Trump Lost Over $1 Billion in 10 Years: A Closer Look

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Russ Brown
Russ Brown - 7 days ago
Jim Jordan is a dull witted boy who knows way too much but can't stop touching his private parts. John Barron sounds exactly the same as Jordon, too stupid to ever know a correct question, let alone the correct response.
Daya Singh
Daya Singh - 11 days ago
Must of put some of his money in investers trust then sure way to loose it or have it robbed semantics!
Ivana Petkovic
Ivana Petkovic - 13 days ago
Seems Seth (or whoever wrote this bit) never read Dorian Grey.
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick - 14 days ago
Fred Trump was his Daddy. And a billion dollars from Russian oligarchs.
Peggy Trawick
Peggy Trawick - 14 days ago
Worst POTUS ever.
Michael S. Ingle
Michael S. Ingle - 14 days ago
Why do people listen to this idiot wanna-be comedian for their political knowledge?
Jon Emery
Jon Emery - 17 days ago
This is why we now call Trump "BROKE-A-HONTAS"
sawsan al-obaidi
sawsan al-obaidi - 19 days ago
That’s why he named his son Barron !! It reminds him of one other lie!!
salas7146 - 23 days ago
Donald Trump has Mafia homies
salas7146 - 23 days ago
Jim Jordan is so rude and mean 😡😠
tom quigley
tom quigley - 23 days ago
It's enough - screw impeachment. I want the trump crime family killed.
Donovan Shannon
Donovan Shannon - 28 days ago
trump was "catfishing " before catfishing became popular lol
erick ardiansyah
erick ardiansyah - Month ago
Quit. Yas
Linda Piet
Linda Piet - Month ago
Actually the reason I think he’s a loser is bc of how shameful he was in divorcing Ivana.There were tabloid articles every day about all three of them. There was one that quoted Marla saying she was having the best sex of her life, on the front page. Who would do that to the mother of his three small children? Humiliating and debasing Ivana like that, I thought was disgusting.
Linda Piet
Linda Piet - Month ago
I believe trump is broke. He’s living off of the exploitation of the Americans and everything that he sells now with his name on it is what he will use as his money to invest on whatever scam he creates when he’s not president. He lost $1.1billion and went thru 5 bankruptcies. If he hadn’t become president as a revenue source, he would have filed bankruptcy again
// nostromov
// nostromov - Month ago
Hasn't "lost" over $1 billion, it's other people's money TAKEN and WASTED (and knowing this man and his family, it must've been criminal; it is. :))
Franco Barrera
Franco Barrera - Month ago
Just watch the Netflix special "Dirty Money." An entire episode is dedicated to the the failure of Donald Trump as a business person. It's titled "The Confidence Man."
Michelle Lynaugh
Michelle Lynaugh - Month ago
There is a new Invention available. The One Wipe Wafer. It stops baby wipes from coming out of the pack 6 at a time. Ending a decades old problem and complaint, reducing waste and saving people money. Check it out on Kickstarter.
wendy b
wendy b - Month ago
John Barron? His son's name is Barron. Coincidence?
OldRaver1 - Month ago
You KNOW his businesses are nothing like as successful as he bangs on about, because face it, he brags about EVERYTHING!!
You seriously think we’d be able to stop him plastering his tax returns and financials ALL OVER the news IF they were at ALL positive.
What a loser.
Daddy AND Mommy issues🙄
Betsyjean Clearwater
Betsyjean Clearwater - Month ago
Thatone Guy
Thatone Guy - Month ago
He didn't use a billion he claimed that so he could so he could skip out on paying taxes.
J L - Month ago
It's nothing and pale list a billion or even few. Wait until you see hundreds of $billions tax payers money to drop your jaws. ;-)
snoopy - Month ago
Trump just suit to be a wwf actor. He can say anything he want, loses the game too but pls Don, t make the world more chaos. Rethink those ppl hardness, sickness and poor. Pls think how to help them, not by big mouth
snoopy - Month ago
Trump just suit to be a wwf actor. He can say anything he want, loses the game too but pls Don, t make the world more chaos. Rethink those ppl hardness, sickness and poor. Pls think how to help them, not by big mouth
Nenad Perisic
Nenad Perisic - Month ago
I have proposal for trump when finish role to being presedent to be comedian
Armando Alanis
Armando Alanis - Month ago
Please don't insult vampires like that
Hilary Knight
Hilary Knight - Month ago
Why does anyone even analyze this extraordinary creature anymore? He is obviously completely bonkers--ticks all the boxes for Malevolent Narcissistic Personality Disorder and is very probably suffering some degree of dementia. Americans should ask themselves 1. what is wrong with their system and their citizens that such a vile and transparently fraudulent individual can be nominated and elected, and 2. how are they going to get enough of his supporters to see reality in order that he be dumped into the rubbish bin of history in 2020?
1Tomrider - Month ago
This isn't splitting atoms. If there's nothing wrong with his taxes, business deals, school transcripts, etc. then just show them. With him being so wonderful at everything, these must all be wonderful too, right?
The Golden Tundra
The Golden Tundra - Month ago
TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸
Deborah Romilly
Deborah Romilly - Month ago
Creepy he named his son Barron.
Fr CE - Month ago
R u sure Wat u saying
Kenny Drew
Kenny Drew - Month ago
“LLLwho-zaaher”— Ace Ventura
Man, the whole fake John Barron thing, I almost feel sad for that man...until I think about the fact the he literally had everything handed to him and did nothing with it accept self-aggrandize. No empathy for fellow attempts to use his wealth and power to make the world better. He doesn’t need or deserve anybody’s thoughts
Budget Gaming
Budget Gaming - Month ago
you americans who vote this happens.....
Andra Book
Andra Book - Month ago
Seth: Look at how young he was!
Me: And still just as repulsive.
Seth: How did *that* guy turn into *this* guy?
Me: Don't judge the book by its clearance rack cover. You gotta look on the inside Seth. He looks just the same to me :).
Burnell Browne
Burnell Browne - Month ago
trump is BROKE, but trump knows americans are the stupidest people on EARTH this is WHY trump is in little whitehouse and LYING to DUMB americans that believe his MANY LIES and nothing but CHOAS in (USA) and a FUCKED EGOMANIAC PREZ in trumpster.
Purple Rain
Purple Rain - Month ago
Lost a billion dollars in ten years and he call hisself a genius dumb idiot.
Jody Porter
Jody Porter - Month ago
I know this is Dem show but for stop with all the lies, the DEMS have the entire report minus 1 full December and 7 partial sentences and they refuse to read it, you can go online and read it yourself
William Shreckengost
William Shreckengost - Month ago
Haha! He's lost dozens of times more money than I'll ever see totaled over my entire life if I live to 120, all in the span of ten years.

It's funny because he's a dangerous moron who shouldn't be in charge of a Burger King.
William Fessaha
William Fessaha - Month ago
Lmao Trump lost more money Than Seth Meyers’ ever made, and he’s still worth 7.8 more billion.
Adam Lemus
Adam Lemus - Month ago
I don’t give a rats ass about how much of his own money he loses.
I care about the public money his and previous administrations have and continue to lose
MesRevesEnRose - 2 months ago
Trump is probably the greatest conman alive.
Edith - 2 months ago
Sad state of affairs. But without dumb people, capitalism isn’t a thing. So much opportunities these days.
Hammond - 2 months ago
I was in New York when Trump went bankrupt (again) and the banks put him on a monthly allowance.
indiana jones
indiana jones - 2 months ago
This only means Trump survived 80s recessions like a boss unlike many others.
Seth net worth is few millions but Trump has net worth of few billions.
Even if Seth get second job as prostitute he still can't reach that... not even in few lifetimes.
Yes Seth he lost more than you will ever earn as talking parrot
indiana jones
indiana jones - Month ago
@kerryn67 Trump supporter won't watch this show.
kerryn67 - Month ago
indiana jones Nobody said what? You came across as a trump supporter. Do you seriously believe I have any idea that you may have bashed him in the past?
indiana jones
indiana jones - Month ago
@kerryn67 Nobody said that and you can see me bash him plenty of times. But you got to give him credit on this matter.
kerryn67 - Month ago
No one knows trumps net worth because he won’t release his tax returns or financial records. So you have no idea what trumps worth is. Also most people aren’t valued solely on their financial success or failure. There are few people who would actually wish to be a malignant narcissist. Trump is a pathetic excuse for a human being & I feel very sorry for anyone who believes he is a positive role model.
Simon Jordan
Simon Jordan - 2 months ago
So sad the people who listen to this poo poo to make themselves feel better for 5 minutes but Trump doesn't even care lolololololol😘
MesRevesEnRose - 2 months ago
Trump doesn't care about you and the future of your country either?? Lol.
Ron Sessno
Ron Sessno - 2 months ago
Never mind that Trump did a TV show and wrote a book on how he lost billions of dollars 15 years ago. Art of the Comeback, just in case anyone on this site can read. Common knowledge,old news.
Truthful4ever - 2 months ago
PERCEPTION is everything......Ivanka Trump
For all of the cult followers of #45 do they realize that what is happening to 1 American will also affect their families. A calamity does not 'jump' over a household that voted for #45 and hit those who didn't. NO, HIS ACTIONS WILL AFFECT YOUR HOUSEHOLDS ALSO.
#45 is NOT a good businessman. What is done in the dark, will come into the light eventually. These are the days of manifestation. Fred is no longer here to bail him out.
C Flashbang
C Flashbang - 2 months ago
Awww Seth. Such a CSF. Bet you're still crying about having being beat up so much in grade school. POS.
Jordan Riley
Jordan Riley - 2 months ago
Did he name his son after his alias?
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