Ness Brown
Ness Brown - 15 hours ago
This song is everything.
Told You So is the heart of the album, More Than Words is the soul.
Middleton Plays
Middleton Plays - 17 hours ago
LM5 is so underrated!
Luca Die Fritte
Luca Die Fritte - Day ago
I’ll see them live and I’m already dead 😭😭😭
Don't Care
Don't Care - Day ago
This sounds like an eurovision song
Emma Carpenter
Emma Carpenter - Day ago
Why are no body talking about perrie??
Rich Queen
Rich Queen - 2 days ago
Luv luv this song it's really good
lush life
lush life - 2 days ago
Let's wear curly long hair and don't tell perrie
Ali Berry
Ali Berry - 3 days ago
Am loving this song
Sunamita Souza
Sunamita Souza - 3 days ago
Aditi Patel
Aditi Patel - 4 days ago
This song gets to me and it makes me cry and I am trying not cry so badly right now
Deep - 4 days ago
Why is this so underrated ?
Emma Jones
Emma Jones - 6 days ago
What a weird single
parissr 98
parissr 98 - 6 days ago
I'm wanna know why this doesn't have many views when you compare it to their other singles because this song is amazing. It irritates me that they're on their 5th album and all of their hard work still flops and doesn't get appreciated enough. Then there's people out there who cannot sing very well and are more famous? Can't get my head around it.
kotabears yt
kotabears yt - 7 days ago
This is better than woman like me tbh it's just my opinion
Zara Aafreen
Zara Aafreen - 7 days ago
Kamille and Leigh are JUST BLACK PERFECTION 😍 and the others are JUST PERFECTION😍
veronica foster
veronica foster - 8 days ago
The blonde looks like madonna
Ayşe chanyeoliam
Ayşe chanyeoliam - 8 days ago
I say "oh I need you more than words can say" when i listen to Little Mix songs
monica hansen
monica hansen - 8 days ago
Julia Sibanda
Julia Sibanda - 10 days ago
Maryellin. Cardoso
Maryellin. Cardoso - 10 days ago
Omggg!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤😭😭😭😭📷📷📷.
Rayhan Nawara
Rayhan Nawara - 11 days ago
Ok so let's count the good things in this m/v:
The background music is so amazing
Jesy,s vibrato is wonderful
Jade's notes at 1:29 are soooo beautiful
The bridge is Soo good
Their high notes are perfect
Even the video effects are beautiful
Perrie looks amazing with her freckles
The girls' hair is amazing
b jo
b jo - 11 days ago
You know, I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't a fan the first time I heard it. A few listens later and now it's one of my favorites, so I'd like to apologize for ever doubting this bop's potential.
Unknown Person
Unknown Person - 11 days ago
Lets go Mixers. Lets make this MV reach *10M views!*
Audrey Knight
Audrey Knight - 12 days ago
I feel like Perrie is GLOWING because of her hair colour
You know what I mean?? :/
Sebastián 2580 Muñoz
Sebastián 2580 Muñoz - 12 days ago
Los que pongan malos comentario con mis little mix se Las ba a ver con migo ba...
Merve Dunham
Merve Dunham - 13 days ago
Aslında tek ihtiyacınız catchy bir şarkı ve böyle üst prodüksiyon bir klip. Basit şarkılar sizin kalitenize yakışmayacak ama böyle de hakkınızı alamıyorsunuz üzülüyorum boş beleş kişilerin tıklarla ünlü olmasına:((
Merve Dunham
Merve Dunham - 13 days ago
LM5'ı dinleyemediğim için özür dilerim:((( boş zamanım oldu mu hemen bakacağım kızlarım:(((
Merve Dunham
Merve Dunham - 13 days ago
Oha nasıl yeni keşfettim :((((( neredeyse eski mixera yakışmaz bu
The GEER - 14 days ago
Normani is in Little Mix now!?😱
Laura Pyskir
Laura Pyskir - 12 days ago
The GEER - 14 days ago
just kidding🤣
LERRIE PINNWARDS - 16 days ago
Nevaeh Jackson
Nevaeh Jackson - 17 days ago
Why does the beginning remind me of pretty little liars
Maria Rinta-Rahko
Maria Rinta-Rahko - 17 days ago
This song is amazing.
JerrieShipper & Mixer
JerrieShipper & Mixer - 17 days ago
Oyun Kesifi
Oyun Kesifi - 18 days ago
Çok güzel olmuş abisi
Neslihan Baran
Neslihan Baran - 18 days ago
My lovess Angelss
jade lm
jade lm - 22 days ago
Mixers lets do it 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻👑🖤
jade lm
jade lm - 16 days ago
+Maria Clara yes we can 💪🏻💪🏻
Maria Clara
Maria Clara - 17 days ago
We can do this
ebraryigit - 22 days ago
Daha yeni 9 milyon olmasi haksizlik haksizlik haksizlik artik gercekten mukemmel yazilan sozler klip efsanee sesler belli zaten neden diye sorguluyorum
laine mendez
laine mendez - 23 days ago
i love this song but why does Leigh -Ann not have very many part in this song
Semait wow girls Hailemariam
This is a little boring
Gabrielle Silva
Gabrielle Silva - 27 days ago
AJ Chupa
AJ Chupa - 27 days ago
Supercool Man
Supercool Man - 28 days ago
it deadass looks like they were on acid thinking of what the concept of the music video was gonn be 😂😂
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown - 28 days ago
This is shit when you listen to more than words by extreme
Long Tran
Long Tran - 28 days ago
Girl powwerrr
ericsson ferreiro
ericsson ferreiro - 29 days ago
Ana Stevanović
Ana Stevanović - Month ago
Kardashianator Mix
Kardashianator Mix - Month ago
Hey guys! I have a YouTube Channel ALL about Ariana Grande and Little Mix! You should go check it out and Subscribe! 💕🎶
sam Lincoln
sam Lincoln - Month ago
Here are the lyrics
More Than Words
Little Mix
When you think, when you think, when you think you're alone
I'll be, be, be like a ghost behind you
When you're down, when you're down
When you're down and you can't find the things to say
You know I'll give my words to you, you
When the sea, when the seasons change
And the sun shines on your face
Yeah, I'll be there with you, you, you, you, you
You're a part, you're a part for me now
Just as much as I'm a part of you
I find peace in every story you told
I think of you, I'll never be alone
It's true, true, true
You know I do, do, do
Oh, I need you more than words can say
Oh, you save me in ways that I can't explain
Always been there for me, now I'll do the same
Oh, I need you more than words can say
Won't forget, won't forget
Won't forget when he broke my heart
How you helped me through
You turned, you turned, you turned a disaster into a dream
Gave me the power, made my life brand new
When the world try to break us, we found magic
And we grew stronger, though every line, line, line
Every night, every night, every night
I strain and sing the truth
Now, now they know that they gonna be alright, alright
I find peace in every story you told
I think of you, I'll never be alone
It's true, true, true
You know I do, do, do
Oh, I need you more than words can say
Oh, you save me in ways that I can't explain
Always been there for me, now I'll do the same
Oh, I need you more than words can say
Whoa, yeah, whoa
I find peace in every story you told
I think of you, I'll never be alone
Oh, it's true
You know I do, yeah
Oh, I need you more than words can say (more than words can say)
Oh, you save me in ways that I can't explain (ways that I can't explain)
Always been there for me, now I'll do the same
Always did it for me, now I'll do it the same
Oh, I need you more than words can say
Oh, I need you more than words can say
Raquel Alves
Raquel Alves - Month ago
Eu tava procurando essa música há um tempão. Encontrei por acaso, tô tão feliz!
Leticia a
Leticia a - 15 days ago
Que bom...Essa música é maravilhosa💕
Devyn Rockey
Devyn Rockey - Month ago
You make me puke all over
Cristina Micallef
Cristina Micallef - Month ago
Who's here before 10million? 🙋🙋
Melvin Melendez
Melvin Melendez - Month ago
I feel like people are comatosed on this album! This was the best album this year! It needs more recognition and I’m mad about it! This song alone deserves a Grammy. I needed to get that off my chest...
Emily Rose
Emily Rose - Month ago
Who is obsessed with Jade's look and Leigh Ann's voice...LIKE OMGGGGGGGG😍😍
Woman Like Leigh
Woman Like Leigh - Month ago
This Is Such A Beautiful Song. I Love Their Friendship So Much ❤
Manuela Leyva
Manuela Leyva - Month ago
I want to hear this song alive, Please!
Anushka Gaur
Anushka Gaur - Month ago
10M for these legends❤❤
Daisie Nightingale
Daisie Nightingale - Month ago
i love this song so much its unreal
Moo Tries YouTube
Moo Tries YouTube - Month ago
Queen goals 💗👑💗👑💗👑💗👑💗👑💗
Katherine Blazeic
Katherine Blazeic - Month ago
at 1:33 she looks like rashida jones ngl
Peach PrincessRimmer123
Who is going to an LM5 concert this year? I am! My date is October 21st in Liverpool. Like if you are going to a LM5 concert
WideVariety - Month ago
the thumbnail makes them look like fifth harmony
QUEEN ARWA Atwater - Month ago
Wow ilove you little mix
Leandro Silva
Leandro Silva - Month ago
Brasileiros Alguém Em 2019
Leticia a
Leticia a - Month ago
Tesni Peers
Tesni Peers - Month ago
So underrated 😣😣😣
anggi olga
anggi olga - Month ago
Jade so gorg
Trendy Love14
Trendy Love14 - Month ago
So beautiful ❤❤❤
Askgodtosaveyou Smirnoff
Shit I thought Jade and Jessica are about 38 y.o ..... how far I was
Mada DM
Mada DM - Month ago
Those visuals at 2:40 kill meeeee!! The splashing water is something else! 😍😍😍💖💖💖
Iveson Amaro
Iveson Amaro - Month ago
02:51 I can't stand on leigh anne's voice
Jimena Bermúdez
Jimena Bermúdez - Month ago
Who Is better?
Little Mix: Like
Blackpink: Comment
Leticia a
Leticia a - Month ago
Jenplisap Du
Jenplisap Du - Month ago
ElephantGirl03 Toth
ElephantGirl03 Toth - Month ago
DIRECTIONERS: better than words😂
LITTLE MIXERS: more than words😂
Linda kelly
Linda kelly - Month ago
How can any one unlike this. I absolutely love it
Daisy Cooper
Daisy Cooper - Month ago
Silvia Nava
Silvia Nava - Month ago
Honestly, this song is amazing and super underrated!
Ily Little Mixxxxx
Blue Lion tv
Blue Lion tv - Month ago
Im back because their song was on black ink
Bintou Balde
Bintou Balde - Month ago
anggi olga
anggi olga - Month ago
breanna Marie
breanna Marie - Month ago
I can listen to this all day everyday! ♥️🎧👏🏼
Amaka Ikechiuku
Amaka Ikechiuku - Month ago
can she be the 5th member
Netra Ray
Netra Ray - Month ago
This song is 🔥🔥🔥
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez - Month ago
This is so empowering ❤️🙏🏼
Day Dreamer
Day Dreamer - Month ago
lush life
lush life - Month ago
Hey little mix you must performance this song
I don't want like love me or leave me,pretend it's ok,freak,beep beep and many more:((
Maria Clara
Maria Clara - Month ago
Clued up, I Love you, if I get my way...
Ellie Whittle
Ellie Whittle - Month ago
Love this song can’t wait to see them doing there tour can’t wait to see them at Manchester
Fatima Patel
Fatima Patel - Month ago
Kamille and jades voice sound similar???

*I left the chat*
庚夕子 - Month ago
Okay isn't this a bit tooooo underrated? :( Are u kidding me?! It's K not M?! C'moooon D:
Big Fan
Big Fan - Month ago
I'm wondering and thinking how they will sing it without Kamille in live performances? especially on the tour :)
Daniel James
Daniel James - Month ago
Is this an actual music video? It doesn’t say official video like usual and it’s not very high quality for a music video. I think it’s just tour visuals
dyla - Month ago
poonam yash
poonam yash - Month ago
Quite a unique music 😍😍
Benay Kaya
Benay Kaya - Month ago
Bu şarkının değeri neden bilinmemis
SHANNY NP. - Month ago
Whats this girls name in Minute 1:16 ?
It's Rivs
It's Rivs - Month ago
Leigh-Anne Pinnock
Ereny Thaar
Ereny Thaar - Month ago
I cry this is so sad
Mia Davies
Mia Davies - Month ago
How can you not love them. THEY ARE SO GOOD!!! Love you Little Mix. You guys are my idols
유니 - Month ago
Luis Bañuelos
Luis Bañuelos - Month ago
So you u did realice this song but no wasabi
Bassma Bou
Bassma Bou - Month ago
Such a powerful song. Wow Love it sm💯❤️
stephvann L
stephvann L - 2 months ago
They are gorgeous AND they can sing! Just found these girls...AWESOME!
*I think it's a really beautiful song!*
The chorus is amazing... (I don't know if it's just me) *but it's not a beautiful song I can hear on repeat...* because their texts/words are too repetitive.
It makes me feel annoyed if I have it on loop. Whoops. x)
Lizard Poo
Lizard Poo - 2 months ago
Ok jade but I really liked your other hair
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