STRANGER THINGS 3 Official Trailer Breakdown + Theories

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FOXSTER LIFE - 5 days ago
I love watching this after seeing season 3 😂
SlushiCat - 22 days ago
"Mileven kiss, WHEEEEEEE" lmao 10:12
_DaisyFlower:D_ - Month ago
Its scary how close everyone was with there theories lol
Laurence Griffin
Laurence Griffin - Month ago
Woah that is crazy how much you got right...
ProMETHeus - Month ago
Wow, got a lot right.
Just gotta day one thing...


Actually two things....
justice for alexi.
Syihan alfarisi
Syihan alfarisi - 2 months ago
is Not Billy that Monster
antichrist vevo
antichrist vevo - 2 months ago
Will and 11 died, that was so unexpected men
LEaVe.Me.aLoNe • 189 years ago
Ok but what the hell is a "demagorGONE"
If u disagree with me u are stupid
Season 3 was amazing!!
ThatJamesJoker0304 - 2 months ago
Anyone else back here after watching season 3?
Michael Lawrence
Michael Lawrence - 2 months ago
Can't wait for your video on season 3 when you have seen it.
Philip Moreland
Philip Moreland - Month ago
I totally agree with you.👍
Night Owl YT
Night Owl YT - 2 months ago
So uh when you gonna make the video breaking down the entire season?
Philip Moreland
Philip Moreland - Month ago
Brady Snack
Brady Snack - 2 months ago
Just finished whew
Hecton Clan
Hecton Clan - 2 months ago
will is still a monster??
oh KNOWLEDGE - 2 months ago
andthatsonperiod sis
andthatsonperiod sis - 2 months ago
Is it weird that I wanted to pull the slime out of the monsters mouth so bad💀
Extremely Vivid Execs.
Extremely Vivid Execs. - 2 months ago
the drops on the pictures are tears.
dongle memes
dongle memes - 2 months ago
Will probably is at castle byers when he looks at the photo
Amanda Mullins
Amanda Mullins - 2 months ago
Cary Elwes is pronounced Cary Ell-wiss...just so you know. I used to think it was pronounced Ell-Way too until I heard it spoken.
That said, Season 3 looks AWESOME! :D
Justan Davenport
Justan Davenport - 2 months ago
4:29 they're got ice cream and cookies 😂😂😂
Tosin A
Tosin A - 2 months ago
Don’t forget the billy and the pedo Wheeler mum storyline!
PhaZe Alien
PhaZe Alien - 2 months ago
Press this if your hype for this season

Comix Hub
Comix Hub - 2 months ago
I can't wait for the season, it took a while to make so I really hope it delivers
Driggy - 2 months ago
3:30 he is in the fort he made
sipin tea
sipin tea - 2 months ago
i sorta kinda really dont care about the upside down n shit. im just depressed about the fact that they’re gonna grow apart :(((
Cesar Ponce
Cesar Ponce - 2 months ago
Or the person that is wierd
Siena Gonzalez
Siena Gonzalez - 2 months ago
The monster might be using Billy to get to Mike and his friends by having a relationship with Mikes mom
SantiNoobs - 2 months ago
Im scared they will all die. 9:34 makes me think of all of them going to die. I DON'T WANT ALL THEM TO DIE :C :C :C :C :C :C
james 189
james 189 - 2 months ago
I feel like the upside down has been finished, there's no more material they can write on, so I believe this new electricity beam will open a brand new dimension, whatever it is, it'll be big
Tonii Flores
Tonii Flores - 2 months ago
Will: *Crying And Looking At A Picture Of His Friends..*
The Who: Its Only Teenage Wasteland 🎵🎶
Me: 😞😭
Michael Mujadin
Michael Mujadin - 2 months ago
what if people start becoming monsters and missing because they're infecting the people with the spores from the upside down just like how some of the characters were brought to the upside down in the first place.
Alexis Freeman
Alexis Freeman - 2 months ago
Dude react to the new trailer
Lincolnmyth - 2 months ago
The monster is just a chaos spawn
80sx coz
80sx coz - 2 months ago
Checkout the channel Strange Things watch stranger things for dree
Gail Joy
Gail Joy - 2 months ago
Great information, but you could you get rid of the lilt in your voice?!
KhxosSZN - 2 months ago
The missing lifeguard is Billy cause the damage on his arm is a tracking device so monster will find him and take him to the upside down
Queen Quantricia
Queen Quantricia - 2 months ago
Me:*grabs mike* I just wanna say you’re really good at what you’re doing. *drops mike*
Lewis - 2 months ago
6:02 demogor-gone what
愛Sono嫌いLil - 2 months ago
Dude I can't fucking wait anymore
Morgan Maudlin
Morgan Maudlin - 2 months ago
Why the fuck does Dustin not have front teeth after last season he did ????????????????
Elli the photographer
Elli the photographer - 2 months ago
7:30 anyone else noticed the red stain on the mayor’s right thumb, or is it just me?
AD - 10FJ - Fletchers Meadow SS (2492)
See any Hints?
01 Boys and Girls
02 I Like Presents Too
03 Starcourt
04 Blank Makes You Crazy
05 I Need You to Trust Me
06 You’re a Fighter
07 The Ceiling Is Beautiful
08 The First I Love You
09 Rats
10 What Did You Do to Him?
11 Find the Source
12 The Silver Cat Feeds
13 Heather’s
14 William
15 Destroying the Castle
16 In the Void
17 Tammy
18 Mirkwood
19 Portal Drill
20 Happy Screams
21 Ruins
22 It’s Just Ice
23 The Door Is Opening
24 Planck’s Constant
25 She’s Gone Home
26 Seven Feet
27 The Week Is Long
28 Sauna Test
29 Six Facts
30 The Trees Are Moving
31 On Their Tracks
32 Not Chinese Food
33 Blueprints
34 Land Deeds
35 Not Kids Anymore
36 Code Red
37 Feel Safe
38 He’s Here
39 Scoops Troop
40 We Don’t Understand Each Other
41 Aftermath
Ricardo Miranda
Ricardo Miranda - 3 months ago
The Hit Man came to Hawkins is to kill 11.
[D]arth - 3 months ago
Poor Steve will get beaten up again.
Moon Scoots
Moon Scoots - 3 months ago
dumb ass bily is the monster😂😂😂😂
PA NEL O PE - 3 months ago
Anna Karenina
Anna Karenina - 3 months ago
Nooooo, not Billy! I want to see a redemption arc!
Colin Petti
Colin Petti - 3 months ago
Finally, someone who says “centrifugal”
Gokul Anil
Gokul Anil - 3 months ago
Can't wait to see how they are going to redecorate Will's home this season.
Dalton White
Dalton White - 3 months ago
Im calling it right now, this season is based off of the movie “The Thing”, a movie where a monster can take shape of it’s victims. In this trailer we do see Billy, with some sort of infection leading you to believe he is the monster at the monster at the end of the trailer but, The monster I believe is the reporter that is looking a little coocoo in the exact same setting as the monster scene. It would only make sense for Jonathon to be seeing it because earlier in the trailer you can see him applying to be a reporter or work with reporters. If the monster can take shape of anything or anyone it eats, I believe it ate the reporter and took his shape. That would be the only explanation considering the fact that Jonathan and Billy have never met. So why would they have such a historical scene to show the two in the same hallway, obviously Jonathan would know exactly who he is, and they wouldn’t kill off a main character by turning him into a monster.
StateBag - 3 months ago
Billy being the monster seems way too obvious, they wouldn’t put that in the first trailer
spideralexandre2099 - 3 months ago
Glad season 3 is coming out in july. Gives something to tie me over until Rick And Morty starts up again
Jordyn Aguilar
Jordyn Aguilar - 3 months ago
Same man same 😂😂😂 I can’t wait This is one hell of a year!! And then the Zombie Land Sequel is coming out 😭 and IT Chapter 2 I have so much things to look forward to the rest of this year
too.hazey - 3 months ago
Do super 8 if you like stranger things
Mr.Squiggles - 3 months ago
is it stranger things if no new characters introduced die?
Brianna Gordy
Brianna Gordy - 3 months ago
This thought just occurred to me. We saw some photos of who is apparently billy and Max on the beach and we know where they came from. We also know there was some sort of incident that made them move. So..what if Billy gets infected somehow and becomes a massive threat or something and Eleven uses her powers to go back and make sure Billy and Max never came to Hawkins? Here's a stretch but I had a dream billy caused some sort of accident at the beach and a kid drowned. Which would be ironic that he's now a life guard. But yeah. That was just a weird dream. Anyways, maybe Eleven is going back to try to stop that event and keep them from coming to Hawkins, and she could have even somehow caused the event while there, which is like that whole cycle thing discussed with the first season. Just a theory because this damn show is driving me crazy waiting for it lol
Brianna Gordy
Brianna Gordy - 3 months ago
I feel like there's going to be a "alien" sort of theme or at least something themed in space or universes etc. there's so much space imagery. Even at 0:53 you see what looks to be a shuttle behind Dustin.
Angela Stoeberl1
Angela Stoeberl1 - 3 months ago
Me:aww iit looks so cute (talking about the monster)
DominoYT - 3 months ago

DEDPEWL - 3 months ago
Don’t you hate those people who get a lot of comments and leave edits and say thank you?

Augustin Pope
Augustin Pope - 3 months ago
I think the "thing" is the thing from the movie the thing man that was alot of things
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