Texas Roadhouse vs. Outback Steakhouse Taste Test | FOOD FEUDS

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Ace Clan
Ace Clan - 10 hours ago
Texas Roadhouse!!!!
Addy Emore
Addy Emore - 11 hours ago
Why you hating on Texas
Austin Fontana
Austin Fontana - 20 hours ago
What about cattlemans
Infiniti Music
Infiniti Music - 20 hours ago
You know it's legit when GMM makes a video about it
xIRGhost - 21 hour ago
You guys should go to the restaurants and eat there bcc the food would look and taste a lot better............... all your food was very misleading in how they were presented
Marquita Robertson
Marquita Robertson - 21 hour ago
I'm a Texas Roadhouse woman
Sabrina Padilla
Sabrina Padilla - Day ago
Miguel Garzon
Miguel Garzon - Day ago
Boneless wings are just chicken nuggets
Tatum Feigle
Tatum Feigle - Day ago
They should go to texas for this
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal - Day ago
Did the chili have beans?
Jaguar God
Jaguar God - 2 days ago
Longhorn ftw
marshall jacobs
marshall jacobs - 2 days ago
Remember when the Bloomin onion was twice as big? When just seeing it was scary? When did they make it so small??
LanLock Gaming
LanLock Gaming - 2 days ago
im not even sure i would have tasted the steaks , that and all of it looked fkn discusting
Roseblossom9029 - 3 days ago
I need to try outback I guess
John Paul Driskill
John Paul Driskill - 3 days ago
Roadhouse is better
Vincent Johnson
Vincent Johnson - 3 days ago
Never heard of Texas Roadhouse
i like disliking things for no reason
id consider texas roadhouse more if rhonda shows me a good time
Jaaa Beee
Jaaa Beee - 3 days ago
Are they gay or millennials? I can't even tell anymore.
Jacob Cook
Jacob Cook - 4 days ago
I'm just casually watching two grown men eat, nothing to see here
Salwa akhtar
Salwa akhtar - 4 days ago
Love how their content and moods are better without the 4 episodes a day smh
TheGuess2D - 4 days ago
Texas Roadhouse is better.
Gaming Golden
Gaming Golden - 4 days ago
saltgrass is a tier above, but none of them are as good as even a novice in their own home
Emma Snyder
Emma Snyder - 5 days ago
Those accents were difficult to listen to
Richard Magallanes
Richard Magallanes - 5 days ago
Why did Australian get censored, what did he say?
Beth Walters
Beth Walters - 5 days ago
Y'all tried Texas Roadhouse at a California location. If y'all came down to Texas it would be 100% better. Texas Roadhouse will always have my heart. 👍
Wombattler - 7 hours ago
If we had outback here in Australia, it might actually be good...
inkmeal - 5 days ago
I want an entire show with Rhonda and Aussie feuding. Best new characters since Cotton Candy Randy.
N4RUTO 786
N4RUTO 786 - 5 days ago
Imagine having an argument over food chill
Cody Funk
Cody Funk - 5 days ago
I never had a steak at outback that couldn't but used to pound a wooden steak into the ground. Might just be my location though, as all the outbacks are gone now.
The 5th King
The 5th King - 6 days ago
I'll just say before watching the video... Roadhouse wins either way
Fred Crapse
Fred Crapse - 6 days ago
CrippledHobo 15
CrippledHobo 15 - 6 days ago
Wat is Rhett talking about who doesn’t but gravy on mashed potatoes
Mohammad Ali Ghani
Mohammad Ali Ghani - 6 days ago
That's a lot of glasses
Lauren - 7 days ago
Outback 🤟🏻😤
Meep owlz
Meep owlz - 7 days ago
am i the only one who wants to decipher what outback aussie said
Virginia Papke
Virginia Papke - 8 days ago
Can Kate McKinnon play Roadhouse Rhonda somehow please?
Chuck Rubino
Chuck Rubino - 8 days ago
Lol this brings me back... I used to work at an Outback in NY and I would literally have to make like 60 blooming onions a day!! Couldn't stand to look at an onion after all those yrs! Thanx for the memories guys😁
Alex Del aguila
Alex Del aguila - 8 days ago
Longhorn is better than both....
ryeinc - 8 days ago
This video needs more cheesy wingerdingers.
Liso Campos
Liso Campos - 8 days ago
Outback is going under. No pun intended.
Owen Mills
Owen Mills - 8 days ago
I'm from UK so I'm just doing homework if I ever go to the US
Tyler McFeaters
Tyler McFeaters - 8 days ago
One of the funniest side by sides u guys have done props to the aussie lol
Brock Wayne
Brock Wayne - 8 days ago
I agree that Outback’s food is better, however, Texas Roadhouse’s service is so much better than Outback’s.
Gerbroni TV
Gerbroni TV - 9 days ago
Roadhouse Ronda you would have gotten a tip but your Daisy Dukes weren't short enough
nathan essary
nathan essary - 9 days ago
Whit gravy is a Texas thing
MrMauiwowy - 9 days ago
A Boneless wing is a chicken nugget.
Sloane - 9 days ago
Damn I wanted them to taste the bread so bas
bucksbabyboy - 9 days ago
Roundhouse has better Ribeye Steak! I like the horseradish sauce. Outback is more expensive!
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
Rhett says: It needs a side of guacamole.
Mr. toxichumor
Mr. toxichumor - 10 days ago
Texas roadhouse is the best
KGzSUPREME - 10 days ago
How is outback the chum bucket but roadhouse is trying to steal the secret formula 🙈
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