I'm Leaving CowChop

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marko maric
marko maric - 3 hours ago
Been watching you since you did Minecraft series and now gonna miss you, farewell and take well for your family.
Dosko - 20 hours ago
You haven't failed anyone, James. You've given all of us almost a decade of laughs and smiles. Nobody can ever take that away from us, or from me. We all love you, so much.
Thank you.
Mo Maan
Mo Maan - Day ago
I’m happy to hear this, I actually unsubed shortly after the move to L.A. because I felt cowchop was losing a focus. I loved the older videos because it felt like a lot of effort got put into them with the skits and surrounding context in each video. But after L.A. the videos felt very repetitive and on an assembly line. It’s my personal opinion, people seemed to really loved the videos still. So it’s my personal belief that it’s best to get as far away from LA as possible. I find it a toxic place
aleprbla - 2 days ago
I was 13 when I first started watch TC and now I'm 21. Thank you for all the laughs. I'm glad your doing what you want to do
Dana Bean
Dana Bean - 2 days ago
I have been watching you since I think I was 13 and I am now 21. You have given me countless laughs through the years and have always made me smile even when I had a terrible day. Love you, man. You do what you have to. Always!
Addicted X Joker
Addicted X Joker - 3 days ago
I was 10....Wondering and attempting to find something to do with my free time in a big plot of Land in Monroe GA. As I gander though YouTube 8 years ago I came across this man with a channel name Uberhaxnova....I would watch a video and another would show as I clicked on it and as time past I realized it had been hours I’ve say down laughing my little stomach out. I would subscribe as you played a Minecraft, Happy wheels, and other games I would enjoy every game you played. You’re a great man and have brought children to now adults many joy. Remember you’re still the best youtuber and every once in awhile I’ll type your username in just to make sure you’re still doing the best thing in the world....Yellin at a screen and staying home 😂. I am now almost 19....You’re the best.
Chad Buffenmyer
Chad Buffenmyer - 4 days ago
After the many years of watching this man, I have just figured out that he grew up in Lancaster PA where I have lived my whole life.
Yogurt Socks
Yogurt Socks - 4 days ago
I started watching you when I was 11, now im 46 time flies
xsuperduperspoonx - 5 days ago
you'll never have it again, man
Lizeth Gonzalez
Lizeth Gonzalez - 5 days ago
It’s wild a new chapter of your life started the same day I let the past go too, I didn’t realize till today but you do you man and I’ll do the same
SanserHD - 6 days ago
Watched you since is was 14 I am 25 now :)
Michael Pierrynowski
Michael Pierrynowski - 6 days ago
Its abit late but thanks for all those years of great content James! Ill always watch your content and have been for almost 8 to 9 years now! If you believe this is the best choice than me along with all your other great fans will back you up! Keep on trucking man! Your awesome.
Prehistoric Matt
Prehistoric Matt - 6 days ago
Too be honest I stopped watching when Aron Left.
Meandrous Phoenix
Meandrous Phoenix - 7 days ago
Oh how I laugh at this
Dakota Lawrence
Dakota Lawrence - 7 days ago
I miss you Jaaaaames
thekorv95 - 8 days ago
You're the man, you follow your heart, that makes you strong.
manuel tun
manuel tun - 8 days ago
From middle school to college jesus I support this man
chickenisbae 03
chickenisbae 03 - 8 days ago
i havent been active with you guys but have been a old fan since thecreatures and just realised that u left cowchop just wanted to thank you for everything james
Hyeon Sookie
Hyeon Sookie - 11 days ago
I can’t believe I’m only just now seeing this. You’ve been making me laugh since I was 14 and I’m 23 now. Don’t feel bad for putting your best interests first. It’s been an amazing journey.
Scar Toxix
Scar Toxix - 12 days ago
man I was like 8 when I first started watching you, I love rewatching your old videos, we all love you
Joe Dragon
Joe Dragon - 12 days ago
Dude you had the balls to do what you want to do in life, you've grown up bro. Ive been watching you for a awhile dude, in that time ive had 2 sons and my youngest watches your vids. And cant wait for your next project or whatever else you do. Cowchop is awsome but as i get older ive slowed down watching the jackass style vids. Stay solid dude!!! Gang gang fam!
J Rod
J Rod - 13 days ago
Hey, ive also recently moved to LA from NJ if youre up for it come hangout with me for a day ill show you why i decided to stay. 9082241299.
Newport Ave
Newport Ave - 13 days ago
Thank you for all the laughs nova I watched you all the time since I was in six grade. I loved tri-mountain Minecraft and all the happy wheels. Don’t even get me start about the G-mod videos
Toasty Terry
Toasty Terry - 13 days ago
Not to be gay bro but I'm gonna kiss your forehead. Thanks for all you've done, you have people who will follow you as far as you decide to walk even if your shit's kinda broken right now. But you know what I mean
princepunk - 13 days ago
Man, I don't blame you for not liking LA. I grew up in Amish Land, PA, too (Lancaster woo!), but moved to Baltimore and damn was it a huge adjustment. But going back home now it's all built up and it feels like no where is home.
If I ever see you back in the Amish Country, I'll get you a drink as a thanks for the laughs.
YouMadGirl - 13 days ago
Dude you used to be cool. If you could see how long I’ve been a subscriber. You became a full fledge pussy. LA broke you.
Rasinko - 3 days ago
YouMadGirl honestly
napkin666 - 14 days ago
you are the fucking goat james ive been watching since i was 9 and now im sixteen and i have been subscribed to you ever since. you brought me and others years of fun i love you man and i hope for the best ;)))
Akai Aokage
Akai Aokage - 14 days ago
you were my childhood, loved when you played minecraft and happy wheels, followed you and aleks ever since.
Logan New
Logan New - 14 days ago
The only failure here is forcing yourself to do something you didn't enjoy, do what you like man
The Rocking
The Rocking - 15 days ago
You haven't failed anything. You reached all of your goals and then-some, and now it's time for othersides of life. Thank you James.
Godzilla 62
Godzilla 62 - 15 days ago
Remember watching you guys back in 2014 on the creaturhub man how things have changed
DM Drums
DM Drums - 15 days ago
You haven't failed anybody

We love u nova😢😢😢😔😏☺
Geno Reap
Geno Reap - 15 days ago
I watched you all throughout high school, thanks for all the amazing videos and entertainment!!
Zac Reiley
Zac Reiley - 16 days ago
All about the money bruh
Dillon B.
Dillon B. - 17 days ago
You haven't failed anyone you've been doing this for a long time you you what you want well always support you
YungBoi Josh
YungBoi Josh - 18 days ago
Do you guys remember the gameplays with samus in Minecraft or the walking Minecraft map with Dan, good times...
charles barkson
charles barkson - 19 days ago
I'll keep watching cowchop but you were my favorite characters, you and Alex together is the best kind of entertainment but you do yo thing and find your path my dude
Last Level Boss
Last Level Boss - 19 days ago
My biggest inspiration in creating internet content. You do what's best for you man. We appreciate all you've created and done man and we will miss you but we know it's for the better. be a dad a take your son on an irresponsible bike ride :')
KingDanMan - 19 days ago
I always wonder why cowchop never showed you more
Tristan Peltier
Tristan Peltier - 20 days ago
You are a great person
nico yazawa
nico yazawa - 20 days ago
first joe now james im not gonna watch cow chop anymore they were my favorite ones but now its just horrible dude still love you james and i dont mind you leaving cow chop i actually think cow chop wont be around for a long time anymore
ivannaattention - 20 days ago
Who cares man just do what you want to do.
Brit Powers
Brit Powers - 21 day ago
I hope you're doing all the things you want to do with your life now
Flørp 88
Flørp 88 - 21 day ago
I Want PLANT - 21 day ago
I remember watching you on my psvita , and been a fan ever since , you do good on my memories, you’re a good gamer 👌🏻
Nomad - 21 day ago
I know I'm a bit late to this, but I just wanted to loosely paraphrase a quote that fits your situation.
"No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."
You worked hard and were extremely dedicated. Thank you for the entertainment you provided, and I hope whatever path you take for yourself is what makes you happy. Good luck James.
Javier Caballero
Javier Caballero - 22 days ago
I love you man. Do whatever you need man. We honestly care for you.
R - 22 days ago
anyone remember happy wheels?
Adam L
Adam L - 22 days ago
It’s a shame some of your subscribers turned out to be such pricks and decided to unsubscribe from cow chop all at once. they really didn’t deserve that
David Guitars
David Guitars - 22 days ago
I have been watching you since my early teenage years and now I am a 24 year old medicine student. Thank you for unconsciously supporting me in my sad periods. Your videos always managed to cheer me up. I wish all the best on your new path and hope u will find the true happiness your deserve!.
Brittany Weidenhammer
Brittany Weidenhammer - 23 days ago
You are such a genuine person and I have the utmost respect for you. You have contributed greatly to the youtube/gaming/General community. You have absolutely NOTHING to apologize for. You have your own life. You are human too. It could not have been an easy decision to leave, but you should be proud of yourself for making that decision. As sad as it may be, your followers/fans/friends will always support you. I hope you achieve every goal, no matter how big or small. You deserve every bit of happiness you can. You are driven and I believe you will continue to do great things out there. Thank you for all of the sacrifices you have made and for all of the entertainment over the years. Good luck in your future endeavors, whatever they may be. I wish you all the best. ❤
LightningKnight - 23 days ago
I don't usually leave comments but I have to input something this time around. I've been watching you ever since the original tri mountain survival series and I instantly fell in love with your content. Your humor and personality is so genuine, and in a way it helped shape myself aswell. I was going through some rough times when I first started watching you and your content alone has gotten me through some really rough and depressing times. I definitely wouldn't be the same without your content. I've gotten years worth of laughs and good times from you, so there's no chance in hell you failed anyone. After all you're still a person just like the rest of us, and taking care of yourself is never wrong. Regardless of what you do in the future, myself and tons of others will always be here to offer love and support. I wish you all the best in the world James, love you 3,000!
Caleb Wilson
Caleb Wilson - 24 days ago
I started watching your channel in 2011 I was 8 at the time you have helped me through so much hardship in life. You did a amazing job of making me laugh and we all understand that you may have gotten burned out on the group and we all support you no matter what you have failed none. Be proud of yourself and be proud of how much you have help us thanks alot man and if you keep on making content I'll keep on watching.
Driftn_ Dixon
Driftn_ Dixon - 24 days ago
I'm glad you did what you thought was best. No one can blame you or be mad at you for wanting to better yourself. Not only that but as an avid watcher i could tell you were not happy with the direction cowchop was headed in. We are all proud of you.
Cassie Marie
Cassie Marie - 25 days ago
i remember watching you when i was in middle school and now im in college. will support you no matter what path you take. good luck
Joherge Of Course
Joherge Of Course - 25 days ago
Thanks for the ride, and best wishes in all your future endeavors!
Jenni Lynn
Jenni Lynn - 25 days ago
You're not letting anyone down! You've done so much for so many people, and now it's your turn. Thanks for the laughs, James. Good luck with whatever you want to do!
Nightcore Mad Studio Reborn
Cowchop wasn't the same ever since Trevor left
Tymora Antur
Tymora Antur - 26 days ago
Much love James
dog and cat boyb
dog and cat boyb - 26 days ago
goat xv
goat xv - 27 days ago
god damn, im just looking back when i would would watch the gmod series, slenderman, & the treehouse series those times were gold.
Luke Neale
Luke Neale - 27 days ago
The first video i watched of yours was the clip with the blue dye 😂 James, you made me like YouTube, I’m with ya buddy. ✊🏼
dog and cat boyb
dog and cat boyb - 26 days ago
cow chop Farming Simulator 2019
OpulentHD - 27 days ago
I was today years old when I found out you left cow chop
Gearofwar_41 - 27 days ago
YouTube shows and channels are the same as other entertainment and should be treated as such, good for u James this is a good thing
Unknown 84
Unknown 84 - 27 days ago
As much as I still love Cow Chop, I stopped watching more and more a while ago when it started feeling like a business more than what it used to be.
d3wsimulator - 28 days ago
Category: gaming?
Faze Condiments
Faze Condiments - 28 days ago
Aww man im sad now
monpekokero - 28 days ago
Oh no look at me, it's so hard to get paid to do dumb shit all day. Look at this pussy ass bitch making a fucking 30 minute video about his punk ass first world problems. Shut the fuck up
will york
will york - Month ago
dude, everyones lives evolve. everyone has limits. there is no shame in leaving something if you feel its what needs to be done. and shit, youve given how many years of group projects and products and events and videos- nobody stays stagnant, everyone has to take new avenues to grow, there should be no disappointment from anyone that you did this. and theres no reason you should feel ashamed or defeated about this since you have put in so much work and effort and passion into years of doing this. itd be one thing if you just started it and then lazily dropped it- no, you worked as hard as you could and pushed through as much as you could, your effort has been incredible. and it would be better to end it while its doing great, than to continue until it drops. youve done a fantastic damn job, dont be ashamed, not everybody needs to become some big name star. if youre gonna thrive doing smaller individual things, than fuckin go for it. love you dude!
Alex Agnew
Alex Agnew - Month ago
Thank you so much James for letting us know and we'll always be there for you and we'll always remember the good times . I was actually crying typing this.we will allways be there for you James.
Undead Holly
Undead Holly - Month ago
You were my first subscription on youtube, Hershell's Ranch. Do what you need my man.
Sam C
Sam C - Month ago
thanks for giving me so much joy in my childhood. i started watching you all in elementary school and now im in college. a decade of fun and laughs and love. thank you
Damian Perry
Damian Perry - Month ago
Thanks for all your hard work, I started watching in 2011, thanks so much for the content and I hope you keep going at your own pace
E E - Month ago
I started watching you as a freshman in high school. I’m now 21. I haven’t watched in a while, but I’m here to support whatever you do.
The Eagerbox
The Eagerbox - Month ago
End of an era. You’ve helped myself through the tough times and many others. Do want you want to do, at this point you deserve to be happy and comfortable with what you want. Keep up the amazing work like always
LittlePenguinett - Month ago
We still love you!!
VR Rogers
VR Rogers - Month ago
Jason Dante
Jason Dante - Month ago
All i can say is I'll miss you and wish you the best James shit it was a hell of a ride
Warhawk - Month ago
I remember when you were at 100k subs. Always watched your vids and also inspired me to eventually pursue a youtube channel myself.
Your happiness and your life comes first no matter what and you are responsible for both. Your next steps you take, ill also take along side you.
Get what you need done. We got your back.
Ieno Da beanie boi
Ieno Da beanie boi - Month ago
We still love you for who you are. Do what you need to do to be healthy your life means so much to me and all of the people that love you
MrGunman200™♥ - Month ago
James is getting old guys... Feels bad. Good times to be put in the history books, and put on the shelf to take down every now and then when we feeling sad.
Gabriel Nemteanu
Gabriel Nemteanu - Month ago
we love you james and we will be by your side till the end. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING !!!
VPT2 - Month ago
Good luck with your future.
The whispy Tree
The whispy Tree - Month ago
Bro, you should hit up Ray from the old achievement hunter family, he did something similar I guess you could say.
BranSnakes - Month ago
I remember when this video first came out I thought it was a joke...
max C
max C - Month ago
James, ive watched you since your original minecraft days and I've always loved you, it sounds soppy and generic but you really did help me through tough times with the laughs. Im sorry you feel that way and you truly are amazing. Best of luck to you, I hope you find your path. ❤
Seb Edward
Seb Edward - Month ago
James you're fuckin great man, do what you wanna do yourself. I remember watching you with Sly back with like Criswelvania and the Minecraft series with Sp00n. Just do well for yourself man
DunkMaster Funk
DunkMaster Funk - Month ago
Cowchop is so shit now XD
Exodus Reborn
Exodus Reborn - Month ago
I understand why hes doing this its completely understandable but cowchop was the only thing that made me laugh extremely hard thx for the laughs james
G.O.A. TY - Month ago
I just want to say james I have been here since u ever started to make YouTube videos, I watched u daily for years. Because you always play a game how I would, its almost blike I didn't have to buy the new games because u would play it for me😆 and it been a journey, I love u to death buddy and I'm always here to the very end.🖤
A Retarded Pickle
A Retarded Pickle - Month ago
dude ive watched u for 10 years. this shits like as sad for me as iron man dying
marshall US
marshall US - Month ago
I understand
TristenNator - Month ago
i loved you on cow chop. Cow chop isnt cow chop with out you but it still enjoy it. DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND WHAT MOTIVATES YOU( :
Adam Carmichael
Adam Carmichael - Month ago
Never going anywhere
javier valdez
javier valdez - Month ago
you where part of my childhood and i thank you man all good things come to an end 😢
Simon Sader
Simon Sader - Month ago
Dude you do you man I think you'll be an awesome family man lol
nate lora
nate lora - Month ago
Long time watcher since before pogoman on happywheels
Hey man its a job, yours is in the public eye, of course theres gonna be that departure feeling, but you've done your part way past what you owe (nothing)
M PB - Month ago
Just watched Jordan's goodbye and yours , gotta say yours is 1000 times more authentic
M PB - Month ago
That beard looks very pubic-esque like.
سلطان بن حثلين
James you have not failed us
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