J.Y. Park "꽉 잡은 이 손(This small hand)" M/V

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Nur Cahaya
Nur Cahaya - 4 days ago
Beautiful song and beautiful lyrics...as a daughter I now know about my father feeling through this song...and not too late to say congratulation to you and your wife for this newborn baby (I currently watching episode 60&61 All The Butlers)...feeling good if I have a leader like you...
Jan Lim
Jan Lim - 9 days ago
This is such a beautifully written song. It brought tears to my eyes. Reminds me of my late father. Thank you J.Y. Park for this Song.
søt tristhet
søt tristhet - 13 days ago
y me preguntan porque solo apoyo a JYP!!! es el mejor CEO de las 3 big!!
ya me lo imagine bailando esta canción con su hija cuando sea grande! hermoso 💕
Ara Bica
Ara Bica - 14 days ago
Beautiful song.. 💕💕💕
Me vs My Friend
Me vs My Friend - 16 days ago
i will always stan to jyp ☺. Godbless always to you and i wish to you have a long life .
JEONGEUN LEE - 17 days ago
진영 오빠~ 늦었지만 아기 아빠 되신 거 정말 축하드려요. 멀리 시카고에서도 늘 응원할까요. 집사부에서 정말 많은 깨달음 얻었답니다. 그 모든 걸 나눠주셔서 너무 감사해요~
강지명 - 17 days ago
딸한테 노래도 만들어주는 진정한 스윗남..♡
AcroBlaze - 19 days ago
Cinthia Varguez
Cinthia Varguez - 22 days ago
gyu:3 - 23 days ago
I'm missing both of my parents. Listening to this song makes me cry even more. I'm they type of person that is hard to express my feeling. I know my dad love me, take care of me, give me everything I want but it is hard for me to express my gratitute towards him. 😭😭😭 anyway, I love my mom and dad for being supportive towards everything I did 😭😭
Aurelia Deliar
Aurelia Deliar - 24 days ago
I still crying when i listen this music..
yelinè halebe
yelinè halebe - 25 days ago
Faith Ryuzaki
Faith Ryuzaki - 27 days ago
Park Jin-Young. You didn't have to make me cry so hard in the start man. 😭
Akemi Schamber
Akemi Schamber - 27 days ago
Ayesha Ahmed
Ayesha Ahmed - 28 days ago
girl talk
girl talk - 29 days ago
This is so beautiful i tear up everytime I listen to it
willow the wiener dog
willow the wiener dog - 29 days ago
This made me cry and smile I love this so much it sucks I know how Alzheimers get the one you love the most doesn't recognize you when you want to hug them an call them your dad or any relative name or honey they don't recognize you and it break your heart you can't take it an burst in tears because you know they can't help it but you just wish you could they could love their granddaughter but don't know to process everything, but this song was so touching and your girl is so beautiful
Debjani Nath
Debjani Nath - Month ago
So heart touching ❤❤
Rosângela Makiano
Rosângela Makiano - Month ago
Linda canção 😍😍😍😍😍😢😢😢
STAY ONCE - Month ago
Maria de Light
Maria de Light - Month ago
Blue Sky
Blue Sky - Month ago
How sweet!! ❤️❤️❤️
i love suffering
i love suffering - Month ago
He wrote an entire song dedicated to his daughter.

brb crying
Tia N.
Tia N. - Month ago
Thank you for the good song.
Siti Anissha Ahmad Subari
2019 song that bring me to tears.
Valerie Perin
Valerie Perin - Month ago
Btw im here after eurovision. 🇵🇭
Official Emree
Official Emree - Month ago
Milagritos HR
Milagritos HR - Month ago
Intenté no llorar, pero es inevitable😢😢😢😢... que hermoso vídeo, de verdad que esto merece mucho... Una excelente introducción dedicada a sus padres y la composición hacía su pequeñita, HERMOSO😍 BRAVO👏
Candy Chan
Candy Chan - Month ago
JYP!!Your daughter must be touch after watching this video💛
k朔躍 - Month ago
pumpedup boi
pumpedup boi - Month ago
Jyp is the only ceo (out of the big 3, as far as i see) who really opens up about his life especially his hobby(basket ball),his pets, his singing talent , almost everything but doesn't spill out his privacy too much. Kudos to jyp
Sonia Pothang
Sonia Pothang - Month ago
lanly101 - Month ago
I’m glad you were able to get that special moment with your dad.
chill bro
chill bro - Month ago
Bran Lam
Bran Lam - Month ago
You and your music always make me think even I'm listening and savoring your songs, this is the reason I auditioned only for JYPE. I now too have my own daughter, I feel you more so. Happy fatherhood Big bro. I have no doubts you're one of da best dads on this planet~
TRX JB - Month ago
Until you let go of this hand holding me tight
I’ll be by your side
So run and dream as much as you want my baby
Because everytime you fall Im here
I know one day you’ll let go this hand and fly away
But if the world ever makes you fall
Never forget you have a place to come back

Everytime I read this lyrics I got goosebump
백아 - Month ago
늦었지만 축하드립니다.
AnkoMitarashi -
AnkoMitarashi - - Month ago
Congratulations on your daughter JYP - I hope she grows up happily and achieves whatever she wants from life.

And I'm sorry about your father's illness. One of my grandfathers also suffered from Alzheimer's and my father died of stage 4 cancer around 6 years ago when I was 21. Watching somebody go through such a hard time like that is indescribably heartbreaking.
Melissa Rodriguez
Melissa Rodriguez - Month ago
😭😍 :')
Fandoms 4 Life
Fandoms 4 Life - Month ago
Is this JYP singing!?
Fandoms 4 Life
Fandoms 4 Life - Month ago
SahanD ok!!.....thank you!!!
SahanD - Month ago
Yup...check out his ballads...they're so good!! His infamous half air half sound technique shines the best in his slow songs!!
Brownsugar M
Brownsugar M - Month ago
She shares the same birthday with my daddy. Congratulations 🎉 JYP. May all your dreams come true. God bless you and your family! Keep your head up and keep faith. Your dad will never forget your loving kindness ❤️. 😘
Rin Irsyarasyid
Rin Irsyarasyid - Month ago
Let the legacy of JYP continue
Rin Irsyarasyid
Rin Irsyarasyid - Month ago
Imagine, 30 years from now JYP's daughter is gonna get married and the artists of JYP all wanna sing for her in her wedding g.o.d opened up the stage with their amazing songs being 80s and 70s at the time, 2PM in their 60s with former wonder girls, Rain also came, GOT7 and Twice, Stray Kids, Itzy, Day6 and many other groups probably is not active anymore and they came to the wedding and being united in their 50s. This is a sad thought yet very happy
Rin Irsyarasyid
Rin Irsyarasyid - Month ago
This is why the artists all love their boss so much, and respect him very much
림자 - Month ago
😭😭😭왤케 슬퍼 ㅜㅜ
サナsana - Month ago
very good!
MIN Byun
MIN Byun - Month ago
I like it
유튜브노래 가사 써주는 스폰지밥
박진영 자기도 인상찌푸리면서 인상찌푸리는 이유는 발성이잘못되 있는 거라고 짖거리는데 자기는 노래 처불를 때 인상 젖빠지게 찌푸리네 너도 씨발놈아 발성 꽝이야 젖빠진꼬추새끼야!!!!!!!
라이더사브작 - Month ago
너무 감동적이에요 ! 멋져요!!!
ad hrdd
ad hrdd - Month ago
Its a beautiful song. Why everyone still compare to another company or even make a hate comment? im crying listen and read the lyric, bcoz i still have heart :")
장태양 - Month ago
진영이 삼쫀 제가 크리스 브라운 만큼 춤 잘춰요 ㅠㅡㅠ 춤좀갈쳐주세요 힝..
Fadia Hamwi
Fadia Hamwi - Month ago
This is so nice and touching, congrats jyp for the new born.
This song reminds me if the style of songs he sang and ither jyp artists in dream high
HINA_ KIM - Month ago
Oooh no
Abyy Lucero
Abyy Lucero - Month ago
I was born on january 25 wooow😘😂
Hemo Exol
Hemo Exol - Month ago
😭😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜I can't stop crying but it's feels good
Jessica Lim
Jessica Lim - Month ago
What a beautiful song
bububuta - Month ago
alma garza
alma garza - Month ago
Sin importar el idioma, la buena música es capaz de tocar los corazones, es una hermosa melodía. Estoy literalmente llorando. 👏❤
増田義憲 - Month ago
Ayhem J
Ayhem J - Month ago
Wahhh I’m crying!!!
Ayhem J
Ayhem J - Month ago
All artists and I think actors in JYP, you chose the right company! I should be a trainee in JYP
olab v
olab v - Month ago
Yo no estoy llorando tu lo estas
Sylveonstar 17
Sylveonstar 17 - Month ago
What drama is this from?
Seriously though this is so sweet!
Sylveonstar 17
Sylveonstar 17 - Month ago
+Stephanie Lee lol i know
시간떼우기 - Month ago
박진영씨 속이 참 따뜻한 분이 신거 같습니다
Hamstrings - Month ago
My eyes are *wet*
mdaffa prayoga
mdaffa prayoga - Month ago
Siapa yang naroh bawang disini? 😢
is playss
is playss - Month ago
i cryed i hope my dad sing this for me .....
Tammy - Month ago
Omg I didn't know that he had such a beautiful voice till now 😍
Alia Azmi
Alia Azmi - Month ago
I couldn't wait to watch his baby grown up and running around the company with all her brother and sister in JYPE.. Like seriously she is the real princess there
Enlightened Sista
Enlightened Sista - Month ago
To the 282 people that gave a thumbs down to this video YOU'RE A HATER. Like seriously who would dislike a song like this. Its so beautiful!!
Dani Rul
Dani Rul - Month ago
Jyp amazing men.. always smile for everybody with sincere heart.. he always give everybody hope for dream.😘😘😘
His daughter veryyyyy lucky have father like him.lovely father.. funny father and very good father....... Pray for their happiness 👍👍👍👍
Meyke Konay
Meyke Konay - 2 months ago
Wonho's Ramyun
Wonho's Ramyun - 2 months ago
To everyone who thinks that their parents are annoying for nagging or telling you to stop something or even forbid you to go somewhere and you feel like hating them, don’t they have their reasons to do that and it happens because they are worried about you, the world is not a nice place, not all people are nice, most of them are really mean or even evil and would hurt you without thinking twice!
As someone who lost both parents, I can tell you, spend as much time with them, say you love them, help with the chores, show them you care, because you can literally lose them at any time, it can be today, tomorrow, in a week or month or a few years, you never know! And trust me, I loved my parents and I did everything i could to show them and tell them, but even I did this, there are tons of things I regret not saying or not doing and I don’t have the chance to do/say it to them, don’t let that happen to you! There won’t be a second chance! Go now, tell your parents you love them! Hug them, give them a kiss on their cheek, just show them every day how much they mean to you, because they show it to you every day, even though you might not realize it, but they go to work mainly for you, even they don’t have much they give you the most of it, your mom cooking a meal for you, doing your laundry etc just look what your parents do for you! Never curse at them, be respectful and polite, don’t get angry if something doesn’t go your way, they don’t do it to harm you!
Except they beat you up or do other disgusting things.
But if they are normal loving parents, show them respect and show them that you love them!
Believe me, you don’t want to regret a thing, when they are gone or don’t remember you anymore. Not everyone gets this miracle JYP and his dad got. Most of us don’t get this second chance.
SKZ Memelix
SKZ Memelix - 2 months ago
He showed a video of his baby to his father and he said "She's so adorable and looks like a special girl" I'm crying-
Sarah parkbum
Sarah parkbum - 2 months ago
Love it so much 😭😭😭 that's why I love jypbd -nim since i saw him in dream high he have a warm heart even though he look cold from the inside just like our jaebeomie ❤😭
Bd-nim ur father must be so proud of u and your daughter will be too she's lucky ❤❤
킬지 - 2 months ago
좋은 아빠가 되길 바래요 jyp 저는 아들로써 이노래의 인트로가 정말 마음에 와닿네요
Quen Quen
Quen Quen - 2 months ago
lACONCHA DETUVIEJA - 2 months ago
Byung Rang Hwang
Byung Rang Hwang - 2 months ago
Baby girl
God bless baby and family
cutie pie fluffy cat
cutie pie fluffy cat - 2 months ago
His voice is so angelic i can't this is my new lullaby don't judge me i know miracle is your lullaby i just know it
Yumi Kim
Yumi Kim - 2 months ago
아빠 되신거 축하드려요! 저도 아이의 엄마가 되고 나서야 제가 받은 사랑이 얼마나 큰지를 뼈저리게 느끼네요. 하루하루 딸아이가 자라는 걸 보면서 남은 인생 기쁘게 사시길 바래요~
Kareem H.
Kareem H. - 2 months ago
JYP still has his skills. Please take care of your team/talent just as well as your baby. we wish you all the best.
윤기 - 2 months ago
나중에 박진영 딸이 커서 이거보고 울 듯
João Fernandes
João Fernandes - 2 months ago
só a musiquinha né velho
Jasmen Curato
Jasmen Curato - 2 months ago
omg, i literally cried because of the lyrics.
Joseph Jovencio Valerio III
JYP, fighting!
Bella Garette
Bella Garette - 2 months ago
I cried so badly.. I think of my parents when I hear this song...
Spindix Spins
Spindix Spins - 2 months ago
When I heard this Song, I burst out in tears. It brought me back memories that I will never forget until I die. I loved the song. 😭😭❤️❤️
estudios compartidos
estudios compartidos - 2 months ago
Es una hermosa canción, gracias JYP por brindarnos tu talento y descubrir nuevos, y que con estas canciones se reconforta el alma
Ana LoVi
Ana LoVi - 2 months ago
*Oq aconteceu??*
Seungkwan's Kimbap
Seungkwan's Kimbap - 2 months ago
Congratulations JYP you probably feel more on top of the world now than any other musical success in your life im so happy for you take care!
陳彤昕 - 2 months ago
kyung fie
kyung fie - 2 months ago
I just can't wait to see his daughter grow up :')
Shu Zah
Shu Zah - 2 months ago
Hope.. one day Park Jin Young and his baby join TROS programme
Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken - 2 months ago
imagine 20 years from now she'll be listening to this and crying
Bangtanfluffz ness
Bangtanfluffz ness - 2 months ago
Hearing this song make me miss my family even more:'(
gummy yoongi
gummy yoongi - 2 months ago
This is so sweet he's a really good dad 😩💖
alyyakkk - 2 months ago
kpop addict
kpop addict - 2 months ago
Yah can you stop cutting onions 😭😭😭this is just beautiful
Gamingnerd19 Emonerd
Gamingnerd19 Emonerd - 2 months ago
I’m not crying
My eyes are just really sweaty
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