Why Was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 SO AWESOME?!

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The Act Man
The Act Man - Month ago

0:00 - Introduction
4:28 - Campaign/Story Analysis
17:34 - Campaign Gameplay & Criticisms
21:39 - Multiplayer, Weapons, Perks, Class Customization
29:42 - Killstreaks
34:43 - Map Design
41:33 - Spec Ops
43:27 - Conclusion
Erfan Jalaeeyan
Erfan Jalaeeyan - 8 minutes ago
MW2 is the best COD ever.Although the Campaign and story looked somehow looked unrealistic but it was so fun because the quality and missions and locations were so awesome.The shooting and the guns were great and it could hyped you by making you look badass and be a one man army and military outfits and units and radio chatter were made so great..Another reason that I belive this is the best COD is that they actually made it look different than MW1.They looked multiplayer,maps,soundtracks,gunsounds and gaphics better but unfourtunately MW3 was a different story they just copied everything from MW2 and they made you feel stupid like nothing has changed and they lost creativity.
elnumbrotres - 2 days ago
Dude, regarding the Russians declaring war, private Allen was CIA. The Russian government found out a CIA agent was involved in that massacre, so they naturally saw that as an act of war and retaliated... granted much harder
the red Russian kinzer
the red Russian kinzer - 6 days ago
Hey act man can you make a video on stalker shadow of chernobyl?
Tory Wyatt
Tory Wyatt - 7 days ago
Duuuuude you have to switch it up and do COD Ghosts, pleaseeeee it was the real semi outlier in the series trust me. Not really good but not completely trash honestly, I swear I’ll give you the best bj of your life if ya do it👌🏽
Kenneth Ullman
Kenneth Ullman - 7 days ago
I kinda want to see the rest of the joke at 14:40 couldn't you post it km Twitter
matty dodd
matty dodd - 7 minutes ago
Because i hacked their questionairre when they were developing mw2... and I made the top 10 answers all my great ideas... true story
Kirby64955 - Hour ago
Fact man why would you diss my favorite map generic factory 3953
ACR_master - 7 hours ago
what if he did an analysis on frontlines: fuel of war?
AddictedToSpeed - 8 hours ago
I miss it
David Nelson
David Nelson - 9 hours ago
Man, 2000-2010 was the golden age of gaming. Halo 1, 2, and 3, COD 4, MW2, black ops, gears of war, splinter cell chaos theory, the list goes on. I’m so thankful to have been a part of it and feel sorry today’s gamers only have mediocre COD games, remasters of games that aren’t as good as the original, and fortnight. Maybe someday the glory days will return
bubba bojanglez
bubba bojanglez - 9 hours ago
Thanks for making this video, very entertaining.
Ηλιας Τσιμπιδης
Master Razor
Master Razor - 12 hours ago
Yeah, stupid dank memes with the MLG crap was cringy.
David Castillo
David Castillo - 13 hours ago
Link to the Copyright song with the black sir/man/transgender crying?
ZUCCFAIL GAMING - 14 hours ago
You HAVE to do a review on cod 4 or the remastered, love your vids dude. Keep it up :)
Danny D
Danny D - 15 hours ago
I played many MP FPS, all the COD and Battlefield have to offer, any I damn miss COD MW2 MP maps, loadouts, weapons. I completely agree with you about MW2 MP. I miss it so much, once in a while, I plug in m ps3, insert MW2, and try to play Online MP, but most of the time, no other players. I really hope they bring back MW2 in campaign AND MP.
Leo Rojas
Leo Rojas - 16 hours ago
dude it is cod 4 on a cocaine binge
Dave Supreme
Dave Supreme - 17 hours ago
hey man could you do a video on MW3? but keep up the amazing work bro!
_ Dynamix
_ Dynamix - 20 hours ago
MW2 Story got seriously carried by Hans Amadeus Zimmer
Simon B
Simon B - 20 hours ago
Next time: Why modern warfare 3 was so bad?!
Tashi Tranquilizer
Tashi Tranquilizer - 21 hour ago
9 Days of your life? I had 2 Weeks of it sucked in !
Joshua ICXC NIKA Matthew
Sheff M
Sheff M - Day ago
Mw2 was the game that made me enjoy days coming from school 4th grade was hard bruh Lmaoo
James Larkin
James Larkin - Day ago
Love it so much you've put 9 days in, I think i have around 55
Abdullah Husseini
Abdullah Husseini - Day ago
When you find out that the ACS module download speed is faster than yours... :')
lil dev
lil dev - Day ago
Rose are red,
My surgery was botched,
I lost 30,000 men in the blink of an eye
And the world just fucking watched
Michael Collins
Michael Collins - Day ago
bro when you played the music at the airport HAHA. I was 9 when i played this and never got to fully understand why the russians invaded america even tho i just fucking ruined people at the airport one mission prior, and i always asked my brothers about it and whats going on and asking stupid questions about the game. But growing up and playing MWR and getting the full story it all makes sense. And truly is one of the greats in COD history.
Justin Bruso
Justin Bruso - Day ago
Agree so much with you about this game. Was by far my favorite. Good video
Venom FPS
Venom FPS - Day ago
Best Call of Duty, and one of the best Fps tittles in the past decade

Change my mind.
froxtx ttv
froxtx ttv - Day ago
14:39 when real men cried
Nile1899 - Day ago
Cod 4, WAW, MW2, BO1, MW3 (for the most part), and BO2 are the golden age of COD. Everything after it hasn't been the same although BO4 isn't too bad. Also, can you do MW3 next pleaseeee?
mv0921_ _
mv0921_ _ - Day ago
1 million views for a ganw older then your moms.. tells u a lot about the game . Long live mw2 fuck bo4 bo3 fuck them burn it and burn blackout
Jason Figueroa
Jason Figueroa - Day ago
Please do a MW3 review
Erfan Jalaeeyan
Erfan Jalaeeyan - 2 days ago
MW2 is the best COD ever.Everything about this game was amazing maps,weapons,story ,missions
You could easily play it for hours.For me nothing was better than shooting and playing with M4A1 acog.Sad to see how gaming has changed
Monk Man
Monk Man - 2 days ago
Campaign was cool but mp was a shit show.
Thot Officer #69
Thot Officer #69 - 2 days ago
Sadly things will reign and fall. And sadly that has happened to COD
Russian Bot
Russian Bot - 2 days ago
9 days aint too bad. I have 1000 hours (41 days) in CSGO and ARMA2... each...
N8 - 2 days ago
burnt f1ames
burnt f1ames - 2 days ago
a good map can be unique
or it can be dust 2 copy #54024
Javier Martinez
Javier Martinez - 2 days ago
actualy that is true think of all the villigers killed for their wood
Friendly King
Friendly King - 2 days ago
Loved this game so much even though I couldn’t play the multiplayer. I played this game so much I over used the disk until it was unreadable.
AdiEdits - 2 days ago
Kids today wouldn’t survive a pregame lobby of SnD back in 09’
Slinkerdeer - 2 days ago
Wow, is it strange its the only call of duty game ive played? Halo fan here. I almost felt guilty liking MW2, but now my mind is at rest lol
Legacy Destroyer
Legacy Destroyer - 2 days ago
Try to prevent his legacy from being destroyed huh? I’ve got a problem with that!
Que Tip
Que Tip - 2 days ago
This is the first time someone explained the story to me. I never understood a single thing that was happening in the story of this game it was just too much too fast for me
dddanielsr - 2 days ago
I really hate to have tons of skins and emblems and that shit... is just boring..
Skillreks - 3 days ago
I think the best part of the campaign was at 12:38. It really touched my heart when that happened. I really hope they do this in future cods as well.
Nehemiah Hicks
Nehemiah Hicks - 3 days ago
One thing COD did wrong was rush the futuristic movement, they should have took their time instead of going from boots on the ground to straight flying and wall run. I like how AW used exo-skeletons since tht is something the government is working on.Then BO3 came out and BO4 is just a joke.
Vault 25 Gaming
Vault 25 Gaming - 3 days ago
on "No Russian", I killed no civilians
Revassin - 3 days ago
This game was and still is my favo FPS of all time I had so much fun playing this game when I was young. I have 677 hours on this game. Its the highest amount of hours I have in a FPS game ever so that's saying something about the enjoyment I got out of this game's multiplayer. And I played MOHAA (All the expansions), COD 1 + 2 and 4 (Modern Warfare) and Also HALO:CE on PC and yet non ever came close to the amount of fun I had in MW2. If they made a remaster with decent dedicated servers this time I am 100% sure il switch over from R6S and Apex back to CoD as I haven't play COD since the disappointing BO3
Skinnyjams - 3 days ago
14:54 the guy on the right is funny
Parker Netting
Parker Netting - 3 days ago
Can we flood call of duty devs with this
LongArrow1234 - 3 days ago
Is it odd that both those games you mentioned, MW2 and Halo 3, that started the Intervention Trickshot Shite, I owned both and played MW2 since I WAS THREE.
Evil Paragon 4
Evil Paragon 4 - 3 days ago
A great thing about MW2 that wasn't touched on.
It was a multiplayer game that didn't have online achievements. All 50 achievements can be done from the couch, meaning if the player ever couldn't go online, for Xbox Live, connectivity, reception, servers shutting down, anything, they would _always_ be able to get achievements.
So many games these days have achievements tied into multiplayer, completely destroying achievement percentages if the player just wants to play an old game
3 months ago I got Star 69 after not touching the game for 3 years. I 100%d a game I've never been good at by myself, thanks to achievements being obtainable offline.
Roope Niskanen
Roope Niskanen - 3 days ago
Waiting for MW2 remastered
Caden cain
Caden cain - 3 days ago
Let’s bring this came back please... whose with me???🤷‍♂️
Liam Trickett
Liam Trickett - 3 days ago
the way you said quarry hahaha 35.29
TBONE BUYS - 3 days ago
Will you do a borderlands video for the release of borderlands 3
Elias Rijken
Elias Rijken - 3 days ago
Bought it a week ago, no regrets
Eld3s blu313
Eld3s blu313 - 3 days ago
The thing about MW2 the mission "No Russian" if you look at the objective it says "Follow" so idk what's the problem here....if you kill civilians that's your problem.
Bret .Maverick
Bret .Maverick - 3 days ago
The airport scene wasn't shocking. My cartoon character "killed" a bunch of other cartoon characters.
Lieutenant Gaz
Lieutenant Gaz - 4 days ago
Could you do the original Modern Warfare next?
dragonball slayer326
dragonball slayer326 - 4 days ago
MW2 was the best call of duty I've ever played
Joshua Walton
Joshua Walton - 4 days ago
Peter Sumner
Peter Sumner - 4 days ago
Cocaine warfare 2 lmao
Kevin Retana
Kevin Retana - 4 days ago
Never forget the soundtrack. Should have mentioned that while you were talking about the voice actors. Loved this review in the Nostalgia trip.
Hervard Buond
Hervard Buond - 4 days ago
This shit brings me back, legit helps me sleep. Kids these days ain’t shit
Great value Games
Great value Games - 4 days ago
Should I buy this game just for the campaign?
D Rod205
D Rod205 - 4 days ago
Such a good video lol. Right on brotha.
Homicidalrhino - 4 days ago
okay but can we agree that if you use a shotgun you're a filthy casual?
Matthew A
Matthew A - 4 days ago
back in the day, I climbed 2 prestige levels by care package running.
j vr
j vr - 4 days ago
I had 53 days playtime, i have never played a game as much as mw2. I love this game, too bad it was neglected by the developers
Sly 2855
Sly 2855 - 4 days ago
Last time it was the war of 1812 we tried to invade british canada
white mexican
white mexican - 5 days ago
But one thing i think you missed it is earning cool ass titles and emblems and how there were only a select few that moved. and if you saw someone with it you’d know they were badass
white mexican
white mexican - 5 days ago
Also the kind of fuckery you can have and still have fun in an online game like riot shields or only mine tunes and stuff like that which made the game so fun. i agree with everything on here
Lam Vu
Lam Vu - 5 days ago
Is it possible for you to do a Ori and the Blind Forest review or would that be saved for the sequel?
DARK ELEMENTS - 5 days ago
LeoIIV - 5 days ago
Every map is designed around how the professional players could play it. If it's small and a boring 3 lane map, then the game is perfect in both pro players eyes and the developers. I miss the open, warzone type maps like Afgan, Village, Bog, Overgrown, Quarry, Wasteland and so on. Almost every map feels polished and clean, despite it being a war game.
KonigVonAmerika - 5 days ago
Do a Fallout 4 Review please! It is such a fun and addicting game, review it please!
Slumpdog - 5 days ago
When you heard "Enemy chopper gunner or ac130 enroute" and you're like okay good time to find shelter.
Then you had those asshat teammates who dont have coldblooded and they hide next to you and you die lol
every day we stray further from god
why didn't you mention you where using remasterd footage for some clips of mw1? It's misleading and it's gonna make people think the graphics got downgraded in the sequel.
Cyrus Miggins
Cyrus Miggins - 5 days ago
You didn’t know how many fucking times I’ve listened to 30:30-31:00 so many times that had me weak when you just acted like you were ghost. 😂😂 EMP! FUCK THEIR ELECTRONICS!!!
Double-Edge - 5 days ago
WRONG if you don't shoot them he says you're not one of them and kills you
Commy - 5 days ago
Remember to trees
NostalgicMonkey - 5 days ago
The only reason anyone would choose the F2000 is because they wanna use the Assault Rifle from Halo.
Also is that a JoJo's reference???
Obi-wans Bulge
Obi-wans Bulge - 5 days ago

No Russian
Maksym Siwecki
Maksym Siwecki - 5 days ago
Maybe I do not have heart. I don't know. Or I am broken inside. But I never give a shit about these civilans getting rekt. It is just a game! Every time i hear that someone is crying because awful game xxx allows him/her to kill innocents/black folks/yellow folks/jews or animals I think that there is something wrong with them. I mean, ok, let them cry. Just don't play this games, go play fucking Sims. But when these people started to really affected gaming industry... now I'm pissed and want to shot them in real life. Game without gays or lesbians? It's homophobic! Game without any black guy? It's rasist! Game allows you to kill some innocent feminist in the street (ok, there no such thnig as innocent feminist)? Burn this game and it's developers! Jesus, wtf is wrong with these people? If I want to shot to civilians in game then it is not because I want to murder everyone in real life. It is because I want to fucking chill in virtual reality that is completely abstract and forget about problems of our real life. But I can't! Because now I have to deals with homos in every fucking game, because they have attention problems and they need to get their ass everywhere! God damn't I'm going to play Doom and relax...
Skooby Snax
Skooby Snax - 6 days ago
Back when i cared about Cods characters. Ghosts death personally hit me hard
byFiscus - 6 days ago
“9 days” but he’s three minutes from 10 days lmao true gamer
Bobby Jimboy
Bobby Jimboy - 6 days ago
It's like MW2 forgot to carry Madem Zeroni up a mountain, forever cursing the fanchise.
MRPIRATEFOX - 6 days ago
0:11 Pablo Escobar agrees with you man
storm el lobo
storm el lobo - 6 days ago
cocaíne warfare 2 ? 21:04
Long Johnathan
Long Johnathan - 6 days ago
Now we need:
"Why was MW3 SO AWESOME?"
"Why was Call of Duty: Big Red One SO AWESOME?"
"Why was Call of Duty Three SO AWESOME?"
And obviously, "Why was Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare SO AWESOME"
Spider-Ant - 6 days ago
Ah, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, my first, and favourite Call Of Duty ever. I've memorized every line and name from this game. (I'm not proud.......or am I? 😎)
Ywacch - 6 days ago
The best part was the online room trash talk
Juan Chavez
Juan Chavez - 6 days ago
Less than a month and already a million views?
Mission complete! Good work!
the red Russian kinzer
the red Russian kinzer - 6 days ago
Hey act man can you make a video on stalker shadow of chernobyl?
TripsyCCC - 6 days ago
RIP Ghost
Walamonga 1313
Walamonga 1313 - 7 days ago
I've never seen my hours played in this game but on Battlefield 3 I had over 1000 hours lol
Cesar Silverio
Cesar Silverio - 7 days ago
When will you be doing MW3?! That’s the one that really got me into CoD. Just curious.
Crow Post
Crow Post - 7 days ago
Only thing with no russian is two of your fellow terrorists die there two and we know their Russian so they still pin the whole thing on Makarov
Creekcon - 7 days ago
You forgot to talk about the beautiful game chat. You earn your stripes in there
Beard Plays
Beard Plays - 7 days ago
You forgot the red button in the museum.
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