Surf Fishing 101: HOW TO CATCH FISH

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Tommy Cheshire
Tommy Cheshire - 7 months ago
I always learn from your videos. You both seem so happy doing them. Thank you so much for taking the time to do them.
theyreee gggreat!
theyreee gggreat! - 5 months ago
Dude. Put a ring on that. My wife hates to fish.
pakis tanis
pakis tanis - 5 months ago
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Dzef Strongmen
Dzef Strongmen - 5 months ago
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Brian Andrew
Brian Andrew - 5 months ago
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Steve F
Steve F - 7 months ago
@Hey Skipper could you talk more about identify the rip current to fish
Warren Jacobus
Warren Jacobus - 18 hours ago
I hope you guys ate the fish south africa they suck'em right of its socket.
William Kiene
William Kiene - 3 days ago
At Christmas Island our guide cooked a small Trevally on an open fire by just laying on the coals, hole.
Fresh Pompano down in Florida is very expensive......
trip kamu
trip kamu - 3 days ago
Wilson P
Wilson P - 8 days ago
Tip: Bleed it by cutting 1or2 gills so when you clean less blood and taste better👍 / good catch!
Mustafa Gök
Mustafa Gök - 9 days ago
Senden bir surf olta takımı istiyorum 🙃
D. Hernandez
D. Hernandez - 10 days ago
I like that back pack
A1 French bulldogs
A1 French bulldogs - 12 days ago
Means you have to get back out there and catch some more fish asap!
luck pon
luck pon - 14 days ago
Sorry but yr bait presentation sucks..
Lior L
Lior L - 15 days ago
Hey, I need some help. I just started beach fishing and the problem I have is that because of the waves pulling the line the rod tip is always moving so I don't know when there is a fish on the hook and I need to reel back. Any advice?
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - 15 days ago
I answer all these questions in the tutorials on our website! Visit us at
Maaifoedie De La Rey
Maaifoedie De La Rey - 18 days ago
Fully agree with you - better to grill the fish whole. Way too much meat is wasted by cutting fillets (unless of course it's absolutely necessary with some fish). In South Africa, we like to grill it over wood fire coals.
Alex Z
Alex Z - 18 days ago
Whats the yellow and red thing in your rig?
Terry Dottin
Terry Dottin - 18 days ago
Love their energy
Jaharudin Alias
Jaharudin Alias - 21 day ago
Wow..yummy 5:50... That good sized
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - 21 day ago
Great size!
Oscar Vega
Oscar Vega - 22 days ago
This guy needs to learn no to make pescado sarandiado. A million times better than how he made it
Trade Carriers
Trade Carriers - 23 days ago
Love your videos bro...keep em coming
Trade Carriers
Trade Carriers - 22 days ago
Well i learned about high tide and low tide.. infront and behind the sand bar is where i will be casting..
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - 22 days ago
Thank you! What did you love about this one?
Jorge - 24 days ago
That is so Awesome! 👏
Great Video...
Thank you!
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - 24 days ago
Haha happy to help you man
Steve Halvorson
Steve Halvorson - Month ago
Great vid great family too.
Acc 1
Acc 1 - Month ago
Fatitities ?
2 1/2 Acres
2 1/2 Acres - Month ago
Thanks for showing me some tips. We are coming down to gulf Shores Alabama in December. Not sure what will be bitting that time of year but I am excited!!!!
Michael Davis Outdoor Adventures
Hope to use this knowledge this weekend, and make a video for my Channel. I subscribed and hit the bell!!!
eg6turbo - Month ago
Bro, you gotta have rice with that meal.
Jerome Smith
Jerome Smith - Month ago
Watching you guys eat is so entertaining..
Creme0350 cr
Creme0350 cr - Month ago
Hi great video there, that pompano you caught is similar to what we would call a Dart here in Geraldton WA Australia.
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson - 2 months ago
your awesome man
David Lafferty
David Lafferty - 2 months ago
you both are the cutest 😂
Angler Waki
Angler Waki - 2 months ago
Nice video. Great tips!
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - 2 months ago
Ghost - 2 months ago
I know what the idas is bro 😆
DZ Malekvali
DZ Malekvali - 2 months ago
You need a hair cut dude...skipper
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - 2 months ago
Haha I got one now
Pacific Blui
Pacific Blui - 2 months ago
that’s so cool how you and your girl can do that. much respect!
James Anglin
James Anglin - 2 months ago
I think you guys a little over dramatic on the catches though 😂
PhongMike - 2 months ago
Love your channel for tutorial infos and fun fishing.. Love eating Pompano but we can't catch in CA coast.. What are the Florida beaches having Pompano run and when? I'll make the trip like this ine day
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - 2 months ago
Florida pompano run in spring and fall! Get your butt down there man.
PhongMike - 2 months ago
Love your channel for tutorial infos and fun fishing.. Love eating Pompano but we can't catch in CA coast.. What are the Florida beaches having Pompano run and when? I'll make the trip like this ine day
tocodelray - 2 months ago
Couple goals right here!
hmoobmua12 - 2 months ago
Meal looks absolutely delicious. But something seems to be missing, oh the rice!
Jake 47
Jake 47 - 2 months ago
she ties knots, she catches fish and she eats fish???? marry that girl
Ahmad Fairuss
Ahmad Fairuss - 2 months ago
Hey Skipper,i wonder do you guys ever tried or have any experience on this rig called a Pernel Pulley Rig?
It's the rig of choice here in Singapore for surf anglers.
Appreciate it if you guys can try it out on video and see what you think of it.
G. Fletcher
G. Fletcher - 2 months ago
. I've always heard about low tide and high tide but I was not sure what to do with it. You guys had said two hours after high tide and 2 hours after low tide is when to fish. I will definitely give that a shot
Atreyu Principalh
Atreyu Principalh - 2 months ago
great this fun the hey skipper channel
GenesisnKaidence - 2 months ago
Type of dude I couldn’t go fishing with.. always gotta act like he knows everything.. talks too damn much
Hey Skipper
Hey Skipper - 2 months ago
Lol why are you watching a how to tutorial and expect no talking?
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