool Beans - 10 days ago
Jeffree: I like how THICC and FATT it looks.
Me: aw tha-
*realizes he’s not talking about me*
Sweet Princessa
Sweet Princessa - 11 days ago
Can I have the rest of the shads that’s didn’t work for you to get me the perfect one for me and then pass it to someone else here 💕
Neelie Pariz
Neelie Pariz - 12 days ago
God bless you My Love!!! I love you...
Angel Subba
Angel Subba - 12 days ago
I love you jeffree and your cute little star family
Mariela Hernandez
Mariela Hernandez - 13 days ago
I personally did not like juvias place foundation I wore it for work and when I got off work I saw myself in the mirror and they were patches were there was no more foundation on 😱😱 👎👎
Sophia Bee
Sophia Bee - 14 days ago
I have rosacea and I just can’t seem to find an affordable foundation that would hide my redness and it looks like this one might do the job perfectly! can’t wait to purchase this product!
Safiah Hassan
Safiah Hassan - 15 days ago
Hi Jeffree!
I have been following you since two years back. But i just got my husband watching your channel with me - and trust me, he is addicted. Will see him watching to your channel without me , swinging to " Hi how are ya..."
Do take your time to grieve about Diamond - love ya!
Can't wait for more videos from ya!
Evelyn Hersman
Evelyn Hersman - 11 days ago
Safiah Hassan edit it so it’s right
Evelyn Hersman
Evelyn Hersman - 11 days ago
Safiah Hassan it’s jeffree not Jeffrey
yxmmy - 18 days ago
Jeffree you made me tear up :'(.. I love you queen, we love you.
Marie Chantal
Marie Chantal - 18 days ago
te quiero mucho
Zack Victor
Zack Victor - 18 days ago
This video is months old and no one may ever see it but recently gotten really into your channel. I feel the death of a pet hard. My last two dogs were put down due to different cancers and very recently this month my dog we bought after the last dogs death died suddenly in his sleep. In a way it was coming but he was still okay health and we were in denial. I've had nightmares about it since I was the first one to find his body at midnight and woke up my family about it. On top of that I'm trans ftm and been going through a high nonbinary swing and gotten super into makeup, how Ive gotten into your channel.
Hanna L. Lavoie
Hanna L. Lavoie - 19 days ago
I support Jeffree's brushes - but for me the sponge application looked better
Local LOVE
Local LOVE - 21 day ago
I appreciate you so much, just to tell you how much, you have drawn me in and now someone who RARELY wears makeup can't miss a moment! I love that you are so real with us and stressing that people have to share their true life with everyone, it helps you and it helps all of us. Thanks so much! On another note, I am about to be 50 and I struggle with finding makeup that will even look good on my skin and eyeshadow is a real problem, I am bless in that I look closer to 40, but, my eyes have wrinkles that makes it impossible to wear you shimmer, but, even the mattes do not lay right so if you have the chance to consider showing us older crew some tips for just attempting to come to your level LOL! Thanks so much for being you, we love you Jeffree and Nate, you are amazing people! We all can feel how big your hearts are!
Neezy Queezy
Neezy Queezy - 21 day ago
"Which side do you like?" Both, they are the same thing
Darlene Bustos
Darlene Bustos - 21 day ago
Love LOVE LOVVVEE!!! JeffreeSTAR Your the sh*t Girl!! Im sorry to hear about your hurt!! Life isn't easy!! keep your head up girL... im one that does not trust many as well.. When you feel lonely just know that u aint the only one .. witch means you are not alone!! much luv.
Mary Castro
Mary Castro - 21 day ago
So sorry for your loss. 😔
Every Day Jay
Every Day Jay - 21 day ago
Im here from Tasha K's video
Dr Who?
Dr Who? - 21 day ago
Jeferee- will you and Nate get married? will you have kids?
Thank you for asking after my mental health. Really appreciated because I am feeling really shitty right now.😕 YOU FEEL BETTER
BTW love love love that you are reviewing black beauty products.💁🏾‍♀️. As a Brit I will try and see if I can get it over here
Rebe Zamora
Rebe Zamora - 22 days ago
Cover up your sins 😂😍
Dejection55 - 22 days ago
“This makeup is making me feel something besides grief “ I felt that shit in my bones ❤️
Victoria Rodriguez
Victoria Rodriguez - 22 days ago
I do wonder , should i still color correct any redness beforehand or go straight in with the foundation ?
Melissa Ann’s Makeup over 45!
I’m so sorry for your loss!!!! Pets are family and You grieve as long as you need to!
Ivy Singletary
Ivy Singletary - 23 days ago
I love your content!
saleradi smith
saleradi smith - 23 days ago
Love u Jeffree praying for u and family 💋🙏🏿❤️
Gabrielle Cowan
Gabrielle Cowan - 23 days ago
What is that facial spray he used before doing the foundation?
~*NickiAvenged*~ - 23 days ago
Losing something you love hits hard. I hate when people say "it's just a pet". Like, um no, it's my child. My cat is going on 13 years old (his name is also Diamond) and he is my baby. He's helped me through so much. They're not "just pets". They are family.
J J - 23 days ago
So sorry about Diamond. However, so far my favorite vid bc you are real & revealing. 💞
Eliza Szkotak
Eliza Szkotak - 24 days ago
Aw it’s kinda hard to watch cause you can see him in this video pushing through the sadness he is not as bright today his voice isn’t as forceful or confident I completely understand your pain man I do
표민서 - 25 days ago
"Be selfish. Let someone call you selfish." I needed that. The DE (Depressive Episode) that's been trying to get me earlier last week has finally won. Been feeling miserable since yesterday and watching this video is just impeccable timing. I tend to go overboard taking care of everyone else except me. Thank you Jeffree. I'm a new fan and I just enjoy binge watching your videos. You're so cute, kind and funny! 💛
BeachgirlBecky Schuurman
BeachgirlBecky Schuurman - 25 days ago
Girl you can trust me 😆😀😃😄 I support you and I'm hereI know how it feels to have an animal past I've had a bunch of my animals pass two of my birds died a while ago but I still miss them 😭😭 😭💔💔💔💔💔
elaine nano
elaine nano - 26 days ago
can you review the juvias pallets?
Elsy Michelle Morales
Elsy Michelle Morales - 27 days ago
I love his nails I couldn’t stop staring 🤤
SlyTV - 28 days ago
What an honest video. Those themses, that you talked about, like realistic, instagramer and youtubers, you talked honest, real, gurrrrrl, very authentic your talk. Makes me love you more. Then you have just 2 true friends, thats enough, gurl. When you want more friends, call me, ill visit you, we cook together, drink some wine and talk about life, love and fun.
Kirsty Harris
Kirsty Harris - 29 days ago
thank you for keeping it real xxx
Amanda Lafleur
Amanda Lafleur - Month ago
It's ok to not be ok
Alyssah Reynolds
Alyssah Reynolds - Month ago
Jeffree- we’ll do it when I get in a different country, you know what I mean?
Me- no jeffree, no I don’t know what you mean😭 I never even been on a plane sis 😭
xXx_h_e_l_p_xXx - Month ago
Lmao the title on this video is such a mood
Shayy Spence
Shayy Spence - Month ago
I know that Jeffree is a multi-millionar but he also human. If he does read this I want him to know this..
You are human it's okay to show emotions other than you everyday 'happy' self. As someone who watches and looks up to you, I also respect you.
Im so sorry for your loss and she will be missed and but never forgotten♥️
Props to you for picking your self back up ♥️
love you Jeffree
Connor Smith
Connor Smith - Month ago
I love when Jeffree says “let’s get out here!”😂
Ava Druger
Ava Druger - Month ago
Sending love your way ❤️❤️❤️
Patricia Perez
Patricia Perez - Month ago
Love you Jeffree and your babies forever
Patricia Perez
Patricia Perez - Month ago
Ive watched this video 10 times and just looking at jeffree so sad makes me cry thru the whole video each an everytime
Vik Anc
Vik Anc - Month ago
I’m so in love with the fact that he is a REAL person to me. I’m watching him and I can see the pain and all the emotions and the fact that he is open about it. Love that.
Ebony Jean
Ebony Jean - Month ago
I think I like the brush side beter
Hannah Milhorn
Hannah Milhorn - Month ago
I know im super late to this video. But jeffree really just made my day and he made me cry too. This past year i have had a lot of issues with my family and in my personal life. Ive struggled with depression all my life and with everything going on ive been feeling really down. Recently my boyfriend and i have broken up after a year of us being together. Through out the time we were together he made me feel the same way jeffree feels about nate with him being there for him. I just want to thank jeffree because i really needed to hear some positive things about mental health. And i do feel like its not talked about enough. So thank you 😊❤
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