Why Was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 SO AWESOME?!

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The Act Man
The Act Man - 2 months ago

0:00 - Introduction
4:28 - Campaign/Story Analysis
17:34 - Campaign Gameplay & Criticisms
21:39 - Multiplayer, Weapons, Perks, Class Customization
29:42 - Killstreaks
34:43 - Map Design
41:33 - Spec Ops
43:27 - Conclusion
Chad McButt
Chad McButt - 7 days ago
Spoiler alert
Addicted2Battle - 12 days ago
Can you do one of these videos on cod 4
Flynn Higgins-Baker
Flynn Higgins-Baker - Month ago
Josh Bennet
Flynn Higgins-Baker
Flynn Higgins-Baker - Month ago
Dark Souls is my cit
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson - 5 hours ago
Sounds like u were trashing mw2 than actually showing respect for the best cod to ever hit shelves.
Pasta is cool
Pasta is cool - 10 hours ago
Am I the only one who likes spec ops more than nazi zombies?
mike atwood
mike atwood - 14 hours ago
only 9 days play time?? lmao that's cute. at the risk of starting a pissing match I ended that with about 39 days
Marshmallow man76 Yeah
Marshmallow man76 Yeah - 16 hours ago
“I don’t condone the use of illegal drugs”

I’m John cena voice: Are you sure about.
Mark Lee
Mark Lee - 18 hours ago
Wow! You mentioned XboxAhoy? AWESOME!!!
Xx_RamiXD_xX - 18 hours ago
Time stamp for the good to bad call of duty games timeline?
mridul pal
mridul pal - 19 hours ago
MW2 was released in 2009. An year before on 26/11 there was a similar attack by 10 terrorists on Indian soil at a railway station where 166 people died. We were very fucking close to a war I tell ya. Government had to show a lot of restraint over a nationwide cry for war. Don't think things will go same way if in 2019
ctrane meme
ctrane meme - Day ago
He didn’t mention the bell in the museum. If you click it all the scenes try to kill you.
Logan trupiano
Logan trupiano - Day ago
I said every word to the beginning of the cod4 trailer lol
zTheCodFather x
zTheCodFather x - Day ago
it really pisses me off and i dont think people realize but VIDEO GAMES ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO BE REALISTIC, fake things that could never happen in real life happen in the game to make it epic and fun.
Sly 2855
Sly 2855 - Day ago
Even though last time the british won
Marlo Mike
Marlo Mike - Day ago
34:27 favorite death sound
J. Gainez
J. Gainez - Day ago
wow... seeing you go into depth of a game from my middle school days that i absolutely loved, while going through extremely tough times almost made me tear up a little, just remembering literally spending 95% of summer 2010 playing this game day and night, there was so much depressing things going on in my life at the time and how great this game was helped me through it the whole way, i like modern warfare remastered but i really wish and pray they remaster this game, i haven’t played it in years
Venomous Panther
Venomous Panther - Day ago
Ahoy finally gets recognition for his really good stuff
PodDaddy - 2 days ago
The No Russian seinfeld gag fucking killed me
Ramtin Vaezi
Ramtin Vaezi - 2 days ago
17:20 Hahahaha 😂😂😂
Eskomo - 2 days ago
Predator Missile, Harrier & PaveLow... Fucking merking kids
Courier 6000
Courier 6000 - 2 days ago
In no russian the shooters probably have fake American ID's.
Hussain bin Abdulla
Hussain bin Abdulla - 2 days ago
Corny as fuck
Nice Rice
Nice Rice - 2 days ago
Mw2 wasn’t my favorite cod but dang I loved that iconic level up sound, it’s like you get a rush of energy and accomplishment because it’s so unique
pdjn - 2 days ago
Slim Yoshi
Slim Yoshi - 3 days ago
But does it make you feel like batman?
Anthony Santacruz
Anthony Santacruz - 3 days ago
Bruh I cracked up when the John Cena take came in. Def subscribing dude 😂
Warren D
Warren D - 3 days ago
I believe the game explains the Russian authorities knew Makarov was behind the Moscow attack but still put blame on America. I don’t know it’s weird
chase jackson
chase jackson - 3 days ago
dude said he was at 9 days played i was at the 30s in 2010 yo lol
Isaac Plumbo
Isaac Plumbo - 3 days ago
God daaaamn I'm convinced. I completely forgot how epic this game was.
Samir - 3 days ago
Insanse how you only out 9 days into mw2 my friend has 30 something days on black ops 3
D-1 O Chato Do Pedaço
D-1 O Chato Do Pedaço - 3 days ago
Your spanish saying a Brazilian city name intrigued me, but I like it anyway
Technoci *
Technoci * - 3 days ago
In COD MW2 I learn to trash talks...
Good days..😎
Rojoyerf - 3 days ago
12:17 Imma go all smug Brit on you and remind you that we burned down the White House in 1813 ;)
Xx_StuKa_xX - 3 days ago
Okay. Hot shot...
Brody Stuever
Brody Stuever - 3 days ago
Can’t wait for Call of Duty 16: Modern Warfare
Bludini 727
Bludini 727 - 4 days ago
Last stand is if you wanna be an annoying bitch 😂😂😂 brings back memories
casey - 4 days ago
Cod 4 will still always have the best campaign
Skiivin - 4 days ago
I like that you played the intervention sound effect over every death
Dylan Moser
Dylan Moser - 4 days ago
I'm back because of four words:

Bravo Six, Going Dark.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - Day ago
Who's your team? *Some Old Comrades...*
Renzo Beats
Renzo Beats - 4 days ago
I like how at 14:44 what you say comes on as this came out during the time of MW2
CatAdvantage - 5 days ago
Blake Attig
Blake Attig - 5 days ago
Boi you love the f2000??????
United Soviet Socialist Republic
Imagine working for the news and trying to explain why shooty shooty in a video game is bad
Derik Boehlau
Derik Boehlau - 5 days ago
12:20 after the attempted invasion of Canada went horribly wrong
Skippy 4077
Skippy 4077 - 5 days ago
Learn history yank America tried to invade Canada got their asses handed to them and then we burnt the White House Down to the ground
Yato Kami26
Yato Kami26 - 5 days ago
this is funny i watch this everyday
Newt Bros3
Newt Bros3 - 5 days ago
I say MerkMusic’s world record vid in there
Alejandro Martinez
Alejandro Martinez - 5 days ago
Still waiting for Call of Duty's E3 panel.
Shin Mufasa
Shin Mufasa - 5 days ago
Lol But... The Redcoats won. The Yanks bowed to the monarch and surrendered their government to the crown, which is why the U.S is still part of the commonwealth... but it’s understandable why the Americans don’t ever wanna talk about it. Cus patriotism 😂
Shin Mufasa
Shin Mufasa - 18 hours ago
casey. Even if I were smoking meth, it’s still facts. Look it up. It’s ironic as fuck. The point of America was to have a society that doesn’t bow to a monarch, yet, it ended with them bowing to a monarch. They surrendered to the crown and that’s why it ended, and that’s in writing. Even today, the U.S President after being elected has to travel to the U.K and swear allegiance to the crown. How do people not know about this stuff?? 🤷‍♂️ It annoys me because having a society not ran by dictators sounds awesome, but that ain’t what we’ve got 😂
casey - 4 days ago
What r u smoking lol
Azur volt
Azur volt - 5 days ago
Modern warfare was my first introduction to the cod series
PIKOLO390 - 6 days ago
MW2 was and still a master piece shooting game everithing is perfect , the maps the engine play that was the best well design game
iWhisperASMR - 6 days ago
The ripped off the killstreaks from custom serves of MW and then shut down the custom servers . . . .
oscarmejiavera - 6 days ago
fun thing about last stand perk is that you can proceed to kill them with a tactical grenade once you down'em.
Eerkie - 6 days ago
Waited 2 months till i got realy high at home to watch this video worth it
Eerkie - 6 days ago
Waited 2 months till i got realy high at home to watch this video worth it
Gaming Engine
Gaming Engine - 6 days ago
You should do a call of duty 4 modern warfare review.
its 3boud
its 3boud - 6 days ago
Funfact bo3 Multiplayer is a simulation...
vHayzZz- - 6 days ago
Derail search and destroy was the best
Jarruwat Thorung
Jarruwat Thorung - 6 days ago
Yea the map design from cod 4 and mw2 really really shine when you play zombie server. you get to notice how there is a fuck load of detail in the map you can climb, hide, etc to avoid get eaten by a zombie.
Jarruwat Thorung
Jarruwat Thorung - 6 days ago
anddd how stupid late cod that have exo suit to jump the fuck around the map while you dont have anything more than 2 layer to use it lol.
Rishi Pathak
Rishi Pathak - 6 days ago
Yeah for the best YouTube experience you need to watch this with the subtitles
ChewYour Beer
ChewYour Beer - 7 days ago
MARINES PROTECT THE BURGERTOWN ! Is the most American thing I've ever heard
Acr Fives
Acr Fives - 7 days ago
Justo activate the subtitles
Ivan Ramirez
Ivan Ramirez - 7 days ago
Leave me alone Sgt.Foley
Joseph Tamamian
Joseph Tamamian - 7 days ago
i fucking love the captions :)):):):):):)
TheProdigySilva - 7 days ago
14:52 DAB
my penis is unbelievably small,but
1v1 me on rust
ssandroAle gesBor
ssandroAle gesBor - 7 days ago
Modern Cocaine 2, btw the devs have ballsacks bigger than my goals in life
Chad McButt
Chad McButt - 7 days ago
I think that they ruined the desert eagle in this game
It’s like a rifle(shoots slowly)
But in MW1 and MW3 it can shoot as fast as an smg
Delaney Atkinson
Delaney Atkinson - 7 days ago
I don't know if anyone's mentioned it to you before but you have an accent/voice that sounds a bit like the comedian Anthony Jeselnik and it's refreshing, charming and nice.
Jan carlos Ruiz feliciano
colegmr - 8 days ago
F2000 was my fave too!
and the ump45
LARRY THE KID - 8 days ago
“The more things change the more they stay the same” 12 year old me POGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
GHOSTXxCRAZYxX - 8 days ago
3 minutes short of 10 days... NINE DAYS
Finesta - 8 days ago
Turn the subtitles on at 4:14 lmfao
Sonic Hegehog
Sonic Hegehog - 8 days ago
“New trends” yea, it’s fricking Mlg
egg - 8 days ago
18:13 how dare you not talk about the button
TheSystematicChannel - 8 days ago
"put 9 days of my life into it"
Come back when you're 40+ days in haha
alex mason
alex mason - 7 days ago
50+ days in bo3 multiplayer and 20+days in zombies lol
Slyy Wolf
Slyy Wolf - 8 days ago
Tf was tht nuke kill streak option? I remember having three n no matter wat hitting 25 kills anyone gets it regardless
Simpleclover842 - 8 days ago
1v1 Shipment > 1v1 Rust
Jenko kire
Jenko kire - 8 days ago
Omg mw2🤩🤩🤩 ,i could spent 200$ for MW2R!!!
Gr8 M8
Gr8 M8 - 9 days ago
There's only one reason and one reason only why this is still the best COD game of all time

Commander Pussysmasher
Commander Pussysmasher - 9 days ago
In 1942 Japan invaded The Aleutian Islands, Alaskan eskimos pushed the Japanese out in about a year.
Ryan Tashjian
Ryan Tashjian - 9 days ago
lmao only nine days huh making me feel bad about my playing time
beasty rots
beasty rots - 9 days ago
Soap MacTavish
Soap MacTavish - 9 days ago
Here I am with my 32 days on mw3 xd 10 days in ghosts and so on
Scrub Lord
Scrub Lord - 9 days ago
Don’t remember people upset about no Russian. As a Russian I didn’t get butt hurt at all. I enjoyed the mission very much. Swear people had thicker skin back then.
Sean 10
Sean 10 - 9 days ago
What a video but the way you say quarry is hilarious
Elijah Florence
Elijah Florence - 9 days ago
I love bo2. Mw2 was my first game. I love mw2. I think mw2 is better becuase its literally perfect.
Anthony Cuen
Anthony Cuen - 9 days ago
BO4 shows where all that dedication went two with zombies and microtransactions
Felipe Roma
Felipe Roma - 9 days ago
The First time I've played "no Russian" I didn't even shoot anyone
Hell Seeker
Hell Seeker - 9 days ago
Yea i love when assholes in suits telling me videogames makes u terrorist fuck8ng morons
Amos Moses
Amos Moses - 9 days ago
Remember when you unlocked your skins instead of them being locked behind a paywall?
Pepperidge Farm remembers.
Kristin Wade
Kristin Wade - 9 days ago
Damn I miss mw2
#MicahStrong grier
#MicahStrong grier - 10 days ago
When he said that the famas was good with mid to long range encounters, I thought, "Well I would never use that gu-" until I realized that I was thinking that because of how poorly made the maps are in modern CODs. In MW2 the maps are actually made with thought and wit, were a mid to long range weapon is commonly a viable choice
IslesNcaps GR8 Ovie
IslesNcaps GR8 Ovie - 10 days ago
I hate noob tubes and one man army and death streaks!!!
Mitchell TV
Mitchell TV - 10 days ago
One man army noob tubes made this game truly great
Agent 105
Agent 105 - 10 days ago
Actman knows all of the guns.
Ahoy: Hold my BEER.
Kitara Virtuoosi
Kitara Virtuoosi - 10 days ago
9 days? Those are rookie numbers.
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler - 10 days ago
im guessing the reason russia ignore the other *4 FUCKING GUYS* is that they wee looking for an excuse for war

I mean look at some historical examples japan probability stage some attacks to go to war against china in order to get sum land. my contry stage an attack as we dressed a polish soldier an attack a german outpost and so on and so forth

russia wanted to fight america for the reason you stated at the beginning, main bad guy in last game was turn into hero and russia wanted a reason to kick merica ass without the world going against russia
Cherry fox
Cherry fox - 10 days ago
Sgt folly is voiced by the same guy who voices mr president from Rick and morty
Firebomb1987 - 10 days ago
One thing I love about your videos, is your constant use of Banjo-Kazooie music in the background. Showing your Banjo love is a beautiful thing, lol
ZTF02 - 10 days ago
Modern Warfare 2 ah yes....the most overrated video game ever.
Michael Nickrenz
Michael Nickrenz - 10 days ago
Wanted to point out that the reason why they blamed the US is because they 1) used American weapons, 2) were speaking English and not Russian (hence “No Russian”) and 3) the man they discovered was a member of the CIA so they probably assumed that the CIA and funded and supplied the terrorist attack and took part in it.
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