Trump vs. Truth: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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SuperGamer5 - 5 hours ago
Oh so Breitbart is an illegitimate source, but John Oliver isn't? Great job following Breitbart up with Infowars, that's not a classic case of poisoning the well is it?
As Andrew Breitbart said, "fuck you. War."
You really are asking for it.
SuperGamer5 - 5 hours ago
"now that is terrifying". I would like John Olivier more if he wasn't constantly telling me how to feel.
adhanda2017 - 5 hours ago
TRUMP - JFK JR 2020 !!!
Stevie C
Stevie C - 5 hours ago
This is the TRUTH!
Jason Lindbeck
Jason Lindbeck - 9 hours ago
So THAT'S where that slippery little bastard's hiding.
John Brandt
John Brandt - 13 hours ago
Everyone who knows the truth and knows what I’m talking about shouldn’t remain silent we should let false narratives continue, we shouldn’t let free speech be censored, we shouldn’t let people lives be ruined by the meniscal offenses, we should let their be a discussion and not rely on conspiracy theories to decide policy and this goes for the right and the left.
John Brandt
John Brandt - 13 hours ago
Rachel madow is just as big as a conspiracy theorist as alex jones because the russian collusion is bullshit (nothing was found from the $35 million investigation that took two years) and ppl need to stop pretending like its real if you believe trump is a russian agent your just as much of a conspiracy theorist as many of the so called “alt-right”
John Brandt
John Brandt - 14 hours ago heres a video to back up the true nature of the conflict in sweden (warning viewer discretion is advised as this video contain “hate facts”) and no tim pool isn’t a fucking nazi, facist, racist, or even a conservative when did this become such a common word a “nazi”? Do you people even realize who the nazis were its the largest display of historical ignorance when people use that word so fragrantly
John Brandt
John Brandt - 14 hours ago
Look im not racist for telling truth about sweden im just showing the facts and trying expose to people that this narrative the media has put on this subject isn’t true donald trump is not great hes a really dumb president but we need to understand what he was trying to convey and not just sweep it under the carpet because the facts are inconvenient to the narrative (facts exposing the true nature of the consequences of mass immigration are better referred to as “hate facts”)
Inwhomi trust
Inwhomi trust - 15 hours ago
Can you believe our guy in the white house is this stupid?
Paul Monteleone
Paul Monteleone - Day ago
Gaslight 2019
jon collings
jon collings - 2 days ago
Come on you supporters of the "p***y Grabber" where is your defence of this Swamp Drainer in Chief? All you seem capable of doing is clicking the thumbs down button on these videos without putting your own opinion forward.................... So why are you not defending your hero by explaining why you think that he deliberately tells so many lies. Just be honest with yourself and, admit to the world that he has made the swamp far deeper and raised the slime level to an unimaginable degree. or come up with some real arguements and not repeat the mindless rants.

See if you can recognize some of the 9 wonderful personality traits of the the man in charge of our nuclear weapons.......and who is quite clearly a malignant narcissist .

According to DSM-5, individuals with NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) have most (at least five) or all of the symptoms listed below (generally without commensurate qualities or accomplishments*). * that is key, since 45* is a complete imbecilic incompetent failure at everything.
Grandiosity with expectations of superior treatment by others.
Fixated on fantasies of power, success, intelligence, attractiveness, etc.
Self-perception of being unique, superior, and associated with high-status people and institutions.
Needing constant admiration from others.
Sense of entitlement to special treatment and to obedience from others.
Exploitative of others to achieve personal gain.
Unwilling to empathize with others' feelings, wishes, or needs.
Intensely jealous of others and the belief that others are equally jealous of them.
Pompous and arrogant demeanor

There's an old saying - Chinese I think: He who knows not and knows that he knows not is ignorant - teach him. He who knows and knows that he knows is wise - follow him. He who knows but knows not that he knows is too modest - enlighten him. HE WHO KNOWS NOT BUT KNOWS NOT THAT HE KNOWS NOT IS A FOOL - SHUN HIM.
The problem with Trump is clear. But NOT to his rabid base. They know not, but he tells them that they KNOW, which flatters them. Because at some level they know that they know not, they fall easy prey to someone telling them they're brilliant. They know they have inadequate personalities (at some level, at least), but they'll follow ANYONE who tells them they are actually superior.
Who among the Trumpsters will now acknowledge their own - very visible - inadequacies? They've been told they know it all, that they have it all down pat, that they are superior, rather than inferior human beings. You have to have either a very HIGH level of hatred and/or stupidity to buy wholly into that kind of rhetoric.
These rubes have been brainwashed, so their attitudes have been LOCKED IN by the hypnotism. But you can't be hypnotized into anything that goes against your basic values. So the rubes started out as haters in the first place, and were then been given an ecstasy of their own superiority, that NOTHING will ever change. Maybe reverse-hypnotism, but I'm not expert enough to know. I think one symptom we can all look for in people with this syndrome (including Trumpistas) is the visibly obvious lack of any humility whatsoever - they know it all, and you don't. A person who can't acknowledge ANY limitations is a person both kidding himself, AND a person willing to trade their character for something that is wrong, but which tempts them maximally. In other words, they have a MAJOR character weakness. That weakness almost always stems from personal inadequacy.
John Brandt
John Brandt - 14 hours ago
Yeah he may have been inaccurate about a simple date but i dont even support him but ik what hes trying to tell ppl read about Sweden and you’ll understand better its not a conspiracy theory that they are having problems its the truth i honestly didn’t want trump to be president but I understand what he’s trying to say and i look past my biases
John Brandt
John Brandt - 14 hours ago
jon collings watch this video this is why people are concerned about sweden is having problems stop living in denial but warning it contain hate-facts and is not suitable for children or the weak-minded
kilroy987 - 2 days ago
He tells a lie that people feel like they need to investigate, and he comes across as one of those people who misunderstands, but we all know it's a perception game. It doesn't help that so many people are willing to kowtow to him, and that forces a perception out of the rest of us as well. Is he unstoppable? No. But he's somewhere we can't reach him. And by the time the difference is made that needs to be made, he's already forgotten it and moved on. Is this an actual business strategy? You're expected to progress, so you have to keep up, so you can't spend time addressing what was the active subject at the time, and you have to leave it there? But because your attention is divided, your discernment is down and you accept more. The erosion of the American psyche. It was his plan all along. And for what? Frankly, I don't care to know that. I just want this guy out.
John Brandt
John Brandt - 13 hours ago
kilroy987 the only reason he addressed the dire state of Sweden was to make an argument against the mass unchecked immigration
Dave Williams
Dave Williams - 2 days ago
Why do you still call them "Leaders"? They are our REPRESENTATIVES, Correct?! The "Don" won't ever change. I met him back in the 80's when he owned several Topless bars here in Michigan. His ego is the only thing that's gotten BAD, besides his Hair.
Ian Muir
Ian Muir - 2 days ago
God looked down on me and said What a moron heaven help the USA
Dave Flores
Dave Flores - 3 days ago
jhey where is trump fan base hiding because they will listen to truth but they believe in trumps lies fucking dumbass southerners
Dave Flores
Dave Flores - 3 days ago
he is such a dumbass lol my dog does more tricks than his stupid ass
Rachael Uponen
Rachael Uponen - 4 days ago
Amazing. You can actually see Alex Jones' face getting redder as he rants about Hillary and Obama.
Brian Hensley
Brian Hensley - 5 days ago
Trump is president because the Democrats ran Hillary.
Brian Hensley
Brian Hensley - 4 days ago
@Dundoril no matter how much Trump lies he is still more believable than Hillary Clinton. I hear that accusation that Trump lies and he's a racist but I never heard him lie even when he wasn't telling the truth and I never heard him say anything racist even when he said racially charged comments that isolated minority ethnicity. You think only stupid people voted for him but the truth is they agree on one or two points. Either Trump is right and we're not too bright or Trump is at least not Hillary Clinton. Between you and me I refused to vote for either of them. I vote green.
Dundoril - 4 days ago
Yes and he lied and lied and lied to his racist voters who did not care because he was saying racist shit.... no actually he is president because idiots voted for him.
Julia McDonald-Carberry
Impossible to continue listening to this. Becoming too nauseas. Trump literally makes one have to vomit!
Julia McDonald-Carberry
Trump cannot tell the Truth. He doesn't know the difference between fantasy & the truth. There is no line between truth & falsehood for him. He just says whatever strikes his mood at the time. He has no barometer on scruples. No morals. He just says whatever strikes his fancy whenever he feels like saying it. His children are likely very troubled people.
Steve Sullivan
Steve Sullivan - 5 days ago
Another A hole trying to throw mud on our President.😂😂😂😂😂
Ian Muir
Ian Muir - 2 days ago
Steve Sullivan And he's doing a good job of it
ILikeMe 123
ILikeMe 123 - 6 days ago
Voting is a right not a privilege you batty old cunt.
Daniel Scott
Daniel Scott - 6 days ago
Remove religion as a mandatory polling chip. Remove religion from government big and small. Remove religion from law enforcement. Remove religion from humanity.
Daniel Shockey
Daniel Shockey - 6 days ago
I find it insane that you pulled up the Alex Jones "Sandy Hook" thing when he's repeatedly (on several shows) explained himself and apologized
George Swift
George Swift - 6 days ago
This guy is a fucking jerk, just trying to get a laugh from a n audience that is fuckin ignorant!
imaginecreation18 - 7 days ago
Trump: *Complains about fake news* SEE THIS IS WHY WE NEED (blah blah blah you know the usual improvement 'plans')
Everyone:Ok, this guy is just the embarrassment of the country, ok we can deal with that... kinda...
Trump:*literally refers to a fake news article to prove every single point he wants people to take seriously*
The Man in the Suit
The Man in the Suit - 7 days ago
To the 330K 'Likes.'


Oh Please...

Be registered voters.
Caroline Cooke
Caroline Cooke - 7 days ago
12:53 coming from Connecticut and actually the town next to Newtown, I find it personally offensive
for Really?
for Really? - 8 days ago
John you are an Idiot moron
Ian Muir
Ian Muir - 2 days ago
for Really? At least he knows what GDP is which is more than the President does
TO NO - 8 days ago
Harry S Truman could have been talking about Trump:
“Richard Nixon is a no good, lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught himself telling the truth, he'd lie just to keep his hand in. ”

― Harry S. Truman
timmy timmytimmy
timmy timmytimmy - 8 days ago
the problem as i see if everyone stops caring about "your" scandals
whats happens when they bring up something important. or worst just say fuck it the government is broken lets drag em out and hang em. then what if you're all so smort?
Xerexes Mondavi
Xerexes Mondavi - 8 days ago
A psychopath has problems with truth?
joseph bodden
joseph bodden - 10 days ago
behold the power of ignorance, 'voting is a privilege'.... wrong. voting is a RIGHT you dumb loudmouth.
Patricia Themaras
Patricia Themaras - 10 days ago
Hey Oliver, where's you videos on the HRC lies, her treasonous act with Uranium One, Russia an Iran deals, pay for play with Saudis donating millions to the Clinton Foundation, leaving Ambassador Stevens to die in Bengazi...? There's enough for you to produce an entire show about her and her child trafficking friends much less just a video... your so biased, too bad.
Lorax Dave Walters
Lorax Dave Walters - 10 days ago
I remember when alternative reality was new. This trip down memory lane is good to remember how much has happened since February of 2017. Only 2.5 calendar years, 1,2578 (numbers work differently now) prez-uh-denshal years.
JanusAtTheGate - 10 days ago
Trump exaggerates the size of his EVERYTHING. He cannot give a true stat to save his life.
Jim M
Jim M - 10 days ago
Is covering up stuff like swamping the drains?
fatmanplaying - 10 days ago
Annnd that little fella there...
Brandon Callier
Brandon Callier - 10 days ago
Absolutely amazing Trump people can be shown Donald Trump telling verifiable lies, and their takeaway is "the liberal media is lying."  I have given up on these people.  Can't argue with people that wont believe their own eyes and ears.
doug keyes
doug keyes - 10 days ago
Did anyone else read between Sean Spicer's lines in his prepared
Sandesh Bhalke
Sandesh Bhalke - 11 days ago
11:47 my Favorite part in this segment. john is a legend
Dead Mouse
Dead Mouse - 11 days ago
2019 and this video is eating crow
Dan Lo Fat
Dan Lo Fat - 11 days ago
11 with John Oliver takes us back to a time when we were in 5th grade and 8th grade and freshman high School in again seniors in high school. all the stuff we learned then.
Jonathan Mosher
Jonathan Mosher - 12 days ago
2 years later we're seeing that Trump wasn't ever a "businessman" he's a salesman willing to lie and destroy America for his own personal cult and profit.
ECTOGEOS ZETHIP - 12 days ago
Lace 7
Lace 7 - 12 days ago
Fucking awesome big dick cool dwarf, and the 3 others. 😸
beadbop - 12 days ago
This episode is ripening with age like the finest Cabernet.
Lemlips - 13 days ago
Trump copies the news. No wonder my dad loves him 💕 👎👎👎👎
Richard Ainsworth
Richard Ainsworth - 13 days ago
Trying to explain to Americans that they aren't perfect. Good luck sir. You'll never win.
Mandy B
Mandy B - 13 days ago
Btw, I'd so love to know if he ever watched those "adverts". More fucking gold content from Mr Oliver. And in his namesake's manner: please sir, may I have some more?
Mandy B
Mandy B - 13 days ago
2019 and nothing's changed. Just made a comment about the Moon being part of Mars. Initially he was pro-returning to the Moon, until some Faux News moron moaned about the programme. Next thing he's tweeting that going there is a bad idea because we've already been there. (As if those overnight stays were major scientific, long-term studies!) The programme is actually a part of the mission to Mars. So yes he said "the Moon (which is a part of Mars)..."
(I may have made an error in the actual wording, but check it out - via Ring of Fire, Jun 11 - it's close and the meaning is correct).
Jeremy Colli
Jeremy Colli - 13 days ago
stanley kubrick*
Susan Wilford
Susan Wilford - 13 days ago
Here we are 2 and a half years later and this episode is still painfully true. 😫
Bradley James
Bradley James - 13 days ago
I am kind of fed up with Trump supporters. You are either rich and corrupt or a stupid fucking moron. There is no middle ground. Please enter Trump at WWE and watch his stupid supporters, then just look at the current GOP members of Congress that support him and you will find the corrupt. There is no way in hell I would even listen to a complete moron let alone follow him off a cliff. I betting those in power will throw him under the bus when they can no longer cover and obstruct for Trump.
Arushi Singhal
Arushi Singhal - 13 days ago
G Elder
G Elder - 13 days ago
Too bad Hillary didn’t win, now there’s an honest woman.
Joe - 13 days ago
No wonder the left is so stupid! They get their news from comedians!
Ian Muir
Ian Muir - 2 days ago
Joe And you get yours from a liar
QFRIEND - 14 days ago
Do you just make up this crap 2/3 are Lies by Trump. I would say maybe none. However a weasel like you would do anything to make a buck and lie about everything. By the way the Kenyan Obama will soon be arrested, he will be sent to Guantanamo Bay. We will pump him for information for months, he will face a Military Tribunal. He will be found guilty because we have all the evidence. It's disgusting to think that they dropped pallets of cash on runways in Iran, so they could become friends with a pro-communist Muslim country. The Kenyan will be found guilty of treason and thousands of different instances. and when we're done pumping them for information he will be without exception executed
Ian Muir
Ian Muir - 2 days ago
Queer friend It was their money their own money it belonged to them
Stephen2462 - 12 days ago
Lol 11 posts in a row. Someone got triggered.
QFRIEND - 14 days ago
Gay boy you probably don't know it but Paul Ryan is part of the deep state. Most of the deep state is on the welfare socialist Democratic freak Show party side member. But they're also on both sides. Paul Ryan is in fact deep state. You better watch out he's one of your Global Elite Puppet Masters
QFRIEND - 14 days ago
Listen here gay boy, Hillary Clinton is the big liar and the con. President Trump is the first pro American president since JFK. Of course I have to add in Ronald Reagan, which HW Bush tried to assassinate. Hinckley had lunch with the bush boys the day before he went after Reagan. When you had breakfast with the bush boys that's when they let him know where Reagan would be the next day. The Bush family are members of the Yale University Skull and Bones a Nazi New World Order organization. And so is Hillary Clinton a member, Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper of CNN, John Kerry, two prime ministers of the UK Tony Blair, and David Cameron. All six CEOs they control 90-plus percent of all media in America is members of the Yale University skull and bones. Altogether there are 500 Skull and Bones members infested in the US government in high positions across America. This is the same secret society, that JFK warned us about over 50 years ago. Probably gay boy never does any research and he's just paid a lot of money to spew lies and propaganda for his Global Elite pedophile Puppet Masters
QFRIEND - 14 days ago
This worthless so-called comedian, has had sex with Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper of CNN. Under Sharia law not only is he an Infidel but he is also a gay, and under Sharia law they would terminate him
QFRIEND - 14 days ago
The fact is is that every rally including the inauguration has been over packed with people. I remember that they were showing the area empty during his inauguration. But we proved that those pictures were taken early in the morning, before the people started showing up. All his rallies have been completely filled. It's not like creepy Joe Biden the pedophile or he has a rally in 30 or 40 people show up just like Hillary. The fake news will do anything to discredit President Trump. They're all about the New World Order look what the Muslims have done to Europe they've turned almost every country into a third-world s*******. And that was the plan for the new world order to destroy Europe, and Hillary was to bring in millions upon millions of dangerous worthless Muslims into America oh, and they would have came along with their new fix of the New World Order
QFRIEND - 14 days ago
Nancy Pelosi's father was a criminal mobster in Baltimore Maryland. He made most of his living by running scams and bringing dangerous drugs into America with Lucky Luciano. Nancy is married into the same criminal mobster Clan. Their primary family business is human trafficking in drug trafficking across the American Mexican border. She will soon be arrested sent to Guantanamo Bay Cuba where she will face charges of human rights violations, racketeering under the Rico laws, and trees for the plot of the murder of a standing vice president and president Jared President Trump already knew about the plan and he grounded her plane. She was supposed to be out of the country when her mobster Clan did the murders. When Nancy and her mobster Clan are found guilty by a Military Tribunal. And yes we have all the evidence. She will be executed along with her mobster family. The same ending will happen to many of the deep State Democrats. Grab your popcorn, the show is coming very soon. Guantanamo Bay has been expanded to handle 4,000 people and for high-profile we have area 17.
QFRIEND - 14 days ago
Actually there was mass voter fraud told off by the Democrats 3 million illegals, and also many of the people were caught trying to hide Trump's votes and steal them and burn them and Destroy them. We must consider the Democratic party as a domestic terrorist group against the American people.
QFRIEND - 14 days ago
There is actually a Russian collusion. The Kenyan Obama, and Hillary send Robert Mueller with uranium samples to Putin. Later they sold 20% of all of America's in Rich uranium to Putin which is not allowed under law and is pure treason. Hillary's arrogance, required that Putin put 145 million dollars into the Clinton Foundation as her pay-to-play before she would allow the sale of the treasonous uranium to Putin. Yes there was a Russian collusion Hillary in the Kenyan.
QFRIEND - 14 days ago
Hillary Clinton has a plus-6 body count behind her. If we counted everything there's about 250 people murdered by the clintons, anyone that is willing to testify against them they have them murdered. Hillary is in control of a child sex pedophilia ring known as pizzagate. Remember when she tried to get those 30 kids out of Haiti which she would have sold on the open market in the Middle East. The clintons have been into human trafficking along with Nancy Pelosi for decades. The clintons have been into drug trafficking since 1985. The Kenyan Obama and Hillary let those people in Benghazi to die as sacrificial Lambs. They knew about the attack 10 days in advance and left those people there to die
QFRIEND - 14 days ago
This guy is even more treasonous then Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper that runs MSNBC and CNN the queens of fake news. Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt. He is a member of the Yale University Skull and Bones a Nazi New World Order organization. The same organization did JFK warned us about over 50 years ago. It's quite obvious this guy is a puppet for the Skull and Bones and Spade a lot of money to spew lies and propaganda. In more like he is probably a pedophile just like most members of the deep state
QFRIEND - 14 days ago
This guy is nothing but a worthless puppet to the Deep state. He's self much full of b******* it's coming out of his eyeballs. I bet you every time he bends over Schumer sticks and then his ass. He is an enemy and a traitor to the American people and they will pay for their treason in the near future and dearly. President Trump and the Patriots are in full control. We are the Great Awakening and the storm. The truth airs are the only ones out there putting real news out not the fake bulshit that it's controlled by the global Elite pedophiles on TV newspaper and radio. This guy is just like Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon dresses up in women's clothes to push the agenda of transvestite for the Deep State and to show his dedication to the Deep State pedophiles. Where we go one we go all.
Pencils andPages
Pencils andPages - 14 days ago
Annnnnnd, you will start to see more and more repubs calling trump a
jerk and wanting him impeached and might even impeach him themselves and
start saying how weak dems are and that they couldn't do it but the
repubs came to their senses and did and DO YOU KNOW WHY? Because they
already got their christian terrorist judges in the lower courts and
control of the supreme court and a corrupt AG so they really don't need
trumptard anymore. So if they manage to con the general public who are
not educating themselves and who are not watching these clips or reading
the Mueller report into thinking they are strong and of good character,
which is a laugh, they can win the presidency again without trump and
continue to make America a christian terrorist theocracy which was their
goal all along.
jerry hayes
jerry hayes - 14 days ago
there isn't any news media now day' investigative reporting.what do you expect from corporations which includes the media.
Kenneth Mitchell
Kenneth Mitchell - 14 days ago
This show should follow trump into history.And his library
TO NO - 14 days ago
Harry S Truman said “Richard Nixon is a no good, lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught himself telling the truth, he'd lie just to keep his hand in.” But even Nixon pales into insignificance compared to Trump.
omegapointil - 14 days ago
The moon is part of Mars …...astute
rapunzel eh?
rapunzel eh? - 14 days ago
trump and the truth.... sort of like mars is to the sun then really?
Lauren-Kate Kush
Lauren-Kate Kush - 14 days ago
Can’t believe it’s only been 2 years 😓
Shitty Name
Shitty Name - 14 days ago
Trump lies 69.9 percent of the time.
Lars Norman
Lars Norman - 12 days ago
Seems low to me.
ElfHighMage - 14 days ago
It's our fault. We voted him into office. We let him run amok. We allow fools to believe him no matter what he says or does. Who is the bigger fool(s)?
Phil Serna
Phil Serna - 15 days ago
It's very painful watching trump speak. Everytime he opens his mouth he reminds us all how utterly STUPID he actually is.This bafoon is our leader? Heaven help us.
lawrence aderneck
lawrence aderneck - 15 days ago
wow, a person of the majesty who has it all figured out
Bo Ho
Bo Ho - 15 days ago
Yes cath is a real verb used in healthcare
John Smith
John Smith - 15 days ago
Isn't John Oliver one of the talking head's that said Trump would never become president..?
Yansee - 15 days ago
REAL Americans love President Putin... unfortunately English speaking Soros paid lackies from other countries love pretending to be American so they can trash talk Russia while pretending to be American....I have literally hundreds of doxxes of these people trying to stir the already stinking crap pot, and also, of course thanks to OBUMMER and his complete lack of leadership skills we were put into an even more vulnerable position. Does no one remember right before Obama was finishing his second term he literally destroyed in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS all good relations we had left with Russia🤔Does no one realize he was paid VERY well to kick off a new cold war?!?! Where do you think we would be if his "attack dog" Killary had been voted in. Wake up my people! KNOW THAT when the media hates a world leader YOU need to investigate as to the real reason why. WAR IS PROFITABLE and We The People will be dieing on the surface while the leaders and elite wait it out in literal self sustainable cities built underground with (thanks to GMO) grows a wide variety of edibles that do not need sunlight just large amount of carbon dioxide. 👍Yw
Brian Molina
Brian Molina - 15 days ago
REAL americans love an authoritarian who silences his enemies by making them conveniently dissappear and enforce strict draconian religious codes? Sure okay
Seth VanderLouw
Seth VanderLouw - 15 days ago
U forgot the earth is flat
super sonic cloud
super sonic cloud - 16 days ago
He has the reality stone
Martin Ryan
Martin Ryan - 16 days ago
As per Trump we have a new wall in Ireland between the South and the North. It protects the Seven Kingdoms. More amazingly the Moon has now become part of Mars. Which means the man in the moon is now a Martian. It’s simple really. Nuts but simple.
gregory yauman
gregory yauman - 16 days ago
i never got the impression that Obama was aloof
Dr. Red Pill
Dr. Red Pill - 16 days ago
Reality . . . here is some:
1) The DNC and Hillary Clinton Funded the Steele Dossier
2) The "Steele" of the Steele Dossier says he cannot corroborate a word of it
3) The DNC and Hillary Clinton funded the fake dossier to cover up NVXIUM, Uranium 1, and Hillary Clinton destroying evidence.
4) The fake news has know all of this since at least December of 2016
5) The Mueller report was completed by 100% Trump haters, and there is still no Russian Collusion, unless you count the sale of 20% of the US's weapons grade Uranium to Russia by The Clintons, Obama, John Brennan, Clapper and Robert Mueller to name a few. (there are quite a few more)
6) How many high ranking FBI agents lied to both congress and the FISA court for the fake dossier KNOWINGLY (4 times)? Part of the answer is Comey, Strzok, Page and others.
7) How big a crime is it to use your political position to sell weapons grade uranium to Russia for personal gain?
Well . . .
a) Russia provided uranium to Iran shortly afterward
b) Iran vowed to nuke the US shortly afterward
c) Russian is now the largest seller of uranium in the world because of the deal.
d) The US now has to import Uranium for its own reactors as a result of the seal
e) The entire world is a profoundly less safe place because of it.

That is why deep state turds like John Oliver and the rest of the deep state media: CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, and the BBC are attacking Trump non stop. The 5 conglomerates that own most of western media are in various ways implicated in illegal and dangerous activities that Trump is attempting to dismantle.

If you haven't heard of or know much about these subjects, maybe you should ask yourself why the Trump lables fake media hasn't told you.
Dr. Red Pill
Dr. Red Pill - 14 days ago
@Brian Molina Well Brian Trump has far far (amid the fake dossier coverage of the deep state media) 1) Created the best employment situation in this country since the 1950's. 2) This is true for Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, Disabled Americans and women as well as white males. 3) The death tax no longer has the ability to kill small business - Trump did that 4) New business startups haven't been this high since the internet boom. That was because he repealed a mountain of handicapping regulations 5) The stock market continues to hit record territories 6) For the first time since Andrew Jackson, trade deficits are heading in the right direction without loans 7) Trump clipped the FED when they wanted to increase the cost of our debt. 8) Trump is milking China for billions and forcing them to come to the talks when it comes to trade fairness. Bush, Clinton Bush and Obama were China's bitches 9) There are now Millions more jobs in the US because manufacturing is coming back home. 10) Mexico is now not only doing their job when it comes to border security, but they have also pledged to buy the agricultural goods that China said they wouldn't buy because of the trade situation, which gives us MORE leverage to get the Chinese to start playing fair 11) Trump has strengthened our military, especially our defensive missiles and Navy. This directly and immediately impacts the bully diplomacy that Russia and China have been using since the Clinton Era. 12) The average income in the US is up both household and individual 13) Average savings is up. 14) Investment into ones home is up, but also home sales (very healthy) 15) The debt to income ratio is swinging in a positive direction for the first time in 30 years for Americans in general So, Trump has already done more than the last four Pretender Presidents combined. Did't think it was a little fishy that BOTH Bushes voted for Hillary and both of them were Globalists dedicated to the new world order?
Brian Molina
Brian Molina - 15 days ago
>deep state You had me until then. I dont like hillary and the current state of the DNC, since theyre almost all bought out by corporations and run by boomer neoliberals, but trump is just as compromised. Hes a failed businessman and human by tricking the US that businessmen can run the country
charles jones
charles jones - 16 days ago
the funnest thing about you lad ? is your fake views, wow never mind 25 million right what aload of shit ha ha
Björn Erlingsson
Björn Erlingsson - 17 days ago
... the new spelling directive from the WH: truth spells TRUMPTH from now on.
Nameless !
Nameless ! - 17 days ago
The Age of Simulation & Simulacrums.
Askal Tesfa
Askal Tesfa - 18 days ago
Trump is a good trainer of lies, that is why his staff are excellent liars. None of them tell the truth and Trump is satisfied with them until change their mind defect from him in order to reveal the truth. Now, he is in trouble. He is a failure
Watta World
Watta World - 18 days ago
The proof will all come out now that the bullshit Democrat Russia gate hoax is over........... You 4 eyed brittish freak.......... Someone needs to deport that ass hole back to Kahn Land.
Brian Molina
Brian Molina - 13 days ago
@Watta World that is something i will agree with.
Watta World
Watta World - 13 days ago
@Brian Molina If this were France, he'd be in trouble. in America it's innocent until proven guilty. They had no case. meanwhile there IS proof that Hildebeast colluded with the Russians on the fake dossier. The FBI lied to the FISA court to start surveillance, and a long list of other felonies, including treason for selling uranium to Russia. Yet, these ass clowns gave her a pass because they are as corrupt as she is.
Brian Molina
Brian Molina - 13 days ago
@Watta World but he actively tried to cover his tracks and impede the investigation and its not that he didnt collude its that there was not enough evidence to convict him and hes not fully exonerated
Watta World
Watta World - 15 days ago
@Brian Molina BTW, this is the same Democrat Ass Clown that swore he had proof of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. You morons never learn.
Watta World
Watta World - 15 days ago
@Brian Molina Hello, LMAO. A prosecutor can only report one thing - to indict (with evidence) or not to indict. This piss ass clown disclosed his suspicions on a man that he admitted had not colluded. Yet he protected Hildebeast, who we all know colluded in the fake dossier and the Uranium One deal. LMAO.
Adriana Gutowski
Adriana Gutowski - 18 days ago
...the library that doesn't want to over do it with the books."  I died!
Khmerminn Sota
Khmerminn Sota - 18 days ago
What about trump vs troll!
walstib - 19 days ago
Save Tiffany!
aristotle736 - 19 days ago
May be it WAS almost raining and
Mr, Teump # 3 was rocking an almost Umbrella. Oh well !!
Billy Callaway
Billy Callaway - 19 days ago
idiot. Do they pay people to laugh at this little smug, clueless twit?
AsiaDanceScene - 19 days ago
7:56 I think the stupidity of Trump's answer just broke that guy in the audience, lol.
dodgeplow - 19 days ago
yes John, "cath" is a verb. ask anyone in a medical field ;)
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