Top 10 Things We NEED to See in The Princess Diaries 3

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dailytennisworld - 3 months ago
a queen is never late, everyone else is simply early - old but gold.
Jennifer Henderson
Jennifer Henderson - 2 months ago
dailytennisworld I still say this quote to this day, all the time XD
Oreo Dog
Oreo Dog - 2 months ago
Yes!!! That needs to be a thing too!
Vishnu Manimaran
Vishnu Manimaran - 2 months ago
Agreed 🙌
Rebecca Michael
Rebecca Michael - 3 months ago
I said that once at my birthday party when I was late, but I said the birthday girl is never late.
Palace of Brilliance
Palace of Brilliance - 3 months ago
dailytennisworld true for the 3rd movie
Freshy_7 A
Freshy_7 A - 4 days ago
Yes! But a very cute moose !
percy - 10 days ago
AgFish86Zip90 - 16 days ago
When the three-quel comes to fruition, who will be the director since Gary Marshall has passed away?
Jolene Jolly
Jolene Jolly - 19 days ago
It would be great if Mia comes up with like a mission impossible plan that involved both Lilly and Nicholas, I would die XD
Mari Mugarura
Mari Mugarura - 23 days ago
I like name so much
Violet Wynters
Violet Wynters - 24 days ago
I know they abolished the marriage rule at the end of PD2, but Nicholas and Mia still got married, didn’t they?
Violet Wynters
Violet Wynters - 24 days ago
Also, who thinks they’re unsuited for each other?? They have such great chemistry!
Angela Contreras-Murillo
Forget Lily. She was a twat.
Rebekah Robinson
Rebekah Robinson - Month ago
Mia and Nicholas forever!!!! (message from my mom)
Penelope O'Brien
Penelope O'Brien - Month ago
Just excited that there's is 3rd
Deanna Gallie
Deanna Gallie - Month ago
I really hope Chris Pine
Sumer Chamblee
Sumer Chamblee - Month ago
I would love to see Mia and Michael back together I loved them together.
i ate your cookie
i ate your cookie - Month ago
I have read the books, and I definitely want Michael and Mia together like in the books.
SA,N,H - Month ago
Having read the books as a kid I would rather have Michael come back and be with Mia.
Ron Doguiles
Ron Doguiles - Month ago
is that Valak ?
Syisha Johnson
Syisha Johnson - Month ago
Why isn't anyone shipping Andrew and they were perfect with each other..even though they didn't had a spark at the first time...they should give it some time.
Nhesha shie
Nhesha shie - 2 months ago
I want Michael back! Sorry but I like him more than nicholas!
Nhesha shie
Nhesha shie - 2 months ago
I want Michael back! Sorry but I like him more than nicholas!
Hannah Poteet
Hannah Poteet - 2 months ago
I want Prince Char back in princess Diaries So princess Mia can marry him
Hannah Poteet
Hannah Poteet - 2 months ago
I need Clarisse Renaldi and joe and Lana as mandy moore and Raven Symone
Anna Jones
Anna Jones - 2 months ago
Clarisse and joe 😍💓
Allison - 2 months ago
when is it come out
Stephanie - 2 months ago
The Disney Marvel merger was fortold the PD2!
Sophia Greeb
Sophia Greeb - 2 months ago
What about Michael??
Naomi McIlvaine
Naomi McIlvaine - 2 months ago
Maybe by now Mia realized that Andrew loved her and she went back to him
starbutterfly15 - 2 months ago
8:46...That's Stan Lee!
Music Is My Aesthetic
Music Is My Aesthetic - 2 months ago
“We don’t want to do it unless it’s perfect.... it’s as important to us as it is to you”
Little fact: The Princess Diaries was Ann Hathaway’s first movie. These will always hold a special place in her heart so just know that if/when we get it, it’ll be perfect
Madeleine Sullivan
Madeleine Sullivan - 2 months ago
Julie Andrews.... queen queen QUEEN
Shae Birt
Shae Birt - 2 months ago
They cant have stan lee in it. RIP
Ravenclaw Forever
Ravenclaw Forever - 2 months ago
Am I the only one who ships her with Michael
4CullensandaBlack - 2 months ago
Um, what about Michael??!!! Hello!
emily cheetham
emily cheetham - 2 months ago
Somehow I don’t think all of these things will be included.
GamingAstro - 2 months ago
Is genovia a real place it's not in Google map
RLMBP30 GMAIL32 - 2 months ago
GamingAstro its not it is a fictional country that lies between Spain And France :its name inspired from a city in Italy called "Genoa"❤️
Star Child
Star Child - 2 months ago
R.I.P. Stan Lee
Star Child
Star Child - 2 months ago
We love you Chris Pine
Star Child
Star Child - 2 months ago
Sorry guys, but Julie Andrews can't sing anymore
Isha Purohit
Isha Purohit - 2 months ago
I need Mia And Michael backkkk
adithi. s.reddy
adithi. s.reddy - 2 months ago
I think Mia was perfect as herself even before the u r beautiful as the real u
Not saying she wasn't really beautiful after the makeover just to be clear
Booklover - 2 months ago
Would love to see at least a mention of what Jeremiah is up to as I really doubt that Patrick Flueger would have time for a 3rd Princess Diaries. And I would love to see the return of the couple who also ate a big scoop of the palate cleanser to save Mia from being too embarrassed.
Sally Smith
Sally Smith - 2 months ago
The new movie should be MIA and the prince have a son and daughter, and are forced to take care of a child cause his parents can’t, and the child is a rascal but they love and keep him at the wnd. The end
Abbytheunicorn12 - 2 months ago
CorazonTejano - 2 months ago
stan lee is gone :(
Mia Vlahos
Mia Vlahos - 2 months ago
I thought it was over
Ahron Daniel Icaro
Ahron Daniel Icaro - 2 months ago
The Princess Diaries 3: The Wedding of The Royals
The Princess Diaries 3: The New Genovian Heir
ria fojas
ria fojas - 2 months ago
I hope Chris Pine is her husband. ☹️ Please...
Less than $10
Less than $10 - 2 months ago
Whatever it will be, i will watch this one
AngelQueen - 2 months ago
I prefer Micheal though!
Gracia HQ
Gracia HQ - 2 months ago
Seeing this brings back so many good childhood memories
Christine Le
Christine Le - 2 months ago
So excited when I heard Anne's announcement! I remember growing up and watching the movies. But I can't help but wonder who they're going to ask to direct the 3rd movie now that Garry Marshall's gone. :( I hope they do something towards the end to honor him though and that they don't try too hard to recreate certain things that they miss out on the charm, humor, and authenticity of the first 2 movies that made the movies so meaningful and memorable to begin with. But I have faith in Anne and Julie's commitment to the series and I'm looking forward to what they have planned for the 3rd installment! :D
val montero
val montero - 2 months ago
Nah I went then together😂😂❤️
bobbie9093 - 2 months ago
I wanna see Michael Moscovitz!!!
Books and Coffee
Books and Coffee - 2 months ago
A third film isn't green lit or guaranteed. So until it is, don't get to excited
Britny Harmon
Britny Harmon - 2 months ago
Mia and Nicholas SHOULD be married
Small Umbrella In The Rain
Could we get a movie that centers around the love story of Clarisse and Joe. They are the best thing in Princess diaries
Gail Kinyua
Gail Kinyua - 2 months ago
Nicholas needs to have married Mia.
I can appreciate the books and movies as separate universes, but I still want Michael somewhere.
60sto80s2 - 2 months ago
PD 2 was a crappy film the first one wasn't a masterpiece but definitely a good fish out water story
E MMM Z - 2 months ago
When Lili's brother is forgotten. Diaries 1 is still gold.
Janeth Muldez
Janeth Muldez - 2 months ago
It's sad that the 2nd movie didn't stick to the books :( Mia and Michael are canon! And please, we want Michael back!! Also, we need a cameo of Meg Cabot!!! AAA pleaseeee
Teresa Moreno
Teresa Moreno - 2 months ago
Man I hope Chris Pine comes back. He and Anne Hathaway had a lot more chemistry in my opinion.
Melissa Holcombe
Melissa Holcombe - 2 months ago
My favorite movies of Anne Hathaway ❤
MysteryGirl DAK
MysteryGirl DAK - 2 months ago
I can’t wait to see this ❤️❤️🙏🏽😭😭🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😩
Elena Barrett
Elena Barrett - 2 months ago
i think mia and nicolas will have a wedind and a daughter
Andrew A
Andrew A - 2 months ago
You said Mandy Moore wasn't in the second film, but she didn't she have a cameo at the very beginning. During the graduation, she is chanting and hugging Mia...
Juliet Moore
Juliet Moore - 2 months ago
The ONLY two things I want from the third princess diaries is
1. Robert Schwartzman coming back to marry Mia
2. Racial diversity
Sumin Maryum-Mia
Sumin Maryum-Mia - 2 months ago
Mia and Nicholas will be married or you can keep it
Joy Rebresh
Joy Rebresh - 2 months ago
Hopefully they won’t jump so ahead in time
Livingston Hampton
Livingston Hampton - 2 months ago
No Ms Mojo... I don't need to see anything in The Princess Diaries 3 because I don't need to see a Princess Diaries 3. Thank you very much.
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega - 2 months ago
Bonnie Aarons looks like 40s in the movie but i just found out shes actually was still in 20s
Sugundia 09
Sugundia 09 - 2 months ago
Mandy Moore's first appearance on the big screen was in a walk to remember. Unfortunately in not surprised as your "facts" tend to frequently be wrong 🤷🏾‍♀️
Eileen Wefler
Eileen Wefler - 2 months ago
Sugundia 09 actually, A Walk to Remember was in 2002 and Princess Diaries was in 2001. Mandy Moore even posted about it. She was in Dr. Doolittle 2 for a small voice role in 2001, the same year as Princess Diaries.
Lt. Basil
Lt. Basil - 2 months ago
They can't bring Nicholas back and NOT have him end up with Mia. They just can't. Friend-zoning Michael was fine since his actor didn't want to come back (or at least that's what I heard - I mean I might be wrong but I thought that's what happened), but doing it to Nicholas when Chris Pine DOES want to come back? No. Besides, Nicholas and Mia would probably be one of those really fun married couples who are constantly bickering and snarking back and forth while still being very much in love and it'd be HILARIOUS to watch. They just can't pass that up.
Candykid Rocks
Candykid Rocks - 2 months ago
I think that I want to see Michael (not sure spelt right) come back.
Leeann Boone
Leeann Boone - 2 months ago
I wasn't a fan of the first movie but I love the second one. The "Loathe you! I loathe you more! I loathed you first!" Scene always cracks me up! Mom always busted out laughing at the maids "I been working at the palace" sequel while distracting the queen so Mia could sneakout 😆
bradonpatrickcain - 2 months ago
idk why this is but i feel like i want to see the prime minister and the secretary together like if u agree
Kya & Amy
Kya & Amy - 2 months ago
Awww Stan lee :(( RIP
Katherine Hamar
Katherine Hamar - 2 months ago
This is a good list
Gab Arcenas
Gab Arcenas - 2 months ago
This comment section is pure love. I don't want to leave.
MaryJane1913 - 2 months ago
I'm more of the book lover and I actually would love to see Micheal come back - maybe Mia hasn't gotten married and Michael comes back to her life because thats who she ended up in the book and I would like to see that happen
Mylodee Pugeda
Mylodee Pugeda - 2 months ago
I read all the books.... and Michael and Mia ended up together.. hope it will happen in movies too
Ashley Britt
Ashley Britt - 2 months ago
I could see Mia & Nick marry. 💖
Alex Glina
Alex Glina - 2 months ago
Idk about you guys but I need to see Michael soo much! He was my fav in the book! ❤️
ELLA Mashiah
ELLA Mashiah - 2 months ago
I was LIVING for Mandy Moore as a mean girl
Ara Belle
Ara Belle - 2 months ago
I want to see Michael again!!!! I 😥😫😪
nilu997 - 2 months ago
Omg.....Princess diaries 3....I'm so excited 😍😍😍
Lala Muñoz
Lala Muñoz - 2 months ago
Ive got 3 more on the list:
#11 Sandra Oh
#12 Sandra Oh
#13 Sandra F*** Oh!!!!!
Elise Victoria
Elise Victoria - 2 months ago
Ms. Mojo, this was actually the second movie. No offense. My bad. Didn’t see the title correctly. 😂
sksksk sksksk
sksksk sksksk - 2 months ago
Waitt are they actually making another one??
Katz World
Katz World - 2 months ago
Lana should be the sister in law you broke my glasses you broke my brush
Jacqueline Almazan
Jacqueline Almazan - 2 months ago
I can't believe they didn't mention Michael! 😭 They need a Michael and Nicholas love triangle!
ipeytonyo - 2 months ago
WHAT ABOUT MICHAEL!?!?!?!? hello he is the best dude for Mia HANDS DOWN1!!!!
Anna Legan
Anna Legan - 2 months ago
I wish Julie Andrews could make a cameo in the new movie!! It won't be the same without her!
Yacht Boy
Yacht Boy - 2 months ago
Joe is awfully busy running Outdoor Man with Mike Baxter. (Tim Allen)
FaithGirl Three Stars
FaithGirl Three Stars - 2 months ago
There’s gunna be a third? HOW!? Our most beloved director passed away few years ago, continuing what he started and having it be just as good or better is going to be VERY DIFFICULT
M C - 2 months ago
Maya - 2 months ago
These movies WERE my childhood😭😭
Lana Leigh
Lana Leigh - 2 months ago
Ok but Michael really should be on this list. They should be together. End of story.
Bry Bry
Bry Bry - 2 months ago
As long as Queen Mia rules with King Nicolas at her side, I’m down for anything
Lt. Basil
Lt. Basil - 2 months ago
Making him a king would kinda negate his entire character arc in the second film. Maybe Prince Consort Nicholas? That way he's still with Mia and still has some political power, but he still stands by his "I refuse to be king" line from the end of Royal Engagement and still lets Mia be in charge of the kingdom.
Lisa Gray
Lisa Gray - 2 months ago
Nicholas and Mia are TOO meant to be togeather.
Isabella Amorim
Isabella Amorim - 2 months ago
I loveeeee mia and nicholas 💕
Louise Dolor
Louise Dolor - 2 months ago
I really hope they do a part 3 of the Princess Diaries series! I just love the chemistry of Chris Pine and Anne Hathaway 👸❤️🤴
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