VFX Artists React to THE PREQUELS Bad & Great CGi

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AUSSIE RED - 23 minutes ago
It was George Lucas and felloni to have darth maul stay alive
Bλrney - Day ago
Man people just skip the clone wars because its animated and it kinda looks like just another kiddie show, and it kinda is for maybe first 2-3 seasons but still it has much better story than new sw trilogy.
Terminal XI
Terminal XI - Day ago
im a viwer and i feel like niko always has to have the last word in lmao
Nico Reveco
Nico Reveco - Day ago
How many touched their shoulders?
purebeaux - 2 days ago
Not necessarily VFX but the visual thing I couldn't get over with Episode I was the fact that Maul's head horns looked literally glued on.
Soap MACtavish
Soap MACtavish - 2 days ago
Everyone hate prequels but not me i loved the prequel
Intro DJ 101
Intro DJ 101 - 2 days ago
Darth Maul has been alive before Solo.
Cody T
Cody T - 3 days ago
Honestly dissapointed there isn't any episode 3 stuff
Brainiac 1200
Brainiac 1200 - 3 days ago
The 2008 Clone Wars TV show actually is what brought Maul back not Solo so stop saying Solo did
Now Loading
Now Loading - 4 days ago
Your knowledge of Star Wars lore is so lacking....
Yet your VFX knowledge is spot on......
Hmmm......difficult to judge.....this video is.....
Nick Barter
Nick Barter - 4 days ago
They didn’t watch anakin vs obiwan. That why i clicked on this video
Jared Haught
Jared Haught - 4 days ago
No General Grievous?
Jared Haught
Jared Haught - 4 days ago
Clearly these guys have never seen clone wars
Jared Haught
Jared Haught - 4 days ago
I fucking love the prequels
Miner0521 !
Miner0521 ! - 5 days ago
You guys should react to the incredibles
hbagent13 - 5 days ago
I need a solid LOTR hobbit movies video
LFP Animations
LFP Animations - 6 days ago
I would be interested to see what they think of the VFX in Revenge of the Sith as I feel like they improved A LOT from they previous two. Like General Grievous and the epic opening fight sequence
TM Delacrush
TM Delacrush - 7 days ago
I love Niko's laugh when something strikes him as genuinely funny
Jonathan Haddock
Jonathan Haddock - 7 days ago
React to Harlock: Space Pirate
Clive Williamson
Clive Williamson - 8 days ago
Christopher Lee's head was CGI'd onto a stunt mans body, as Chris was a bit to old for the fight.
Clive Williamson
Clive Williamson - 8 days ago
In the James Bond film 'Moonrakerr'. The rocket take off was salt pouring down. You should look at the work of the late great work of Derek Meddings.
Erik Mark
Erik Mark - 8 days ago
React to the beginning of the grinch
Mike the Gamer
Mike the Gamer - 8 days ago
Solo didn’t bring Maul back, the Clone Wars did and it actually made his story way better
Lone - 9 days ago
“Solo said Maul is still alive”
*Star Wars the Clone Wars and Rebels* :
Am I a joke to you
Lone - 9 days ago
Bold of you to assume I have salt
Matt Mayse
Matt Mayse - 9 days ago
These effects are HORRIBLE and were HORRIBLY DATED when released
GetOffMy Account
GetOffMy Account - 5 days ago
Matt Mayse what
SpAC3GH0sT100 - 10 days ago
Darth maul was confirmed alive waaaaay before solo tho
Ian Scott
Ian Scott - 10 days ago
I'm still very impressed by Raul Silva's fake jaw in Skyfall. The way that his face drooped is pure nightmare fuel but very realistic.
Kyle Noronha
Kyle Noronha - 10 days ago
Would love for you guys to cover exclusively Zack Snyder films
Matthew Dailey
Matthew Dailey - 11 days ago
It's the same kid from Jingle all the Way
Manuel G
Manuel G - 11 days ago
Do the snap from marvel
Bloodflame_ 92
Bloodflame_ 92 - 12 days ago
The prequels are my favorite and in my opinion episode 3 is the best Star Wars movie
Andreas Bengter
Andreas Bengter - 12 days ago
The prequels are still better than the new movies disney made.. except rogue one which is on par..
Ryan Mueller
Ryan Mueller - 12 days ago
All of the Christopher Lee fighting footage is a head replacement.
Big_ papa Productions
Big_ papa Productions - 13 days ago
The clones look like there out of Star Wars Battlefront
PhoenixofSun - 14 days ago
You guys didn’t catch that during most of the yoga v dooku fight dooku’s head was cgi.
Ben Garrett
Ben Garrett - 14 days ago
you know what's funny, when non professionals (like me) watch the movie in its entirety, they don't notice a lot of these, but when they are pointed out, they become blatantly obvious. The biggest example i can get is the clones that are all fully computer generated. When you watch the whole movie, it looks fine but looking at their review, the cg is very obvious; almost to the point of fully animated shows.
Ransford Chester
Ransford Chester - 17 days ago
I see the Star Wars prequels as a definite loss.
Tom Walter
Tom Walter - 17 days ago
Are you interested in Sound Design at all at Coridor Digital or do you mainly just] use sample packs when editing your videos t]ogether?
I only ask because I've run a music studio
and done foley work for 15 years
I would love to do a presentation on synthesizers, where the sounds for old 80s classics came from, how to program / make ANY sound with a synth.. from raindrops to atom bombs.. whatever your imagination takes you!
You see, I watch films in a completely different way as well.. you're watching for the edits, the cuts, the CGI... I'm looking at lips for ADR, sound effects that I know have been added - A YouTuber channel called Technology Connections did an incredible video on the old ring sound on a classic telephone that was so iconic, it was dubbed over every single ringing phone in TV and movies, even if it wasn't the same telephone shown on screen!
joshua moore
joshua moore - 17 days ago
All of the lightsabers were originally gonna be white and they planned to achieve that effect by basically having spinning mirrors for the blades, but that was almost impossible to film. They then decided to film with white sticks and add the light in post which is when they decided on blue for the good guy, red for the bad guys.
Sebastian Contreras
Sebastian Contreras - 19 days ago
We've known maul survived since The Clone wars... it's not a Solo thing
DarkSwordsman - 21 day ago
I totally agree with Wren on the whole light rendering thing. I'm not super into VFX, but I can at least understand that one of the most important elements in making video games or VFX look real is the way that light is rendered.
Konari - 21 day ago
Spiderman vs Mysterio (First Encounter). That was mindblowing!
awgesh!t - 21 day ago
React to the Sequel series
Grimwalker - 21 day ago
At 10:15 that’s not actually a transparency/keying error. The costume has over-the-shoulder tabards that are separate from the tunic and can come away from the body.
Natali - 21 day ago
side note: clone wars exists and has been canon for a while now. solo didn't decide that maul lives through this, clone wars did and then solo decided to use that information for a fun mini 'plot twist' i guess.
Carum Sarene
Carum Sarene - 22 days ago
Darth Maul was considered probably the strongest user of the dark side of the force, so strong that even Palpatine saw him as a potential threat. He got a lot of that from just his culture and religion of his people, who are very in tune with the dark side, having produced at least three known sith. It's not well seen, but Maul is very much alive when being cut in half, and George Lucas did intend to keep his status as equally null as Fett's when it came to their demise.
Due to Maul's popularity, they opted to continue his story, what happens after Episode I. In the animated series, The Clone Wars, it's revealed that his half dead body was kept alive by the dark side of the force, which continued to drive him made, despite having the company of someone who attempted to make mechanical legs for him. That certain someone was killed by another one of Doukou's protege's, Maul's brother, who reached out to him. Sith duties later, and legs restored by witchcraft, the two invade Mandalor, kill a lot of people, Palpatine has to intervene, killing Maul's brother, yet Maul himself escaped. It would've continued later with Maul seeking out Jedi Temples to learn of...something...
Maul's story continues in Star Wars Rebels, post Disney buying Lucasfilms yet despite decanonizing the prequels they kept The Clone Wars series canon due to the much stronger popularity. At the end of a very late season, Maul returns, killing off three of the totally not sith inquisitors before battling with Vader.
The rest I have been in the dark about, but it is confirmed that Maul is still alive during the era of 4-9. What his plans are remain a mystery, at least to me.
Annafi Abr
Annafi Abr - 22 days ago
Please react to Mortal Engines
Cyanide - 22 days ago
0:13 Corridor crew, you ARE a bold one!
Sheng-Yuan Music
Sheng-Yuan Music - 23 days ago
4:17 don't tell me that you didn't just instinctively touch your shoulders at that point
wyatt hatch
wyatt hatch - 23 days ago
I've always had a soft spot for the prequels.
D'Ascoyne - 23 days ago
@4:05 Ewan McGregor's interaction with Jar Jar always bothered me. He's talking to Jar Jar who is taller than him and bending his neck enough to maintain a straightforward gaze. In reality, if you're looking at someone taller, you bend your neck only slightly (if at all) and gaze upward. Ewan is also staring too much. In casual conversation your gaze deviates intermittently and you casually move your head and body. Ewan is staring at Jar Jar like a dog waiting for a treat.
Jake Codd
Jake Codd - 23 days ago
Im sure I saw somewhere that the Dooku/Yoda fight, the only real element is Christopher Lee's face, the rest is a stunt double fighting as he was too old to perform the scene.
SirCheeseEater! - 23 days ago
Remember when Jar Jar Bink's dad tried killing himself because of how annoying Jar Jar was
CHOPPERGIRL's AIRWAR - 23 days ago
I liked the prequels. The films I thought were daft as fucking hell were the ones with Rey in them.
foxhound13 - 23 days ago
Starship troopers! It lost to titanic at the oscars. Please help me understand bc I thought Starship looks a lot better plus more work was done compared to titanic.
Nathan Dust
Nathan Dust - 24 days ago
It is Jamie From Jingle All The Way!
Dodger99 - 24 days ago
So who's here after the release of The Rise of Skywalker trailer?
Chiranjeevi Chiranjeevi
Chiranjeevi Chiranjeevi - 24 days ago
Need a reaction to the movie "2012"
Nunya Business
Nunya Business - 24 days ago
Darth Mauls return all depended on if you had seen the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series. It makes a whole lot more sense
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