I Fell in Love with a Bear

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Itz winzee
Itz winzee - Day ago
Melody Ortega
Melody Ortega - Day ago
I can’t I love him bro
Amanda Behan-Edwards
Amanda Behan-Edwards - 2 days ago
Bless you
Santiago Morales
Santiago Morales - 2 days ago
Jaden Sales
Jaden Sales - 3 days ago
Whats the song at the end
Sophia Gonzales
Sophia Gonzales - 4 days ago
That girl in Starbucks gave you a dirty look cuz see is just jelly of your girlfriend
oplacek - 6 days ago
is nobody going to talk about how cute he is tho...
wobert bobert
wobert bobert - 6 days ago
liked if you think steezy will be the next danny ducan they are kinda like ???
nomi kids chanel
nomi kids chanel - 7 days ago
bless you
nomi kids chanel
nomi kids chanel - 7 days ago
btw love your vids
nomi kids chanel
nomi kids chanel - 7 days ago
DeeSo Rare
DeeSo Rare - 7 days ago
I doubt anyone will read this but , anyone who willing to trying to support an upcoming youtuber would mean a lot. God Bless All 🙏🏾
Mrx ski
Mrx ski - 7 days ago
Did you really push her off?!?!
Aliyah Lawson
Aliyah Lawson - 8 days ago
I always knew Steezy would be the type to fall in love with a teddy bear😭
MISS LEAH - 8 days ago
3:22 people be having attitude problems like......WHAT?!?!?🤔🙄
Erika Minske
Erika Minske - 8 days ago
He got the idea from Ireland boys productions
Anand Kumar Nerre
Anand Kumar Nerre - 9 days ago
who is watching this in JULY
fresh lemon
fresh lemon - 9 days ago
Whats the song 3:34
Itz Deadz
Itz Deadz - 9 days ago
Hahaha best vid ever
Emilio Tovar
Emilio Tovar - 9 days ago
4:28lmgao 😹👌
KotairO - 9 days ago
Bad guy in public !!!!
Rihance Adriano Amping
Rihance Adriano Amping - 10 days ago
Bless you!!
J4fun19 _
J4fun19 _ - 10 days ago
2:50 the bear got cancer
Hollywood Ty
Hollywood Ty - 10 days ago
Ayyy Steezy used my song @ 5:20 Full song here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKGZU-GFlcs
weki my meki
weki my meki - 10 days ago
you have sucha nice camera for filming lol
Prank Africa
Prank Africa - 10 days ago
Whats the name of the bear?
Faris Gohar
Faris Gohar - 2 days ago
Prank Africa momo
Spartial - 10 days ago
Bless you.
ITZ - 10 days ago
Girl: my ass is hanging out of this thing
Steezy: *looks as fast as he can*
Josh Geller
Josh Geller - 10 days ago
subbed since 24k
Mohammad saleh Mandegari
Mohammad saleh Mandegari - 10 days ago
Bless u
lol master
lol master - 10 days ago
Leave a like for the fallen bear
Kursad Sari 026 NL
Kursad Sari 026 NL - 10 days ago
1:40 attack on titans reference lmao 🤣
Purified EXツ
Purified EXツ - 10 days ago
im crying
FastGunner2040 - 11 days ago
Steezy: *How many times?*

Bear: *(Holds up two hands) 10*
TheCrazy Mehecan
TheCrazy Mehecan - 11 days ago
This vid was still a BANGERRR. I’m tryna b on ur lvl one day 😤
yeye !
yeye ! - 11 days ago
Do singing billie jean in public
z1k3 PsYcHo
z1k3 PsYcHo - 11 days ago
Bro wtf 😂
Boil Boi
Boil Boi - 11 days ago
Half of this video is you and your friend doing random stuff
Fawad Khan
Fawad Khan - 11 days ago
Me: I don't brush my teeth
Underrated Player
Underrated Player - 11 days ago
Yo when he pushed her off😂😂 I died
Jasman Sohal - Springdale PS (1438)
Steezy try singing money in the grave
meme s
meme s - 11 days ago
Bring that boi again, he is cute
Ahmarha - 11 days ago
4:28 I sensed that coming 🤣
Ahmarha - 11 days ago
1:50 😂😂😂😂😂😂 *dead*
HatterBoyz - 11 days ago
What was this video about
Mohammad Dyab
Mohammad Dyab - 11 days ago
What channel is the drive thru prank is
Isaac Donnelly
Isaac Donnelly - 11 days ago
If you do not say bless you I’d just die now
Emily kimmy08
Emily kimmy08 - 11 days ago
When she cheats 10 times😂
Solidz - 11 days ago
2:33 lmaoo
Snaggy fox
Snaggy fox - 11 days ago
Who else said bless u when he sneezed 🤧
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