Official Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update Announce Trailer

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Simon Tye
Simon Tye - 4 days ago
polishing a turd in my opinion.
gh sot
gh sot - 7 days ago
Lord Jesus Christ, please handle them for me. Please cast all rare plans into hell. and let them all die ASAP, they block me as a hacker and I'm not. Help me, Jesus. #SeaOfThieves #HelpMeJesus
Corey Jackson
Corey Jackson - 9 days ago
Maybe they should add this
PL harpoon: instead of a spear it shoots a green lightning bolt or a glowing unicorn horn and the harpoon part is glowing green

Ocean crawler harpoon gun:instead of a spear it shoots a light blue and red claw and the main base is the same color as the harpoon but has claws all over it
Kraken harpoon gun:shoots a purple metal tentacle and the main base is purple and has a tentacle raping around the mainbase of the gun
Hunter harpoon gun:shoots a silver colored spear.the main base of the gun has a metal square on the back of it and has triangles on the edge of the harpoonMaybe thet should add this
PL harpoon: instead of a spear it shoots a green lightning bolt or a glowing unicorn horn and the harpoon part is glowing green

Ocean crawler harpoon gun:instead of a spear it shoots a light blue and red claw and the main base is the same color as the harpoon but has claws all over it
Kraken harpoon gun:shoots a purple metal tentacle and the main base is purple and has a tentacle raping around the mainbase of the gun
Hunter harpoon gun:shoots a silver colored spear.the main base of the gun has a metal square on the back of it and has triangles on the edge of the harpoon
Lokd Dhci
Lokd Dhci - 9 days ago
UEGames - 9 days ago
So lovely game! I'll be back to the sea!!
mini_pyroVEVOLIFT - 9 days ago
Well damn...
Robbe VC
Robbe VC - 10 days ago
Ps4 pls
krazeemazee - 10 days ago
its near impossible to get a hold of these pple... does anyone have a email...
Feral_Paissa - 11 days ago
Finally actual content
Lol see of thieves or so epic latterly and they are just so like OMG👌🏜🌋🏖
Jamie Brice
Jamie Brice - 12 days ago
They should do a weekly invasion thing where once a week someone like black beard or the skeletons invade an outpost on the game and everyone in the server has to defend it by sea or land and if the players loose then that island is taken over for a week and the week after the players try to take it back
썰프리 - 12 days ago
This game is very unfriendly to Asians. Game Ping 180-200 is the best server.
I can not do pvp properly.
The Dovanator
The Dovanator - 10 days ago
I live in the U.S but my internet makes it the same way :(
UniverseTurtle - 13 days ago
Sea of thieves is making moves
Ryker Dumke
Ryker Dumke - 13 days ago
Xbox works with keyboard but please fix mouse glitch
NicoPasto - 13 days ago
Bonjour à tous,

Pour ceux qui viennent de commencer le Jeu voici trois tutoriels rapides pour bien débuter:

1- Comment lancer/réaliser les Quêtes :
2- Comment s'armer, recharger et s'équiper :
3- Comment manoeuvrer/réparer votre navire:

En espérant que ces rapides tutoriels pourront vous aider à bientôt !

Parker Maclean
Parker Maclean - 14 days ago
where do i get an email to make a complaint?
Taaamas - 14 days ago
All i'll be doing is fishing, i don't care about the other stuff
ARCTIC FOX - 15 days ago
Very nice update,i love Sea Of Thieves (especially the Pirates Of The Caribbean feeling) I love this game! cheers
Bulkysine TV
Bulkysine TV - 15 days ago
Ohhhh Now it Become a mega good game!!!
GAY GAY - 15 days ago
wow this looks pretty neat , maybe in a few more years it will be worth playing
Scypus - 16 days ago
25 days
cool beans
cool beans - 16 days ago
Angry Joe: this game is so boring
rare: oh really
JaeGamer Tv
JaeGamer Tv - 16 days ago
I can't apply to be a pirate and the message says that this pirate was not found in the sea.
Cool Boi
Cool Boi - 16 days ago
Cool boi
J Waite62
J Waite62 - 16 days ago
Why doesn’t rare make a new limited time in game event where skeleton ships are attacking a outpost
The crazy Ants
The crazy Ants - 17 days ago
My friend met the devs btw
ThatOneSovietDude - 18 days ago
28 Days!
Enjoy - 18 days ago
Dude wtf.. Now this game gonna beat every other garbage. This is what I was waiting for! Sea of Thieves is the only number 1 forever!
Captain Leech
Captain Leech - 18 days ago
fix the pvp in this game it's trash
Captain Leech
Captain Leech - 18 days ago
+Enjoy *you're apparently a "9 year old" knows more about grammer then you😅👍
Captain Leech
Captain Leech - 18 days ago
+Enjoy no quatople you
Enjoy - 18 days ago
+Captain Leech Oh okay. Youre 9 years old. Go back to fortnite.
Captain Leech
Captain Leech - 18 days ago
+Enjoy no you
Enjoy - 18 days ago
Git gud.
mastergamer gaming
mastergamer gaming - 18 days ago
When will u put the game in android sea of thieves
cool beans
cool beans - 16 days ago
Never because its a console game
RuntDog - 18 days ago
Can’t wait to grief more people
Prasanna Neupane
Prasanna Neupane - 19 days ago
You should also make sea of thieves available in mobile as well in the next update!! *Please*
Vladimir G.
Vladimir G. - 18 days ago
One word - xCloud
Morze 303
Morze 303 - 19 days ago
Xbox - Moose Mudbutt if anyone still plays hmu
bob - 19 days ago
kracken lord
kracken lord - 19 days ago
When will sea of thieves be free because I want to go on with my freind
kracken lord
kracken lord - 18 days ago
+Sevrin :-D true
Sevrin :-D
Sevrin :-D - 18 days ago
+kracken lord because the developers are also humans. And the game is not free to make.
kracken lord
kracken lord - 19 days ago
+The Real Gamer yes why
YourBoyGodly - 19 days ago
Mom !! Get the camera
Derpy Sans
Derpy Sans - 19 days ago
I hate is that I like this game sooo much I could buy it but it has to be a Microsoft exclusive that’s just my luck hey
Derpy Sans
Derpy Sans - 17 days ago
I have a ps4
Enjoy - 18 days ago
Just buy it.
Tim van Kampen
Tim van Kampen - 20 days ago
I have the game it is a lot of fun i look forward to play the new gamemode The Arena
lord lordran
lord lordran - 21 day ago
i love this game and i cant play it
lord lordran
lord lordran - 21 day ago
DrDevil TV
DrDevil TV - 22 days ago
If u guys wanna see some ever evolving Sea of Thieves gameplay from a raw and unedited perspective of a small Youtuber go sub to channel
BeteRagout94175 *
BeteRagout94175 * - 22 days ago
Best update ever
h4rdstiffy - 22 days ago
TreekTheNeet - 22 days ago
The only thing keeping this game afloat was the crossplatform
Stillhold - 22 days ago
We've grown so much together ❤️
nicolaj - 22 days ago
So is this game ever gonna have anything to grind after other then cosmetics ???? or is it still straight trash
Enjoy - 18 days ago
+nicolaj Sure. Go back to fortnite 9 years old kid.
Sevrin :-D
Sevrin :-D - 18 days ago
+nicolaj ...
nicolaj - 18 days ago
+Enjoy so the game is just trash with nothing worthwhile got ya mate :)
Enjoy - 18 days ago
At first. Git gud. Second thing is, that there will be a rank in the arena. Third one is, that they will release so many skins and outfits, that you will never own everyone of them. The funny thing is, that this game is just based on having fun and have some epic battles. You dont need to grind. Back in the days, where people played for fun and not for reaching 100% and have everything.. Wtf do I say that? Youre maybe just 9 years old. You were not alive in the good ol' times.
Z Gaming
Z Gaming - 22 days ago
B15ChickenSlayer - 22 days ago
So this is basically the golden age of piracy??
Froplep - 22 days ago
Павер тут
Dean Smith
Dean Smith - 22 days ago
I need to stop playing my PS4 and start playing Sea of Thieves on my Xbox One
the Pineapple dino
the Pineapple dino - 22 days ago
Fishing is the one thing im doing
Musi-Mating GamP!
Musi-Mating GamP! - 22 days ago
You should finally fix the gamę compatibility instead adding another stuff
YouareGodsmackt - 22 days ago
we need this on PS4
YouareGodsmackt - 21 day ago
+The Real Gamer maby, i still will keep hope😉
Kai Sanchez
Kai Sanchez - 22 days ago
Guess what those 380 Dislikes are from fortnite lovers
ThatOneSovietDude - 23 days ago
35 days
Taaamas - 23 days ago
Theres so much happening i cant focus on one thing
Guillaume D
Guillaume D - 23 days ago
I believe in this game
RSh s
RSh s - 23 days ago
Now just add gambling like poker and dice and I actually might play this game again
socially inadequate
socially inadequate - 23 days ago
Hopefully they add real player progression
Vp PriestY
Vp PriestY - 23 days ago
Me and my friend started playing this recently after our work experience and not gonna lie it's really fun and looks great so I cant wait for this update
Loubear Bear
Loubear Bear - 23 days ago
I'm so excited can't wait another month
Austin Loughrey
Austin Loughrey - 23 days ago
Do you plan on coming to playstation? I know alot of people would appreciate
Mysterious Individual
Mysterious Individual - 23 days ago
So, pirate battle royale? Neat.
Not at all, its 5 ship deathmatch with objectives
Harley Fay
Harley Fay - 23 days ago
James Fussell
James Fussell - 23 days ago
I hate Whoops moving
I hate Whoops moving - 23 days ago
Cant wait for this on ps4
Naif37 Plays
Naif37 Plays - 23 days ago
RaMiL - 23 days ago
4000 ?????
Lee Henry
Lee Henry - 23 days ago
Is the game completed yet?
kian fleming
kian fleming - 23 days ago
This is probably the best trailer yet!
Jean Matos
Jean Matos - 23 days ago
They had their chance and they waited for AFTER the sot hype was over to release crucial content that would keep those hyped up to stay in the game but they realized this wouldnt last so thats why they had the game 50% off, to get what money they could before the hype ended and the game resumed to be the dead game it was before. This is just content for those stuck in davy jones' virtual locker. Lots of potential, 0 Devotion from the staff.
Dickman Buttfuck
Dickman Buttfuck - 23 days ago
+MYTHICALTWINKIE maybe 10 years ago when the games were good. But a multi-player arena shooter is much different than this gay sail around for treasure and do nothing game.
+Dickman Buttfuck so you dont like Halo then?
Dickman Buttfuck
Dickman Buttfuck - 23 days ago
Yea its too little too late. If this game actually gave you a reason to play, something to work for, it would be pretty good. But grinding just for some gay cosmetics? No thanks
Isaac Animations
Isaac Animations - 23 days ago
1. Fishing
2. Chest openings?
3. Crows nests can fall down
4. Traps?
5. New tavern
6. More flag designs
7. Hot tubs?
8. The game wont feel like Sea of Thieves anymore
Forgot to mention the arena.
DETETIVE LOLI - 24 days ago
Falei olha o pet
Blair white
Blair white - 24 days ago
Looking forward to the new update I'm sure it will make the game more interesting
Coffee - 24 days ago
this is the greatest moment to happen to pirates since they got free tickets to the spongebob squarepants movie
Frajt - 24 days ago
Would be fun if you could a catch megalodon with a simple fishing rod
A zudemDi
A zudemDi - 24 days ago
Matthew Beattie
Matthew Beattie - 24 days ago
I need pets in the game.
I want a Lemur, a Parrot, a Chameleon and a Crab
Yama Gucci
Yama Gucci - 23 days ago
Forsure a little monkey
Matthew Beattie
Matthew Beattie - 24 days ago
Goofy Gooferson
Goofy Gooferson - 24 days ago
Jake Meddaugh
Jake Meddaugh - 24 days ago
I like how at 0:40 you hear an epic orchestra over a guy fishing quietly by himself
Joe Schwartz
Joe Schwartz - 25 minutes ago
That'll be the most exciting thing about the new update fishing if you spend 100 hours fishing and catch 5,000 fish you can well let's see buy a hat
The Dovanator
The Dovanator - 10 days ago
Halo Galaxy
Halo Galaxy - 23 days ago
NonEmperor75111 - 24 days ago
I can’t wait to be able to finally fish! I hope they have a way to carry more than one fish at a time😁 overall I cannot wait to see the update in game 😄
XxEliteSniperNathanxX Nathan
When could you fish in this game
Passorete - 24 days ago
lets gooooooooo
LukeFurno - 24 days ago
AKadok - 24 days ago
Commentary :
Yesterday : "No content"
Today : "Interesting"
Tomorrow : "Best Game of the Century"
canastra show
canastra show - 24 days ago
Top gamer
Essker Lesse
Essker Lesse - 24 days ago
Still no Thirdperson Bah nope
Toast - 24 days ago
Are there many active players on PC currently? I'm tempted to buy sot after watching some old streams but I heard the player base is dying out, especially due to people turning cross platform off from xbox 💚
XDLugia - 24 days ago
Goddamn!! This is pretty damn dope!
Masyaf Alorn
Masyaf Alorn - 24 days ago
TLDR: 7/10 Long time player very excited for new content and unhappy with current meta and climate of the game design. Worth buying, worth playing, not particularly noteworthy anymore though.

I can honestly say I'm both excited and annoyed towards this development team. I still remain a consumer of the game and do still enjoy it. I'm excited for the changes/additions to cooking, pets, fishing, the new fort in devils roar that went active, and many other developments. These all seem like fun ways to add a bit more variety to the game. However I can also say I am annoyed with the development team. First, for the introduction of "The Arena" this game was built predicated around open world PvE and PvP based pirate action and the game doesn't need its player base even further segregated from one another. Secondly, the optional removal of cross-platform is another issue, there were times before where the sea didn't feel empty now it seems rare that I log in on PC and play on a server that has any amount of action and even if I do the enemy ships are able to spawn extremely close by to where there's nearly no purpose in even winning the fight to begin with anymore. Thirdly, the changes to the way guns work in SoT, no I'm not here to complain that double gunning got removed I'll be the first to admit that getting one shot is not very enjoyable, yet what most people fail to talk about is during the removal of double gunning blunderbuss also got buffed to where its now easier than ever to 1 shot kill an enemy without even needing to swap weapons. But sure even considering that I will concede that the blunderbuss needed a bit of an adjustment it was in a hardly usable state before hand however combining that with the large delay placed on swapping from a pistol to a sniper which by itself would have nearly rendered double gunning useless along with the dramatic drop in hip fire accuracy on top of also removing the slight stagger on the sniper renders a longer distance play style pointless. I get the purpose was to encourage close engagements and more blunderbuss and swordplay which by itself isn't a bad thing but that didn't need to come at the expense of having the eye of reach being a legitimate threat by itself. Now if you manage to hit a shot from a distance with the sniper there is nearly 0 kill potential unless your opponent is a potato and forgets they have bananas because by the time you reload they will be full health or at the very least not at a kill % anymore. And to top it off not only did you adjust the balance of the game to be centered around close engagements (which despite my personal opinion is entirely within your right to do so) you also gave a big middle finger to all the players of your game that have been using the pistol or eye of reach since the game came out by only rewarding people who choose to play with what you deemed to be in their best interest by giving out only a blunderbuss to the players who loyally played your game all the way to max reputation and then even some far far past that point. Event cosmetic weapon sets (see reapers mark, demons roar, kraken, etc) all come out in groups of 4 one for sword blunderbuss pistol and sniper respectively yet you couldn't even manage to let every player have a cosmetic for their preferred load out after spending nearly hundreds of hours in your game. Heck you could have tied them to other achievements (athena reputation at the end of year 1, number of achievements completed, etc) instead there's literally nothing for people who still want to use sniper and pistol because they embraced your marketing strategy at launch of (and pardon if the paraphrasing here is slightly off since its been a year) "Playing with either of the 4 weapon choices each as viable as the last".
All in all I will still play the game for a while and will continue to be a part of the community and will still test and give feedback when needed. However the state of the game is and has been for a while consistently looking for ways to create a game that feels less pirate-like and more "Sea of Friends" like. If people want to group that's fine but they're not your only player-base and your solution for pvp'ers shouldn't be to "create a brand new pvp experience" that is basically just a condensed version of the already existing game which effectively just isolates them from everyone else. Your solution should be to continue searching for a healthy medium where people are both encouraged to fight to defend their loot and to fight to take loot in the main part of the game before the seas are completely empty for even longer than they are now. Increase the number of ships allowed on each server (the map is bigger now there's no reason why more players can't be on it), provide more of an incentive to be both cooperative and competitive with other crews, etc. I don't want this game to continue losing large amounts of its end game players for the sake of not offending the brand new ones. That is what kills a game and its community. The pirate legends who stayed to fight over forts long after the reputation was useless, the players who hit 1 million plus gold, they're the ones who care most about this game, start listening to them more and listen to both sides equally.
To the other youtube commentors that will likely be upset by this post. I highly doubt anyone from Rare will read this and take this advice seriously so this is more to post it so that opposing view points are laid out in a rather civil manner for newer players to see. As for typos if there's anything that makes this statement hard to comprehend I may consider addressing it otherwise I probably won't care enough.
Rhys Gross
Rhys Gross - 24 days ago
Game pass is going to run out next week after having it for a few months and the game I’ve played the most is sea of thieves... gonna have to buy the whole game now.
Elijah Carey
Elijah Carey - 24 days ago
White whale holy grail
Bread - 24 days ago
Jay-Z Y. Pagador
Jay-Z Y. Pagador - 24 days ago
Wait this game can only be played on xbox aww
Falkee Falkee
Falkee Falkee - 24 days ago
And pc :)
Alpine Beard Reviews
Alpine Beard Reviews - 25 days ago
Hell yes!!!! Updates I can get behind!
Seabass Mataka
Seabass Mataka - 25 days ago
i’m so hyped
ThatOneSovietDude - 25 days ago
Andrade ;-;
Andrade ;-; - 25 days ago
Finally I can fish!
Da guy wit a gas mask
Da guy wit a gas mask - 25 days ago
All I want from the sea of thieves creators is to put this game on ps4 I know there is a lot of toxic players on Ps4 but this is all I ask for... for birthday please?
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