Trump Lost Over $1 Billion in 10 Years: A Closer Look

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Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo - 9 days ago
Where’s my Selena ? Grandpa is sacrificing five billion to be your president ! How can you people not appreciate that ! Perhaps the Kurds should start walking to the oil fields ! Perhaps - I’d smack him for speaking like that about people and doing mean cruel things on purpose that’s unacceptable ! I can’t remain silent when there’s things of that nature going on and if Selena isn’t around me to distract me then I’m gonna run my mouth endlessly ! I think she knows that I’m better off not knowing or seeing certain things - it just is better for everyone ! It’s just not worth the aggravation one big headache !
Robert Oreilly
Robert Oreilly - 14 days ago
Jordan should be tied to a tree as bear bait...
jack smiths
jack smiths - 19 days ago
Before the tv, he told the world he will show the tx return, and now three years later refuse to do that, GOP still have brain? This is highly crime, and he has done millions of these. People just watch, some people even support him, how sick of this system really is!
Galilee2099 - 22 days ago
So correct me if I'm wrong but in order to be called a taxpayer don't you first have to pay taxes? Which trump doesn't pay.
Felipe Silva
Felipe Silva - Month ago
Why dont they ever make fun of Democrats? havent u noticed they are FULL of scandals? THESE are FACTS ... just sayin.... ONE SIDED MEDIA.... OPEN UR 3rd EYE
Ab Cd
Ab Cd - 11 days ago
Name a dem that screws up as often as Trump?
deepblue64 - Month ago
Dealmaker 🤣
Pipe Tunes
Pipe Tunes - Month ago
Typical drumpf typo
Kids name is Barren
Pipe Tunes
Pipe Tunes - Month ago
He won’t be re-elected
He is going to prison
I hope we all don’t die of laughter
Purple Rain
Purple Rain - Month ago
And dumb ass has a big brain? I thought if you had a big brain it ment you were retarded which dump is.
AnxiousHeart 2342
AnxiousHeart 2342 - Month ago
Trump. No one my age has achieved more.
Paul McCartney - really?
David Spondike
David Spondike - 2 months ago
#America can never fully recover. We will always throughout future history carry the #shame of having let donald happen.
Axe Hole
Axe Hole - 2 months ago
30 years have degraded trump's mental faculties substantially......back then you could believe he was a intelligent individual from his demeanor.
Jason Olson
Jason Olson - 2 months ago
Trump is a liar and he sold his soul to the devil
Jonathan Mosher
Jonathan Mosher - 2 months ago
He literally made a name for himself through scams and lies.
Serious Viewer
Serious Viewer - 25 days ago
A pity how media mavens grab on and promote stories w/out critical analysis.
quantumbrewer - 2 months ago
Bill Baldwin
Bill Baldwin - 2 months ago
He is a sociopath. Immoral. Pyschotic. Unethical. The list goes on and he is all yours.
lovey dovey
lovey dovey - 3 months ago
If I was a Trump supporter I would support him quietly cause he makes his supporters look very stupid.
Derrick Taylor
Derrick Taylor - 3 months ago
When will this end 😞
Franco Barrera
Franco Barrera - 3 months ago
...And Trump is just saying NO!!! 😂😂
M 3
M 3 - 3 months ago
He can't lose anything he never had.
Yngve Andersen
Yngve Andersen - 3 months ago
Barron is the name of his son to; or?
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo - 3 months ago
I just heard Pete ! Awesome ! All of them were good ! Honorable ! Couldn't imagine committing treason ! Or conspiring to obstruct justice ! That would be way too much stress and aggravation to worry about breaking the law instead of helping billions of good people worldwide ! It blows my mind on an hourly basis ! Why go through this ? It's so pointless ! So unhealthy ! My god ! Hi this is Donald trump reporting that Donald trump is going to be at the at the steakhouse with a playboy bunny - ok and whose calling ???? Oh Donald trump
Is calling about Donald trump ????? Ahhh we got a big problem - Houston we have a problem ? Are y'all gonna re-elect Donny ? Except California won't have his dumb ass on the ballot ! Y'all are going down the wrong path ! Trust me ! Listen to Michael Cohens testimony ! Big big mistake not getting the evidence ! I can't stress that fact enough ! What exactly are we supposed to be waiting for or doing ? Huh ? Tell me ? What's the point ? This is really confusing to me ! Where does ur loyalty lie ? America ? Can't say that after knowing I've had this evidence for years ! Cause that's untrue ! That's a straight up lie ! If your trying to help people or America your lying ! Big time ! And lying to yourselves ! It's certainly not ever going away ! So I just don't understand why you wouldn't help someone or your country ????????????????? I'll NEVER BE ABLE TO FIGURE THAT OUT ? What a shame ! This president is lawless and a rapist ! A racist and stupid ! Cruel and mean and arrogant and committing treason ! So not getting this issue wrapped up to me seems like the worst possible thing that could ever be going on ever on a day to day basis unnecessarily ! Unless someone has a reason for not getting the evidence and helping their country ? And I can't see that after this amount of time has gone bye already ! There's something that's not right ! Unless nobody is American ? Unless there's no law enforcement in America ? There's multiple police reports ! So ? Obviously y'all aren't trying to help America ! Obviously ! Just surprises me to see so many cowards and treasonous people that have no respect or honor ! ! That's amazing actually ! Like I said I'll do it by myself ! I don't count on anyone or anything and don't rely on anyone ! It's just so unfortunate ! Especially when it benefits so many globally ! ! Treason is just unacceptable to me ! Rape is unacceptable to me ! Racism
Is unacceptable to me ! Not following the laws is unacceptable to me ! I just couldn't imagine watching this knowing that I didn't have to and could of helped millions and helped my own life as well ! And doing Nathan ! Absolutely Nathan ! Nothing whatsoever ! Zero ! That's betraying your country ! Going against everything that you ever believes or was taught to fight for or believe in ! Truth matters to me and not to any of you ! That's bothersome ! That's why I can't sleep ! Why would anyone want to do this or continue this madness ? This is terrible ! This is absolutely the worst possible thing that anyone anywhere could possibly be doing to fix any problem about any situation ! Just mind boggling ! And the richest most famous people are going to be the worse off as each passing day goes by ! And law enforcement and military ! That's just straight treason ! Nothing less then treason ! Incredible to see !
your mamacita
your mamacita - 3 months ago
Johnny Barron named son Barron
Kamakazi Karen
Kamakazi Karen - 3 months ago
Little Jimmy Jordan is just throwing a temper tantrum. He wants his mommy! Send him home Ohio!
Russ Brown
Russ Brown - 4 months ago
Jim Jordan is a dull witted boy who knows way too much but can't stop touching his private parts. John Barron sounds exactly the same as Jordon, too stupid to ever know a correct question, let alone the correct response.
Daya Singh
Daya Singh - 4 months ago
Must of put some of his money in investers trust then sure way to loose it or have it robbed semantics!
Ivana Petkovic
Ivana Petkovic - 4 months ago
Seems Seth (or whoever wrote this bit) never read Dorian Grey.
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick - 4 months ago
Fred Trump was his Daddy. And a billion dollars from Russian oligarchs.
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick - 4 months ago
Worst POTUS ever.
Michael S. Ingle
Michael S. Ingle - 4 months ago
Why do people listen to this idiot wanna-be comedian for their political knowledge?
Jon Emery
Jon Emery - 4 months ago
This is why we now call Trump "BROKE-A-HONTAS"
sawsan al-obaidi
sawsan al-obaidi - 4 months ago
That’s why he named his son Barron !! It reminds him of one other lie!!
salas7146 - 4 months ago
Donald Trump has Mafia homies
salas7146 - 4 months ago
Jim Jordan is so rude and mean 😡😠
tom quigley
tom quigley - 4 months ago
It's enough - screw impeachment. I want the trump crime family killed.
Donovan Shannon
Donovan Shannon - 4 months ago
trump was "catfishing " before catfishing became popular lol
erick ardiansyah
erick ardiansyah - 4 months ago
Quit. Yas
Linda Piet
Linda Piet - 4 months ago
Actually the reason I think he’s a loser is bc of how shameful he was in divorcing Ivana.There were tabloid articles every day about all three of them. There was one that quoted Marla saying she was having the best sex of her life, on the front page. Who would do that to the mother of his three small children? Humiliating and debasing Ivana like that, I thought was disgusting.
Linda Piet
Linda Piet - 4 months ago
I believe trump is broke. He’s living off of the exploitation of the Americans and everything that he sells now with his name on it is what he will use as his money to invest on whatever scam he creates when he’s not president. He lost $1.1billion and went thru 5 bankruptcies. If he hadn’t become president as a revenue source, he would have filed bankruptcy again
// nostromov
// nostromov - 4 months ago
Hasn't "lost" over $1 billion, it's other people's money TAKEN and WASTED (and knowing this man and his family, it must've been criminal; it is. :))
Michelle Lynaugh
Michelle Lynaugh - 5 months ago
There is a new Invention available. The One Wipe Wafer. It stops baby wipes from coming out of the pack 6 at a time. Ending a decades old problem and complaint, reducing waste and saving people money. Check it out on Kickstarter.
wendy b
wendy b - 5 months ago
John Barron? His son's name is Barron. Coincidence?
OldRaver1 - 5 months ago
You KNOW his businesses are nothing like as successful as he bangs on about, because face it, he brags about EVERYTHING!!
You seriously think we’d be able to stop him plastering his tax returns and financials ALL OVER the news IF they were at ALL positive.
What a loser.
Daddy AND Mommy issues🙄
Betsyjean Clearwater
Betsyjean Clearwater - 5 months ago
Thatone Guy
Thatone Guy - 5 months ago
He didn't use a billion he claimed that so he could so he could skip out on paying taxes.
J L - 5 months ago
It's nothing and pale list a billion or even few. Wait until you see hundreds of $billions tax payers money to drop your jaws. ;-)
snoopy - 5 months ago
Trump just suit to be a wwf actor. He can say anything he want, loses the game too but pls Don, t make the world more chaos. Rethink those ppl hardness, sickness and poor. Pls think how to help them, not by big mouth
snoopy - 5 months ago
Trump just suit to be a wwf actor. He can say anything he want, loses the game too but pls Don, t make the world more chaos. Rethink those ppl hardness, sickness and poor. Pls think how to help them, not by big mouth
Nenad Perisic
Nenad Perisic - 5 months ago
I have proposal for trump when finish role to being presedent to be comedian
Armando Alanis
Armando Alanis - 5 months ago
Please don't insult vampires like that
Hilary Knight
Hilary Knight - 5 months ago
Why does anyone even analyze this extraordinary creature anymore? He is obviously completely bonkers--ticks all the boxes for Malevolent Narcissistic Personality Disorder and is very probably suffering some degree of dementia. Americans should ask themselves 1. what is wrong with their system and their citizens that such a vile and transparently fraudulent individual can be nominated and elected, and 2. how are they going to get enough of his supporters to see reality in order that he be dumped into the rubbish bin of history in 2020?
1Tomrider - 5 months ago
This isn't splitting atoms. If there's nothing wrong with his taxes, business deals, school transcripts, etc. then just show them. With him being so wonderful at everything, these must all be wonderful too, right?
The Golden Tundra
The Golden Tundra - 5 months ago
TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸
Deborah Romilly
Deborah Romilly - 5 months ago
Creepy he named his son Barron.
Fr CE - 5 months ago
R u sure Wat u saying
Kenny Drew
Kenny Drew - 5 months ago
“LLLwho-zaaher”— Ace Ventura
Man, the whole fake John Barron thing, I almost feel sad for that man...until I think about the fact the he literally had everything handed to him and did nothing with it accept self-aggrandize. No empathy for fellow attempts to use his wealth and power to make the world better. He doesn’t need or deserve anybody’s thoughts
Budget Gaming
Budget Gaming - 5 months ago
you americans who vote this happens.....
Andra Book
Andra Book - 5 months ago
Seth: Look at how young he was!
Me: And still just as repulsive.
Seth: How did *that* guy turn into *this* guy?
Me: Don't judge the book by its clearance rack cover. You gotta look on the inside Seth. He looks just the same to me :).
Burnell Browne
Burnell Browne - 5 months ago
trump is BROKE, but trump knows americans are the stupidest people on EARTH this is WHY trump is in little whitehouse and LYING to DUMB americans that believe his MANY LIES and nothing but CHOAS in (USA) and a FUCKED EGOMANIAC PREZ in trumpster.
Purple Rain
Purple Rain - 5 months ago
Lost a billion dollars in ten years and he call hisself a genius dumb idiot.
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