Minecraft but it could trigger you

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Spifey - Month ago
Let me know if I missed anything AGAIN and I might make a part 509990
rope - 6 days ago
"This man has a university degree, but can't even spell farm"
Fateful - 9 days ago
Nah dude 509991
Luigi - 10 days ago
It needs a cursed texture pack
Melissa Vandervalk
Melissa Vandervalk - 10 days ago
Mining diamonds with stone shovel
Amazing Gage
Amazing Gage - 13 days ago
Destroy a house with tnt. How to do, go mining under the house and set off a lot of tnt (same with diamonds)
Notinamillionyears - 7 minutes ago
Mishari Bouzubar
Mishari Bouzubar - 12 hours ago
*bro just put it in the hole*
*idk why its so hard*
Mundane - Day ago
FVEGUNI 1 - Day ago
I can tell rky wants I die
Mia zuki
Mia zuki - Day ago
I feel like building a 2x2 house litteraly on your crops was to obvious
Antonio Ortega
Antonio Ortega - Day ago
At 6:59 you cold see saskue
Sebastian Vang
Sebastian Vang - Day ago
Simona Cappello
Simona Cappello - 2 days ago
Me before se how e place the door: yes is trigger but is not that bad...after i see the door:TRIGGERED LEVEL 1000
Jeb_ The Watersheep
Jeb_ The Watersheep - 2 days ago
Katniss777 - 3 days ago
"aMETAKS???!!?" 9:15 bro i cant
Katniss777 - 3 days ago
the beautiful comedy of the non-existend reactions on the minecraft faces while cursing him out over discord😂😂
brotato potato
brotato potato - 3 days ago
You fricken frick fricken dude really frock FRICCCCKKKKKK
XxMeower2008xX d:
XxMeower2008xX d: - 3 days ago
Adrian Cornac
Adrian Cornac - 3 days ago
Aimlessly place blocks.
Make the house floor out of random blocks you have.
Michael Jackson HeHeHEHEEE
Björn Leifss
Björn Leifss - 3 days ago
This is worse than medival torture
Hasprogaming 1
Hasprogaming 1 - 3 days ago
1:13 I see ur a man of culture dark souls 3
The Hydra
The Hydra - 3 days ago
i was waiting for you to go into nether & hit a zomie pigmen
That Guy Cameron
That Guy Cameron - 3 days ago
Make a trapped chest instead of a chest
PaxAssa - 3 days ago
Jumpy_Skitty - 4 days ago
koenpostma11 - 4 days ago
This man has a university degree and can't even spell farm. Im dying
Gemini - 4 days ago
HayWire ONE
HayWire ONE - 5 days ago
HERjuno - 5 days ago
You sound like pyrocynical
GachaLove Amy
GachaLove Amy - 5 days ago
"sO mUcH sAnD"
Mr. Crab
Mr. Crab - 5 days ago
Delete this

Włodzimierz Włosimięta
You cant play Minecraft.
what Bro
what Bro - 6 days ago
*A normal survival let's play* mhmm..
zam zami
zam zami - 6 days ago
Your serious voice make tis vid looks more legit😂
ThePro DragonGamer
ThePro DragonGamer - 6 days ago
Chezburger - 6 days ago
WoofiX _
WoofiX _ - 6 days ago
This is brilliant
Pedro Araiza
Pedro Araiza - 6 days ago
Watching this just triggers me😂😂
Goku Black Mastered Utra instinct
One like= 1 braincell.
Sebastiaan Ruesink
Sebastiaan Ruesink - 6 days ago
LexanSini - 7 days ago
Give each item it's own space, like every individual one so instead of having 64 wood in one slot, put a single wood in ever spot cause, boy oh boy, it hurts

And then complain you have no more space and dump important things in lava ig lols
Liane Pega
Liane Pega - 7 days ago
i want to fucking kill you
CLOUD 9! - 7 days ago
I am seriously stressed right now. Quality content.
Dewey - 7 days ago
ItzMax sounds like Hosuh from Dan Plan I haven't looked into it so if it IS HIM don't bully me
Sir William Touchabs
Sir William Touchabs - 7 days ago
Just a random comment:
You sound like Jamie Zhu (The guy who always pranks his dad)
l a s a g n a
l a s a g n a - 7 days ago
*_F A E R M R E O S U R C E_*
Bananax Limelight
Bananax Limelight - 7 days ago
Notch would love to see this
Frosty the Snow Lad
Frosty the Snow Lad - 7 days ago
You sound like Wilbur from soothouse
Shi Tzu Que
Shi Tzu Que - 7 days ago
Sooooooooooooooo triggerd
Goat Studios
Goat Studios - 7 days ago
When you go mining knowing your inventory is full
Proceeding to "pick up" all your ores
Reet Yeet Skeet And Repeat
1:15 anyone have the original vid?
StormBlaze Eye Of The Storm
Yeah i got a little triggered just a bit
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