Name Brand vs. Generic Cereal Taste Test

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Isa's Vlogs
Isa's Vlogs - 22 hours ago
Austin David
Austin David - Day ago
All the cereals come in a bag
petrosinella - Day ago
I think Rhett will always hold a grudge against Link for hogging the good cereal in college.
Holly Roxy
Holly Roxy - 2 days ago
I've had a lot of Kroger brand cereal that actually tastes better than the name brand. Like Krogers frosted mini wheats & their lucky charm cereal.
Brianna Phillips
Brianna Phillips - 2 days ago
Rhett: “ I refuse to eat cereal out of bag” *eats cereal that came out of the bag*
Zachary Foster
Zachary Foster - 3 days ago
The man that refuses to eat cereal out of a bag fails to realize that his box of cereal has cereal in a bag.
MsFears - 3 days ago
I did not know Ralph’s was Kroger.
NewsCastGames - 3 days ago
Rehtt: i refuse to eat cereal out of a bag
me: but Rehtt that means you refuse eat any cereal because there all in bags
XxEdits_Drapple Xx
XxEdits_Drapple Xx - 4 days ago
*”QuIt ToUcHiNg ThE cEaReL”*

Link: *shookith*
lukas becker
lukas becker - 4 days ago
The coulors of the rainbow can't hurt you
elvis benoit
elvis benoit - 6 days ago
i love tacobell
WARPED - 6 days ago
Why do most Malt O' Meal Cereals names sound like bad euphemism for gay men "Marshmallow Mateys", "Frosted Mini Spooners", etc.
benny25162 - 6 days ago
If I don't see another cereal related video on Cereal Taste Test Day this year, I'm gonna be sad.
Joe Luis
Joe Luis - 6 days ago
All cereal comes out of a bag
GGameinatorr - 6 days ago
Can anyone help me out who is Stevie?
Maggie Kolb
Maggie Kolb - 6 days ago
I’ve only been watching GMM for a month and a half, so I’m still pretty new. But what is the deal with “Brian”. In a lot of videos they will declare something or someone _____ Brian.
Bacon Monkey 1234
Bacon Monkey 1234 - 7 days ago
I’ll never be able to eat Cocoa Puffs again. I got a bunny a couple weeks ago and he pooped on my blanket while I was eating Cocoa Puffs. Never again.
games N gossip
games N gossip - 8 days ago
Malt o meal fruity diamonds are far superior to fruity pebbles
Julie Harris
Julie Harris - 9 days ago
Oh my god the IndependenceDay reference!
Annabelle Willis
Annabelle Willis - 9 days ago
Omg the 10th is my bday!
Black Beard
Black Beard - 10 days ago
Rhett your funny best video I replayed the ending so many times it’s to good to hilarious watching you trying to find the bowl!!!
Jazy Coria
Jazy Coria - 11 days ago
I didn’t even realize that the desk had Cheerios glued onto it until the end of the video 💀
Chase SaysHi
Chase SaysHi - 11 days ago
Apparently I'm the first person in the 8 months this video has been up to comment on the outro fan's camera. I wanna know what thing is, it's almost cinematographric quality
Rebecca Garner
Rebecca Garner - 12 days ago
I saw the hole in the bag and knew it was coming
Rebecca Garner
Rebecca Garner - 12 days ago
Bigman Dennis
Bigman Dennis - 12 days ago
Rhett wouldve won, lol
Cool Dude
Cool Dude - 13 days ago
What song did they use?
Bmore Queen
Bmore Queen - 13 days ago
Malt o meal is almost always on point with the flavors of their cereals
Yee Haw
Yee Haw - 13 days ago
I’m suddenly craving cereal...
Hey Bean
Hey Bean - 16 days ago
Im a simple man, plain corn fakes is all I need.
Daniel Brown Agtbøl Johansen
your job is too easy, just eating cereal all day
Robloxionnight Gaming
Robloxionnight Gaming - 20 days ago
Did you flip the fruit loops or just move them around because their exactly the same
Justin Thompson
Justin Thompson - 20 days ago
I’m ready for BATTLE after that Link speech
JarRed - 20 days ago
Lovin' the Independence Day inspired intro monologue!
Edgar Pachon
Edgar Pachon - 20 days ago
That little girls outro was soo adorable :((((
Justin M.
Justin M. - 21 day ago
*Why do we need to know the price per an ounce?*
Damara Barrett
Damara Barrett - 22 days ago
My husband loves cereal. I'm going to have him do this challenge on my channel.
Hannah Summerville
Hannah Summerville - 22 days ago
9:24 I was dying 😂
Isabelle Sparks
Isabelle Sparks - 23 days ago
Rhett and Link both look like the word " 'Murica "
Cristina Frank
Cristina Frank - 24 days ago
Sorry. Pullman did it better 😜
Ellie Tucker
Ellie Tucker - 24 days ago
No... December 10th will always be known as the day Flynn Stocklin was born.
Max Sanders
Max Sanders - 26 days ago
Rhett: stop touching the cereal!
Link: I have to touch the cereal.
PrumSet - 29 days ago
For everyone that looks for the song in the first minutes, its "Heart of Courage" :)
D1sc0de - 29 days ago
If rhett hates bagged cereal, he'll flip when he sees bagged milk
Manda Jones
Manda Jones - 29 days ago
Malt O Meal cereals are awesome! The Fruity DynoBites and Cocoa DynoBites are so much better than Pebbles.
kianattana - 26 days ago
I definitely agree
Thomas Stanley
Thomas Stanley - Month ago
Anybody know that song playing when link made an amazing opening speech??
Mario L
Mario L - Month ago
Link the cheater
Lexi Ally
Lexi Ally - Month ago
In Ireland they’re called Frosties not “frosted flakes”
Reiya Wiles
Reiya Wiles - Month ago
9:23 dad?
Caleb J.
Caleb J. - Month ago
God bless spread his word!
nikolas harrington
nikolas harrington - Month ago
Malt-O-Meal is my favorite brand😅😅😅
panic! at la biblioteca
We always ate malt o meal growing up
Andrew Farkas
Andrew Farkas - Month ago
Links speech was sweet af
Stephsaguudefan - Month ago
One of my favorite things to do as a kid was eat coffee yogurt with either froot loops or applejacks mixed into it.
Imac7065 - Month ago
That Independence Day speech WAS AWESOME hahahahaha
Jon K.
Jon K. - Month ago
XGl1tch M1racl3
XGl1tch M1racl3 - Month ago
I have an Asian family so we didn't get to eat cereal.we ate rice and either a vegetable or pork.
Turtle777je - Month ago
Is that Cereal Speech on itunes?
chris18228 - Month ago
I guess he never eats cereal then because all cereal comes in a bag
Zamiyah Romero
Zamiyah Romero - Month ago
It’s funny to me that once I saw that lucky charms was next I was like that’s ones easy because there is a huge difference in appearance but then I saw that they can’t see the cereal so I’m thinking that the staff must’ve known too lol.
DIY Pet Central
DIY Pet Central - Month ago
Links intro deserved an award!
Jessica Cardin
Jessica Cardin - Month ago
I love Link's little speeches at the beginning of videos XD
Daniel TheDannyDanMan
Daniel TheDannyDanMan - Month ago
I grew up with only walmart brand (malt-o-meal) and i dunno the difference. But one reminds me of being able to afford cereal AND bills. So im partial
Truck Driver 101
Truck Driver 101 - Month ago
Frosted Flakes ruthlessness
Ayden Hubbard
Ayden Hubbard - Month ago
I’ve been watching for 5 hours
Agent Zero 3432
Agent Zero 3432 - Month ago
Rhett and Link trying to get cereal blindfolded was the best part!
Ross Batten
Ross Batten - Month ago
I love that the Independence Day speech + music still gives me goosebumps when parodied by Link
melissa jackson
melissa jackson - Month ago
This is where you guys shine, when it comes to cereal I trust your word. Cereal gods! I love a mild sweet, life is among my faves, a good chocolate like coco puffs... Yum
Muscleboii1 - Month ago
God I jus wanna punch Link for touching the cereals!
Joe Thomas
Joe Thomas - Month ago
Frosted flakes, the wheat cereal and Cheerios. Me and my family always put a spoon or two full of sugar over top the cereal. So good!!!
Angie Malone
Angie Malone - Month ago
Gen corn pops r gross
Angie Malone
Angie Malone - Month ago
Mountain Hollar is the original Mountain Dew
Madmouse 101
Madmouse 101 - Month ago
*F* for Link's speech
Navi Satar
Navi Satar - Month ago
Kellogg Frosted Brillo Pads.
Rachel Roetcisoender
Rachel Roetcisoender - Month ago
I like this show but someone please tell me what the wheel of mythicality is for?
MJBCuber - Month ago
What is that intro song?
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal - Month ago
Rhett is against preserving trees...
Jay Ro
Jay Ro - Month ago
They should have been blindfolded the entire time
I Am Ryan
I Am Ryan - Month ago
With her teeth looking like that, skittles cereal is the last night that girl needs
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