Theo Von Fights the Dark Arts While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - 3 months ago
David T. Kurtz
David T. Kurtz - 9 days ago
Charmcity77 - 9 days ago
@MimicMayhem it's a European haircut
Jeoffroi Bienvenue
Jeoffroi Bienvenue - 11 days ago
*πšƒπš‘πšŽ πš™πšŽπš›πšπšŽπšŒπš πš™πšŠπš›πšπš—πšŽπš› πš’πšœ πšœπš‘πš˜πš πš’πš—πš πšžπš™ πš’πš— πš–πš’ πš•πš’πšπšŽ > ***
JW Koenig
JW Koenig - 19 days ago
First We Feast .... thanks for this.
Found Wheels
Found Wheels - 22 days ago
The "bro" rubbed off on him lol
Ahmer Tareen
Ahmer Tareen - Hour ago
joe rogan i want joe rogan on this
Dirty Dick Rodney
Dirty Dick Rodney - 6 hours ago
"ya know"
Owen Robert
Owen Robert - 8 hours ago
Theo "I just remembered something from a long time ago" Von.
THOTH - 9 hours ago
I think Theo and Sean should get married, I was feeling some serious chemistry
THOTH - 9 hours ago
"I'm used to operating my ass at basically sea level"
Dro - 16 hours ago
who the fuck disliked this
Panda boy
Panda boy - 18 hours ago
He is probably my all time favorite person of all time
Anthony Goodwin
Anthony Goodwin - 19 hours ago
I wanna get high with Theo.
Colin Z
Colin Z - Day ago
2 of the realist dudes ever who've made huge successes of themselves sit down and have a normal convo just like 2 regular dudes. Both these people are awesome :)
1stinkywizzleteets - Day ago
"I just remembered something from a long time ago." Never says what it is.
Jeremy Lipford
Jeremy Lipford - Day ago
"Do people vomit?"
Amenti M.L.G
Amenti M.L.G - Day ago
Yauh know??
Gnorf - Day ago
I bet Theo was the only kid to survive the chimp wrangling.
Krusty Buttons
Krusty Buttons - Day ago
Jonathan Taylor Thomas hahahahahahahaha
Dalton King
Dalton King - Day ago
I really hated the music and editing in this video for some reason
Delu.x - Day ago
This was an insightful episode
DZNUTZ 2003 - Day ago
Theo yayyyyy
B3HEMOTH 44 - 2 days ago
didn't know Sean was Wayne from Letterkenny before this
nicolas lane
nicolas lane - 2 days ago
wholesome af
10,000 subscribers for 3 videos ?
His legs move fast when they talked about him getting cheated .
Dallas - 2 days ago
Theo Von is just a real dude.
linus adhoc
linus adhoc - 2 days ago
Kinda like a young man, like a Frenchman
Christopher Ramsue
Christopher Ramsue - 2 days ago
Wonder if you guys can ever get Joe Rogan on the show?
Lisa Burton
Lisa Burton - 2 days ago
He IS interviewing Sean!
Meme Lord
Meme Lord - 2 days ago
They cussed the whole video saying fuck but got multiple ads 🧐
Elias HΓ₯kansson
Elias HΓ₯kansson - 2 days ago
Where the hell does he get everything from? Effortless comedy
Sara Forney
Sara Forney - 2 days ago
I’d like to do sex with the Rat King
Sara Forney
Sara Forney - 2 days ago
Who in the hell is out here cheating on Theo he is a catch he is the catch
cr1m1nalspeed - 2 days ago
Was that Samuel L. Jackson at 9:31? Lol
See bee
See bee - 2 days ago
KING IT!!!!! Gang Gang
Nathan Murray
Nathan Murray - 2 days ago
Im convinced Theo secretly completed medical school
Clint Holcombe
Clint Holcombe - 2 days ago
The background music is the worst.
Captain Casey Jones
Captain Casey Jones - 2 days ago
Alright, its time for Joe Rogan. Get him on.
Mikok1234 - 2 days ago
"Jesus Christ, is this semen?"
Mo Bitches84
Mo Bitches84 - 3 days ago
I just heard about this guy and now I look at everything he's on. Bruh I laughed every 30 seconds at this oneπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚...............Sharon Osbourne 🀣🀣🀣
Ian Campbell
Ian Campbell - 3 days ago
I love the edits on this
Explodingtraps - 3 days ago
Oh damn charlie died... he's fighting foreigners up in heaven now..gang gang
Ryan Rogers
Ryan Rogers - 3 days ago
Always weird when I like a comic as a person, they seem cool, funny on podcasts but then I see a set and its awful. Theo seems like a cool dude tho
Amy Coco
Amy Coco - 3 days ago
No person should be this fucking lovable.
*gang* *gang*
Sean Nunzio
Sean Nunzio - 3 days ago
I love the terminater soundtrack kicks in when the heat is getting him lol
solaydbak - 4 days ago
Theo asks the most random questions. I’m surprised he didn’t ask the guy β€œwhat’s the highest hill you’ve climbed. β€œ
Mike Last name
Mike Last name - 4 days ago
β€œI feel like a damn breach birth” πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
Tony Danza
Tony Danza - 4 days ago
Bonaventure Cemetery Journeys
This was the most coupling episode ever. It was hot wing bromance on steroids.
eriksven - 4 days ago
Theo's profile always reminds me of grown-up Beavis.
laurieg5 - 4 days ago
No one remembers him from Road Rules?!
GalaxCKidd TV
GalaxCKidd TV - 4 days ago
Cool idea you should have a random fan do an episode once in a while.
Armento - 4 days ago
I've seen him do his sets in LA a few times and he always kills. Great energy
help I've been kidnapped
First rule of hot wings: Don't inhale while chewing
Madeliak and Monroe
Madeliak and Monroe - 4 days ago
β€œHere’s to autism brother β€œ ~ Theo Von 2019
Brice Anderson
Brice Anderson - 4 days ago
Theo Von comes on to interview Sean lolol
Bingo Bango
Bingo Bango - 4 days ago
I like how they both interview eachother lol
Bingo Bango
Bingo Bango - 4 days ago
And i know that youre a louisiana boy, do you practice the dark art of eating spicy food as well?
Actually i gotta pepper stuck in my ear when i was young
Bubby Flippu
Bubby Flippu - 4 days ago
Theo is an amazing comedian, and because of his one major achievement;

*_He Made Jordan FUCKING Peterson LAUGH._*
Lelethu Matanda
Lelethu Matanda - 4 days ago
One of my favourite episodes, didn't even know who this guy was. Shoutsout to Hot Ones man
N8 DGAF - 5 days ago
Dude if Nick Swardson was on this episode with Theo, this episode would have resulted in the Nobel Peace prize garranteed!!!
JEFF JACK - 5 days ago
This dude is a character. lol BRO!!!! He called Ellen Johnathon Taylor Thomas. HILARIOUS AF!! lololololololololol
Collin Kinard
Collin Kinard - 5 days ago
"Haaaaaahhhh *inhale*
Oooof sssss haaaahhh
Adam Murray
Adam Murray - 5 days ago
*i just remembered something a long time ago*
Sanctum4all - 5 days ago
"Jesus Christ is this semen?!" Hahahah
Rockstarzee - 5 days ago
16:00 Theo reacting to the heat with the most Theo line ever
Cooper Naughton
Cooper Naughton - 5 days ago
Why does Theo remind me of riff raff lol
Sarah Dale
Sarah Dale - 3 days ago
Somewhere the two of them discuss mullets for 11 minutes. 😎
Clayton Lassiter
Clayton Lassiter - 5 days ago
Love how he flipped the interview on sean started asking him about his dope
deelot1 - 5 days ago
Theo is so humble and kind
wasted/time/traveler - 5 days ago
He reminds me of Donnie need to get him on the show.
dralithi - 5 days ago
Michael Harvey
Michael Harvey - 5 days ago
Only stumbled across Theo Von in the last few weeks. Only guy who can make me cry with laughter, and cry with sadness/hopefulness in one short video.
Kane Williams
Kane Williams - 6 days ago
Wtf was he talkking about with the tall volleyball player...? He's taller than she was. Does he always lie or did i miss something?
Jimmy James
Jimmy James - 5 days ago
Memories from childhood are easy to exaggerate, because an inch difference may have felt so so important in middle school that in your head it becomes a 7 inch difference
MrFebreze7 - 6 days ago
Richard Nash
Richard Nash - 6 days ago
This is my favorite one outside of the DJ Khaleed one.
Erica Scillia
Erica Scillia - 6 days ago
At 16:09..anyone else wanna know what he "remembered from a long time ago"? Whatever it is, shit can't be good. LOL
Emmanuel Borges
Emmanuel Borges - 6 days ago
Theo: you know
Carnage Fusion
Carnage Fusion - 7 days ago
King and the Sting
Hilarious πŸ˜‚
Hannah - 7 days ago
living_dead_guy_222 - 7 days ago
I wonder how many times this guy fucked his sister before recording this.
Marco Tejada
Marco Tejada - 7 days ago
There are so many things I love about this interview. Not only does Theo legitimately seem intrested in what Sean has to say but he always maintains eye contact and even adds jokes to what Sean is saying. Not only does that show that hes paying attention but he understands the situation enough to be able to make it funny. Such a caring soul.
Dawn Mackenzie
Dawn Mackenzie - 7 days ago
This guy is hilarious! 🀣
Travis Stevens
Travis Stevens - 7 days ago
Sharon Osborn my fucking god that's funny!
Jake Shea
Jake Shea - 7 days ago
β€œDo the best you can, even if sometimes you don’t want to” - Theo Von. That’s as real as it gets.
hans peter
hans peter - 7 days ago
16:50 this is so funny haha
KH KH - 7 days ago
β€œYa hear the devil walkin” πŸ”₯ 🌢 πŸ‘‚ 😈
Susanna Vesna
Susanna Vesna - 8 days ago
I love Theo Von! Been following him since he appeared on H3H3! What a unique way of expressing himself and coming up with crazy stories!
CJ S - 8 days ago
make a compilation of guests reacting to sean shaking the last bottle
C. Bentley
C. Bentley - 8 days ago
Sharon Osborne πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£
Riley T
Riley T - 8 days ago
Theo So Real Von
Ken Money
Ken Money - 8 days ago
i dont even know who this guy is, but this is easy top 5 hot ones for me
The Gent
The Gent - 8 days ago
Those sauces sent Theo Von back to the mutha fukin dark ages. Was having flashbacks that weren't even his
Michael Risling
Michael Risling - 8 days ago
short guys dating super tall girls is the new wave
Caligreen420 - 8 days ago
Gang Gang / Buzz Buzz
redacted information
redacted information - 9 days ago
Gang gang
jared lind
jared lind - 9 days ago
Eli Manning wears cowboy hats hahahahaha this is the greatest news ever
Mason Smith
Mason Smith - 9 days ago
I fucking love Theo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he’s so full of shit
Night Man
Night Man - 7 days ago
That Doode
That Doode - 9 days ago
skittles and theo von are an awesome combo haha im eating original skittles right now
David Buckner
David Buckner - 9 days ago
I dont know who he is but this is a fav he's funny as f
Anthony Vasquez
Anthony Vasquez - 9 days ago
"I just remembered something from my past" lol!! When the heat gives a heat flash from the past!!
Jake M
Jake M - 9 days ago
Dude this is a great channel...
Airik1111 - 9 days ago
Dude is hilarious and so NORMAL.
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson - 9 days ago
Get Lil B the Basedgod on Hot Ones
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