IT CHAPTER TWO - Final Trailer [HD]

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marquisa mcwright
marquisa mcwright - 12 minutes ago
I've been waiting on It Chapter 2 for two years, I must say I'm excited!
candy boy
candy boy - 37 minutes ago
Silvério Miranda
Silvério Miranda - 39 minutes ago
Just call Ray from Scary Movie 2, he will handle IT
Liam Dogzrulz
Liam Dogzrulz - Hour ago

Stanley kills himself in this movie too, as u can see everyone is there BUT him
J H - Hour ago
The line from the novel that stood out to me was: You'll die if you try.
Melting Stream
Melting Stream - 2 hours ago
1:16 so the kids afraid of Winnie the pooh?
Knuckles IsAwesomeYT
Knuckles IsAwesomeYT - 2 hours ago
Cool tráiler!!!!!
NightcoreMystery - 2 hours ago
Anyone know what happens to the kid in the funhouse? and also the little girl behind the bleachers who pennywise says "Hello" too?
Shawn Feldt
Shawn Feldt - 3 hours ago
I really like and love see this it 2nd movie
Nicholas Hampton
Nicholas Hampton - 4 hours ago
The music/sound effect that runs from 2:08 to 2:17 is genius. That sound effect has been used before in these trailers but to make it sound like actual music like that is incredible and really sells it. Especially with Georgie saying "You lied and I died." Damn this was a great trailer.
Ryan Carter
Ryan Carter - 4 hours ago
At 2:16 is that the smoke hole that was in the book?
It's yo Homie
It's yo Homie - 4 hours ago
When an ugly clown eats kids in your neighborhood,who you gon' call

The Losers
KekKei - 4 hours ago
Kalea Miller
Kalea Miller - 4 hours ago
Yay. Mike got to talk
Ana Goes
Ana Goes - 4 hours ago
Is Bev saying Kay? 2:03
Potterhead /Star Wars Nerd
My friend said Bill Skarsgard was ugly! I feel personally attacked....
CINDY HANSON - 5 hours ago
Jade Black
Jade Black - 5 hours ago
There's a song based off this movie. Its called It Is The End by Ice Nine Kills. You're welcome
Lay Critelli
Lay Critelli - 5 hours ago

Me looking at the shredded cheese in my fridge at 3:00 am:
WhyDoIAdeel 305x
WhyDoIAdeel 305x - 5 hours ago
1:19 when my mom comes with pizza
King DAmnJoon
King DAmnJoon - 6 hours ago
Fuck it up Georgie!
Hannah B.
Hannah B. - 6 hours ago
You really had the audacity to put Eddie's death scene in the trailer

I don't appreciate that very much at all
Max Isola
Max Isola - 6 hours ago
It (you’ll float)
It Chapter 2 (you’ll float too)
Waterkitten - 6 hours ago
2:00 joergen when we told pewdiepie to take him to the nether
Vicky12345 - 6 hours ago
Amber Dysart
Amber Dysart - 6 hours ago
I'm so excited!!!!!
Domán Madaras
Domán Madaras - 7 hours ago
Where is Stan ?
Pixelz - 3 hours ago
Would you like me to spoil it or na?
Nikolas Cunningham
Nikolas Cunningham - 7 hours ago
Am I the only one that did not see a older version of Stanley
Rooban Jacker
Rooban Jacker - 8 hours ago
*penniwise comes back*
The losers club : Let's kill IT properly this time💀
Austin Fahrenbrook
Austin Fahrenbrook - 8 hours ago
I wouldn't be surprise if Andy Samberg and Chris Pratt played Richie and Ben
Jordan Wendell
Jordan Wendell - 8 hours ago
Why can't Charles Xavier just use his powers and control Pennywise ?
noobpoop3520 On roblo
noobpoop3520 On roblo - 8 hours ago
Cool intro song
noobpoop3520 On roblo
noobpoop3520 On roblo - 8 hours ago
FacheChanteDeux - 9 hours ago
Team Tim Curry! The Sweet Transvestite Rocks!
brownhawk415 - 9 hours ago
Ome on ,u gotta miss me,don’t be pussy
Jojo Haytham
Jojo Haytham - 10 hours ago
Ok so where is Stanley
Scarlett T
Scarlett T - 10 hours ago
We have been graced by the beautiful James McAvoy and his glorious hair
Tat - 10 hours ago
Molly Ringwald would of been a perfect match for grown up Beverly
Stiltmans Stilt
Stiltmans Stilt - 10 hours ago
James Ransone would make a awesome Nightmare in dr.strange 2
Destiny Sam
Destiny Sam - 10 hours ago
I love love LOVE IT movies I live for it!!!❤️ it’s my ultimate favorite movie of all time!!
Anthony Slaughter
Anthony Slaughter - 10 hours ago
This Shi look dumb asl
Juana Agilar
Juana Agilar - 10 hours ago
You. Floot. To. 📹📷
Patrick Schulz
Patrick Schulz - 10 hours ago
2:19 his laugh is the best
Sleepy Shadow
Sleepy Shadow - 10 hours ago
Well that kids dead
Trinity Castle
Trinity Castle - 11 hours ago
MisterTutor2010 - 11 hours ago
IT: Endgame :)
Swaroopanand Bhosale
Swaroopanand Bhosale - 11 hours ago
That music gets me goosebumps
György Klutsik
György Klutsik - 11 hours ago
looks very promising
Nickkひ - 12 hours ago
"My father joined the circus"
Beverly: "Ah shit, here we go again."
Theodor Stefan Asoltanei
Theodor Stefan Asoltanei - 12 hours ago
WaffleSyrupGuy - 12 hours ago
No offence, but I can already sense that the entire theatre is going to be full of clique white people that brag about how every horror film is just absolutely terrifying.
To think that this film gained more popularity compared to “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” 😂😂
Michael Cochran
Michael Cochran - 9 hours ago
no need to put one film down in favor of another. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood was great, and this will be too.
Gema RI
Gema RI - 12 hours ago
I swear if Eddie dies I'm dying with him
Iron man
Iron man - 8 hours ago
I watched the featurette and... He is most likely dying.
Rosie Spellman
Rosie Spellman - 13 hours ago
this looks so good :O
Elmer Hernandez
Elmer Hernandez - 13 hours ago
alnett22 - 13 hours ago
I've just had the most insane thought wouldn't it be great to see Predator vs. Pennywise. Your thoughts?
icewalow_come_ - 14 hours ago
1:31 When my dad buys brownies and puts it in the kitchen and i see it
PitBull zmasakruje
PitBull zmasakruje - 14 hours ago
they say well that fear weight loss
sue - 15 hours ago
filmed in port hope Ontario canada
Nat TheHat
Nat TheHat - 15 hours ago
1:35-1:46 Me when the 5$ footlong for any sub is back at subway
هاري سان
هاري سان - 16 hours ago
IT chapter one:You'll Float Too
IT chapter two:You Lied And I Died!
Manuel Eziekwe
Manuel Eziekwe - 16 hours ago
Me: It 2 isn't so scary...
Director: It 3 is gonna be James Charles!
Me: Now this is an Avenger's threat level
NoahPlayz - 6 hours ago
Manuel Eziekwe *level threat
monster X zero
monster X zero - 17 hours ago
music is so cool
_benmavilerinkizi_ - 17 hours ago
Chelderens: happy me
Pennywies: hi fucking amizeng
Shivani 123
Shivani 123 - 18 hours ago
My Bill Hader😘😘😘😍😍
CraZe Viper YT
CraZe Viper YT - 19 hours ago
1:07 anyone getting some stranger things season 3 vibes here???
moon ryan
moon ryan - 19 hours ago
There are no yellow people!? This is black discriminating against the yellow race. Don't let the yellow race people participate in the film work. I hope the US Democratic Party will warn or punish the black capitalists.
Kieran Hall
Kieran Hall - 19 hours ago
I'm actually so gassed for this 😂
Akash singh
Akash singh - 20 hours ago
Blockbuster movie (it is back in 27 years) I luv it
Izzi Harris
Izzi Harris - 20 hours ago
He thrusts his firsts against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts
Tsexe07 - 20 hours ago
I really wished they waited 27 years to make another it like they did the 1st time.
Chris Sachenbacher
Chris Sachenbacher - 21 hour ago
Spoiler alert... theres a big giant spider at the end of the movie..... xD
Iron man
Iron man - 8 hours ago
I have read the book and saw the miniseries so not much of a spoiler.
Ganaa Gantulga
Ganaa Gantulga - 21 hour ago
za hurdan gargaadah zvgeer uzeed ugii
Gianni Hernandez
Gianni Hernandez - 21 hour ago
Good cast. Never thought I'd see James MCavoy and Bill Hader in the same movie...and they really resemble the child actors as well
Suryanti Subagdja
Suryanti Subagdja - 22 hours ago
Zachary Manning
Zachary Manning - 22 hours ago
Shits fucked up lol
Jasmin •
Jasmin • - 22 hours ago
Well that was fun :)
Brandon Saavedra
Brandon Saavedra - 22 hours ago
In the end of the trailer when penny wise starts yelling like some thing happen to him
Thien An
Thien An - Day ago
2:17 Anyone notices that Pennywise sounds like Disturbed - "Down with the sickness" tho???
Evie - Day ago
For 27 years, I've dreamt of u,
I've craved u,
I've missed u.
Me when Attack on Titan season 4 comes out.
Lizzie Craker
Lizzie Craker - Day ago
“The terror, which would not end for another 28 years —if it ever did end—began, so far as I know or can tell, with a boat made from a sheet or newspaper floating down a gutter swollen from rain.”
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