Mr. Krabs Sweeping outside the Krusty Krabs for 10 Hours

Jalter la walf
Jalter la walf - Month ago
Plot twist: hes making a rap beat
Spirit - Month ago
I actually rapped to this video. it's fire:
max -i
max -i - Month ago
Like bru Now you got 70 likes
First Watch Z Gameplay
Jalter la walf you should sample this if you can
Senzu meme
Senzu meme - Day ago
Anyone going to talk about why his sleeve is the same color as him as he sweeps upward
Poof YT
Poof YT - 2 days ago
"Have a crickety day!"
951 creeper
951 creeper - 5 days ago

Funtime Foxy!
Funtime Foxy! - 19 days ago
"Arrr...I regret it"
that's what I hear, anyone else?
Møød night
Møød night - 20 days ago
Asmr videos be like:
Ben Gavrin
Ben Gavrin - 21 day ago
Donkey Kong theme in a nutshell
Thomas Cornell
Thomas Cornell - 24 days ago
Are we just ignoring the fact the he's sweeping concrete for some reason
Big Brother
Big Brother - 27 days ago
Is it Sunday? There are no costumers entering the Krusty Krab.
shark puppet 2
shark puppet 2 - 27 days ago
0:02 His arm man
General Klump
General Klump - 27 days ago
Look at his sleeve
Tablet Tablet
Tablet Tablet - 28 days ago
Plot twist:

There's too many plot twist comments.
Genos Jenosu
Genos Jenosu - 28 days ago
Hes sayin "I am McGregor"
•Gacha Noah•
•Gacha Noah• - 28 days ago
Plot twist: Spongebob is walking slowly to the Krusty krab for 10 hours
Aaron Juandissimo Enriquez
er have a burger
Marcus - 29 days ago
Look at mr krab’s sleeve
WorserChain - 29 days ago
When my mom ask me to sweep
Geo CrusherGaming
Geo CrusherGaming - 29 days ago
It's taking so long because the dust he's sweeping into the water is wet and just sinks back down
TahaDuhBoss - 28 days ago
Geo CrusherGaming lol
Amie Zulhilmi
Amie Zulhilmi - 29 days ago
Joseph Corn
Joseph Corn - 29 days ago
Plot twist: his missing crumbs
Ahmed Ammar
Ahmed Ammar - 29 days ago
Haitham Nation
Haitham Nation - Month ago
Denzel bird8
Denzel bird8 - Month ago
10 hours it took Mr. Krabs to clean one spot
Jheyson's YouTube Channel
Plot twist: he’s a garbage man
Zagnfly82 - Month ago
Well at least it's something constructive
tiggle5485 - Month ago
Hurruritic derr
Hurruritic derr
Hurruritic derr
Hurruritic derr
Hurruritic derr
Hurruritic derr
onii senpai
onii senpai - Month ago
9:59:59 mother of pearl
Chris McCraw
Chris McCraw - Month ago
Plot twist:

Her da der der
Mikael A.
Mikael A. - Month ago
Plot Twist: Mr. Krab ignores Squidward and Sweeping while sleeping
Derby Racer
Derby Racer - Month ago
That’s gonna be the cleanest spot on the ocean floor
Yoshigamergirl23 Sackboybowiedog23
Plot twist

Mr krabs is a frog 🐸
Theimfamous Noob
Theimfamous Noob - Month ago
9:59:59 this was originally for me but you can use it :)
Benjamin Goodman
Benjamin Goodman - Month ago
Hamburger Time
Nolan Stott
Nolan Stott - Month ago
Nobody is coming out of the Krusty krab...

*what is going on in there?*
ReaperKing 1207
ReaperKing 1207 - Month ago
James Torres
James Torres - Month ago
Can someone make a 24 hour version? Its frustrating having to hit the replay button every 10 hours
Roblox Cooi
Roblox Cooi - Month ago
Mental Mind
Mental Mind - Month ago
Mr. Glitch
Mr. Glitch - Month ago
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