All The Details You Missed In The Trailer For ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3

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kim jenkins
kim jenkins - 11 hours ago
Tiffany Wiseback
Tiffany Wiseback - Day ago
ok I hate new characters bc they don't know what happened but SOMETIMES they act like they know everything and it annoys the shit outta me
Jasper Newton
Jasper Newton - Day ago
Billie is gonna get attacked at the snow ball by the mind flayer and gets infected and turns into the monster
Dinky Dino
Dinky Dino - 2 days ago
My theory is that the new monster isn’t billy or Steve but it could be Barbra when she died maybe she just turned into a demogorgon but didn’t show up until she shed again and became a spider? Or whatever it is
spill the tea
spill the tea - 2 days ago
Wait isn't season 3 coming out in July the 4th
Big Nibba
Big Nibba - 2 days ago
I hope nothing happens to Eleven, or anyone alse, except for Billy
Nemas L
Nemas L - 3 days ago
1:08 Robin Sparkles anyone? 😅
high ground Memes
high ground Memes - 3 days ago
But transformers the Movie came out in 1986. Ultra Magnus was part of the toy line for that movie. The figure came out in 86
ch ud
ch ud - 3 days ago
in the promotional poster eleven/jane and will are the only ones looking back at us as if they know something the others don't.
Rock Man
Rock Man - 3 days ago
For the record the Transformer Ultra Magnus toy didn't came out until 86 the year that the animated movie came out which is weird because the storyline on strange things season 3 takes place in 85 a year before the Transformer the movie came out and the Ultra Magnus toy line which it doesn't make any sense
Austin Judge
Austin Judge - 4 days ago
The monster looks like something from Half-Life
L2K VIDS - 4 days ago
This season looks soo good 🤣
xoxo xoxo
xoxo xoxo - 4 days ago
Glfaysf Videogamesarethebest
So wait...

El and Max are all the sudden getting alone???!!!
OtakuMusicalDDR AnimeDDR
*˙uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ǝɥʇ ɯoɹɟ ɯ,ᴉ ǝɔuᴉs slᴉɐʇǝp ǝsoɥʇ ssᴉɯ ʇ,upᴉp ᴉ*
DonutsRYummy - 5 days ago
Dude why would you put spoilers such as the names of the episodes!!!!!
Matthew White
Matthew White - 5 days ago
The mall is a real mall in Georgia it is called Gwinnett place mall
Haridev Ravindran
Haridev Ravindran - 5 days ago
കിടിലോൽ കിടിലം !! എന്റെ പൊന്നളിയ എന്നാ ഒരു ഒബ്സർവഷനാ... സംഭവം തന്നെ
Savage Lesbian
Savage Lesbian - 5 days ago
WAIT WAIT WIAT I’m I the only one who realised that one pic of 11 near the sea (the where the blue and yellow meet one) that shot looks somewhat similar to the sky and sea in the new frozen 2 trailer..... and both Elsa and 11 both have powers 🤷‍♀️
Maddison Watts
Maddison Watts - 5 days ago
These dislikes aren’t dislikes

their likes from the upside down
Jonerico - 6 days ago
They were gonna use the thessalhydra on season 2 but when the season came out they used the mind flayer instead, maybe this time it IS the thesselhydra!
LilTryingGamerYT - 6 days ago
Theory: The rats respond to the big monster we see at the end of the trailer like the demogorgan were to the shadow monster
That could be how it is formed?
Babi Carrot
Babi Carrot - 6 days ago
Selian Clemente
Selian Clemente - 6 days ago
4:18 "demodawgs"
Justine Fullo
Justine Fullo - 6 days ago
I bet all names starting with B’s are gonna die
keen malli
keen malli - 7 days ago
I didn't notice a thing
PervyTeenSquad - 7 days ago
Owwwww shit. There’s only 8 episodes
Zalicoh - 7 days ago
No one noticed at 2:36 the girl on the raft doesn't have a top on.
lee appleton
lee appleton - 7 days ago
Seriously can’t wait! Why do we have to wait till July the 4th 😭
AV GAMERS - 7 days ago
Full of spoilers
it you girl maddy
it you girl maddy - 7 days ago
One thing first eleven is by the salt water she probably gonna do the connet thing like she did with will
The Green Moustache
The Green Moustache - 7 days ago
Maybe power of love music by huey lewis will come in S3!
Weird Dork
Weird Dork - 7 days ago
Wait if that was Mrs wheeler and Billy kissing maybe Mike's dad dies this season? Ted I think his name was!
( just a theory)
Zon Cabang
Zon Cabang - 8 days ago
Upside down is like silent hill tbh. I hope Kali will appear again in S3, that Steve & Dustin become more close like brothers and Steve getting a new girlfriend.
sofiaaa - 8 days ago
I bet imma sound dumb for saying this but what if the spider monster is made to resemble Will's drawing
KillerQueen yeet
KillerQueen yeet - 8 days ago
The sign is similar to trump's.

Is the mayor gonna get help from Russia? I mean they thought eleven was from Russia soooooooo.
KillerQueen yeet
KillerQueen yeet - 8 days ago
I'm finna cry the day season 3 comes out .
Buginator 7
Buginator 7 - 9 days ago
Maybe, in that one scene where the rats are running away, they are running away from something. Rats usually do this, and are often seen in movies. For example, in Cloverfield when the rats are running away from the Cloverfield monsters spawn. But the rat plague theory is a good guess, and has a high chance of happening. Another guess I have is that the monster is mind controlling them somehow and are making them come to him so he can eat? It’s a long shot, and I’m probably wrong. Tell me what you guys think of my theories!
america - 9 days ago
Now i know what I am going to do on july 4 instead of lightning up fireworks.
Pierre Youkhana
Pierre Youkhana - 9 days ago
Shit this is gonna be a hard core sesson
ST lover
ST lover - 10 days ago
The new monster looks like a DEMIGORGAN - SHADOW MONSTER hybrid
Compulsive Potato
Compulsive Potato - 10 days ago
mad max is a russian spy if shes the yellow..
Noah Frank
Noah Frank - 11 days ago
3:09 pause the video look in the background you see joyce
SlogoKop - 11 days ago
Billy got bit by something and that is why he has a infection you can also see a dark outline of a bite mark on his arm like if you caught that as well
ShadowSpeed54 - 11 days ago
Where is the thumbnail in the trailer
Keahi. - 11 days ago
Honestly hate stranger things because of how Millie Brown has been acting lately. For example, being extra for no reason!
Officially Tamara
Officially Tamara - 12 days ago
Now I’m going to think about this till the same season comes out
Isabella Masso
Isabella Masso - 12 days ago
billy and mikes mom have a scene together in the trailer
Hmm beans
Hmm beans - 12 days ago
Only 8 episodes wow that sucks
Flower RoseAg
Flower RoseAg - 12 days ago
4th of July is becoming Stranger things 3 release
Sir Katsu
Sir Katsu - 13 days ago
Damn the details about the hair spray.
RazorWhip AlphaMimicSR-71
As long as the main characters from the first season (especially Eleven) don’t die, this season will be awesome.
Ava Ba
Ava Ba - 13 days ago
I know I’m going to finish season 3 in like a day.......
Car-Men - 13 days ago
Yeah whatever griever carnage monster billy
Cora Murphy
Cora Murphy - 13 days ago
Why is everything in this trailer yellow and blue . How annoying 😂 trying to grow up tension
shazad iqbal
shazad iqbal - 13 days ago
hey guys steve doesnt die because in the last episode (the battle of the starcourt) u see steve with evreyone else at starcourt but with pain wen he gets tortured. meaning he got tortured before and so now in that episode u see him
jtappia - 13 days ago
Cant get enough of this series. Hope to get like 7 or 11 series.. squeeze the shit out of it. As long as they keep it good
jtappia - 13 days ago
Im gonne take leave on the 4th of July and watch this all in 1 day.
Martin Babiak
Martin Babiak - 13 days ago
Asi najlepsi serial vobec....
Harry The Boss
Harry The Boss - 13 days ago
If Joyce marries Hopper doesn't that make Eleven and Will will be brother and sister
הגר גדליוביץ'
הגר גדליוביץ' - 13 days ago
That's a good video, but where are the things we've missed, exactly...?
myt63 - 13 days ago
WAIT! Do you remember in season 2 when Bob wanted to move to Maine maybe that’s were they are moving.
Chloe Gamer
Chloe Gamer - 13 days ago
Am J the only one who’s kinda concerned that you can’t see Mike’s right hand in a lot of the tense scenes? They’ll be hidden by other people or just flat out not in the camera frame. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but knowing the Suffer Brothers I’m not sure
Tween 32005
Tween 32005 - 13 days ago
I’m not sure other people saw this on 0:46 there is a Sanyo branded music box but the Sanyo brand came on in the of 2009!
Madelin Rose
Madelin Rose - 14 days ago
Did anyone notice that in two shots at the beginning eleven and mike are holding hands
Leah Aase
Leah Aase - 14 days ago
The monster kind of remind me of the monsters from maze runner
Ava Hugi
Ava Hugi - 14 days ago
Maybe Billy or another new character who’s name starts white B will die or disappear next because that’s what happened to Barbra and Bob
Kaleah Donaldson
Kaleah Donaldson - 14 days ago
In the trailer it shows two girls who look like zombies... or infected like you described
mikayla bolis
mikayla bolis - 14 days ago
Eleven’s style changed and it’s FLAWLESS

Edit: grammar mistake
Zachary Luck
Zachary Luck - 14 days ago
Trying to base the monster off of D&D monsters isn't the way to go, they don't call it the demogorgan because it looks like one, they call it that because it happened to be a monster they previously lost against and that got Will in D&D and then got him in real life. The mind flayer also doesn't look like the D&D monster they called it that due to its hive mind ability, so the new monster's name will likely be based on what it does, or more likely just called Billy, as we see he has a bite on his arm that seems to be infecting him.
For a video pointing out things in the trailer you didn't do a great job did you?
Flatty_patty_ is a ratty
Flatty_patty_ is a ratty - 14 days ago
All I’m going to say is...
Steve better not freaking die I swear to god.
If Mike, Lucas, Will, Eleven/Jane, Max, Dustin, Steve, Joyce, Hopper, Nancy, or Jonathan die...I will literally stop watching Stranger Things.
(And some of the access characters and like Billy and the parent(s) and siblings of Mike, Lucas, Max, Dustin, and Steve (Even though they’ve only mentioned his dad) because they all add to the story of Hawkins)
But tbh even if anyone doesn’t like who dies IF anyone even dies, we’re all watching season 4 anyway. 💀
Toni Frazier
Toni Frazier - 14 days ago
Eleven had a nose bleed
The Dinosaur King
The Dinosaur King - 14 days ago
So like, I saw a video like this, but it was just analyzing the poster that Netflix showed and the quote "When blue and yellow meet in the West" and I instantly thought of the sun going down cause like the sun sets in the West. Then after seeing the trailer and this video and the little part where Eleven is by the ocean, it made me think MORE about like something bad happening when the sun sets. This could be bullshit that I'm saying or maybe not, idfk. I'm not sure if anyone else thought of that, but like here ya go ig
TheBigGuy3380 - 14 days ago
Great, they’re going to ruin it with their liberal brainwashing techniques.
Gaming Scoote
Gaming Scoote - 14 days ago
We expect season 4 too !!!!😂😂😂
FrostedGlobe816 •
FrostedGlobe816 • - 14 days ago
You missed the most important thing...
The fact that El doesn't hate max anymore
Naomie plays
Naomie plays - 14 days ago
I can’t wait 😬😬😬😬😬😬
Graci E
Graci E - 14 days ago
Is that bob at the front at 1:01
Ella Lily
Ella Lily - 14 days ago
When you have to tell your whole family you can't celebrate the 4th of July with them because your busy hibernating in your room bingeing stranger things 4
youre disrespecting a future us army soilder
at first i thought this wasnt gonna be scary, but now that i look at this... it does
Chaz Lyon
Chaz Lyon - 15 days ago
LMAO I was going to comment they’re playing Home Sweet Home by Mötley Crüe writer by their drummer Tommy Lee 😂😂 until I saw they said something that makes so much sense 😂
chirle231 - 15 days ago
IF WILL MOVES IT WOULDN'T BE STRANGER THINGS (even though will is not my favorite)
Lizbeth Solis
Lizbeth Solis - 15 days ago
ps :Starcourt mall is a mall in Atlanta,Ga called Gwinnett mall which has been abandonded by many stores.Only a couple of stores are left
Øzzy Plays
Øzzy Plays - 15 days ago
I didnt missed the star lord
Jemima Langford
Jemima Langford - 15 days ago
Itz Brooklyn
Itz Brooklyn - 15 days ago
At the beginning of the video I thought they were gonna play little Einstein's. Becaus3 of the sound
ayden stepan
ayden stepan - 15 days ago
i think billy is the new monster because he had some sort of thing on his arm that could be like an infection. what do you think?
Ava G
Ava G - 15 days ago
Why is it only 8 episodes 😭😭
CoolCandy yaya
CoolCandy yaya - 15 days ago
leilaxgrace - 15 days ago
bruh, hopper gave Eleven the hair tie last season.
Lemon And Limes
Lemon And Limes - 15 days ago
What happens if I watch em episodes all day so then I’ll be sad about season 4
Peni Taimani
Peni Taimani - 15 days ago
those bastards probably nocked out steve or did thry kill him
Peni Taimani
Peni Taimani - 15 days ago
chips ahoy
liv - 16 days ago
season 3 is going to be the best by far.
Hello Noob
Hello Noob - 16 days ago
U know what I think I think thence
Crazy writer guy that is blond walking in the hall is actually the spider fleshy thing and the the virus that Billie gets also gets thought two girls leaving the party and they get voices in their heads telling them to go somewhere and I think at least one character will die or more
Hello Noob
Hello Noob - 16 days ago
I just realized that Jonathan is in a hospital when he is getting attack and it is probably not for Billie so that means Jonathan is in hospital for someone else
Hello Noob
Hello Noob - 16 days ago
When 11 is on beach she is blindfolded with egos behind her
Hello Noob
Hello Noob - 16 days ago
Ok Bruce turns into spiderfleshy thing and attacks jonathan
Hello Noob
Hello Noob - 16 days ago
So I watch ur video and the crazy guy in the hall is named bruce
Hello Noob
Hello Noob - 16 days ago
And if u didn’t notice I forgot his name but the guy that is in the ice cream shop is getting injected with a needle probably by those guys getting electrocuted but he is the cause of the electrocution do to a failed experiment
The monster looks like a griever from maze runner
arianaGamingYT - 16 days ago
Oh my gawd that monster thingy was in front of Jonathan could this be???!?!?
Savannah Smith
Savannah Smith - 16 days ago
Billy was bitten and turned into the monster, therefor he disappeared creating “the case of the missing lifeguard”
Travel Kids Tribe
Travel Kids Tribe - 16 days ago
I noticed something. There is a half-of-a-second long shot of Eleven's ethereal plane bathtub breaking, and then immediately afterwards she's falling into the water. I might be wrong, but, I feel like this could symbolize her loosing control of her powers there / getting stuck there? Since the bathtub was referred to as a safe way for her to get to the plane. Just an idea, any opinions?
FireAndIce 509
FireAndIce 509 - 16 days ago
am i the only one who got sad when there wasn't any byler scenes in the trailer
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