Name Brand vs. Generic Cereal Taste Test

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Spencer Parlato
Spencer Parlato - 18 hours ago
Music at beginning is definitely Heart of Courage
Stephen Foster
Stephen Foster - Day ago
Do y’all share a toothbrush too?
Tj Taz
Tj Taz - 4 days ago
I knew Link was a psycho.. his favorite cereal is Frosted Mini Wheats. That's crazy!
Rachel Lacer
Rachel Lacer - 5 days ago
Is it weird I like watching Rhett eat? It cracks me up how much he loves to eat and how thin he is.
Codeine Crew
Codeine Crew - 6 days ago
Link: “I’m doing it dry... you can learn a lot that way”
Me: 😔
Msztyy - 6 days ago
Who else was watching this while eating cereal
Mads Pugh
Mads Pugh - 6 days ago
I got cereal in the middle of this video
Barbi - 11 days ago
Brother said he was 41!! Seriously?
Cole B
Cole B - 12 days ago
Am I the only one that let's my cereal soak a bit before eating it?
Stary_ Night
Stary_ Night - 15 days ago
We don’t have some of these cereals in the uk- instead of coco puffs we have coco pops, and we don’t have anything like fruit loops :(. We have the exact same frosted flakes but we call them Frosties.
Beat Player
Beat Player - 17 days ago
December 10th is when my milk goes overdue.

I’m eating Fruit Rings right now...
Eshal Kashif
Eshal Kashif - 19 days ago
In the UK Frosted flakes are called Frosties
Jakob Hanssen
Jakob Hanssen - 20 days ago
sorry, a chocolate kitty is cuter than an overly animated cookoo bird lol
Anthony Buck
Anthony Buck - 22 days ago
Malt o Meal fukn slaps
atlys - 23 days ago
* Link gives one of the most epic speeches in history *
Rhett: *ok*
tehya johns
tehya johns - 25 days ago
Rhett is 41?! Wut
AntiMaths - 26 days ago
i am sad they didnt use Cereal or Cefake
NowI'mMe - 27 days ago
I realllllllly miss Frosted Mini Wheats. Actually ALL cereals...I'm a Type 2 diabetic and haven't been able to eat them, Cheerios, Kix, Raisin Bran since 2008. Sigh...
Diego Munoz
Diego Munoz - Month ago
My dad bought apple zinks instead of apple jacks
Anna Parnell
Anna Parnell - Month ago
Please give them their own bowls!!!! Lin
k's eatting is gross. It is hard to watch Rhett have to eat behind him. There is plenty of cereal just pour two bowls PLEASE!
Bill Feeney
Bill Feeney - Month ago
all cereal is in a bag you big dummy lol
LM Lopez
LM Lopez - Month ago
Link for president y’all
Mikaela Schelling
Mikaela Schelling - Month ago
“quit touchin na cereal”
“n wha no”
Lawrence Tyler
Lawrence Tyler - Month ago
Golden Grahams or Olden hams
Lawrence Tyler
Lawrence Tyler - Month ago
Lucky 🍀 charms vs lucky harms
SimplyStimulating - Month ago
These videos are great
Shaylyn Cadorette
Shaylyn Cadorette - Month ago
I'm using the term "Dopple-gangle-decepticon" in every day life from now on.....
Otaku - Month ago
In the uk frosted flakes are called Frosties
okiguess - Month ago
Rhett, all cereal is in a bag
It's just in a box.
Jacey Lynn
Jacey Lynn - Month ago
Oh my gosh! I totally loved that beginning! So inspirational. I clapped at the end of it! Go Link!
En mei
En mei - Month ago
I’m trying to watch them, but the boxes of cheerios glued to the front of their table keeps drawing my eyes away from the show
Bundle Augustin
Bundle Augustin - Month ago
So is that ok ???
Bundle Augustin
Bundle Augustin - Month ago
I’m watching this at night
nxto - Month ago
In the UK frosted flakes are called Frosties
FacheChanteDeux - Month ago
Genetic marker? It is processed food. Lmao! Link is hilarious.
Reo Rose
Reo Rose - Month ago
5:49 Rhett's face as Link smells the cerial 🤨
Manly Bean
Manly Bean - Month ago
Saint links day in the beginning 😂😂
first name
first name - Month ago
Link -- SHUT UP -- you are NOT funny
EZ James
EZ James - Month ago
Mini Wheats and Activia can give you a good bowel movement in the morning.
Kevin Jennissen
Kevin Jennissen - Month ago
Malt-o-Meal is where it's at.
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