Can You Feel It? with Chrissy Teigen

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Shukra Abdurrahman
Shukra Abdurrahman - Day ago
I love crissy she's not too mushy like the other female celebrities that played the game. She made it fun
BeTheSpecial - 2 days ago
"Once you feel the top, you'll wanna go down" - Chrissy Teigen
Sweettooth GTX
Sweettooth GTX - 3 days ago
Is it just me or do I hear a fart rip at 5:34 ?
Kiko Jackson
Kiko Jackson - 3 days ago
chrissys face when she screams hahahahahaahaha
IBelieveInMiracles - 6 days ago
Cockroaches 😳😳😳😳😱 oh hell noooooooooo.... I would faint and probably die.
Lazy Lavender
Lazy Lavender - 6 days ago
He knows what's in these boxes
LITGRRL - 8 days ago
im inlove with the facial hair
Zoe Miller
Zoe Miller - 8 days ago
poor fish :(
Brown Latina
Brown Latina - 10 days ago
Why is she so obnoxious and Annoying Af
Maria PM
Maria PM - 10 days ago
A minute of silent for you dude...
TNT BDN - 11 days ago
I think this game was invented to mess with jimmy. Hahaha.
Madison Smith
Madison Smith - 12 days ago
Ohh god is it an ant farm 😂😂😂
F C - 14 days ago
Sarah - 16 days ago
I would die!
okkatie123 - 17 days ago
I love Jimmy but...For once I wish they'd just reach in and actually grab the damn thing. This overacting is annoying, it's obviously scripted.
Samantha lynn
Samantha lynn - 18 days ago
I don't know how I feel about the beard tbh.
Melissa Borror
Melissa Borror - 18 days ago
vic dunt
vic dunt - 19 days ago
Christy Dunlap
Christy Dunlap - 19 days ago
Welp! That last one totally ruined my day.
greimalkin - 20 days ago
They drew it out too much, reminds me of that Higgins person
Hummingbird Mommy
Hummingbird Mommy - 21 day ago
Oh 😍 I wanna cook it😋
Rebecca H.
Rebecca H. - 23 days ago
Chrissy *pets the fish*: I wanna cook it
The Asian jumped out
Just_ LikeThat
Just_ LikeThat - 23 days ago
This is simply to torture jimmy.. 😂😂😂 he will be tortured every week in every ep for every stage😂😂
Isabelle Sierra
Isabelle Sierra - 23 days ago
COCKROACHES!? I would’ve cried 🤣
Karen Rogers
Karen Rogers - 24 days ago
I can't stand her laugh. Sounds fake
boomdiddyah - 24 days ago
Does anybody know what she did to her nails? I love the look
Sylvester Zeman
Sylvester Zeman - 28 days ago
feel like jimmy got more and more pissed at his crew lol
Rania 1994
Rania 1994 - 29 days ago
Fab Labi
Fab Labi - Month ago
Oh my god I am trembling watching this ... Dam they brought freaking cockroach
“Are you joking me ?”
Yes jimmy ;)
Pearl Mermaids
Pearl Mermaids - Month ago
Ive never seen a cickeiach like that bedore
Maha Haddad
Maha Haddad - Month ago
When Chrissy laughs, it sounds like she's on the verge of a mental breakdown
Aquariana X
Aquariana X - Month ago
I love Chrissy sooo much 😂😂
Cece and Dani
Cece and Dani - Month ago
when she laughs she sound like she’s crying lmfaoo
Amanda Gonzalez
Amanda Gonzalez - Month ago
Emanuel Tataeng
Emanuel Tataeng - Month ago
What's up with you and frogs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Velveeta Cheese
Velveeta Cheese - Month ago
I am a Doggo
I am a Doggo - Month ago
The reaction she has to the lungfish was so funny I’m rolling 😂😂😂😂🤣
MC Jazz
MC Jazz - Month ago
This game is really cruel
Gaia Floyd
Gaia Floyd - Month ago
Too much butter wasted, what a pity.
anya so games
anya so games - Month ago
Her laugh is contagious! Love her
limatula longkumer
limatula longkumer - Month ago
No boo.
angei myricksimpson
angei myricksimpson - Month ago
“ I wanna cook it” lmao I just love her
medic 01001010
medic 01001010 - Month ago
It`s brilliant how he literally turned into Sara from EW! lol
cherry pies
cherry pies - Month ago
In the last one if i were him or her I'd scream at the top of my lungs
A. P.
A. P. - Month ago
Friggin hysterical!
Step Black
Step Black - Month ago
C'mon Teigen... man up 🙄
JUNIOR 18 - Month ago
Jimmy’s reaction when he saw the cockroaches was priceless😂😂😂
123 456
123 456 - Month ago
She looks like a female sumo wrestler
Achote671 - Month ago
John Legend is so (million times lucky there's gotta be a better word than lucky in Legends case🇬🇺👊🏾
Roger didit
Roger didit - Month ago
What a bloated whale. Wipe that makeup off your fat face!
Jason Riley
Jason Riley - Month ago
She is a classless person for sure putting down a tennis players mom
Vegas Sims
Vegas Sims - Month ago
Who is fat Chrusty Teegen? I never even heard of her before.
Yousef h
Yousef h - Month ago
I just looked up her name her and found a random video of her, anyways, i am just here to say that she really is ugly, like very ugly !
Greta Of The Corn
Greta Of The Corn - Month ago
This woman is a model. Wow. Unbelievable. The States must have a very low threshold for beauty.
R Mad
R Mad - Month ago
Fallon you are a true phallus for allowing left-wing anti-Trump excrement like Teigen on your show. May horrible misfortune and tragedy befall all those who incite hatred for our president.
El Chingon
El Chingon - Month ago
She has a great publicity management team. How else does she get all this media time? Her 15 minutes should have been up years ago. A no-talent, attention-seeking opportunist. She is truly cringeworthy.
HateFakeNews - Month ago
What a freaking cow she is! Seriously about the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen. A real poster child for the CDC.
F C - Month ago
Not funny what a foul mouthed disrespectful person. No role model for children.
Dayvit78 - Month ago
This is literally a poor man's Fear Factor
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