30 years after fall of Berlin Wall, expectation of unity has faded

Pigo man 65
Pigo man 65 - Month ago
The sequel is coming but America and Mexico
John Doe
John Doe - Month ago
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler - Month ago
Trump's wall would be no different.
Snaggle Toothed Injun White Pride No Guilt No Shame
Communism is now the elites & liberals goal on the opposite side of the wall.
Bryn Grube
Bryn Grube - Month ago
What the heck? “Fading”
What could you possibly mean?
It’s not like this is a new thing.
And increase military spending? I’m sorry but the U.S has to realize not every country wants to spend 60% of its entire economy on the military.
Seriously though, “fading?”
There has always been nationalism (ask the US)
I’m not saying nationalism is good, just that it’s not new.
Most people in my school miss the USSR and wish to have it back one day
Hermann2416 - Month ago
Fake news as usual hahaha
Baron Matthew Stroyeck
Watch "The Berlin Wall: Escaping for Freedom and Love" on YouTube
Here's a MUCH better story on the wall!
Paul Breitbarth
Paul Breitbarth - Month ago
No one here in Germany talks about JFK or Regan when talking about the historic moment. The only time you’ve mentioned Gorbatschow was because Regan demanded him to tear down this wall. And instead of giving Gorbatschow - who actually was one of not THE reason why the wall was reared down- you say „the people did“ as if Gorbatschow did not have any impact. What a joke lol typical American biased journalism. And not even a single word about both the east and west gov from back then
Dan Customer
Dan Customer - Month ago
CBS just protecting the liberal Elite pedophile underground along with ABC and MSNBC ! So a whistleblower against the president is good and you cover up his name, but The whistleblower against pedophiles is bad and you punish her !
thestonedkat - Month ago
We go to another country and tell them tear down your wall while we try to put up one
Tabitha Elkins
Tabitha Elkins - Month ago
30 years later, we are still building walls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mQJpN9L8xw
Tom Atos
Tom Atos - Month ago
tore down that wall, no we are putting one up lmao
Tom Atos
Tom Atos - Month ago
unity faded?
how about unity when u guys fired epsteins whistle blower
John Bush
John Bush - Month ago
What on earth are you talking about CBS.Between the mainstream media and the demacratic hierarchy this union man and his whole Hispanic family will never vote demacratic ever again.VIV LES DEPLORABLES VIV LES LIBERTAD.HOUDENOSAUNEE.
Ebros - Month ago
To think that an ever growing percentage of younger Americans view Socialism and Communism more favorably doesn’t bode well for our future.
Cristalack - Month ago
Good thing we still occupy Germany
Bryn Grube
Bryn Grube - Month ago
Cristalack what do you mean?
Prajwal Moras
Prajwal Moras - Month ago
Cbs just needs views on its videos. That is why the "faded" in the title.
Cool Goby Fish
Cool Goby Fish - Month ago
Who don't they interview East Germans, most of them want the wall back up (but this time taller)
Bryn Grube
Bryn Grube - Month ago
Cool Goby Fish you may be right, I believe I misunderstood what was being said, yes I see that even though the wall went down, there was still a gap between the socialist (if not communist) and Capitalist areas, that still lingers to this day. Hopefully I believe good times are coming to Germany, in any way.
Cool Goby Fish
Cool Goby Fish - Month ago
@Bryn Grube no point of arguing. if you are interested, just email some east german folks over 40 on facebook and ask
Bryn Grube
Bryn Grube - Month ago
Cool Goby Fish I would rather not debate this as it will only lead to argument. So let’s just have our own opinions and carry on with our days.
Cool Goby Fish
Cool Goby Fish - Month ago
@Bryn Grube they do. Look it up. For regular people life was much better
Bryn Grube
Bryn Grube - Month ago
Wait wait wait, your saying that people living in the eastern part of Germany (There is no East Germany) Want the wall back? Do you know what conditions people were living in with the eastern bloc? Why would Germany want to split up? You can ask ALL of the people living in Germany, and none of them want the wall back
Paul Ryan Castillo
Paul Ryan Castillo - Month ago
0:57 “...and the determination of” “John F. Kennedy...”
Anthony Gage
Anthony Gage - Month ago
I would love to see the same thing happen in Korea, Israel and South Asia during my lifetime.
Muhd Sufian
Muhd Sufian - Month ago
WESTERNERS are HYPOCRITE only criticize about berlin wall but not the wall that been built up by ZIONIST SCUMBAGS in PALESTINE
ATAHUALPA867 - Month ago
30 years . History was done. Hail for the heroes dying for freedom .
Bartholomew Macaluso
Bartholomew Macaluso - Month ago
I can sight numerous occasion in which America has turned a blind eye to demands of the EU governed by the German in which American policy has capitulated to its demands. All these capitulations have shaped the world in very many way in the last 30 years to the detriment of Americas identity for the sake of creating the EU and in my opinion it is time to reign in the EU in a very serious way. The EU cannot say to America that at once, it lead again and hearken the call to the demands of the EU this is directly antithetical to the whole premises of leadership and more than abundantly indicates that the question of what NATOs purpose was and now is nigh.
Bartholomew Macaluso
Bartholomew Macaluso - Month ago
Fact is the Europeans using the impetus of the German Constitution have cultivated soft power initiatives in the light of American Hard power to erode American credibility in the world, the first dry run having been tested in the excuse the Germans gave for not militarily intervening in the Brake up of the Former Yugoslavia. It is time the USA kick out Central and Eastern European powers from NATO and concentrate it in the North Atlantic as an arm of a new strategy to stifle EU ambitions founded on the impetus of the German constitution to grow its strength and displace Americas place in the world for the sake of de-conflicting relations with Russia and respecting its security concerns. America lead not by kissing everyone but by flexing its ideas within the cold context of realpolitiks of the world at large.. To say that our EU partners are so innocent even within the prescription of the German constitution is laughable.
Robert O.
Robert O. - Month ago
Let the Germans now build that same wall around Germany....after it kicks out the migrant trouble makers.
Gluten Free Gam3r
Gluten Free Gam3r - Month ago
Can't wait to make a trip back to Berlin...I lived there from 1984 to 1988 and even traveled through Checkpoint Charlie a few times to see the communist side of Berlin. We did some shopping there as well as sight seeing. Even as a young boy, I could SEE & FEEL the oppression of those living in East Berlin.
atom - Month ago
I would be born 11 days later. 🙂
johnny tuttodessa
johnny tuttodessa - Month ago
CBS so wistful for Soviet bloc they’re doing what they can to resurrect it here.
Handsome White Devil
Handsome White Devil - Month ago
The media sure never misses a chance to demean the word Nationalism.
More doublespeak for white genocide.
JeffAM1986 - Month ago
The best hope for European people’s around the world is the collapse of the despotic European Union. #Deutsche Freiheit
American Pride
American Pride - Month ago
I remember buying pieces of the wall at a department store agyer that.
Boss Hoggg
Boss Hoggg - Month ago
I remember stores in the United States were selling pieces of the Berlin Wall in little velvet pouches for around $15 that included a certificate of authenticity.
Olga Luna
Olga Luna - Month ago
Yeah... in a free world people always know how to convert democracy into money ))
david nichols
david nichols - Month ago
Thanks to the Globalists, where is there a unified Western country?!
Gage Westerhouse
Gage Westerhouse - Month ago
CBS is overtly pushing globalism.
Sandra Romero
Sandra Romero - Month ago
What about the people that are in love with the wall?? Isnt there a lady that's in love with it?
Sandra Romero
Sandra Romero - Month ago
@Baron Matthew Stroyeck yeah I think it's her that I saw. There was a video that showed a lady being in love with fences and another one being in love with roller coasters and then theres another lady that's in with the wall besides the one you showed me.
Bryn Grube
Bryn Grube - Month ago
Sandra Romero Yeah no
Baron Matthew Stroyeck
Watch "The Berlin Wall: Escaping for Freedom and Love" on RUvideos ruvideos.org/kdhfobVQg6I-video.html Skip to the 18:22 point in the video to find the answer to that.
Richard Abbott
Richard Abbott - Month ago
America is now like East Grmany was under communist rule in that there are cameras everywhere as a result of the legislation that was passed after 9/11/2001 !!!!!!
archisaurus - Month ago
Well the country has been led by an east german soviet bloc socialist for a long time.
Edward - Month ago
How are liberals/globalists for freedom and democracy? they refuse to accept election results, they always force their agenda down everyone's throats. Seems like they are the authoritarian tyrants we were always warned about.
Rulas macedo
Rulas macedo - Month ago
With that piece of the wall....
You have a piece of history 😺😺😺
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