The King - Timothée Chalamet | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix Film

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Ace Rockman
Ace Rockman - 6 hours ago
Wtf is up with that armour
wesmont87 - 6 hours ago
Why the hell are they not releasing this on Saint Crispin's Day??!
Molly Loucks
Molly Loucks - 11 hours ago
I haven’t been this excited to see a movie in a long time
Cassy Rodzz
Cassy Rodzz - 14 hours ago
I really hope Lily inherited her fathers talent cuz damn that makes her an instant bad ass
EX ARMY PAZ 49 - 21 hour ago
Nobody will understand a word Sean Harris will say because he likes to mumble his lines in everything he's in. crap actor.
CANCEL DONE - 2 days ago
is this the king who had 8 wives
Aukusti - 21 hour ago
caitlyn I hope this is trolling
Aymeniito - 2 days ago
Thimotits's gay
Tenpa Rabgyae
Tenpa Rabgyae - 3 days ago
Please no American accent in history movies......
Smurfette101 - 3 days ago
Dont like chalamet as an actor but this looks like a risk. I'm interested to see this performance 🤞
x3kto - 3 days ago
Omg! Netflix will turn poor Henry into a fag who secretly in love with the guy from twilight. Mark my words.
kkct7 - 3 days ago
the cast of this movie alone makes me want to see it
Justin Au Yeung
Justin Au Yeung - 3 days ago
Where's my r/trebuchetmemes peeps at?
lou - 3 days ago
_That_ is how you make a trailer.
Intense ✓ Enigmatic ✓ Powerful ✓ Absorbing ✓ Aesthetic ✓
Byron Thomas
Byron Thomas - 4 days ago
I can't wait to see the English and welsh longbowmen to be honest hopefully get some good scenes I can't see how they could avoid it
Ryo suke
Ryo suke - 4 days ago
my eyes it hurts the armor is not even historical.
Ryo suke
Ryo suke - 3 days ago
@Henry Huntingdon 1:02 hoodie mixed armor.
Jack Nimble
Jack Nimble - 4 days ago
No offense to the actor but Henry V was a beastly warrior king who survived an arrow to the face and gets pieces of his crown chipped off from fighting on the front lines while standing over his wounded brother so he won't get taken prisoner. I just don't see it. Excited to watch anyways.
Brianna Thurston
Brianna Thurston - 4 days ago
game of thrones the movie and i’m HERE FOR IT
Priscilla Estrada
Priscilla Estrada - 4 days ago
Wow, a movie from Netflix that actually looks good
Biecon - 4 days ago
dingFAching - 2 days ago
@Dan Peterson You definitely seem like you know what you're talking about so I'm taking your word for it. Still quite excited for this movie! Do you do reenactments/living history stuff?
Dan Peterson
Dan Peterson - 2 days ago
@dingFAching Very late 14th century for the full plate harnesses, but even then, the "Great Bascinet" type helmets they show would not be seen until the early 15th century so they are really trying to get it right for the "Agincourt" period, as are as the armor, but probably a director made it dumb just to show just a mass of fully armored knights, and no lighter armed men among them. But I won't judge the film from just that one strange scene, and at least the armor they show looked quite good for the date. I have several suits of period correct armor for historical reenactment. If you look at my Avatar image, you will see I am wearing accurate late 15th century, German "Gothic" style armor, (and so is my dragon!)
dingFAching - 2 days ago
@Dan Peterson Sorry, your're right, i meant 14th century, or the 1300's
Dan Peterson
Dan Peterson - 2 days ago
@dingFAching You are right that it looks odd with just fully armored knights in the scene, and not lighter armored men, but they are definitely NOT "13th Century"as full plate harnesses like they were not invented yet, (I think you meant late 1300's, as '13th century' means up to 1299 and this armor was still predominately mail and barrel shaped great helms.
dingFAching - 2 days ago
That is 13th century armor of knights and the nobility. There would be plenty of men at arms, pikemen and archers with less armor, but it looks pretty on point to me if they're only showing the knights fighting each other in the trailer.
Daniel Vestholm
Daniel Vestholm - 5 days ago
That thumbnail 💦💦💦💦💦
Jason Cowley
Jason Cowley - 5 days ago
Fire whoever thought cosplay armour used in the late medieval period was a good idea, it isn't and it's embarrassing.
The rest looked okay.
Jason Cowley
Jason Cowley - 5 days ago
Fire whoever thought cosplay armour used in the late medieval period was a good idea, it isn't and it's embarrassing.
The rest looked okay.
4leks11 - 5 days ago
And they still can't get armor looking like it should be..
Pedro Rodrigues
Pedro Rodrigues - 5 days ago
All hail Paul Muad’Dib
Kevin Reardon
Kevin Reardon - 5 days ago
I heard the armor was garbage. It sure is. It looks like it was made from plastic. Oh, it was.
John Trowbridge
John Trowbridge - 5 days ago
Can't wait until they make him fat
Pelopen3bc - 4 days ago
Henry V wasn't fat, even up until his death. Sources describe him as "lean". Are you thinking of another Henry? The 8th perhaps?
Jay Morgan
Jay Morgan - 5 days ago
Where's the facial scar? Why's the armour a joke?
Jay Morgan
Jay Morgan - 3 days ago
@Henry Huntingdon Hope he has the scar. The arrow to the face, and how they got it out, is really interesting. As for the armour, did you watch the trailer? It's not historical for the time, some of it is not historical for any time. From what I've seen I don't think it's as bad as The Last Kingdom though. Hopefully it'll be good.
Jason Cone
Jason Cone - 5 days ago
Looks good, but man, that anachronistic armor is distracting. With all the money and attention they put into costumes and such you'd think they'd be able to portray period-appropriate armor that fits and is worn correctly. Almost no shows/movies get this right, though, even when they're focused on a historical period/subject. Weird. I'm sure the directors/producers are like "it isn't a documentary," but c'mon, is it that hard to open a book or run a search and find out what the period's armor looks like and how it was worn?
Jason Cone
Jason Cone - 3 days ago
@Henry Huntingdon In a nutshell, it's not correct for the period (or any single period), which is early 15th century. It's a weird mix of armor from different periods and probably stuff the costume designer dreamed up or just thought looked "cool." The Dauphin's armor is really ridiculous (which is weird, since he's a main character). King Henry (probably THE main character) is shown wearing armor that doesn't even fit (e.g., that shot of him wearing a huge, ill-fitting breastplate), and wearing mail with no aketon or padding. Other characters are wearing mail coifs over their heads with no padding -- no one would do that. It renders a mail coif almost useless, and would also be terribly uncomfortable. Many characters aren't wearing any sort of helmet at all in battle. If there's one piece of armor even common soldiers wore, it's a helmet. I know this complaint will go nowhere, but things like this "take me out of the movie" when I see them, especially when it's supposed to be a movie based on historical event or historical period. It's like watching a WWII movie and seeing that they gave one of the actors an M16 or a SAW.
51Saffron - 5 days ago
Some people need to take a history lesson about Europe. This is about Henry V. It has been done by Shakespeare and with Kenneth Branaugh. Educate ourselves, it is not like Game of Thrones LOL.
Michael Pelot
Michael Pelot - 4 days ago
My queen
Paweł Andonis Gawralidis Dobrzański herbu Leliwa.
Wow this armor looks cool for a 1460s armor
Pelopen3bc - 4 days ago
@Paweł Andonis Gawralidis Dobrzański herbu Leliwa. While I agree it's not as bad as some, the 1944 movie on the same subject did a _much_ better job of the main characters' armour, and that movie had a stifled budget and access to metal due to war restrictions. That's saying something.
Paweł Andonis Gawralidis Dobrzański herbu Leliwa.
@Pelopen3bc its still a step in the right direction if you compare it to the Vikings where anglosaxons wore chineese armor and 17th century helmets
Pelopen3bc - 4 days ago
@Paweł Andonis Gawralidis Dobrzański herbu Leliwa. This is true haha and that's a bit of a problem.
Ricardo Cruz
Ricardo Cruz - 5 days ago
1:26 battle of the bastards reference?
Kane Ward
Kane Ward - Day ago
@Ricardo Cruz Ah i see. Could be right dude... Stick that scene in the trailer and pull in all those GoT fans - £££
Ricardo Cruz
Ricardo Cruz - Day ago
@Kane Ward I know man, I'm not talking about the medieval warfare itself... I'm talking about the shot that I've marked, it's the same angle, the same situation (a man in the middle of the fight being sufocated by the battle), also the colors are pretty similar! It's absurdly similar, it can't be coincidence, there's no such thing in cinematography.
Kane Ward
Kane Ward - 4 days ago
It's the Battle of Agincourt... Ya'know, like the real battle that the film is about... That's just what medieval warfare was like. Why would it be a reference to GoT ??
Vivek Shiuram
Vivek Shiuram - 6 days ago
Where can i download this movie?
riheg - 6 days ago
Why is all the armor wrong? Is it fantasy or historic? Is it a tell that the story will be a steaming pile of cliches too?
7dayspking - Day ago
@Duke William mate your comments are missing. Just a warning, I know youtube doesn't normally update you on that. Not sure why they were removed but I can't see them either way.
7dayspking - Day ago
@Justin Smith Hollywood has produced far more accurate films than this, not to mention this isn't even hollywood. Consistently you see big budget films create a reasonably authentic feeling when set in or after the 18th century, despite how expensive and extravagant sets, costumes and props from that time period definitely can be. When it comes to the medieval period they're, consistently they're nowhere close to anything related to this period. You always see elements from far earlier and far later melded together with mad max and Conan like fantasy.
7dayspking - Day ago
@Duke William You came here specifically to party?
Justin Smith
Justin Smith - Day ago
@7dayspking he's not saying that it has taken be a documentary he's saying it's the closest thing to accuracy you'll get from Hollywood if you think Hollywood is going to accurate then your in the wrong place
Justin Smith
Justin Smith - Day ago
@7dayspking Yeah your proving his point still
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez - 6 days ago
Pattinson actually does look like old English royalty
Heero6 - 3 days ago
except he's playing the french crown prince
Soearadiri Movie
Soearadiri Movie - 6 days ago
Hate Gary Oldman so much cause he or whoever it is decided to release Darkest hour in 2017 so everyone in AMPAS was like, "we couldn't missed Gary Oldman again this time", and like "this great young actor can wait for his"
Bela Luna
Bela Luna - 6 days ago
Teaser 3M views
This show is gonna be goo00ooo0d
Barış Onur Baykal
Barış Onur Baykal - 6 days ago
*cough*.. Medieval 2 Total War.. *cough*
Howy Howitzer
Howy Howitzer - 6 days ago
I see they've figured out trebuchets + Shakespeare = all age groups ...well done Outlaw King was the test.. now more trebuchets will be the trial
51Saffron - 6 days ago
Henry V. Seen the one with Kenneth Branaugh
Joe Bryant
Joe Bryant - 2 days ago
Try the one with Laurence Olivier too.
Miguel Arceo
Miguel Arceo - 6 days ago
What is up with Netflix making the best movies?
Joe Bryant
Joe Bryant - 2 days ago
You've seen this?
Lasse - 6 days ago
Time to reinstall Total War with the 1212AD Mod.
Gaia Colasante
Gaia Colasante - 7 days ago
I want the second trailer!! 😖😖
kal-el - 7 days ago
Joe Bryant
Joe Bryant - 2 days ago
Yes, there's music.
Ara Boven
Ara Boven - 7 days ago
Pretty sure I'm on team Edward now
Nightingale21 - 7 days ago
pretty sure that kind of armour wasn't invented yet, but okay
good vibes
good vibes - 7 days ago
Make him robin
meme lord
meme lord - 8 days ago
Hopefully this time Netflix produces some actual kino instead of the usual shit
knights of NI
knights of NI - 8 days ago
Will there be the mandatory inclusion of overseas extras in this one as well?
john gullickson
john gullickson - 8 days ago
Literally was reading up on the Battle of Agincourt and now I discover this.. amazing.
godscop99 - 6 days ago
john gullickson If you’ve not already read them, I’d recommend Agincourt by Juliet Barker, and the accompanying book Conquest which I thought was even better. Both fantastically researched and written, she certainly knows her period.
ArtemiusTGM - 8 days ago
Wow! I'm getting g outlaw king vibes and that was a masterpiece! Love the medieval genre!
Michael Cote
Michael Cote - 8 days ago
I am surprised they did not put some transgender knight in this movie.
Michael Cote
Michael Cote - 8 days ago
All I know is I want to see Henry the V get shot in the face with an arrow and see how they removed the arrow to see if they do it correctly.
THE GOVERNOR - 9 days ago
Looks awesome more films like this would be awesome
123Dance - 9 days ago
Oh my God his voice
amy mairead
amy mairead - 9 days ago
imma watch this just for timotheé
Beth Ní Dhúbhghaill
Beth Ní Dhúbhghaill - 9 days ago
It sounds so different to the original. The description says that Henry IV started the war and now Hal has to finish it. As opposed to Hal getting annoyed over some tennis balls. Also, is Robert Pattinson playing Falstaff!??
Beth Ní Dhúbhghaill
Beth Ní Dhúbhghaill - 18 hours ago
Joe Bryant that’s why I was surprised and kind of excited, it would be so out of character for him.
Joe Bryant
Joe Bryant - 18 hours ago
@Beth Ní Dhúbhghaill Yup, Dolphin. I don't speak French. Falstaff is a fat greasy alcoholic - not really in Pattinson's playbook.
Beth Ní Dhúbhghaill
Beth Ní Dhúbhghaill - 19 hours ago
I’m gonna assume you meant the Dauphin, in which case that’s cool but I’d have liked to have seen his falstaff
Joe Bryant
Joe Bryant - 2 days ago
Pattinson is playing the Dolphin.
Suzie Blue
Suzie Blue - 10 days ago
Well done Joel Edgerton and David Michod.
Joey Wang
Joey Wang - 10 days ago
TC is no Henry V, if we are to believe Shakespeare. A theatre director with whom I collaborated was blacklisted by a famous festival for having had the temerity of casting a slender brunette actor in the part. Ha-ha. RP as the Dauphin is another inside-outside bit of casting. Who directed this gloomy thing?
Wundabar Klaus
Wundabar Klaus - 10 days ago
This is right after an Extra History series on Henry V's role in the 100 years war! Man I'm excited! People who're going to watch this should check the mini series Extra History did on him, it's all cartoon and narration and it's about probably 40 mins and total, it's funny and VERY informative.
WildwoodClaire1 - 11 days ago
Where is the massive, grotesque scar Henry V would no doubt have exhibited after he was wounded by an arrow in the face at the Battle of Shrewsbury when he was 16 years of age?
GuardianSoulBlade - 5 days ago
Maybe they'll show it for the movie, you know, for drama!
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