"Ran when parked" leads to attempted assault

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Johnathan Waters
Johnathan Waters - Day ago
You've gotta get over it! They are not all bad!!
Michael Madden
Michael Madden - 5 days ago
I feel sorry for the car.
Brett Nicholson
Brett Nicholson - 5 days ago
This guy can spin a brilliant yarn. Love his work.
Tanner Cox
Tanner Cox - 6 days ago
Channel 16 back in the day😂😂
ArcanumV - 6 days ago
Didn't Christine kill the guy that restored it? So maybe this worked out for the best.
CR7659 - 7 days ago
Even the 57 I pulled out of a NY junkyard wasn't that bad. And I couldn't sell it. I ended up saving the doors and quarters and should have cut the top off it which went to a guy who put them on a four door he turned into a hardtop. The rest, V8 and all, went to junk, nobody wanted it. One guy bought it, came, took all the best trim off it and left the rest.
But i have seen them as bad, I owned a '58 Chrysler for a while, that if you stood on one side of the rear bumper you could see the whole back of the car flexing. The rear glass came right out with just a gentle push.
By the looks of that one you could have done the same, saved the doors and quarter skins for a conversion, but they didn't do that much before about 15 years ago.
ElvisEinstein - 7 days ago
Steve McQueen bullitt
Landon Asness
Landon Asness - 9 days ago
Wow that scrambled porn reference def made me realize how old I am smh
BGCoop79 - 12 days ago
Great story!
Micheal McComber
Micheal McComber - 12 days ago
You wife is a dear dear woman. She knew your passion for this car and felt your disappointment.
David Pacey
David Pacey - 12 days ago
Christine is probably the best car movie to date, well at least what I know of
ctdieselnut - 12 days ago
I legit lol'd at the title of this vid.
Teyh Leslie
Teyh Leslie - 13 days ago
Teyh Leslie
Teyh Leslie - 13 days ago
f=== do you have a 58 yet?
B B - 13 days ago
You listed off all these car movies and couldn't even mention a classic like Vanishing Point...
Evan Field
Evan Field - 15 days ago
I forgot about the wavy adult channels in the 80s.
anonymic79 - 17 days ago
Sees a Belvedere in a movie, want's a Fury.
Jose Medina
Jose Medina - 21 day ago
My favorite car is the car that Freddy Krueger drives the 1958 Cadillac
DigitalJeremy - 22 days ago
VINWiki just keeps finding the best storytellers. Which is why I subscribed...
TheF150flareside - 22 days ago
I seen one today under restoration in Australia
True American
True American - 23 days ago
Ma fav automotive show is the dukes of hazzard
NWT Jimbob
NWT Jimbob - 24 days ago
But did the car eventually make its way to the junkyard or what happened to it?
The Rockabilly Arts
The Rockabilly Arts - 24 days ago
I think Richard cut enough of the roof off to sell it but the rest went to the crusher.
NWT Jimbob
NWT Jimbob - 24 days ago
6:17 And what kind of car was it?
Nova DarkSoul
Nova DarkSoul - 24 days ago
Damn that beyond sucks! I too, have wanted a "Christine" ever since I first saw the movie. Why do these have to be such rare cars? There'll never be anything even somewhat close to how utterly amazing these beauties are.
Fpblk jay
Fpblk jay - 24 days ago
Awesome story.
Evil Pumpkinman
Evil Pumpkinman - 25 days ago
I love this guy and his nerdy eloquence!
TomHaroldArt - 25 days ago
THAT is at once both a crushing and hilarious tale. This man's way with words is outstanding, and I was laughing at the images he was constructing probably as much as the story itself. Someone else could tell this story, and it wouldn't be half as amusing and entertaining. Job well done! Oh, and it really sucks that he's never been able to find one to make up for it. We all know that heartache.
Sithkalek Gaming
Sithkalek Gaming - 26 days ago
credit score looks like my gold score? so you saying you shoot a 800+ damn you suck at golf
Likeableshark 4
Likeableshark 4 - 26 days ago
For me it’s either gone in 60 seconds or talladega nights.
anthony stewart
anthony stewart - 26 days ago
The Rockabilly Arts
The Rockabilly Arts - 24 days ago
'southern dialect'
Adri Cobo
Adri Cobo - 26 days ago
Watched thiis today and the funny thing is the Savoy is my prom car which is tonight
joe alcott
joe alcott - 26 days ago
HAHAHAHAA!!! America After Dark. Gigantic satellite dish I painted with a Bruins logo for my buddy!
SLID Tossed Pissed Elemental Into Bleu Cheese Salad
*Laughing hysterically while moaning, oh god damn, oh god damn, oh god damn*


This dude... acts like me.
He even adds Titanic references.. TOTALLY OUT OF THE BLUE.
Holy Bananas in Pajamas.. WITH RUST IN THEM...

Going down the road.. while the rust is coming off... *LAUGHS*
This is wrong.. laughing at someone elses misfortune... is fucking wrong.

Especially when ya tried beating the shit out of the dude.. in the dead of night, carrying a car THAT GOZER PROBABLY DROVE... in a trailer that isnt yours...

Oh god damn.. *laughs* oh god damn.
Moises Luna
Moises Luna - 26 days ago
Sadly, it's like my 62 fury :/
rydplrs - 26 days ago
Someone who lied about a specific issue so bad I didn’t even need to stop in the driveway got peppered with 3/4 stone along with 5-6 friends at the picnic table after a 3 hour ride. I asked 3 times if a part was broken, offering full purchase price but I only wanted the one part. I left in a smoke screen after watching them all dive for cover in the rear view, while making sure the trailer stayed attached.
Diecast Bros
Diecast Bros - 27 days ago
Christine is my favorite car as well to
Jesse Berardi
Jesse Berardi - 27 days ago
I would watch any video this guy records, the Thanos comment definitely made me laugh out loud. 10/10 storytelling skills 👍👍
deric duerst
deric duerst - 27 days ago
One of the best storylines ever 😆🤒
deric duerst
deric duerst - 27 days ago
Adult content in the 80s 😆🕺
The Rockabilly Arts
The Rockabilly Arts - 26 days ago
@deric duerst I'm a grown man and I still get excited :)
deric duerst
deric duerst - 27 days ago
The Rockabilly Arts it didn’t matter I was stoked 🤪
The Rockabilly Arts
The Rockabilly Arts - 27 days ago
deric duerst “was that an elbow or a boob??”
1957 Plymouth Owner
1957 Plymouth Owner - 27 days ago
I wouldve honestly taken the car it's a 58 plymouth of course lol good practice
1957 Plymouth Owner
1957 Plymouth Owner - 27 days ago
I have a 1957 plymouth Savoy myself wonderful cars
Grape Ape
Grape Ape - 28 days ago
6:00 I should have hired this guy as my divorce attorney.....
Whitedragoncloud Whitedragoncloud
It was Christine the car of death and despair what did you expect😳
The Rockabilly Arts
The Rockabilly Arts - 27 days ago
I drive a haunted ‘72 Cadillac hearse, I’m kind of used to it :)
One10 2Ten
One10 2Ten - 28 days ago
Similar experience, a family friend gifted me an 85 bmw 325e that actually DID run when parked, but it was parked for over 8 years. In michigan. On grass. I didnt have my license and had no way of getting this car back to my house for a long time, but when the time came it was supposed to be my first car. One day we finally put some tow straps on it and tried pulling it out. Went 2 feet before the underside turned to dust. There was no frame left, just a mound of rust on the ground. I nearly cried when i realized there was no fixing that car. Its my absolute dream car i think they just look so beautiful. But alas ill probably never own one. Its alright tho i have a wrangler now so i cant complain
Raymond Kennedy
Raymond Kennedy - 28 days ago
This was a funny ass story ...I laughed so loud and that's my favorite movie....
coolman72891 - 28 days ago
Set playback speed to 0.25x you'll thank me later
Blake Pinette
Blake Pinette - 28 days ago
Your wife is an understanding sweetheart
FarginBastiges - 28 days ago
I know exactly and precisely how you feel.
Evan M. Jones
Evan M. Jones - 28 days ago
Loved the story and storytelling. Great job.
Rollin' High
Rollin' High - 28 days ago
I only clicked cause I saw christine
ZeppieGames - 28 days ago
Shoulda called the cops. 95% sure its highly illegal to lie about item quality online
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