Do All Teens Think the Same?

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Egg - Hour ago
3:48 legit thought she was a boy
Alexantron - 2 hours ago
Bro you don't need to quit social media completely and no social media won't put the demon in you, you just have to be mature and know how much time you have to spend on social media
Illiana Ayala
Illiana Ayala - 2 hours ago
Omg!!!! Taylore!!! That’s my best friend!!!!
April Jeannette
April Jeannette - 3 hours ago
Alba is so ugly. She thinks she all that. She's not even smart ....ugly self.👊 she isn't even pretty. Is she even a girl or a boy?
Hey It's Me
Hey It's Me - 4 hours ago
Is British kids don't have guns
Audrey S
Audrey S - 5 hours ago
They're so wise and here I am, 14 years and here I go going..
michelle tatum
michelle tatum - 5 hours ago
People say that generation Z is the worst but I strongly disagree. The older generations just cant handle the fact that change is going to come. They cant handle how we're actually speaking up for ourselves and trying to make the world a better place. They cant handle how we have a voice. Just because they lived in a society where everyone conformed to similar things doesn't mean that we have to. That's not how we want to live. So I don't think that my generation is the "worst" one at all. And even if it was, people should look at who raised us.
Jimin is hearteu
Jimin is hearteu - 6 hours ago
Well... I'm an Army so... Yeah
iiShowOut _
iiShowOut _ - 8 hours ago
Taylore is the absolute best 👑💛
Kill Me
Kill Me - 11 hours ago
I'm seeing these teens and I think, damn I need to do something with my life even though I know damn well I'm not going to. I'm going to hell for sin of sloth
Kill Me
Kill Me - 11 hours ago
"My screen time is 6 hours"
Me: oh God so this isn't normal.
Who spilled My beans
Who spilled My beans - 14 hours ago
u cant just switch schools or drop out of school if ur unhappy, I ask my consuler both of those options he was like NAH
mrg zlkm
mrg zlkm - 11 hours ago
U can if ur 18
ELIAS - 14 hours ago
Alba looks like a men
lauryn grace
lauryn grace - 14 hours ago
anybody notice that there’s someone named “mateo” and someone named “alba” ....jane the virgin irl?? 😂
Divya Cerise
Divya Cerise - 14 hours ago
preach the stress part
Efrain Gonzalez
Efrain Gonzalez - 18 hours ago
Put a Chicago kid in
Efrain Gonzalez
Efrain Gonzalez - 18 hours ago
Wtf is up with alba her ass 14😂😂
Paloma Aguilar
Paloma Aguilar - 18 hours ago
You should do a Do all Mexicans/Hispanics think the same
Macaela Walker
Macaela Walker - 18 hours ago
These kids are so intelligent
Cynthia Ninahaza
Cynthia Ninahaza - 19 hours ago
Flamingosundew - 19 hours ago
Yes we are a hive mind
KingOfSlam - 20 hours ago
If he likes the stress is it stress?
7.9mil views
7.9mil views - 21 hour ago
The true question is.
*is alba a female or male*
markkuz ofanoa
markkuz ofanoa - 21 hour ago
do rich people think the same
Em Is For Music
Em Is For Music - 22 hours ago
1: Stronger Disagree
I am on my phone about 2 hours a day on average and most of the time it is not social media
2: Strongly agree
I am very confident in my looks. I like not feeling like I need to put on makeup. I love doing my hair
3: Somewhat Agree
I feel that sometimes I get anxiety about the future, but I also very exited about it. So, it is stressful to a point and it can feel a little much but not to bad.
4: Disagree
Of course i worry about it, who doesn’t. My school has a very strict security ruetine so it is not that scary because i know i am safe
5: Somewhat agree
I care and I like to know but I also get anxiety about this type of stuff because the world is scary. I like to know about the positive, motivating things. I know that the world is messed up and I know I should be prepared, but it is getting to a point where negativity is being rubbed in our face. This tactic will make us hide, not help. So positivity is the way to go.
6: Agree
People usually dont believe adults. If an adult came up to you and was like “quit smoking it is bad” it probably wouldn’t mean anything, but children have a bigger impact on other children than adults do.
popme - 22 hours ago
Alba is cute af tho
Emily R
Emily R - 23 hours ago
When it comes to the question about being too stressed, it also doesn’t help that adults are constantly blowing off your problems and finding a way to rationalize/minimize them.
Just because, for you as an adult, a teens’ struggles are simple, does not mean anything to them. For them, those struggles are their entire life as they are going through them. And just that in itself makes the stress even more so.
ZachJ367 - Day ago
The blonde girl in the back was fiiiit.
Isaac Diaz
Isaac Diaz - Day ago
Do all Hispanics think the same?
Qtino - Day ago
Bro who let the most stylish one say they don’t like the way they look
allen iverson
allen iverson - Day ago
Same Alba same ...
allen iverson
allen iverson - Day ago
Who else reads the comments first and thought Alba would be the black girl
Unliveliness - Day ago
I definitely thought they misinterpreted the influential question. Influence can be looked at as positive *OR* negative. It may have been that only 2 people answered, but they took the hard way out to answer it.
pneumoniaultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis lol
*School is hell*

*strongly agree*
Juulia Saarinen
Juulia Saarinen - Day ago
They look old. Why do you americans look so old?
Peeping Xanarchy
Peeping Xanarchy - Day ago
This short hair girl needs to stfu 🤦🏼‍♂️😂😂😂
Hippity - Day ago
6 hours screen time?

Tine Vn
Tine Vn - Day ago
I want more of Alba! She is a rolemodel for orher 14 y/o's
mrg zlkm
mrg zlkm - 11 hours ago
No shes not
What?! Why?!
What?! Why?! - Day ago
Make a video about sexism with different genders, ages, sexuality and very different backgrounds (rich, pour, wars, self harm you know the kinda stuff I mean). It would be very interesting to what the outcome will be :)
NBA hairtie
NBA hairtie - Day ago
Yo Alba a real one damn I would be friends with her if I went to school with her I'm 14 to
Matthew Paulozza
Matthew Paulozza - Day ago
My school had a walkout too guess what happened

Absolutely nothing everybody that walked got marked as a skip and that’s it
Isaac Muñoz
Isaac Muñoz - Day ago
MadLad 555
MadLad 555 - Day ago
Who else would want to be on this kind of show to give people a piece of their mind?
Sophia Borderon
Sophia Borderon - Day ago
Taylore and Alba are queens 👑
Sowon Kim
Sowon Kim - Day ago
Alba is 14-- I wish my maturity will be at hers someday :")
diecioxo - Day ago
If u told me Alba was in her early 20s I'd believe it
Beast S
Beast S - Day ago
All this shows is that teens lie
Lhenns - Day ago
Am I the only teen who want to do something to make their future lives better but dont know where to start
Osef Vosef
Osef Vosef - Day ago
I look up articles
That Watermelon
That Watermelon - Day ago
They’re all so handsome and beautiful. Hot damn I’m 14 and I look like a potato in adidas pants
DMC - Day ago
[Sirious one] do all the holocaust deniers think the same
Lauren Hunter
Lauren Hunter - Day ago
Do YouTubes thinks the same?!!!!! Please
Madison Hagen
Madison Hagen - Day ago
Do all kids think the same?
Neutral Person
Neutral Person - Day ago
"I fet too much stress to my age" broo I felt that
-sims- - Day ago
“I literally don’t know how to live in the now”
girl really called me out with that, like damn
DeadKiller - Day ago
Alba low key lookin like Demi Lovato
Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit - Day ago
The internet and phones do spread information faster, but as Alba said, a majority of people don't use that to look up current events going on in the world. They use it to see what their friends are doing or if their photo got enough likes. On Instagram and other platforms, some pages share stuff so you can see what else is happening worldwide while seeing what your friends are doing. I follow 60 second docs, which bring a little bit of happiness into my day while learning about what other people are doing worldwide (ex. a transgender men soccer team, a woman butcher, a woman that helps out transracial families with black hair). It's people making a difference in big or small ways and it's great to see.
it's kubbz
it's kubbz - Day ago
6:33 thats what she ment by living in a bubble, people only look at head lines and are easily manipulated
BellumXyz - Day ago
Previous Jubilee videos: Everyone hugs eachother at the end
Teenager Jubilee video: *_High five_*
They get all city kids. Where are the kids that know how to drive a tractor at
CLINTON KAUTH - 7 hours ago
@mrg zlkm country kids do things different
mrg zlkm
mrg zlkm - 11 hours ago
Why would they care about city stuff
Taakook - Day ago
I have social anxiety and I’m only twelve so it’s really hard for me to not stress
mrg zlkm
mrg zlkm - 11 hours ago
Sure u do
Alan Brito
Alan Brito - Day ago
Im marrying caitlin rn
Hannah Lee
Hannah Lee - Day ago
I need to do this with some other teens so they know me better
YouTube Ivan
YouTube Ivan - Day ago
TRUMP 2020
mrg zlkm
mrg zlkm - 11 hours ago
RIP trump 2020
Nonkululeko Mthethwa
Nonkululeko Mthethwa - 2 days ago
Alba is mature for her age
Fangirl Heather
Fangirl Heather - 2 days ago
Damn and the teens in my school are absolute idiots and cant take anything seriously
Dawsty - 2 days ago
“ my screen time is 6 hours “

Me: I am on my phone literally for all but 30 minutes a day
Tatianna Brown
Tatianna Brown - 2 days ago
I literally stan alba
Hays Wilson
Hays Wilson - 2 days ago
Of course they let the LGBT person speak the most
Musical Majesty
Musical Majesty - 2 days ago
As a person who was in a school shooting before, I respect all of these student’s courage! I became homeschooled afer the whole ordeal, and teens seem to understand how danerous school shootings can be over many adults and teachers.
M&M - 2 days ago
Alba is SUCH a cute child i’m—
Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia - 2 days ago
What’s the white girls @?
Julia Julia
Julia Julia - 2 days ago
Great teens
n0rmal - 2 days ago
This video was so boring, the answers were short and almost scripted, I could give so much better different answers
Leah Sifris
Leah Sifris - 2 days ago
The guy in the grey top is so handsome and mature
LennyGmatique 05
LennyGmatique 05 - 2 days ago
3:00 this girl is completely right
Ellane Tatum
Ellane Tatum - 2 days ago
do all insecure people think the same?
do all depressed people think the same?
do all broken families think the same?
do all people who got cheated on think the same?
Ellane Tatum
Ellane Tatum - 11 hours ago
@mrg zlkm lol what?
mrg zlkm
mrg zlkm - 11 hours ago
U ain't cool cuz u think u have depression
Liel ben atar
Liel ben atar - 2 days ago
alba has a brilliant mind and a gorgeous look she should love her appearance cause she is drop dead gorgeous
Devyn Ermold
Devyn Ermold - 2 days ago
All of them moving to the I agree side means that there feeling a normal amount of stress for there age they just think it’s more stress than should be put on them
Eva Bagrova
Eva Bagrova - 2 days ago
In America 18 year old ppl are soooooo immature. Here at my place 18 is considered to be completely adult
boi - 2 days ago
I am 24, and when the girl says she is worried about how her life will look like when she is 25.... me too sister. Me too.
StarTrick - 2 days ago
I’ve had 17 hours on YouTube in Total in the last 7 days oops 🙊
And 20 in social media all together

If you want to check your screen time and what you use the most and set limits for yourself just go into settings on your phone and go to “screen time”
Sam Moncayo
Sam Moncayo - 2 days ago
I’m actually surprised that some didn’t say that school shooting make them scared to go to school , maybe bc it wasn’t down there street , but I for sure terrified whenever the speaker or the phone goes off
joe ward
joe ward - 2 days ago
teens today seem to be really good at talking about things. Its great that they admit things that some probably want to hide. i like their opinions so in depth and easy to understand. there are some great teenagers out there today.
Cass - 2 days ago
I was not this woke when I was 14
jacob amaral
jacob amaral - 2 days ago
wish they didn't use beta males and had a guy in there named Chad
Braatwurst - 2 days ago
That Callaghan guy was chill I wanna be friends with that dude
Angel Bravo
Angel Bravo - 2 days ago
You should do that do kids think the same
Aisha Rose
Aisha Rose - 2 days ago
The thing with Gen Z is that our generation is pretty great but people, specifically the media, nitpicks at a few individuals and represents the generation in a negative way.
Logan Viral
Logan Viral - 2 days ago
Violet 101
Violet 101 - 2 days ago
Everybody's getting lots of likes ....maybe I can do the same!😏😏 * Wink * * wink*
Thug Yt
Thug Yt - 2 days ago
1:47 she said her screen time was 6 ha!!! mine is 9
Ellie Fisher
Ellie Fisher - 2 days ago
More teens are definitely represented by Alba in the strongly disagree category. People sometimes don’t realize how hard it is for teens to be happy with their appearances. Even with validation, it can be hard to actually believe it when someone calls you pretty. Happy for those who are confident with themselves, however! That’s amazing :)
moodyrain - 2 days ago
Do all Social Media Influencers think the same?
Do all Rich people think the same?
Do all Poor people think the same?
Do all Teachers think the same?
Zoey Valle
Zoey Valle - 2 days ago
U should do "do all teen dads think the same"
Vs._. Tutorial Help
Vs._. Tutorial Help - 2 days ago
Her screen time is 6hours mine is 8 🤣😭
Nazirah Stevens
Nazirah Stevens - 2 days ago
Omg I am from Nicaragua too😂😂❤️❤️❤️
IlovekimchiAnDsPrItE - 2 days ago
2:06 hun you the prettiest one there eye-
WindUpCandle - 3 days ago
Don't think about the furture too much cause eventually you won't be in it. Apreciate what's happening now cause it's a once in a lifetime experience
bb boi
bb boi - 3 days ago
That boy cut hair chick spends way too much time on tumblr lmaooo
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