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Royal Family
Royal Family - 3 months ago
Hope you guys liked the video! And remember if your wanna watch Love&HipHop without paying a fortune, use Philo. It’s only $16 per month. And you’ll get a 7 day free trial, and 30% off your first month so you can make sure you like it first
Asia Dominguez
Asia Dominguez - Month ago
What did you guys order
Luv Me Unconditionally
Luv Me Unconditionally - 2 months ago
Hey Queen WE LOVE YOU!!! Can We Please Do A Caleb! Will Be In LA Soon🤗🤗🤗
Lashae Rosewoods
Lashae Rosewoods - 2 months ago
I would be your baby sitter
Shatia Drake
Shatia Drake - 2 months ago
Royal Family you guys should use care.com it’s a nanny website it’s really good and helpful you guys should look into it and they can work around your schedule and you can check there backgrounds and stuff about them I hope I as helpful 😘😘😘 love you QUEEN
Shatia Drake
Shatia Drake - 2 months ago
Royal Family if your looking for a nanny a great site to look at is care.com there really good my nurse used it and she travels and all
dutchess simmon
dutchess simmon - 17 days ago
I hate ppl who have children then complain....but your stupid self will get pregnany again....THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T HAVE CHILDREN WHEN YOI REALLY NOT READY TO BUT YOUR OWNSELF ASIDE
Royallamonique gsrsrxtct
Royallamonique gsrsrxtct - 22 days ago
I'll pay u a dollar if u can get a meet n great .wit me n Clare.
Ms. Shey
Ms. Shey - Month ago
This video popped up after watching your last video smh.
bre 0544
bre 0544 - Month ago
That sponsor ship got me dead 😂😂
Doreon Young
Doreon Young - Month ago
I love you guys I’m trying to be come a YouTuber just like you guys. 💯💯💯
its just ash
its just ash - Month ago
why would you eat that on them white covers 😭
Clarence Williams
Clarence Williams - Month ago
download Coto movies on your Safari get free TV shows and free movies
The Show Yolo
The Show Yolo - Month ago
THE GOD of ABRAHAM ISAAC an JACOB wants nun of us to FORNICATE as the scripture say fornicators will NOT inherit the kingdom of GOD
y’all reach so many please hear me one of my young HS viewers told me to pray for you Queen on my little bitty Chanel but the point is HE is watching you and concerned maybe the GOD of ABRAHAM ISAAC an JACOB is trying to tell you somthin you are leading MANY young souls astray because he is not your husband
1 Corinthians 6:9 Kjv
Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind
lifew niecy
lifew niecy - Month ago
Where stinky at?
Siterria Stokes
Siterria Stokes - Month ago
Joan Nelson
Joan Nelson - Month ago
My brother was born in the same place as your son but i love your videos i been watching sents you and chris been togather
Sophina Rodriguez
Sophina Rodriguez - Month ago
My name is sevaeh and your my insperation
Eli Ammar
Eli Ammar - Month ago
That promo inna beginning genius
Kizzy K
Kizzy K - Month ago
It’s so cute how they are just sitting there staring at the beautiful baby they created together 😩😩💚 .
Jerome Fallon
Jerome Fallon - Month ago
You can they do that I love me
COR3Y M - Month ago
Btw download showbox and u can watch anything for free they have everything😂
Abel baby
Abel baby - Month ago
If you don't burp him he will always spit up
DAFFY - Month ago
clare is so protective
sips tea
sips tea - Month ago
Thats a good thing
Vanessa Tates
Vanessa Tates - 2 months ago
Can I get your number so I can call you
sips tea
sips tea - Month ago
Kayla 101
Kayla 101 - 2 months ago
When she da Bernie Mac show I said mommmmmm let’s get villooooo
xIDiabloJazzyIx - 2 months ago
Yes your period is supposed to be heavy after birth and it can be like that for up to a year.
Majaii Gibbs
Majaii Gibbs - 2 months ago
We all now clar fake
Royallamonique gsrsrxtct
Royallamonique gsrsrxtct - 2 months ago
Come ooooo nnnnnnn
Royallamonique gsrsrxtct
Royallamonique gsrsrxtct - 2 months ago
U mite wanna do what I say cause u causen a flood n lighting n trees will fall on only cap
Royallamonique gsrsrxtct
Royallamonique gsrsrxtct - 2 months ago
A boom chicks boom roar Judah loud roarrrr thunder
Royallamonique gsrsrxtct
Royallamonique gsrsrxtct - 2 months ago
This thunder n lighting is for y'all cause I want you to do what I say
WhatItDo YouTube
WhatItDo YouTube - 2 months ago
QUEEN YOUR HAIR IS CUTE!!!! Yesssss Queen!
Alexis McIntosh
Alexis McIntosh - 2 months ago
Ppl hide their babies just to tease the viewers and to make the viewers watch more of their videos $$💰
breanna bates
breanna bates - 2 months ago
And u mad bc
Alexis McIntosh
Alexis McIntosh - 2 months ago
It's those big ass eyelashes u need to change to a better style that's in ur eyeball lol
Demoryia Robinson
Demoryia Robinson - 2 months ago
thats why yall need me
Valasia Smith
Valasia Smith - 2 months ago
April Smith
April Smith - 2 months ago
I hate you😡😠
Tiffany Dunlap
Tiffany Dunlap - 2 months ago
The baby cant sleep cuz y'all so loud and u his mama everytime he hear yo voice
INDIA OWENS - 2 months ago
INDIA OWENS - 2 months ago
I love yall so much I have had to re subscribe (Which I didnt mind) but yea due to me having to get new phone and start over it's been a few months and I can't wait to get caught back up miss and love ya'll so much ~india Owen's aka #AriahTheRedRose
Fallon Ramsey
Fallon Ramsey - 2 months ago
I bet Chris watch all they vids
Sydney Ross
Sydney Ross - 2 months ago
I’m based in ATL. You both mentioned getting a nanny. I was a nanny in Hawaii for 8 months and would love the opportunity to nanny for your family. Open to travel as needed. How would i get in contact with y’all to send my resume?
Sydney Ross
Sydney Ross - 2 months ago
I have a care.com account as well
This is MYA
This is MYA - 2 months ago
But we already seen his face 😭😂
Dimples Williams
Dimples Williams - 2 months ago
Please be careful who you chose to leave your baby with or trust around your baby... People are not as caring as they use to be. When I use to work with & counseling children & young adult. Queen when he does that place him over your shoulder and just continues to rub his back in small circles and whisper a prayer in his ear. It will calm him down... You can also play music for him and rock him. Cause for nine ( 9)months he's heard music & singing. You can go on Youtube & pull up one of the videos that play the sound of the womb. An it will change your life. It will make him feel as if he's in safe place your tummy... Be Blessed & Encourages you guys.
Kristina Dejesus
Kristina Dejesus - 2 months ago
Omgg queen najil why is your eyebrows always on flek
Coral - 2 months ago
Why not get him a Pacifier
Nia Chordea
Nia Chordea - 2 months ago
Try doing a yoni steam and the yoni pearls and you will feel new again and it with help with your monthly!!
Starlet Brazy
Starlet Brazy - 2 months ago
I don't know why you need a nanny when you have a whole man who does nothing but make videos living with you, is he good for anything besides his looks ??!!?
diejah tunstall
diejah tunstall - 2 months ago
Omg he’s the freaking cutest!!!!!!! 😍🤤 makes me want a baby
Vari Kim
Vari Kim - 2 months ago
You steady talking about Chris when you wrote mamas hands BUT WERE IS HE AT THO🥶🥶🥶🤣🤣🤣😂😂
shannara jones
shannara jones - 2 months ago
Yall should do a get ready for flight Video. Who pack bags? How you get him ready(diapers bottle)
Dae Dae
Dae Dae - 2 months ago
SEVEN DAYS FREE YEAH *finally eats Cheeto that was in her hand ever since Clarence came in*
Antoinette mcnaughton
Antoinette mcnaughton - 2 months ago
You need to get in touch with me I can help you
Antoinette mcnaughton
Antoinette mcnaughton - 2 months ago
Please do not get the baby any regular food especially Dairy it will give him allergies inner and outer
Antoinette mcnaughton
Antoinette mcnaughton - 2 months ago
Queen this is Antoinette I will be the best nanny for him and you will be able to trust me completely
lovely gacha
lovely gacha - 2 months ago
Queens hair😍
Fierna Lillie
Fierna Lillie - 2 months ago
I was just waiting for that patty to slip out and land on Legend lmfao cant even count how many times I dropped food on my kids 😂
Jaci Williams
Jaci Williams - 2 months ago
Yalli won't to see his face
Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe - 2 months ago
Shiit I wish I had Clarence job. Lmao you don’t even need an application to apply 😂😂
Aloni Lewis
Aloni Lewis - 2 months ago
11:42 we basically saw all of his face lol
DimpleZ18 - 2 months ago
If you’re really looking for a nanny, I can email you my resume & give you references! Good luck and be safe! 💕
D Villa
D Villa - 2 months ago
If y’all are serious about getting a Nanny I would also do a criminal background check as well
Deborah Bakare
Deborah Bakare - 2 months ago
OR you can get all of that with netflix for $14
Tina Davies
Tina Davies - 2 months ago
I’m sure if Clarence allowed Queens mom to come around she would definitely, HAPPILY take baby off their hands when they needed someone to sit with him.
🤷🏼‍♀️ just a thought.......🙃
contractor USA
contractor USA - Month ago
Why he don't like queens mom?
Dimples Williams
Dimples Williams - Month ago
I've seen this comment several time. The sad part of it all is that the only thing that's standing in the way is RESPECT... Her family has to realize that she deserves to live her life & love who she wants. If you allow your personal feelings, beliefs or selfishness than that's there choice. They can't live or control her life nor her career. It's not her job to elevate them they have to do it for themselves. They have the same tools she has... God bless us all with talents you just have to use them... So it's not Queen or Clarence fault... PRIDE is a powerful thing... If someone DISRESPECT, their significant others they'd have a fit, but they'd know how it feels.y Bibles teaches me that God will treat you how you give & great others...
sukie eludoyin
sukie eludoyin - 2 months ago
Her family don’t give a damn about legend , they don’t acknowledge him
Shonta Hannan
Shonta Hannan - 2 months ago
this was really a video of yall spending family time together to just talk & look at Renzo cute self I love yall
Regan Jackson
Regan Jackson - 2 months ago
They need to let him cry it out! Instead of picking him up every time he cries I promise you he will stop crying after awhile
Evett Minter
Evett Minter - 2 months ago
why didn't lit us see the baby
Nequria Slaton
Nequria Slaton - 2 months ago
LIES it is three days
Chelle Lito
Chelle Lito - 2 months ago
The best advertisement love how y’all took the time unlike everyone one else it made me wanna watch
Sacquaine Powell
Sacquaine Powell - 2 months ago
Why u saying ur baby back so hard I feel it for him and squeezing his face
Pamela Lurks kent
Pamela Lurks kent - 2 months ago
I’m dead he said “ I like spongebob” 😂😂😂
Mai Sophie
Mai Sophie - 2 months ago
Where is CJ btw?
Mai Sophie
Mai Sophie - 2 months ago
I wouldn't let a stranger watch my baby 👀
UR MOM DOT COM - 2 months ago
8:00 “my meat is lob sided “ lmaoooo
Chelsea P
Chelsea P - 2 months ago
U got this queen
Brittany Fuller
Brittany Fuller - 2 months ago
Yess...it is heavy and last up to 6 weeks.
Lifeof Tamia
Lifeof Tamia - 2 months ago
Roseada Gardner
Roseada Gardner - 2 months ago
Where is cj
morgan da beau
morgan da beau - 2 months ago
if y'all get a nanny run like 15 background checks and put camera's in the house
Lena Sartuche
Lena Sartuche - 2 months ago
Yea after my babies my cycles def heavier! U should get in birth control queen?
Jennie Mcgowan
Jennie Mcgowan - 2 months ago
Get a Nanny Queen and ClareBear thats Y the Big Celebrities have Nannies come on
Schurch Burgos
Schurch Burgos - 2 months ago
I can help I used to be my sisters nanny and worked for Selfhelp with kids of all ages mothers and fathers that have acs and need a nanny I also helped so if you need alil help I’m glade to help.
CeeJay Curlett
CeeJay Curlett - 2 months ago
Clarence hire your moms when y'all on the road. I would not want to hire strangers. Family safer.(G-Moms)....
CeeJay Curlett
CeeJay Curlett - Month ago
Abel I know you know and understand the dynamics why Queens mom can't be on the road Granny(nanny)
Abel baby
Abel baby - Month ago
Why not hire her mom
Ashley Patton
Ashley Patton - 2 months ago
Look how hard you hitting his back lol
Amarie Waters
Amarie Waters - 2 months ago
Yesssssss I've had PHILO for months now. Like 5 or more months now. Love it!
Reds Random videos
Reds Random videos - 2 months ago
If you know baby Renzo is so adorable!👼 thumbs up.
onnie c
onnie c - 2 months ago
SpongeBob needs to be on adult swim lmao I will never get tired of that.
Crybxby_. Kaa
Crybxby_. Kaa - 2 months ago
Baby renzo so cute he look just like clare
SteffFromLondon - 2 months ago
Clarence, you should be more invested in your new born than recording a video or eating.
The Sieany Show
The Sieany Show - 2 months ago
Kj Mattox
Kj Mattox - 2 months ago
Get me a plane ticket down there I’ll baby sit for you 🤗
Joydin Watts
Joydin Watts - 2 months ago
She said on 7:48 I got something in my eye I was weak
Laylah’s Life
Laylah’s Life - 2 months ago
Clare:I like spongebob
Me: Yeah, You’re wearing yellow, Spongebob.
Rosellia Garcia
Rosellia Garcia - 2 months ago
My periods are more heavier since I had my daughter . Before I had her it use to be very light and not as long
PerShawn - 2 months ago
The reason celebrity's have stopped showing their kids on social media is because people out here be hateful af. There kids could see that one day and cause insecurities. So they'd rather show their son in moderation
Tianna Mone't
Tianna Mone't - 2 months ago
Lmaaaaoo CJ can watch peppa pig😂
Duane - 2 months ago
The sponsor in the begging was kinda cool 😂 you would think they was just havin a regular convo
Katrina Robles
Katrina Robles - 2 months ago
Queen let me be ur nanny lol!! Serio!! Kids love me I’m always baby sitting 😂
Solo Nese
Solo Nese - 2 months ago
Ctfu no babysitter, it's to soon lbs. if anything Clare bear gone have to handle that
Ashleigh Elam
Ashleigh Elam - 2 months ago
idk how queen sat there while clarence was smacking. tuh couldn’t be me
natasha burns
natasha burns - 2 months ago
I delivery for Instacart in STL. Queen please tell me you and Clare are not the customers that dont tip your shopper.
Rome Davis
Rome Davis - 2 months ago
Clare bear next time hold your baby and let your queen eat instead of stuffing your face before her. Hold the baby sometimes and let her eat
maria singz
maria singz - 2 months ago
oh no
clare with that smacking gotta go
Tribal Blessing #6
Tribal Blessing #6 - 2 months ago
O did not see that baby under the cover baby but that baby is so cute
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