Minecraft but it could trigger you

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Spifey - 4 months ago
Let me know if I missed anything AGAIN and I might make a part 509990
RB Fights
RB Fights - 2 days ago
Make a part 69
Deltalab - 21 day ago
CrypticZack - 28 days ago
Spifey turn fire spread off and build a scaffold directly above someones house and place lava above it and make sure it doesn't flow off. Once they break the scaffold the lava will fall directly into their house and burn it meaning that they will have to leave
Saminah Gani
Saminah Gani - Month ago
LAPIZ GAMEZ - Month ago
Best video on the internet 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - Day ago
I felt bad cause i just heard "wait wait stop"
Yellow bananago
Yellow bananago - 2 days ago
What about having a new pickaxe but have one that's about to break and use the new one until it breaks
Draco Distortion
Draco Distortion - 2 days ago
Phaermynge Matthirialls
The Game Gang
The Game Gang - 2 days ago
Madness999 - 3 days ago
Scrubs use torches to light their caves,
I use enchantment tables
Anid Bexheti
Anid Bexheti - 4 days ago
It could trigger me? Bruh...do you know how many brain cell operations i had to do?
The 303's
The 303's - 4 days ago
I hate u...
Chloe Lee
Chloe Lee - 4 days ago
the fact that you used an Ivan B song 😍
Sharkey Monkey
Sharkey Monkey - 4 days ago
"It's ya boi Chips Ahoy"
-Braincell, 2019
Thegamingaccount - 4 days ago
*does prank by putting lava on house* they but water in scaffolding instead of water and sand
Neon - 5 days ago
the new tic tack flavour: AMTACKS!???
Wøłfłess BTS
Wøłfłess BTS - 5 days ago
People when they read: .....

Blind people when they read: once apon a time ....
the diamond shield
the diamond shield - 5 days ago
Should I finally sleep? Or should I watch this useless 20 minute vid and waste my life? I think I'll watch it!
Jake - 6 days ago
Use a bucket of lava to jump down from a high altitude
Rebecca Shamo
Rebecca Shamo - 8 days ago
I love pugs they are so adorable srsly 🍌🧬🍌🧬🍌🧬🍌🧬🍌🧬🍌🧬🍌🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐🥐
•sleepy• •Star•
;-; my brain cells ran away
The Awesome Pie126
The Awesome Pie126 - 8 days ago
I lost a minute of my fucking life, I wish I could do something with that, and still like 30 more seconds
CaptainCommandoYT - 9 days ago
this video didin't make me triggered but it definetly made me ask myself what is life and why are we living
Cristal fan
Cristal fan - 9 days ago
MY IQ IS -1900000
Pls like I lonely ;/
Carlo - 10 days ago
I hate you why would you trigger them!
r8them 8
r8them 8 - 10 days ago
Let me give you some *satisfying* Minecraft moments so you can regain some brain cells.
-Having enough blocks for a certain building project.
-XP Level Up Sounds
-Killing a Creeper right before it explodes.
-Landing a far arrow shot on a mob.
-Getting the enchantment you wanted first try.
-Getting an exact stack of something.
-A redstone contraption works on its first attempt.
-Finding naturally generated structures without intending to find one.
-Finding diamonds without strip mining.
-Drinking a milk bucket before dying of poison or another infliction.
-Spawning next to a rare generated structure.
DonutDonya - 11 days ago
him: what is this word?
spifey: farming materials
him: it sais fareming ametals
spifey: can you even read *rewrites*
him: .............. AME TAKS?
earth making
earth making - 11 days ago
spivey u look worse and worse
The Cheeki Channel CC
The Cheeki Channel CC - 11 days ago
Shouldve used A diamond hoe tbh
victor brown
victor brown - 11 days ago
Can someone rewrite his list for me so I can trigger my friends
juju pepers
juju pepers - 11 days ago
It aint even triggering me its just funny.
Rachel Moss
Rachel Moss - 12 days ago
How’s your day?

Ends vid
Princess • WHY DONT WE
Princess • WHY DONT WE - 12 days ago
Fckkk I can’t breathe 😭😭😂
DESTINY_ Skywing
DESTINY_ Skywing - 12 days ago
He should have picked up justverb’s axe and mined the dirt roof
Castrix99 - 12 days ago
I'm so triggered >:(
BrxkenRoseii - 13 days ago
The thing that triggers me the most are these knock off Minecraft ads
Jovanna Rosales
Jovanna Rosales - 13 days ago
Its triggering but funny🤣
Pastelle Kylie
Pastelle Kylie - 14 days ago
_It_ _already_ _does_
Qui-Bong Gin
Qui-Bong Gin - 14 days ago
I hate sand it's rough, gritty and it falls into the void everywhere
Minetell legend
Minetell legend - 15 days ago
Pls sub to me I'll sub to you as well
Just reply me after you subscribed.
Soulice eciluoS
Soulice eciluoS - 15 days ago
Everything on this youtube channel is *normal*
Lachlan Hamel
Lachlan Hamel - 15 days ago
Use a hoe to mine obsidian ythen before it breaks say need to scratch nose
Atom - 15 days ago
Please let this be a normal video.
Rõŵäń Berry
Rõŵäń Berry - 16 days ago
Random face: when I was 7 I was playing Minecraft in survival and then my cousin told me that if you give spiders a high five and then dig a W by 2 hole and jump into it the spider would give you diamonds.
And now I’m at my cousins funeral 🤗
Anastasia Wadleigh
Anastasia Wadleigh - 17 days ago
Bro what is that vid at 1:13, I need to find it
Something by Myself
Something by Myself - 18 days ago
This are how many brain cells I lost during this video
Pink Lasagna
Pink Lasagna - 20 days ago
This video: *exists*
Me: How can this trigger me?!
*20 mins later...*
Mom: What do you want for dinne-
Me: *DON'T talk to me*
*watches this video again*
Phil Swift
Phil Swift - 21 day ago
Spend tons of time making a farm then walk on the crops and put lava in the middle.
yh DeGhost
yh DeGhost - 22 days ago
Everybody gangsta untill TapL went sicko mode
Ethan Tang
Ethan Tang - 22 days ago
Vurb was not having any of this video lol
Asianroosters More
Asianroosters More - 22 days ago
Had to take a break from watching cus it was late and I started busting out laughing and woke everyone up. Oop....
GAVMOBILE - 22 days ago
“It’s hard to open the chest” “ Just right click it”😂😂😂😂I’m dead
Green Leaf Productions
Green Leaf Productions - 22 days ago
Bro TapL has no chill lol
KhayPlayz - 23 days ago
If played with TapL on hypixel before
KhayPlayz - 23 days ago
He wrecked me... He probably won’t remember me but my username was good game tech
Musa Teksoy
Musa Teksoy - 23 days ago
ImBananaMonkey - 23 days ago
I died when the guy asked for flint and steel and he put it in the lava.
Izabela Krawczyk
Izabela Krawczyk - 23 days ago
Bob on Fire
Bob on Fire - 24 days ago
Only use your tools as furnace fuel
Bob on Fire
Bob on Fire - 24 days ago
Break the leaves before you break the wood then break only the top wood.
Mariaaa - 24 days ago
Misspell the names of your tools e.g silcy, fortun,
Hifsa Iqbal
Hifsa Iqbal - 24 days ago
Sullay Sinnah
Sullay Sinnah - 24 days ago
What a coincidence. I got an ad to help people gain brain cells.
Devan Devan
Devan Devan - 26 days ago
Who are you trying to fool at this point?
Alloy K
Alloy K - Month ago
Many people are mentally harmed during the making of this video
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