Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What We Eat!

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M. Miskha
M. Miskha - 54 minutes ago
Kayla Mae Brown
Kayla Mae Brown - 55 minutes ago
Jeffree, i have always looked up to you. I first started watching you when i was 12 when i first started getting into makeup. im 16 now. I watched James Charles new video and after seeing those texts and tweets youve sent i was heartbroken, it drove me to tears. After watching somebody for so long and looking up to them for 4 years, i never expected you to say those things and make those false allegations considering everything you went through in your life and how "real" you've always beens. I guess youre not so real now. Im so disappointed. Jeffree Star, you let me and so many others down.
Carmen Lopez
Carmen Lopez - 55 minutes ago
Ya’ll just stop trolling because all of you are still gonna be subscribing again. All these YouTubers are still gonna be rich af and you are still going to be dodging your one friend you owe $20 to 🤣🤣
TrxshCan - 56 minutes ago
Wtf are you, creature from the abyss
Zachary Saen
Zachary Saen - 57 minutes ago
Last video I am watching of you, you low life piece of shit. Throwing your products in the garbage. Everyone sees through what you tried to do to James Charles. Unsubscribed
Dané Page
Dané Page - 57 minutes ago
Jeffree you’re such an adorable human being, inside and out
Jeth Villarama
Jeth Villarama - 57 minutes ago
Jeffree star: everything we said is 100% true
Liliana Cruz Ü
Liliana Cruz Ü - 57 minutes ago
Bye Sister.
Jaia MCcall
Jaia MCcall - 59 minutes ago
Let’s that response video Jeff!!! James has his ..Tati has hers and the last one is you cause you were making some pretty serious allegations about Charles too☕️ stop tweeting and make a damn video
queen bitch
queen bitch - Hour ago
Didn't jefree have 16 million followers? Or has it always been 14 mill?
BloodyWilson - Hour ago
Why you be so mean to James Charles watch Pewdiepies video man
Sunshine 04
Sunshine 04 - Hour ago
You should do a video where you try to regrow your eyebrows
Pat Clary
Pat Clary - Hour ago
Richard R.
Richard R. - Hour ago
Where is that damn James Charles videos
Kimberly stevens
Kimberly stevens - Hour ago
ok the James Charles drama is crazy and all but can we talk about how cute Mitchell is?
Urnansmells - Hour ago
Thought you where a trans girl. I still don’t know..
madaraa utchihaa
madaraa utchihaa - Hour ago
you have to appologize to james in person! i hate saying his but we forgive you for ur past stupid mistake u should have done the same with james ... just sayin ...
Alice Roberts
Alice Roberts - Hour ago
Who is waiting for Jeffree’s response video?
*like frickin hurry up hun*
I want the tea
*after watching James video*
I’m sorry I left you sister.
*going back to the live subscriber count now*
ibtissem - Hour ago
I only came here to dislike

(Now I will leave)
BelleBee - Hour ago
No one is canceled. Not jefree, not James and not Tati. They’re all liars that most of us will continue to support anyway. No one is truly canceled (and frankly, no one should be)
Aiden Oscar
Aiden Oscar - Hour ago
I do not believe they are liars.
Avery Taylor
Avery Taylor - Hour ago
Before you assert yourself in drama that was none of your business, make sure it's not gonna affect your career lmao. Have fun with all of James fans attacking you, but you asked for it.
adityamrx official
adityamrx official - Hour ago
keepingupwithkira - Hour ago
Jeff manly voice came out when he told the boys "What's up" at 20:45 lmfao
Eva Gardiner
Eva Gardiner - Hour ago
U said on ur snap story u need to think straight with with what u are going to say about the situation with James which probably means to think up some bullshit to ruin a fucking 19 year old almost 20 year old life by ruining there job and reputation so get a grip of ur self u are 35 for god sake
juicy lips
juicy lips - 58 minutes ago
exactly and bearing in mind all this has already nearly pushed james over the edge and hes still coming for him ,hes a disgrace if this young man hurts himself jefree has blood on his hands
Savannah Kelley
Savannah Kelley - Hour ago
If Jeffree says that James is lying than I believe that James is lying. I trust Jeffree 100%.
Aiden Oscar
Aiden Oscar - Hour ago
Honestly Jeffree is a very smart guy, and I believe what he knows is true to himself and that he is not lying. He probably doesn't know all the facts.
AshleyFromAvon - Hour ago
Savannah Kelley Sheep hoe
Samantha Gonzalez
Samantha Gonzalez - Hour ago
Unsubscribed your a monster
Eric Rodrguez
Eric Rodrguez - Hour ago
You're gay
Beautiful Aesthetics
If I was James I would sued u already
Aiden Oscar
Aiden Oscar - Hour ago
Jeffree is very very very very rich.
Emeralds Are the best
Love ya!!!❤️
Justin Y 2.0
Justin Y 2.0 - Hour ago
keepingupwithkira - Hour ago
That boy asked for an extra straw, and Jeffree said no they can share. Jeff looking like he got a crush on this boy!
Fatbitcxhes&oreos - Hour ago
Richard Lester The Child Molester
I fucking hate u stupid femboys
Selma Sisic
Selma Sisic - Hour ago
Most insincere person in the world award goes to.... Jeffree Star.
Raygen Abeyta
Raygen Abeyta - Hour ago
when jeffree is talking to someone, it seems like he’s staring into their soul 😂
Melissa Perez
Melissa Perez - Hour ago
" bye sister " ; J A J A J A
Tom Roerkohl
Tom Roerkohl - Hour ago
I love your pink tesla
Sandra Thomas
Sandra Thomas - Hour ago
Look up Jealousy in the dictionary and there should be a pic of Mr Star...how on earth can you be so jealous of a teenage boy...really odd and weird from a 30 something year old man...
Spill The Tea
Spill The Tea - Hour ago
Uh oh, there’s a storm comin’
Enzo The Meme
Enzo The Meme - Hour ago
Bruh! His hair look like RAMEN NOODLES
MxxN Riseee
MxxN Riseee - Hour ago
All of you are so sensitive backing up James saying he's 19 so the fuck what he's an adult you dumb hoes !!!! No one can fuck with Jeffree! and when Jeffree is doing giveaways everyone wants to be kissing ass
imjstar - 53 minutes ago
Ah when you get older you’ll understand. For now, Jeffree can continue to manipulate you.
Purple Playz
Purple Playz - Hour ago
shut the hell up. did you even watch the entire video. jeffree is a monster
Sophie Georgina
Sophie Georgina - Hour ago
UK tours never include wales!!! :(
Addison Shoman
Addison Shoman - Hour ago
i just- wow. just wow. none of this drama was concerning you. im dissapointed
MxxN Riseee
MxxN Riseee - Hour ago
Jeffree Star i am a loyal fan!!! Screw the little weisel James Charles he has nothing on you! He deserves to get wrecked for trying to pull a fast one on you! AND all these people attacking are fake as hell fuck them Jeffree I'm always with you 100%. My girlfriend and I are loyal followers of yours till the day we die
Purple Playz
Purple Playz - Hour ago
fuck you ass hole watch the video. exactly acting like ur the only fan
BreeGang Forever
BreeGang Forever - Hour ago
13:28 - 13:29 got me dead 😂😂
Nishel Lavey
Nishel Lavey - Hour ago
People will continue hating and saying you're a disappointment but look at your sub count its still the same, just missing a few fake fans that's all :)
AshleyFromAvon - Hour ago
Nishel Lavey Electric chair.
Nishel Lavey
Nishel Lavey - Hour ago
YOU'RE AMAZING! and there's a reason why even SHANE unfollowed James and why he chose tati over James! And for that itself I know for a fact that there is sooooooo much we don't know about
Jack Poulter
Jack Poulter - Hour ago
Your a cunt
It's just JJ
It's just JJ - Hour ago
Idc if I get hate pls sub back to name hate u Jeff
Lexaida Ramos
Lexaida Ramos - Hour ago
From what I’ve seen, I don’t follow any of you but you and Tati better pray James doesn’t sue you guys for defamation of character and harassment because with his video, he’d blow your roofs in.
Mara R.
Mara R. - Hour ago
Why are u getting in between all this mess that has nothing to do with u??? I thought u were more classy 🙄🙄🙄 unsubscribed
Liam Fletcher
Liam Fletcher - Hour ago
You’re a cunt
keepingupwithkira - Hour ago
Where is Nathan?
Sara Zaldana
Sara Zaldana - Hour ago
Been with Jeffree since 2007 and have no plan to leave, I ain’t like James’ fake sisters.
teeohpee - Hour ago
The beauty business has the best sleaze.
Je.mapelle.lavelle - Hour ago
God, can we just be best friends? Like, please?
Nishel Lavey
Nishel Lavey - Hour ago
I love you!!
Rosa Botello
Rosa Botello - Hour ago
Jeffree Star can you please put Mia maples on your PR list I really want her to review your s*** all the time she's really cool as
Sara Zaldana
Sara Zaldana - Hour ago
Ok so there’s Jeffree, Tati and Shane, and then there’s James, Gabriel and Nikita.... yeah I’m gonna stick to the rich, mature and successful, not the standout, irrelevant and obnoxious.
megan robitsch
megan robitsch - Hour ago
Grow the f up. leave this child alone.
Nishel Lavey
Nishel Lavey - Hour ago
Jeffree you're an amazing artist don't listen to these untalented people who don't even follow the work you do. James is not in a million years gonna win this war
SanJuanCreole - Hour ago
James threw the first punch. Now the world is on the edge of their seats to see if jeffree will go for the K.O.
Here we go!
Millie B
Millie B - Hour ago
Can I just say you CAN NOT call someone a pedophile unless you no that for a fact allegations like that could wreck someone’s life
Lucas Martin
Lucas Martin - Hour ago
Imagine being so jealous of someone over ten years younger than you that at the first chance of bringing him down you start attacking him and his family, spreading lies and false accusations.
Can't. Relate.
Nishel Lavey
Nishel Lavey - Hour ago
You should have never been friends with James..you tati and Shane have him so much publicity and he knew exactly what he was getting... But he never gave anything back...not everyone sees that but some of us do and we all ask stand by you jeffree
Garrett Hammitt
Garrett Hammitt - Hour ago
Cancelled!!! Can I get a big, BYE SISTER!!
Aimee Bernardo
Aimee Bernardo - Hour ago
I’m really disappointed in Jeffree, I don’t know who’s side I’m taking but it’s not his. I get all the drama but james is 19...all I gotta say is I’m just disappointed in u
Louis Connor
Louis Connor - Hour ago
Never heard of this cunt before this James Charles shit but mate you look like a crackhead that lives under the huts on Hastings seafront
Sara Zaldana
Sara Zaldana - Hour ago
Jeffree baby, you need to come through!!!!
Isabel Rumbos
Isabel Rumbos - Hour ago
He’s such a mean person and he needs to disappear for ever
Isabel Rumbos
Isabel Rumbos - Hour ago
jeffree star can go to hell
Nishel Lavey
Nishel Lavey - Hour ago
Please don't listen to the hate... I'm sure most of them are James's fans and the rest are just spewing bs for the fun of it
Naydelin Vega
Naydelin Vega - Hour ago
I like how you guys are saying things about jeffree just how you guys said things about James until James made his video and you guy understood the whole story you guys stopped. You guys haven’t seen jeffrees side so don’t jump to conclusions like always🙄y’all just some ban wagons
Dylan Horsley
Dylan Horsley - Hour ago
I am truly disgusted with how Jeffery treated James through this tough time. He calls him sister etc and all this bullshit but sisters don’t do that and say that when your going through a tough, dark time.he clearly wants view and fame it just bring out the twat in him
Like if you agree
Marie Cop
Marie Cop - Hour ago
Buying back subs...not a clever move Jeff. You are nearly a middle aged man who gets off on bullying and been abusive...it seems it is YOU who need help and fast, you act like you are everything and you really are not. Time to grow up at what 38 I think you are, its embarrassing?
cramanda xo
cramanda xo - Hour ago
Are you gonna pull a manny 2.0?
KeK Warrior Princess
Yes yes he is 🤥😂
Koalabear23 23
Koalabear23 23 - Hour ago
If u got a 2nd chance at life then y can't James?
SwingToLife - Hour ago
Put some RESPECKKK!!! Unsubs*
MickeyMedia - Hour ago
You’re a shit person for going off of lies. All three of you are old enough to keep it private. Common sense is worth more all your dumb ass Gucci bags and it doesn’t seem you have any of that
Mary Wentz
Mary Wentz - Hour ago
All you people posting about James Tati and Jeffree need to get a life you’re only seeing PART of a situation and y’all are the same people that attacked James and are backtracking now..... post your bullshit on his Twitter not here where people who give zero fucks about ANY of the drama want to watch videos in peace!!
Sour Power
Sour Power - Hour ago
Stfu and stop idolizing people u don't know.
Tanja Žuvela
Tanja Žuvela - Hour ago
Anytime soon?
Joss Lyn
Joss Lyn - Hour ago
I love James, can u just go out of all the problem.
I even can’t speak english but... 😹😹 Come on, he’s just 19, is kinda sad the way you try to “help him”.
It looks like a bad and fake adult friends.
1,000,000 subs No vid?
I like how they talk how James changed because he thought he was better now since he is famous but no one talks how Jefree acts the same.Didn’t you guys see he came in the restaurant like “Hey Y’all because he knows he would get recognized.This whole thing makes me shake my head🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Malisa Coleman
Malisa Coleman - Hour ago
You need to stfu like no one should like you after what you have been saying to James you fucking hoe
S S - Hour ago
You’re a stupid ass bitch!
Tanu - Hour ago
U said u got receipts... show em! Or stay quiet.
amanda rincon
amanda rincon - Hour ago
imagine harassing a 19 year old because of drama you weren’t even involved in the first place, lmao could not be me. jeffree is canceled🦋
Abbie Baldwin
Abbie Baldwin - Hour ago
I’m from Manchester whooo
Ines Ixe Jaganjac
Ines Ixe Jaganjac - Hour ago
I really don't care about that boi James I still think you are ONE ICONIC FUCK
Madyson Biddix
Madyson Biddix - Hour ago
You have plenty of explaining to do.
Ken 💖🌷
Ken 💖🌷 - Hour ago
Sit your flat pancake down!! We don’t need more drama in the beauty community
No one:
Jeffree: 🤡🎪
linda viveros
linda viveros - Hour ago
So disrespectful of YOU calling James names without knowing the situation. I hope you think twice of what you say to others jeffree....smh
Sheila Spencer
Sheila Spencer - Hour ago
U were my favorite youtuber and u bullying a kid is not ok hi sister by star
Hannah - Hour ago
jeffree: i am going to have 15.000.000 subs.

James: wait hold my nails.
am bored
am bored - Hour ago
*14M jeffreestar*
*Runs to tiai*
*Runs to James*
Oooooo ;)
stela marie
stela marie - Hour ago
where's his eyebrows?
lilcarcraash - Hour ago
Ur so fucked LMAO
Exxon008 - Hour ago
Jeffrey Star is spreading inflammatory lies. You're literary the definition of a bad human being and a worse friend.
Shana Moser
Shana Moser - Hour ago
Jeffree star you are a manipulative lying bitch for what you did to sister James. Apparently bullying teenagers is ok in your messed up mind.
DGcoolguy4 - Hour ago
Jeff you messed up
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