Lil Pump - Boss (Official Music Video)

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Moss - 8 hours ago
XxxTenctacion= Like
Lil Pump= Like
Nick - 9 hours ago
I miss old Pump.
cl1kz _
cl1kz _ - 10 hours ago
me when schools over 0:16
LIL CASPER TV - 11 hours ago
Lil pump rifa putos
Federico Rodriguez
Federico Rodriguez - 12 hours ago
Soy el único buscando un comentario en español?
Ewen yt
Ewen yt - 14 hours ago
XoroZ - 18 hours ago
0:00 Standard sound in Nexus...You are so stupid...
The StileFox
The StileFox - 20 hours ago
Weezy981Arnold - 20 hours ago
rap game salmon no hook.
EpicD0ggo - 23 hours ago
Also lil pump is the type of guy to smoke w word at the age of 14.
EDM Erkhembileg
EDM Erkhembileg - Day ago
do you guys know that 1:13 girl's name
Noskin Royale
Noskin Royale - Day ago
Does Someone know some Instagram from 0:06?
Ruski Boy
Ruski Boy - Day ago
Why every *cool songs* need to be short duration?
Lesley Zheng
Lesley Zheng - Day ago
The captions had smoked too much leaf
QUICKBEH - Day ago
If you see this in 2019 like me 🤘
Lazar X3MER
Lazar X3MER - Day ago
Serbian Version:Type: Fox-Lil Pump
Иван Лукьянов
Песня топ кто согласен Лайк
Bugla - Day ago
Honestly he was so much better than now
Antonio Boros
Antonio Boros - Day ago
TRILLY Cking Tuc
TRILLY Cking Tuc - Day ago
Any one here from "on my block" ?
CaBoyBlox BR
CaBoyBlox BR - Day ago
My school friend doesnt stop singing this song , he doesnt know what it means
Faster - Agar
Faster - Agar - Day ago
bich i flare arrow yeah 0:12
Faster - Agar
Faster - Agar - Day ago
@Ezreal1561 bitch i bob ross yeah goes in air damn i just broke my list
Faster - Agar
Faster - Agar - Day ago
@Ezreal1561 walking train like a boss
Ezreal1561 - Day ago
lil pump is on bot bruh yeah uh
Ezreal1561 - Day ago
@Faster - Agar sory but lilpump yeah bruh
Faster - Agar
Faster - Agar - Day ago
@Ezreal1561 hotel trivago pokec poker bruh
YoanGame R87
YoanGame R87 - Day ago
Joanna Martinez
Joanna Martinez - 2 days ago
When it’s your birthday you be like
Kyl Child
Kyl Child - 2 days ago
matt Ortiz
matt Ortiz - 2 days ago
The beat sounds like something out of a horror movie.
FRs qBlackp
FRs qBlackp - 2 days ago
I think the camera man was holding the camera with one hand.
OOF Yup - 2 days ago
Светлана Бурлак
I love Lul pump musik
Oxiw 65
Oxiw 65 - 2 days ago
Kyuu ?
Locke Da'boss
Locke Da'boss - 2 days ago
Wenn der YouTube Algorithmus einfach mal nach dem Video "Lil Pump - Boss" rein haut. Der verbosste Boss.
Destiny Luna
Destiny Luna - 2 days ago
I love Lil pump
locodepao 123 123
locodepao 123 123 - 3 days ago
Vem chupa minhas bolls🎶
Luiis Macedo
Luiis Macedo - 3 days ago
Já queimei o sool
Fortnite Noticias - Obsydius
Old Lil Pump:Like
New Lil Pump:Comment
VRUM VRUM É O DILO - 3 days ago
Mete o ferro sem dó,mete o ferro sem dó...

Itzboicc {no-filtered}
Itzboicc {no-filtered} - 3 days ago
Turn caps on ..
Tapz - 3 days ago
when you find out your mom is gonna give you pocket money
Fortnite Funny moment
Fortnite Funny moment - 3 days ago
When I get my check from YouTube 🔥🔥
peter neymar
peter neymar - 3 days ago
i know exactly why the womans in the car are driving slow to dont make lil pump fell of the ride...
Esra Savan
Esra Savan - 3 days ago
turkeyyy ses veggr
KyleHas NotReturned
KyleHas NotReturned - 3 days ago
I remember when this had only 10m views
Connor ISWood1105
Connor ISWood1105 - 3 days ago
Lil Pump the type of guy to sell a car for gas money
Junior Mutimba
Junior Mutimba - 3 days ago
Don't you'll think lil pump is into jekste
Pharaoh NoChill
Pharaoh NoChill - 3 days ago
"On My Block" brought me here 👍 #Netflix
Santiago Mendez Hurtado
Esta bien perrona
Santiago Mendez Hurtado
I want Copyright
I want Copyright - 4 days ago
When you find 1 peny on the street.
30,000 subscriptores sin subir videos gonzales
Like lilpump
Comenta tekashi
Brad Majors
Brad Majors - 4 days ago
100 on the wrist , you all can't tell me sh&$ 🔥🖤
Sofia Anziz
Sofia Anziz - 4 days ago
RAL - 4 days ago
Ninja Royal
Ninja Royal - 4 days ago
╚══╝╚═╩═╩═╩═╝ this song
Black_ Devil
Black_ Devil - 4 days ago
VoxChambo - 5 days ago
Joyner Lucas a big lil pump fan
Zerky Games
Zerky Games - 5 days ago
Bish I fle ri ro....literal mumbling godamn lil DUMP, you need some inspiration.....try looking up Eminem......or Joyner Lucas....dumbass bitch...btw, Haribo called, they want their gummy worms back
Coastal Combos
Coastal Combos - 5 days ago
Damn that beat drop thi
noemi soto
noemi soto - 5 days ago
Pump your fucking cool bitch
NINJA - 5 days ago
U only flex ft u money🖕
Bob Funes
Bob Funes - 5 days ago
Like: lil pump
Comment: xxxtentacion
Ninja - 3 days ago
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