Texas Roadhouse vs. Outback Steakhouse Taste Test | FOOD FEUDS

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User Xplained
User Xplained - 9 hours ago
You didnt have it made by real texans
Its Kamila
Its Kamila - Day ago
Wtf I remember watching this guys when I was small and I was always confused on what they talk about
Christopher Steele
Christopher Steele - 2 days ago
Never went back to Outback after getting fishy lobster. Roadhouse steaks are so tender and always cooked right.
Adrianne Wilson
Adrianne Wilson - 8 hours ago
Christopher Steele
Keely Huether
Keely Huether - 3 days ago
Gkellz - 4 days ago
Where I'm from Texas roadhouse is King... And I approve
Emmanuel Garcia
Emmanuel Garcia - 5 days ago
Rhett wanted outback to win from the start
MrHoliday - 6 days ago
outback's sweet chili calamari is solid... them steaks tho... look way overcooked, medium rare or bust.
Donna Gish
Donna Gish - 6 days ago
I think Texas road House won
Leah Coyle
Leah Coyle - 6 days ago
Outback was the leader and winner
Quintin Gegwich
Quintin Gegwich - 7 days ago
Texas Roadhouse has arguably the best bread in the game
Alex Rivera
Alex Rivera - 9 days ago
Y’all didn’t eat the rolls WITH THE CINNAMON BUTTER
razzle dazzle
razzle dazzle - 11 days ago
Why didnt they get any rolls from tx steakhouse
UnderGroundOnly - 8 days ago
They already did that in another video.
Cinch - 13 days ago
Should of tried salt grass steakhouse
Str Eesed
Str Eesed - 13 days ago
Outback just has that nostalgic factor for me. My grandpa and uncle used to work there before they moved away and they would always bring back mashed potatoes and wings and they’re still my favorite to this day
nicki jay
nicki jay - 14 days ago
Winngerdinngers lol 😄
BlueBeluga - 15 days ago
Outback's Steakhouse Mac n Cheese is amazing. Perfect with their shrimp. However, the only downside is all the grease in their food! My god I had a bad time, but my god it was worth it.
FauxTomBrady - 15 days ago
Road house Rhonda is cute
Jeff Gibbz
Jeff Gibbz - 15 days ago
I got to say in New Jersey are Texas Roadhouse's better than our Outback in the old bridge area that is I don't know about the rest of the state
cody holder
cody holder - 15 days ago
Blooming onion fried steak man delicious
badbadwolfgrlTARDIS - 15 days ago
good lord that aussie imitation accent was painful XD XD XD. good try though XD XD
Adam Lay
Adam Lay - 15 days ago
I had the best piece of salmon I've ever had at an outback
Ryownage - 16 days ago
Y’all sleepin on longhorn
Small Caps
Small Caps - 16 days ago
A couple years ago it seemed like Outback was going down hill. But the last few times i been there it was delicious. I do love Texas roadhouse though
thewestface - 17 days ago
Why is link never allowed to use sharp objects??
Brickey Boi
Brickey Boi - 18 days ago
Roadhouse is better
Mason Grady
Mason Grady - 18 days ago
Me in dark alley: psssst...
Texas roadhouse employee: *approaches*
Me: So how you make dat ranch
Texas roadhouse employee: ...
Mochi Is good
Mochi Is good - 18 days ago
Outback all the way
CrazedSymptoms - 19 days ago
Blazeking416 - 19 days ago
I'm dying of laughter when I heard this part. 9:34 😂
Ezra Uyeda
Ezra Uyeda - 19 days ago
6:54 how no one gives Link knives. (usually)
inoccents _YT
inoccents _YT - 19 days ago
What About Logan’s steak house
kat m
kat m - 20 days ago
Y’all need some saltgrass in your lives
Todd Chenard
Todd Chenard - 20 days ago
Easy. Texas Roadhouse, because they dont cook their steaks on a flattop like outback. Chargrill is what better that flattop
Andrea Guitard
Andrea Guitard - 21 day ago
You have to dunk the OSH fries in the ranch lol!
TheMadMedek - 21 day ago
It’s not a value competition people.
David Edwards
David Edwards - 22 days ago
taco bell vs del taco
Connor Knight
Connor Knight - 23 days ago
This test couldn't get anymore fair because Rhett and Link cover almost everyone's opinion. Just the two of them.
whirlybird n
whirlybird n - 23 days ago
The best brownie I have ever had, and reluctantly tried, was the Slater's 50/50 brownie with bacon bits.
Caden Lebato
Caden Lebato - 23 days ago
Why would you compare a restaurants main appetizer (blooming onion) to another? Of course one will be better
PJ - 23 days ago
im australian ahaha and i loved that accent
Alphascrub - 24 days ago
Longhorn is vastly better than both. Come at me.
Keely C
Keely C - 26 days ago
I feel like they should've clarified that the 'Kookaburra wings' are actually just chicken wings
ReMiXNeoNZz - 26 days ago
As an Aussie, I'm extremely concerned that Americans think Outback Steakhouse is Aussie, when it's about as accurate as an Americans attempt at an Aussie accent. Real Aussies are embarrassed by it, and Americans think it's as accurate as their rifles
Jamie_Jewel - 27 days ago
Dear boneless wings,
Just love yourself for what you really are: chicken nuggets.
Mark Edly
Mark Edly - 27 days ago
More Rhonda Roadhouse.
rialvey - 27 days ago
Texas Roadhouse is worth it for the rolls ALONE!!!!
Lisa Spikes
Lisa Spikes - 27 days ago
I had the best Caesar salad I’ve ever had at Texas Roadhouse. Weird, I know.
Carl Harverson
Carl Harverson - 27 days ago
Hahaha Outback Guy was great
Shan E
Shan E - 27 days ago
A Kookaburra is a bird native to Australia and they aren’t endangered 😁
John Kiser
John Kiser - 28 days ago
I prefer longhorn's method of serving these. It's not exactly a bloomin onion directly but they take onions and batter and fry em in the same kind of thing but they are individual cuts meaning the whole thing is coated and fried (no soggy bits) then they top it with a drizzle of sour cream and serve it with the sauce.
Mr. Waffles
Mr. Waffles - 28 days ago
I love the people serving the food!
Alex DeLeon
Alex DeLeon - 28 days ago
I felt like Rhett wanted outback to win so adjusted his initial score so that outback would win and that's why he went after Link.
Anthony  Perkins
Anthony Perkins - 28 days ago
You idiots don't know what you're talking about
Valerie Grove
Valerie Grove - 28 days ago
I’m just gonna say this, the best meals at outback are the bread they give you as an appetizer and the kids Mac n cheese.
Oliver St. Clair
Oliver St. Clair - 28 days ago
The one and only Outback I’ve been to way way over salted LITERALLY EVERYTHING
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith - 29 days ago
the reason why texas roadhouse has so much more onions is because americans are fatter and need more food
KIMO CONKLIN - 29 days ago
Slade Killer
Slade Killer - 29 days ago
Apparently link doesn’t know how to compare he only compared the wings and forgot about the rest
lisa Arkwright
lisa Arkwright - 29 days ago
TRH has free incredible bread , better onion with great sauce, great steak, steak tips, and wonderful ribs. Don’t care for outbacks steak seasoning.
Chris Warren
Chris Warren - 29 days ago
When it comes down to it, both of them serve good food, but from experience I've always found TRH to be more consistent visit to visit and location to location.
YFNik - 29 days ago
Texas Roadhouse all the way
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