Identical Twins Meet Their MINI identical Twins!

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seryn booker
seryn booker - Hour ago
I want kids so bad why are they so adorable 😂😭
Christine M. Hasnsen
Christine M. Hasnsen - 6 hours ago
Can I plz marry one of the Dolan twins?!
pepperoni pizza hits different
Ahhhh cute
pepperoni pizza hits different
This is so cute
Crackhead - 16 hours ago
They are too adorable 🥺
Sofi Andrade
Sofi Andrade - 18 hours ago
Definitely my fav video ❤️ PERFECT Team: mini Dolan twins & the Dolan twins
Todd Tepper
Todd Tepper - 21 hour ago
Loved this. Smart, cute kids.
Tea Time
Tea Time - 22 hours ago
ethan: “or before i quit”
grayson: “ur not gonna quit, no one is gonna quit”
me now: 😐 welp that backfired on them
Selah Calderon
Selah Calderon - 23 hours ago
“Now take over our channel” 😂
Olga Weber Koefoed
Olga Weber Koefoed - Day ago
But whatabout Nolan....
TyLee McAbee
TyLee McAbee - Day ago
They are soo freaking cute 🥰
Katie Jackson
Katie Jackson - Day ago
He just said neck wrinkles...i am personally offended sitting here with my double chin out😂❤️
Shafiqa Az-Zahra
Shafiqa Az-Zahra - 2 days ago
I like when he say "i feel you"
Anusha Iyer
Anusha Iyer - 2 days ago
Plz do more collabs with them...❤❤
Renzo Gutierrez
Renzo Gutierrez - 2 days ago
How does a 7 year old have earrings and me a 13 year old cant have
Dana Chamness
Dana Chamness - 2 days ago
Ethan you for got the necklaces
Neith Maya
Neith Maya - 3 days ago
I'm a twin and my sister took all the food and she squished me so I'm smaller and shorter than her
um hi
um hi - 3 days ago
The outro
Hannah Zeeshan
Hannah Zeeshan - 3 days ago
How is that kid better at skating than me I cant even stand on it and balance lmao😂
Lucy Elly
Lucy Elly - 3 days ago
20 is old?! Than I’m doing good cause I’m 36 and NOBODY believes I am over 21!
Erika Dubon
Erika Dubon - 3 days ago
the kids are so cute.
Zoey Hernandez
Zoey Hernandez - 3 days ago
Did it
Maude Thouin
Maude Thouin - 4 days ago
Citra Minati Putri
Citra Minati Putri - 4 days ago
I think mini Ethan resembles Grayson more, and mini Grayson is actually more talkative like Ethan.
malaysia crowder
malaysia crowder - 4 days ago
24:20 llloooollll
lynn loshe
lynn loshe - 4 days ago
Awesome job guys! I believe you made those "Mini Yous" Day/life. Peace.
Eva Taehyung
Eva Taehyung - 4 days ago
The Galaxy Cats 2000
The Galaxy Cats 2000 - 4 days ago
The mini twins didn’t go through puberty!!! 😅😅❤️❤️
vhh cbjj
vhh cbjj - 4 days ago
ok boomer
ꨄ B u m b l e b e e ꨄ
Mini Ethan: dAnGlinG~! :0

đąňī hėřņåņđėž
No se dice JA vier? 😂😂
Ilayda Bali
Ilayda Bali - 4 days ago
4:57 😂
Jenna Keith
Jenna Keith - 5 days ago
this is perfect!
Eva Star
Eva Star - 5 days ago
Awwww they’re so cuteee
Eva Star
Eva Star - 5 days ago
I cant WAIT to see the little twins when they’re olderrrr
Synnøve Lied
Synnøve Lied - 5 days ago
These are the cutest little things! Awww!!!
Billie’s avocados
Billie’s avocados - 5 days ago
i don’t have twitter
Basra.93 Mohamed
Basra.93 Mohamed - 5 days ago
Consider Your WeAvE sNatChEd
*Grayson being the more responsible twin for 25 minutes and 39 seconds straight*
Kenzie Ervine
Kenzie Ervine - 5 days ago
ethan : “you’re doing a great job, you really are”
meanwhile elijah : “🥴”
Gracie Thayer
Gracie Thayer - 5 days ago
Theyre so cute with kids aweeee
Chokaj 22
Chokaj 22 - 5 days ago
Grayson: "Do you guys want tattoos?"
Them: "Yeah"
Grayson: "Okay... They aren't gonna be real... Cause you're seven."
Estelle Jackson
Estelle Jackson - 6 days ago
I stay up till 3 o'clock
Sofia Daros
Sofia Daros - 6 days ago
Alexander Arana
Alexander Arana - 6 days ago
i have some friends the are the same ass you guys like im not liying
Shelby Yeoman
Shelby Yeoman - 6 days ago
the Grayson montage was so cute😂
WiffleBall Bros
WiffleBall Bros - 6 days ago
Mini twins should do a dna test
Scarlett Martin
Scarlett Martin - 6 days ago
Mini Grayson I wake up at like 3 in the morning and my brother wakes up at like 6

the actual real size Grayson i wake up at like 7 and Ethan wakes up like 10
Ashli Matthews
Ashli Matthews - 6 days ago
To cute.......
Both sets of the twins 😍😊
Emma gittens
Emma gittens - 6 days ago
this made my day 🤧❤️
Namjoon's Titties
Namjoon's Titties - 6 days ago
I LOVED this video please make more videos with them please... It's hard to explain how much I loved this video!!! 🖤
Shrek MSP
Shrek MSP - 6 days ago
Grayson: Where did you get your first earing?
Mini Grayson: When I was in baby.
Izz Daniel
Izz Daniel - 6 days ago
There so small like me im 9 and I look like a 2secant grader ether way im in fourth 1like =me to grow
Dessy B
Dessy B - 6 days ago
so cuteeeeeee
Jessina Lee
Jessina Lee - 7 days ago
which one is olderr. oMG JuST LIkE mEH
Kamiya Pressley
Kamiya Pressley - 7 days ago
18:26 killed me
Itz Emerald
Itz Emerald - 7 days ago
Roses are red violets are blue I just witnessed the cutest thing and so did you
Little Crackhead
Little Crackhead - 7 days ago
I love how they even added the mini Dolan Twins in the outro as well that’s so cute ❤️
BeaCaylee Villa
BeaCaylee Villa - 7 days ago
my favorite part : lEmMe tAlK lEmMe tAlK lEmMe TaLk
Shelby Madsen11
Shelby Madsen11 - 7 days ago
You and James and Emma and everyone need another Colab soon
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