What else can the Los Angeles Lakers do in free agency? | SportsCenter

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Christian Soriano
Christian Soriano - 2 months ago
Dell demps is the dumbest person on the planet yall could've had the whole young core for AD but stuck with 3 of the 4
Michael Wightman
Michael Wightman - 5 months ago
Lakers now just need KCP and Derrick Rose!
Jayden Cooper
Jayden Cooper - 5 months ago
The guy on the left in the thumbnail looks like old Zac Efron
Rafael Villa
Rafael Villa - 5 months ago
I will expect a championship back to LA right
Drew Andino
Drew Andino - 5 months ago
Sign Kyrie Irving, Trevor Ariza, Vince Carter
H DLT - 5 months ago
How about who gives a shit about the fakers and focus on other teams...leBron knows who his daddy is Pop and Spurs gonna still own his ass next season also...got our young guns coming up Murray, White, and Lonnie
loc power
loc power - 5 months ago
As long as Laver balls mouth is in New Orleans I can say Lakers won the trade.
Alex K
Alex K - 5 months ago
Riccardo B
Riccardo B - 5 months ago
trying to sign kyrie or D'angelo, if doesn't work get two good role players beverley at first, then get a good shooter jj or green and a couple of good min, favors? lopez?
Michael Ukattah
Michael Ukattah - 5 months ago
Dlo and or Brogdon for 15 million a piece...Collison at the other guard...and Seth curry for the bench and maybe Jeremy lamb...mirotic and bring back Curruso and give that white boy we drafted last year some run....we might have to go into the luxury tax by 10 to 20 million but so what...we win if we can pull it off
Michael Ukattah
Michael Ukattah - 5 months ago
@Stephen Dees 6th man of the year cat on Houston is paid 16 million...bench players don't get maxed out that's stupid...lou from the clippers multiple 6th man awards averaging 20 plus...never payed more than 16 mil bruh...Dlo might have a chance to get more than 15 but he's not getting anywhere near the max bruh stop it....
Stephen Dees
Stephen Dees - 5 months ago
Dlo getting the max and the bucks matching that for brogdon. Brogdon getting more than 15 mil anyways.
Cisco Lé
Cisco Lé - 5 months ago
Bruh why do people still think Kawahi going anywhere.. im 110% sure he’s staying in Toronto.. why go to the west ? The clippers are the clippers lol . The only guy I can see may go to clippers is Butler if he wants a max .. and they can get unwanted FA lol .
Stephen Kennedy Jr.
Stephen Kennedy Jr. - 5 months ago
Patrick Beverly
Cisco Lé
Cisco Lé - 5 months ago
Pg: Rondo
Sg: Reddick
Sf: Lebron
Pf: AD
C: B. Lopez
Seth Curry
zion should refuse to play for pelicans #getoutNO
so bum lakers and labum need more after that christmas gift trade? are you kiddin me espn, the biggest labum fanboy ever!
Victoria Joo
Victoria Joo - 5 months ago
Find the difference 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😅😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
Favio Robinson
Favio Robinson - 5 months ago
Lakers champions 2020
Yasin Hassenbey
Yasin Hassenbey - 5 months ago
One injury it’s over for the lakers lol AD can’t lead a team and lebron is too old to do it alone bad trade in my opinion
Carmen Valle
Carmen Valle - 5 months ago
Mcgee on vet min green korver on vet min
AC Medina
AC Medina - 5 months ago
Lonzo: Dad, where am I heading?
Lavar: LA
Lonzo: YES!
Lavar: NO...
Lonzo: What?
Lavar: NOLA
Lonzo; Oh
Too Real
Too Real - 5 months ago
Thing is Lakers trying to rush to a championship which is going to fuck them over at the end... reason why is lebron old ass is about out and that's who they trying to build the team around instead of building around a young upcoming player, like kuzma or Ingram... warriors didnt become great in a day, took them awhile... everybody just wanna pack all stars on one team... wack ass fuck... I personally think Ingram, kuzma and lonzo were a work in progress and had a chance.. Kobe didnt even start off his first 3 years doing good and look what happened.. neither did curry... but they going to do what want
Infected takeover
Infected takeover - 5 months ago
If LeBron gets zion he's prolly gonna trade him for a all star
Infected takeover
Infected takeover - 5 months ago
Pelicans would of had zion and anothny davis pelicans could not go to champion ship now
RustedRaccoon - 5 months ago
Try this for thought..... AD plays one year and signs with Pelicans. Dynasty built by and around one man. AD will be the new King of the NBA
salma khairun nisa
salma khairun nisa - 5 months ago
In the thumbnail rob pelinka looks like gus from breaking bad
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt - 5 months ago
I can't be the only one who thought of Rob Lowe in the thumbnail
Michael Fadrick
Michael Fadrick - 5 months ago
Real LeBron fans still not Lakers fans, all we want is LeBron to get 3 more rings
IceBerg TV
IceBerg TV - 5 months ago
Pelicans trade 4th 1st rd pick for 2 2nd rd picks, pickup liangelo and lamelo ball.
Low Down
Low Down - 5 months ago
Lavar Ball is always wrong this time he could be right thou about never winning A chip
Rafael Cardone
Rafael Cardone - 5 months ago
bipolar us media was all "lakers dont have a good enough package to get AD" and now that they got AD they're "OMG lakers gave away TOO MUCH" lol
Pointer Ryan
Pointer Ryan - 5 months ago
Lonzo ball, get him back hah
Grover Marchand
Grover Marchand - 5 months ago
The blood clot must die!
Tunechi Da GOAT
Tunechi Da GOAT - 5 months ago
Kemba and JJ Reddick next 😎
Sword Weaver
Sword Weaver - 5 months ago
Lebron and AD, Lakers need to look at getting Saffron Johnson now to be complete.
1984chupacabra - 5 months ago
Love the hot-take on Ball, "Good young starter with the potential to be an all-star." XD
x rated
x rated - 5 months ago
Was hoping they could keep hart
Changitto - 5 months ago
LakersNation now gotta sign Melo at the Vet min!! 🍌👬
Jeff Brigman
Jeff Brigman - 5 months ago
Who the son sets free is free indeed Jesus said you will know the truth will set you free, from sin and eternal separation from God. And faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God 👣❤️📖📖📖
Elijah Moss
Elijah Moss - 5 months ago
Lakers need a better bench and a starting one and two gaurd
Sultan Mabini
Sultan Mabini - 5 months ago
Magic did not do shit last season. He just got lebron thats it. Raptors gm has more balls and bigger
Benji And jeyjey
Benji And jeyjey - 5 months ago
Omagad omagad omagad!! It was at 999k views from where the thumbnail was and I clicked and I’m now the 1mil view!!
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