J.Y. Park "꽉 잡은 이 손(This small hand)" M/V

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Bella Garette
Bella Garette - 51 минуту назад
I cried so badly.. I think of my parents when I hear this song...
Spindix Spins
Spindix Spins - 5 часов назад
When I heard this Song, I burst out in tears. It brought me back memories that I will never forget until I die. I loved the song. 😭😭❤️❤️
estudios compartidos
estudios compartidos - 6 часов назад
Es una hermosa canción, gracias JYP por brindarnos tu talento y descubrir nuevos, y que con estas canciones se reconforta el alma
Ana LoVi
Ana LoVi - 14 часов назад
*Oq aconteceu??*
Seungkwan's Kimbap
Seungkwan's Kimbap - 17 часов назад
Congratulations JYP you probably feel more on top of the world now than any other musical success in your life im so happy for you take care!
陳彤昕 - 19 часов назад
kyung fie
kyung fie - 20 часов назад
I just can't wait to see his daughter grow up :')
Shu Zah
Shu Zah - 22 часа назад
Hope.. one day Park Jin Young and his baby join TROS programme
Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken - День назад
imagine 20 years from now she'll be listening to this and crying
Bangtanfluffz ness
Bangtanfluffz ness - День назад
Hearing this song make me miss my family even more:'(
gummy yoongi
gummy yoongi - День назад
This is so sweet he's a really good dad 😩💖
alyyakkk - День назад
Althea De lacal
Althea De lacal - День назад
Yah can you stop cutting onions 😭😭😭this is just beautiful
Akari Chu
Akari Chu - День назад
_This is too emotional for me_ 😭
Gamingnerd19 Emonerd
Gamingnerd19 Emonerd - День назад
I’m not crying
My eyes are just really sweaty
YTVham'25 - День назад
This is why dad is called 'hero' for his daughter. This song make every daughter realize and proud of her father, and JYP was telling the true love of father to daughter. It is a beautiful song, thank you JYP 💞
theconnister - День назад
this is so sweet
nur shahira
nur shahira - День назад
tthis is the sweetest mv ever
Amina DLAL
Amina DLAL - День назад
Gosh JYP is just a legend
this song is sooo honest and pure, i coudn't hold y tears
sooo sooo touhing
แบม แบม
แบม แบม - День назад
Joyce Nabatanzi
Joyce Nabatanzi - День назад
This is exactly why jyp is the best of the big 3
jeno niyoyo
jeno niyoyo - 2 дня назад
Who's your mama?
-지안 - 2 дня назад
헐 감동... 박진영 다시 봣다
Chyntiavy Wijaya
Chyntiavy Wijaya - 2 дня назад
Congratulation Mr.JYP wish you and your family all the best
someone that stans lots of ppl
someone that stans lots of ppl - 2 дня назад
ᄉᄋᄉ - 2 дня назад
진짜 볼때마다 내가 좋아하는 그룹 사장님보다는 그냥 좋은 사람같다
예전에 피아노 발로 치는걸 봤을땐 그냥 웃겨보였는데 요즘은 한아이의 아빠이자 좋은 사장님, 좋은 아들인거같다
앞으로도 계속 응원할게요
ONCE SONE - 2 дня назад
My daughter is born last year (her name is Mina 💕) and this song is so much what I feel... I want to be here for her, all the time, each time she needs me, her whole life. And its hurts cause I'm so afraid to miss something, or even not being able too one day? Being a mom is the most precious thing I have, bringing so much joy but so much fear too!
Sometimes I realize how much I love her and once again I'm terrified, I can even panic for 2 sec cause I realize how this love could hurt me...
Thanks JYP for this song 💕👍
ARMG_ 2013
ARMG_ 2013 - 2 дня назад
Ays Chou
Ays Chou - 2 дня назад
A loving and true father, I salute you❤❤
renoir 97
renoir 97 - 2 дня назад
I come here after Bang Chan recommends this beautiful song for us and WOW I CANT HOLD MY TEARS FOR REAL.. THE LYRICS OMG ITS SO BEAUTIFUL AND TOUCHING😭
congrats on your baby girl Mr. jyp!!!
Nohelia Mendoxa
Nohelia Mendoxa - 2 дня назад
Esto es muy lindo de verdad
장인혁 - 2 дня назад
박진영대표님 축하드려요
陳琨元 - 2 дня назад
Best father 😭😭😭😭
STᅢ시 - 2 дня назад
Sooo beautiful and full of emotion. I wish you and your beautiful family good health and long life. Cherish every moment 🥂💜
Nabil Husain
Nabil Husain - 2 дня назад
Hindi subtitles wth?
나누 - 2 дня назад
3.8빠. ..................😅
メッシ笑スーパー - 2 дня назад
Ysabella Kadyja
Ysabella Kadyja - 2 дня назад
Oh i cried!he's so cute!💚
Pam M
Pam M - 2 дня назад
I thank bangchan for recommending this song ;nnnn;
DARK ANGEL - 2 дня назад
thank you to add the Arabic subtitles
Happy Man
Happy Man - 2 дня назад
I assume, JYP treats his artists as sons and daughters, just because of his father's influence, deep influence.
This beautiful thing shall pass to his new born daughter, and really look forward a fabulous girl comes on stage after 16 years from now, I think?
Thumbs up!
sad boof
sad boof - 2 дня назад
I Stan Dorks
I Stan Dorks - 3 дня назад
Btw who’s JYP’s wife?
Nahdzan Izman Shasudin
Nahdzan Izman Shasudin - 3 дня назад
팸장오너인데욥 - 3 дня назад
Choi Otter
Choi Otter - 3 дня назад
JYP is making me cry😭
Annasuke16 - 3 дня назад
This makes me really miss my parents now. I’m pretty sure they would say something just like this to me.
mae - 3 дня назад
genius otter
genius otter - 3 дня назад
Her daughter will be the precious maknae in the company.
VEGA PK - 3 дня назад
ELL B - 3 дня назад
ODASIO DA - 4 дня назад
프리메이슨 will die.
잘가. 프리메이슨. 너흰 모두 죽게 될꺼야.
개쓰래기 같은 그림자 정부.
MijAdrian - 4 дня назад
Mahgahsh jyp im crying. 😢😭
Ahmad Idzham
Ahmad Idzham - 4 дня назад
This mv shouldn't get any dislikes... Who dislikes this mv are really doesn't have heart
Xerl Tomaro
Xerl Tomaro - 4 дня назад
Wow I got a blackpink add before this video
Planet of Happy
Planet of Happy - 4 дня назад
You are the best❤️
Frenz Garcia
Frenz Garcia - 4 дня назад
My eyes are watering 😭i hate you jinyoung park
Rebecca Chan
Rebecca Chan - 4 дня назад
I need tissue :'(
Nguyên Phương Bùi Thị
Nguyên Phương Bùi Thị - 4 дня назад
I love it
조두순출소까지1년. 출소반대합니다!
행복하게 사시길 항상 빕니다
Michelle Dimas
Michelle Dimas - 4 дня назад
Realmente una hermosa cancion 😭😭😭💚💚💚💚
Me hizo llorar
No se por que no ha llegado a 1 millon de vistas
jo Yuristanarea
jo Yuristanarea - 4 дня назад
Cry mode on
The KPOPgurl
The KPOPgurl - 4 дня назад
Jyp is such an amazing person
Sheila Gnecco
Sheila Gnecco - 4 дня назад
J.Y.Park las letras de su canción han sido las más hermosas que he podido escuchar, si bien yo no soy coreana y tampoco hablo su idioma dejeme decirle que he sentido por primera vez que sabia a la perfección lo que usted estaba tratando de trasmitir con su música y eso fue aun más conmovedor que lo que usted nos había contado desde el principio del vídeo. Lo felicito por la hermosa bebé que usted tiene y espero que pueda crecer sana y sin ninguna preocupación... Díos quiera y le otorgue una hermosa vos como la que usted posee, dicho eso me despido con un cordial saludo.
Con amor de una conmovida fan ❤❤❤
Daiana Benitez
Daiana Benitez - 4 дня назад
Esto es tan lindoo. 😢😢😢 lloro las veces que lo escucho.
Kim SooHee
Kim SooHee - 4 дня назад
jacksuwun uwang
jacksuwun uwang - 4 дня назад
jyp radiates big dad energy
mwa. ps
mwa. ps - 4 дня назад
This soo cute and adorable❤❤
Omg there is an arabic sub❤💚❤❤💚
lixdae - 4 дня назад
jyp it's the best
The Cardcaptress
The Cardcaptress - 4 дня назад
Jyp cutting organic onions
Cristina Portuesi
Cristina Portuesi - 4 дня назад
THIS IS SO CUTE 항상 좋은 음악을 줘서 고마워요 ... 늘 진실된 모습으로 있어줘서 고마워요!
Aimy Candy
Aimy Candy - 4 дня назад
Honestly this is just pure and sweet 💛
M C - 4 дня назад
This is precious
Yngrid Karina Gómez Guardia
Yngrid Karina Gómez Guardia - 4 дня назад
I couldn't bear the desire to cry TnT
캐인김 - 4 дня назад
Not try to ruin the mood but JYP daughter probably will be living y/n life
Ysabel Ávila
Ysabel Ávila - 4 дня назад
Aww...JYP so cute❤❤
Nayla Anindya
Nayla Anindya - 4 дня назад
Yo guys, his baby is the maknae-est (if you kno what i mean)
limt.y. - 4 дня назад
이 노래 듣고 울뻔했습니다..
노래가 너무 좋은거같고 가사의 뜻을 이해하며 들으니 더욱 슬프네요... jyp님 앞으로 건강하시고 행복하시길바랍니다!!
Minh Mino
Minh Mino - 4 дня назад
Hay lắm ạ !! Rất hay và ý nghĩa !!
Ptrc Salim
Ptrc Salim - 4 дня назад
So sweet😭😭😭😍😍😍
otaku fujoshi !
otaku fujoshi ! - 4 дня назад
Zeb Vwj9
Zeb Vwj9 - 4 дня назад
Zeb Vwj9
Zeb Vwj9 - 4 дня назад
Jeubuni Wangpupi
Jeubuni Wangpupi - 4 дня назад
Exo is A life Sehun is a love
Exo is A life Sehun is a love - 4 дня назад
JYP ent is my most favorite Entertainment ever because of him he is so kind to his artist I wish my idols company is good as him😢 I already miss Lee Soo Man he is also kind Towards his artist before but now when the ceo changes all was change it become horrible
Thank for producing this good song i cried for its good meaning...😢 we really love it thank you for this dedication..
LoLa Chan
LoLa Chan - 4 дня назад
This is so cute omg uwuwuwuwuwuwu
Paulyn Marquez
Paulyn Marquez - 4 дня назад
Thank you JYP for this beautiful song 😭❤
Erika Cao
Erika Cao - 4 дня назад
Him and his family deserve ALL the love in the world. We love you, JYP💜💜💜
ohits sophia
ohits sophia - 4 дня назад
JYP deserves the best father award
Yosia Gaming
Yosia Gaming - 4 дня назад
Indo sub!!!
Jhoss Echegaray
Jhoss Echegaray - 4 дня назад
Who's crying?
Yes, you are... 😭😭😭
Christel Ligan
Christel Ligan - 4 дня назад
what a nice song 😍😍😍
Chul Gim
Chul Gim - 5 дней назад
적당히해라 떡고야 ㅎㅎ 유희열도 노래낸이 잇지만 이정도로 뮤비에 돈처바르며 개오바하는건 첨보네 ㅎ 양군도 딸래미 자랑 저정도론 안햇다 ㅋㅋ 마누라가세월호 유머시기 조카딸
보라 한
보라 한 - 5 дней назад
you are showing that you are different person, It's amazing. True love..that I can see from you. YOU'RE REALLY CHOSEN PERSON FROM GOD
gss wht idgag
gss wht idgag - 5 дней назад
I was crying while watching the whole video, JYP is such a good father and good son, while watching this I realized that I should spend my time thanking my parents for all that they've done to me before it was too late. THANK YOU FOR CREATING YOUR ARTIST AS GOOD AS YOU, YOU TRULY ARE A GREAT PERSON.

Hands up if you stan JYP nation without leaving any artist behind!
Second Daiki
Second Daiki - 5 дней назад
おめでとうございます🎉 これからも頑張ってください!いつか自分もあなたに会いに行きます。
정진숙 - 5 дней назад
박명로 장로님의 건강과 안식을 기원합니다
lynn l
lynn l - 5 дней назад
한국인 손👋
연이지용 - 5 дней назад
노래가사가 너무 감동적이예요 ㅠㅠ
Chili Pepper
Chili Pepper - 5 дней назад
oh my God, i didn't expect this. and now I am sitting at work during my lunch, crying so hard and completely ruining my make up.
JYP is the best. that's all i can say and i don't think that any more words are needed.
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